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If you’re looking for a way to get fit and improve your cardiovascular health, you may want to consider investing in an under-bed treadmill. These treadmills are designed to be used in tight spaces, making them a great option for people who don’t have a lot of room to work with.

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to set up and use, which makes them a great choice for busy people on the go. Even the people who don’t have the time to go to the gym can have one with them all the time. You won’t regret it!

In this blog post, I will review some of the best-underbed treadmills and provide information on what to look for when purchasing this type of space-saving machine. 

Best Under Bed Treadmill: Top 10 Compact Treadmills

Believe it or not, life is getting busier. People nowadays seldom have time for themselves compared to people 2 or 3 decades ago. Overworking is becoming the norm. In such times, it’s hard to set aside some time to go hit the gym and keep yourself fit.

But if you have an underbed treadmill with you, you can take it wherever you go. You can keep it in your office, under your bed, or even disassemble and carry it with you when you’re on a tour since they’re pretty lightweight. And they don’t even cost that much! 

Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

To help make your search easier, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best compact treadmills on the market that can be stored underneath your bed with ease. So, keep reading to learn more!

1. ASUNA 7750 Treadmill


The ASUNA 7750 treadmill would be a top-notch choice for your indoor gym. This treadmill can be folded completely flat which will save a reasonable amount of space in your room.

An automatic incline system will allow you to enjoy training sessions at 12 different levels. If you like high pace running then the 2.5 HP quiet motor will assist you to run at 8 mph. Also, it’s easy to transport due to the fine transport wheels

Though it does not compromise deck size overall it’s a compact treadmill. Built quality is sturdy and can bear up to 220 lbs. You won’t feel any shaking during the workout as it has rubber-made stabilizers. The console of ASUNA 7750N is not telemetry enabled.

Moreover, the accessories like speakers, foldable tablet holders, and USB ports are attached for your convenience. You will get a total built of 8 programs with ASUNA 7750 an additional 1 manual program and 3 customizable programs. The online connection system is missing in this treadmill.

Furthermore, the assembly of the treadmill is easy plus the 6 LED screens will ensure you can track running-related info from there. You can control yourself by using the emergency stop clip. On the handrails, the pulse sensor is added so that you can see your heart rate instantly.

For your safety, this trainer comes with a textured rail on both sides. It ensures that you can easily get off the treadmill. Altogether, ASUNA 7750 is a good purchase in this price range.


  • Sturdy plus stable treadmill
  • Space-saving design helps a lot
  • Good speed plus quiet motor
  • Outstanding incline function 
  • Transporting is an easy and powerful motor


  • No system for online connection
  • The console system is telemetry-enabled

2. Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill

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Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill is a fantastic walking machine that you can easily store to its folding function. It will require a small amount of space inside your house.

You can easily assemble this unit within a very short time. The 1.5 HP noiseless motor with 4 mph makes it a perfect machine for brisk walking. In addition to that, the motor is quiet and keeps your training session smooth.

Plus, it also has 2 manual incline systems which can boost your workout intensity. But the absence of an automatic incline feature is a bit lacking. 

On the handlebars of the Exerpeutic TF1000, you will find the quick speed controller and a heat pulse sensor which is great! It shows quite accurate reading. 

When it comes to safety it is more than the average market standard as the tread belt is much wider with 20’’ and 18’’ safety handles. 

The LCD display of Exerpeutic TF1000 will keep you updated about the running data like current speed, workout duration, calorie burned, and distance coverage, etc. But unfortunately, it does not have any built-in program in it. 

Moreover, you can transport it without much hassle and the transport wheels are gonna help you a lot.

Furthermore, the strong frame of this treadmill can provide excellent stability during a workout. Plus its 400 lbs user weight limit is simply unparalleled.

Overall, it’s a durable treadmill that is superb for heavy-weight users who need a compact treadmill.


  • Require less space in your room
  • Weight resistance is magnificent
  • Folding and assembling both are easy
  • Users from lightweight to heavyweight can use it
  • Stability is good and a wider tread belt


  • No built-in programs with the treadmill
  • The automatic incline option is not available

3. Goplus 2 in-1 Folding Treadmill

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Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill would be a great call if you need a treadmill that won’t consume much space by becoming completely flat while providing you with an ample amount of backup power to run at a high speed.

This treadmill comes with a high-performance 2.25 HP ultra-quiet motor to ensure you a very smooth ride cutting noise fully. It can reach up to 12 km/h on running mode and on walking mode tread belt speed can hit up to 4 km/h. 

Plus, the construction of the Goplus 2 is sturdy and ensures enough durability. It does not compromise the user weight limit and allows up to 265 lbs. Though this machine is pretty light but does not compromise the stability.

In addition to that, for emergency stops, it’s packed with remote control and also a safety key. Also, the 5-layer running belt is non-slippy and shock-absorbing which ensures a lesser amount of stress on your back muscles, joints, etc.

Moreover, the assembling is pretty easy. As well as the folding system. For your entertainment purposes, Bluetooth speakers and a phone holder come with it. The deck size of the Goplus 2 treadmill is quite compact thus making it not suitable for taller people.

An LED display is added with it to keep tracking data like training time, calories burned level, distance coverage, speed, etc. The absence of any incline and decline function is a big disadvantage. 

All in all, the Goplus 2 treadmill is a good value for money.


  • Assembling plus folding is fantastic
  • Provide both modes for walking and running
  • Compact machine
  • Remote control and stability increase safety
  • The powerful and quiet motor ensures smooth running 


  • Not user-friendly for taller users
  • The incline and decline option is missing

4. Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 8730 Treadmill

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The ASUNA 8730 is one of the popular picks for people with small spaces. It’s versatile, and a total treat for the eyes.

The durability of the ASUNA treadmill is pretty standard. You will be impressed with the 2.5 HP motor that will provide you with a top speed of 8 mph. Which is enough for indoor running. 

Plus the sturdy steel frame of this machine will be able to bear users weighing up to 220lbs. You can stay worry-free because the shock absorption system of the running deck would reduce stress on your joints.

Moreover, the folding system of the ASUNA 8730 treadmill is easy. You just need to use the folding tool to collapse it. In addition to that, the running deck is considerably compact and easy to store. The transport wheels will make your storage job more fluent.

When it comes to challenging the workout or increasing the toughness it falls a little behind due to the absence of an incline function. However, for your safety, this machine comes with an emergency clip and the floor stabilizer keeps you stable during the run.

Furthermore, the LED console on the front side will provide you with workout-related data like step count, overall calorie burned, workout time and speed, etc. For accessories, you will get a tablet holder plus a speaker with it. One of the catches is that the ASUNA 8730 treadmill does not offer you any built-in program. 

All-inclusive, ASUNA 8730 would be a great steal for you! 


  • The high-performance motor ensures high-speed
  • Sturdily built with enough stability
  • Easy to fold, transport, and store due to the compact design
  • The shock absorption feature reduces body stress
  • The emergency clip works great for safety 


  • The incline feature is missing
  • Built-in program is not provided

5. 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill


3G Cardio 80i treadmill is one of the best folding running machines that’s also compact. It can become absolutely flat with a height of only 9.75’’ which makes an excellent option for under-bed treadmills.

Backed by a powerful 3 HP motor 3G Cardio 80i treadmill allows the user to run at a pace of 11 mph. You will be able to access 8 built-in programs and an additional 4 custom workouts. 

Plus the incline level of 15% is amazing and lets you shred some serious fat using this feature. The speed dial is given to elevate your overall user experience.

Moreover, the running surface is compact compared to many treadmills out there in the market. The running area size is 18.5’’ x 58’’ Though this smaller size will be good for many users while blocking the taller people from using it with comfort. 

One of the best features of the 3G Cardio 80i treadmill is that it’s a robustly built machine with solid durability that can carry runners up to 325 lbs max weight. 

Furthermore, because of its original structure shape, you don’t have to go through the process of assembling. Though it does not have any online connection feature, the LED console will provide you with all workout-related info like running speed, total time, distance plus calorie-burning, etc. 

Furthermore, you will feel less vibration due to the ortho flex suspension feature. Looking at all advantages and disadvantages, it’s a deal you can definitely go for! 


  • Sturdily built with a strong motor 
  • Fold literally flat and great for under bed storage
  • High-level weight carrying capacity with good speed
  • An ample amount of incline to bring more intensity
  • Built-in program plus high durability


  • The online connection feature is absent
  • Not comfortable for tall people

6. The GYMAX 2 in 1 Treadmill

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The GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill allows the user to take maximum benefit from it not only by the efficiency of training but also by its compact size. 

You can use it in 2 different modes. For walking mode, you will get a pace of highest 2.5 mph, and for running mode 7.5 mph. GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill comes with an amazing high-power quiet motor of 2.25 HP.

Also, you can use the remote control to alter the speed of your treadmill. You can guess the built quality of GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill just by looking at the user weight capacity of 265 lbs which is awesome. 

Moreover, the 5 layer running wide belt comes with a non-slip feature, and a shock-absorbing system increases your safety level. An incline/decline feature would have made it a perfect machine.

One of the attractive features of GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill is the ultra-cool dual-display design. It comes with a power cord but it does not fix easily with any extensions. 

Furthermore, the folding system is so functional that it becomes fully flat. An emergency key lets the user make it stop immediately if the user feels overtired. The lightweight of the GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill with the transport wheels makes it easy to shift from one corner to another.

Considering the pros and cons, GYMAX 2 in 1 treadmill is a wonderful choice at this price tag.



  • Cheap price folding treadmill
  • Remote control operation system
  • Non-slip, wide tread belt
  • Motor power is outstanding and provides a quiet ride
  • Compact & excellent for storing under the bed


  • Incline/ function is a major lacking
  • The tiny power cord does not fix at any PowerPoint

7. THE RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

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THE RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be your ultimate selection for an under bed treadmill. The post folding height of this machine will simply blow your mind which is only 8’’. 

Plus this wonderful unit offers you an outstanding deck that has high shock absorption capability and a fine noise cutting design. People from a young age to seniors would love to use it for their minimum impact on body joints. 

This treadmill is highly durable because of materials like a silicon-made running board, a highly flexible & 7 levels soft running belt, and a sturdy steel frame. The user weight limit is up to 264lb which is fantastic for heavyweight guys out there.

Plus, the powerful 2.0 HP motor allows you to perform walking mode with top 6 km/h and running mode with a top speed of 12 km/h. Another unique thing is the storage coverage area of only 0.3 ㎡. 

Not only that, it’s easy to shift the RHYTHM FUN treadmill from one spot to another spot. Sad to say that this unit does not have an incline feature for the user. 

Moreover, you can check all your running stats like time, total distance, current speed, and calorie-burning level from your android, & iPhone using the special app. 

Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker & phone holder is fixed to increase the entertainment options. However, there is no built-in workout program with the RHYTHM FUN treadmill. 

Evaluating all the updated features and the lackings, it’s definitely a good shot!


  • The folding level is extremely useful as an under-bed treadmill
  • Durability is uncompromised 
  • Powerful moto & shock absorbing multi-layer tread belt 
  • Adequate amount of speed and high weight limit 
  • Good value for money


  • Does not come with any preset program
  • No incline & decline function for users

8. Opps Decor Under Desk Treadmill

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Opps Decor Under Desk Treadmill would be a bold choice as it can become mat-like flat which helps the user to put it anywhere starting from under the bed to under the desk. 

Unlike many other treadmills, it has a height of only 4.5″ after folding and that makes it matchless among its competitors. It offers you to use it on 2 different modes. While the handrail remains flat it gives you a top speed of 2.5 mph and when the handrail is raised you get a top speed of 7.5 mph.

Plus, the anti-slip texture and multi-layer running belt give you proper cushioning which does a wonderful job in absorbing shocks. Thus your lower body joints and back muscles remain safe. 

Moreover, the robust construction of this treadmill allows users up to 265 lbs. And the 2.25 HP motor provides full support in running while remaining quiet. Though it looks so upgraded, Opps Decor Under Desk treadmill has no built-in program for the user.

Using this machine whether you are a runner or jogger, you can upgrade yourself a lot as it provides both safety and speed. The folding system, the compact size, and smoothly catered transport wheels increase comfort to move it and store. The missing incline/ decline in Opps Decor under desk treadmill is sad news for many hill runners & joggers.

Furthermore, this machine can be controlled by both the remote and the button of the dashboard. It offers you Bluetooth and a tablet holder as part of accessories. The addition of a safety key increases the safety boundary of the user.

After measuring the strength and weaknesses, I can say that this Opps guy is a good value for money. 



  • High-grade anti-slip belt and shock absorbing 
  • Compact design makes it perfect for under bed treadmill
  • Powerful motor & high weight capacity
  • Folding plus transporting is superb
  • Remote control & safety key for the user


  • Lacking any incline/ decline system
  • Does not provide any built-in programs.

9. Rebel Treadmill 1000

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Rebel Treadmill 1000 is an optimum choice for people who are looking for a running machine that will allow them to walk for long hours and consume very little space.

The compact design of the Rebel Treadmill 1000 makes it superb for small house owners. Even the height of this machine is only 10’’, so you can keep it easily under the bed or desk.

Plus, the motor of this machine provides the user with a top speed of 2.0 mph. Compared to many other treadmills, the top speed is much slower and not suitable for the fast runner at all.

It comes with a portable console from that you can read data like walking time, speed and distance covered, etc. The design is a sleek and sturdy steel frame, welcome users, up to 250lbs

Moreover, it’s a lightweight machine that has front wheels on the base so you can effortlessly move and store them. You need a desk to use the Rebel Treadmill 1000 because you need to put the console there. 

The best feature of this treadmill is that it does not require any assembling as it’s fully assembled from the factory. Furthermore, you can walk safely due to the wider size deck. It does not produce any annoying noise during use so that’s a huge relief for the user.

As a complete package, you will be happy with the buy if you are a slow pace walker and want a good walking companion for your existing knee issue. 



  • Sleek design and less height 
  • Compact design is superb for small house
  • Sturdy unit that can carry high weight
  • Quiet and safe ride for the user
  • Lightweight and easy to shift


  • Not for speedy runners
  • You need a desk for console placement
  • Does not provide any built-in programs.

10. The XTERRA TR 150 Treadmill

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The XTERRA TR 150 treadmill is another remarkable choice for your home. Though it’s an entry-level running machine but offers you a lot and has a nice folding system. Which will help you store it without much stress.

The motor of this running machine is 2.25 HP and provides a top speed of 10 mph. Which makes it a great choice for the hardcore runners. The weight capacity of XTERRA TR 150 could be higher and limits heavyweight users from using it.

In addition to that, the 5’’ LCD will be showing you the running speed, incline level, duration, total distance, calorie-burning amount and pulse, etc. 

Plus for your extra benefits, it offers you 12 preset programs. 3 manual incline levels of XTERRA TR 150 allow you to increase the intensity level to shred more extra fat while hitting up your leg muscles. You don’t get any Bluetooth and chest straps with this treadmill.

Moreover, the running deck is enough large and has good-quality cushioning that cuts off the impact of the running. Even it’s simple to assemble this unit. One of the unique things about this treadmill is it consumes low electricity. 

For user convenience, a tablet holder is attached. You can fold and unfold using the easy pull knob and shift it smoothly from one spot to another.

If your main priority is to buy a compact treadmill with high-quality parks then in this price range XTERRA TR 150 would be an excellent treadmill. 



  • Assembling, folding, and transporting is effortless
  • Compact but provide ample amount space for runner
  • Energy-efficient, powerful, and quiet motor
  • Deck has a shock-absorbing system to cut impact
  • Tablet holder, LCD screen & Incline system


  • Bluetooth & Chest strap is missing
  • Heavyweight runners don’t have access to it
  • Does not provide any built-in programs.

Buying Guide for a Compact Under Bed Treadmill

A compact treadmill is a valuable investment for those who are looking to lose weight, stay in shape, or maintain their current fitness levels.  

You need to choose one that offers the best features at a reasonable price. But which features should you look for? Read on to find out! 

Treadmill Dimensions In Both Folding And Unfolding State

The simplest way to find out the suitability of your treadmill is to read out the measurements and check that with your available space.

It’s best to know the measurement in both folding and unfolding states. You must go through this checking process before hitting the purchase button.

Sturdy Construction

Another important thing for compact treadmills. In the market, thousands of running machines claim they’ve got good builds. But don’t fall into the trap. 

Make sure you are purchasing from a reputed manufacturer whose words match their material and build quality. A cheap construction one will not only ruin your mood because of all that shaking, vibrating but also be a full waste of money.

Treadmill Running Belt Length

The treadmill running belt length is a crucial factor when buying one. Shorter belts can restrict taller users. 

While larger ones take up more room in your home and might not be comfortable for shorter people with disabilities who need longer distances to accommodate their height limitations or physical challenges that affect joint mobility such as arthritis. 

In general, most compact models work well enough if you’re less than 6′ tall – but it’s important to look at the specs first!

Versatile Features

A treadmill that offers quality features for your comfort, convenience, and safety is the best for you. Now in the market, you will find treadmills at a reasonable price with mind-boggling upgraded features. You should go for those. 

In a compact treadmill, you should look for features like a shock-absorbing deck, anti-slip textured tread belt, high-quality & easy-use console, LCD screen for workout info, handrail system, emergency stop clip, incline function, etc. 

Easy Folding System

Not all treadmills offer easy folding which eventually becomes an extra pain every time the user wanted to start and end a training session. The folding has to be butter-smooth. 

There is a folding lock system, soft drop system, and hydraulic system, and much more tech for easy folding. Choose the one that ensures your safety most and matches your budget. 

High Weight Capacity

A compact treadmill that at least allows users up to 220 lbs should be the last choice. A high weight capacity is another indication of the build quality of your treadmill. 

Try to go for those which has 20-50 lbs more user weight capacity than your weight. Because that increases the overall safety of yourself and the longevity of the treadmill.


Without a powerful motor, you won’t get enough speed to shred fat and strengthen your leg muscles. At least a 1.5 HP motor is recommended for users whose primary target is a brisk walk and normal walk.

On the other hand, young people are full of energy and often look for some quality running sessions. For them, you must need at least a 2.0 HP motor. 

You also need to make sure the motor is quiet, high noise often breaks concentration. 

Also read- How to oil treadmill motor


One of the main features you should search for is a compact treadmill. Because if a treadmill is compact but portability is not up to the mark then it would not be worth the money. 

Transport wheels, handlebars, and lightweight increase the portability of a treadmill. Portability helps you to move the running machine from one room to another.

Folding Treadmill vs Non- Folding Treadmill

Folding Treadmill vs Non- Folding Treadmill

When it comes to buying a treadmill, one of the main decisions you’ll have to make is whether to get a folding or non-folding model. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s have a look…

Folding treadmills are a great option if you’re short on space. They take up less room when they’re not in use, making them a good choice for people who live in apartments or small homes. Folding treadmills are also easy to move around, which is handy if you need to put them away after each use.

On the downside, folding treadmills can be more expensive than non-folding models. They also tend to be less durable, meaning they may not last as long.

If you have plenty of space and don’t mind a heavier treadmill, a non-folding model may be the better choice. Non-folding treadmills are typically cheaper than folding models and they’re more durable, meaning they’ll last longer. However, they take up more space when not in use and they’re harder to move around.

Folding treadmills are not that stable and they tend to break more often than non-folding models. I would not recommend them. Non-folding treadmills are much more stable and last longer. If you are looking for a treadmill that will last, go with a non-folding model.

How To Move A Treadmill Effortlessly? 

Moving a treadmill is a hard job. Just one slip and it can land on you, causing major injuries. It’s even worse if you have to take it upstairs/downstairs. I would definitely advise whenever you move a treadmill, it’s best to have someone else to help you out.

Below here, I will talk about in detail how you can easily move a running treadmill without damaging any parts of it. 

1. For Moving It One House To Another

Moving houses is tough. You need to pack so many things, put them on a vehicle and drive all the way to your new place. In these cases, you need to take the treadmill apart and put it back together when you’re in your intended location.

Follow the steps below for an easier time:

Read The Instruction Manual

This is probably the most important step because it will tell you how to properly disassemble and move your treadmill.

Disconnect Electrical Cords

Remove any electrical cords from the treadmill. Be sure to label them so you know where they go when you reattach them.

Remove The Belt

If your treadmill has a belt, you’ll need to remove it before moving it. Most belts can be removed by loosening the screws on each side.

Disassemble The Treadmill

Most treadmills can be disassembled into several pieces. Refer to your instruction manual for proper disassembly methods.

Carry the pieces

Now you can lift and carry your treadmill to its new location. Be sure to be safe when moving it by avoiding stairs, doorways, and elevators. If you have a heavy treadmill, this is a great time to get some help from a friend or family member.

Label Each Piece 

Write down which piece goes where and attach a label to each one.

Put Them In Moving Boxes

Buy moving boxes and line them with newspaper or packing paper.

Plastic Wrap The Boxes

Cover the moving boxes in plastic wrap to secure the labels and keep the box together during transport.

Tape Boxes Together

Tape a large piece of cardboard over all the pieces of a single box to make it one solid piece.

Tie Down the Box

Use zip ties to secure the treadmill to a dolly or hand truck so it doesn’t move around during transport. An old bungee cord will work just as well, too!

Transport Your Treadmill

Now that your treadmill is packed, securely tied down, and labeled you are ready to move it. Be sure to take your time and avoid any risky maneuvers.

2. Move The Treadmill From One Room To Another

This is much easier to do. Compared to moving houses, you’re traversing a small distance.

First of all, remove the plug and simply fold your treadmill using the given folding options. When it becomes totally folded just hold the handlebar from one side and using the front or rear wheel move them from one room to another.

You can alone perform this activity but it’s recommended to keep another person with you for proper safety. Because after all, this is a technical thing. If you have kids in your home it’s best to move their treadmill when they are sleeping or in school.

3. Moving The Treadmill Through Downstairs And Upstairs

In case if you live in an apartment or in a duplex house you need to use the stairs to move the treadmill. For careful moving, experts recommend using a furniture dolly to move easily downstairs and upstairs.

Plus, to move your treadmill down the stairs you need 2 people or more. And both of them should have a solid grip. Moreover, wearing anti-slip gloves will make the job more effortless.

4. Using A Dolly To Transport The Treadmill

If your treadmill has no transport wheels then it’s best to use a furniture dolly. You can rent or buy them. Dollies have the capacity to carry up to 1000 lbs weight.

First of all, just slightly lift your treadmill machine then push the dolly below it. Now secure the treadmill using straps. Finally, make sure the weight of the treadmill is distributed evenly on the dolly.

However, If you own an expensive Peloton treadmill, you should be extra careful. For that,  you can read my article regarding how to move a peloton treadmill for a safe transfer.  


As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the best under-bed treadmill. 

It is important to know your specific needs and wants for this type of product before making any decisions. I hope this article helps you to make this decision process easier by narrowing down some choices that might be right for you! 

Happy running! 

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