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When it comes to the safety of your treadmill and your home’s electricity system then there should be no compromise buying a good extension cord. They allow you to have your treadmill at safe distances from risky places so you don’t get electrocuted. 

At the same time, it allows you to put your treadmill in a place that doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your home.

A high-quality extension cord isn’t easy to find, especially when you need to buy an extension cord that will be suitable for your expensive treadmill. 

In this article, I will make it easy for you to find out the best extension cord for your treadmill. 

Best extension cord for treadmills: Top 9 Extension Cord

Do you have enough time to do extensive research to find out the right extension cord for your treadmill? I don’t think so, especially in this era where it’s really hard to find time for yourself. Plus it’s really time-consuming.

So I have listed below the best extension cords for treadmills by researching the features based on their gauge, power rating, length, and reliability. Let’s look at what they are? 

1. Amazon Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord

Amazon Basics 10-Foots cord can be a high-quality extension cord for your treadmill. The 10 ft. long cord will help you to connect your treadmill from a moderate distance.

This one is definitely a great extension cord considering its price. And also, it is UL listed which increases the reliability. 

Plus, the 15 AWG thickness is enough to make it a durable cord while making sure that it’s not too heavyweight. You don’t have to worry about getting your cord cut from any sharp objects or from any scratches on your pets. One disadvantage is that you can’t use it outside. 

Moreover, it’s flexible and heavy-duty at the same time just makes it a perfect indoor extension cord. In addition to that, the plugs are pretty beefy which makes it fit perfectly on the PowerPoint. 

Furthermore, it can support up to 13 amps which are superb. You will find both female and male connectors working smoothly. Overall, it is a profitable purchase for you. 


  • UL listed to ensure the reliability
  • Durable and adequate amount of flexibility
  • Plugs are beefy and attach smoothly on both male and female end
  • Reasonable price


  • Not good for outdoor use

2. Cable Matters 2-Pack Extension Cord

Cable Matters 2-Pack is a heavy-duty 16 AWG extension cord that you can easily use for your under-bed treadmill machine without any doubt. 

You will get ample support from this due to its compatibility with 13 amps in your home. In addition to that, the build quality is outstanding due to the 16 AWG bare copper and flexible vinyl thermoplastic jacket.

Plus, it makes it more reliable for the user because it is UL safety certified. One of the most important features a user needs for the protection of an expensive treadmill machine. The only shortcoming is that the cord is only 6 ft. in length. 

When it comes to durability and flexibility it would amaze you for sure. The fully molded relief connectors will ensure this extension provides long-time service and no compromise durability. 

Moreover, it comes with a NEMA 15-5 power plug and also a 3-pin female NEMA 5-15R connector for the smooth electrical connection of your treadmill plug.

Looking at both positive and negative sides, this extension cord would be a terrific choice for a treadmill of this price tag. 


  • Heavy-duty cord
  • UL safety certification increases reliability
  • The flexibility and durability of this cord is quite standard
  • Smooth connection on both plug and connector side


  • The cord length is a bit short

3. Miady Short Power Extension Cord

Miady Short Power Extension Cord is a UL-listed cord that would fully support your treadmill to run without any issues. 

High-temperature resistance makes it more user-friendly for a powerful foldable treadmill. You might have seen the cord getting hotter as the treadmill pulls a tremendous amount of electrical energy. 

Plus, the sturdy build quality comes from the 3 types of wiring. These are the pure copper wire, the PVC copper wire insulation, and the PVC insulation jacket. 

A total of 10 connectors you will get with it. And as they can perform up to 13 AMP. But that also comes with a cost. If you try to connect multiple heavy machines with a treadmill on them then it won’t be able to function properly.

Furthermore, this is an ultra solution cord for you if you have many small appliances along with your treadmill to connect with it. And, your pets or little kids won’t be able to puncture or leak the cord. Which increases safety for everyone.

Moreover, the cord is designed to save a lot of space due to its 8-inch size. Which makes it convenient to use it according to your required place without tangling the wire all across the floor.

Altogether, it’s a heavy-duty extension cord in this price range. 


  • Heavy-duty cord for treadmill use
  • The cord is sturdy enough
  • UL-listed, temperature-resistant, and abrasion resistance cord
  • Space-saving design and 10 connectors


  • Can’t support multiple heavy electrical machines

4. DEWENWILS Outdoor Christmas Extension Cord

DEWENWILS Outdoor Christmas Extension Cord is an ETL-listed cord that would easily support your treadmill machine while ensuring the safety level.

This 16AWG extension cord is a durable cord that’s absolutely made to perform heavy duty. It can smoothly support most of the home appliances due to its 13 Amps input current.

Plus, the PVC outer jacket of this cord makes it ultra-sturdy. And keeps it free from any kind of tearing and wearing out. The unique materials of this cord keep it flexible. 

Moreover, for user safety, it comes with safety outlet covers. The length of the 3 individual cords is 13 ft. which is pretty good.

One shortcoming is that you can’t connect more than one heavy electrical appliance to it. Because it will be risky. Apart from that, it’s a good quality extension cord in its price range.


  • The price of the cord is reasonable
  • Durable and sturdy extension cord
  • The flexibility of the cord is good
  • Safety cover and ETL listed makes it reliable


  • Risky to connect multiple heavy electrical machines

5. POWTECH Heavy-duty Extension Cord


POWTECH Heavy-duty Extension Cord is a durable cord that you can use to connect your treadmill. 

This extension cord is very user-friendly. As it is a UL-listed cord, it can ensure a good level of safety for your appliance.

Plus, its capacity is 1875 Watt means you can smoothly run your high-power treadmill elliptical combo. The only problem with this cord is the price is a bit higher compared to the others. Also, this amazing cord can support up to 15 Amps and shows its high-level utility. 

Moreover, features like Vinyl covering, good flexibility, abrasion resistance, and moisture resistance make it a long-lasting extension cord. You don’t have to worry about the heating issue of the cord.

In addition to that, both the male and female connectors fit nicely with no losing plug issue. 

Considering the quality of the Powtech extension cord, it would be a good purchase for your treadmill use.


  • A heavy-duty cord with nicely fitted connectors
  • Long-lasting cord
  • Flexible cord
  • UL listed & supports powerful electrical machine


  • The price of the cord is pretty high

6. 6 ft. Extension Cord

61bVtHs9N9L. AC SL1500
61bVtHs9N9L. AC SL1500 6 ft. Extension Cord would be an optimum choice for the connection of your treadmill. 

It would be highly suitable if you are using your treadmill in a comparatively small room where you don’t want wires to coil over all the place.

Plus, it would be butter smooth with your home electricity as it can support up to 13 Amps. The 16 AWG thickness of this cord is good for indoor use. 

Moreover, this extension cord is heavy-duty and durable which comes with high-quality connectors that will make your experience better. Furthermore, due to the good construction, you won’t face any heating issues. And that’s an excellent thing for your safety.

Not only does it have good sides, but it also has one lacking too. And that’s the cord has a bit of stiffness which reduces the flexibility. However, compared to its competitor and considering the price level it’s a good deal. 


  • Heavy-duty cord for indoor use
  • Space-saving design helps a lot
  • Well made with no heating issue
  • A durable cord with easily pluggable connectors


  • The cord has a stiffness problem

7. Clear Power Extension Cord

Clear Power Extension Cord is a heavy-duty cord that comes with 16/3 SJTW which makes it extremely sturdy. Also, it’s an ETL-listed product which simply increases its reliability.

This outstanding extension cord would be superb for your treadmill connection. You can attach both the plug and connector of this 8ft. Extension cord without any hassle. 

In addition to that, to ensure longevity the brass blades are nickel coated it makes them anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The cord is covered with thermoplastic insulation which makes it usable for high-power electrical machines like treadmills, spin bikes, etc.

Plus, it’s rated for 13 Amps and has a high level of flexibility. Unlike many other extension cords, it won’t give you any heating issues. Overall a superb durable cord for home use. 

As it is packed with a lot of good features so it does not come at an average price. Apart from that, the Clear power extension would be a solid cord for treadmill purposes.


  • 8ft. Length with enough flexibility
  • Perfectly suitable to use for treadmill connection
  • Nickel coated brass blade and sturdy cord increase durability
  • No heating issue and ETL listed provide great safety


  • The price of the cord is quite expensive

8. Ultra pro Extension Cord

Ultra pro extension cord is a heavy-duty cord if you are looking for a cord to connect your treadmill. Also, its power capacity of 125 voltages, 13 Amps, and 1625 Watts shows it’s a high-quality cord.

In addition to that, they have also got the badge of UL listed which means a good amount of safety for the user.

Plus, this extension cord is double insulated, which means it’s highly durable. A vinyl jacket brings sturdiness to the cord. Moreover, the length of the cord is ample to meet your needs. However, the price tag of this cord is a bit high.

Looking at both lacking and utilities of this extension cord, I can say that it would be an effective extension cord for your treadmill.


  • Double insulation and UL listed to ensure the safety level
  • Sturdy built plus highly durable cord
  • Length and power capacity is up to the mark
  • The cord can ensure high power supply moves smoothly


  • The price range is fairly high

9.  Tripp Lite Extension Cord

If you are looking for an extension cord that isn’t too long or too short, to ensure proper safety for your treadmill then Tripp Lite extension cord can be a good call. 

Moreover, this cord is a UL-listed cord so it’s an undoubtedly reliable cord that can save from sudden heating issues.

Plus, its higher power capacity of 15 Amp and 120 volts affirm that it’s perfect to use for heavy-duty work. You will get a male plug and a female connector which will fit easily.

One hassle you have to deal with while buying is the high price of this cord. Other than this, all these versatile features make it a wonderful choice for treadmill use.


  • Sturdy built quality
  • Length is good plus no heating issue
  • High power capacity makes it suitable for powerful treadmill
  • UL listed cord provide reliability


  • Expensive cord compare to other extension cords

Best extension cord for the treadmill: Buying Guide

How to pick the best extension cord for treadmill

Once in a while, an extension cord is something you really need for the convenient and safe use of your home appliance.

And when you are looking for an extension cord for a treadmill then some factors are important to look at. Let’s see those factors…

Power Rating

A treadmill is an electrical machine that requires a moderate level of smooth power supply. So if you want to keep your treadmill safe an extension cord with high amp, volt, and watt is required.

An extension cord that can support from 13 Amp up to 15 Amp would be good. While a voltage level of 125 is optimum for treadmill connection. 

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge is available in different level thicknesses. You can get the idea of whether an extension cord is heavy-duty or not. The treadmill would require a good amount of electricity continuously for at least 25-30 minutes. 

Let me make it clear to you. A higher gauge number means the cord is less thick and a lower gauge number means the high thickness of the cord. For your powerful treadmill machine, you should buy a 14-16 AWG extension cord. 

Length of the cord

You might think that the longer the extension cord the better it is. While in reality, the too-long cord has shortcomings. Longer cords have to lack in handling high current compared to the same gauge shorter cord. 

Keeping this in mind, you should buy something that can range from 6ft.- 10 ft. extension cord for a treadmill connection.

Plugging System

Both two-prong and three-prong extension cords you can buy for the treadmill. But between these two three-prongs can ensure more safety which reduces the chances of any fire issues. 

Make sure before buying that the plug and connector have well-built quality. High-quality connectors will not give you a hard time during a connection. 


Any electrical product carries potential danger during use. And when you see a product was given clearance by a related authority like UL listing and ETL listing then you can use it as a reliable extension cord. Never buy an extension cord that isn’t UL or ETL listed. 

Which is the better 14 or 16 gauge extension cord for a treadmill?

As a lower gauge means more thickness so 14 gauge will be better than 16 gauge cord as it will be safer to use for your treadmill. But a 16 gauge will also do the job. 


Now you as a user know that a good one does cost more so my advice for you is to go for the expensive one that has a lower gauge with a high power rating. 

I hope you will be able to select and use the best extension for the treadmill after going through all the cords. Stay safe!

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