Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo Reviews in 2023 (Top 10 Picks)

It is no secret that the popularity of the latest treadmill elliptical combo machines has been on the rise in recent years. The proliferation of these machines can be attributed to their versatility, which allows them to be used for a variety of different exercises. 

However, It isn’t a wise thing to choose any expensive exercise machine without having proper knowledge. Also, it is important to know what options you have before making a choice, so that your workout will be as effective and enjoyable for yourself while also being safe!  

Here, I will discuss some top-selling models in order to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you! So, to grab the best elliptical and treadmill combo, keep reading.

10 Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo Reviews in 2021

Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo

Many people are looking for an effective way to stay healthy, and this is where the treadmill elliptical combo comes into play. These machines offer a great workout session without having to go outside or travel to a gym. Not only do they work as the best treadmill for bad knees, but also prove to be a great choice for the elderly, and people recovering in the rehab.

Therefore, I have picked 10 top-notch hybrid machines of renowned brands which not only offer treadmill and elliptical machines’ benefits but also provide all the benefits of steppers.  So, let’s have a look.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill with arm Exercisers

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The main feature of an elliptical machine is to move your hands and legs simultaneously and keeping this concept in mind Sunny Health & Fitness has brought an outstanding treadmill with ergonomic handles. Yes, this treadmill’s trekking style handles will allow you to use it as an elliptical machine.

Talking about its handlebars, the manufacturer of this workout machine has crafted these full-motion arm exercisers with cutting-edge technologies to let you exercise in style. Guess what? You can easily control the intensity and duration of your workout session using the start and stop buttons placed on the top surface of these trekking-style handrails.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing exercise using handlebars, you can easily detach them and enjoy your exercise session. Don’t worry, a user-friendly wireless remote control comes with the Hybrid tread-pad for hassle-free operation.   

In addition to that, the device is equipped with a  13.5 x 5.5 inch crystal clear digital monitor for displaying all essential data including distance, time, calorie burned, total steps, and speed. Moreover, you can use it straight after unboxing as it comes fully assembled. 

As the treadmill has a compact and foldable design, it would be the right choice for small apartments. Its soft-drop technology enables a hands-free and secure unfolding. What’s even better, you can move the machine effortlessly using its built-in transportation wheels. 

The main downside of the machine is that you can’t run or jog, but you will have a great time with it if you want something for walking purposes. Overall, you can put your trust in this unique guy that runs smoothly without any annoying noise.


  1. An excellent treadmill for casual walkers
  2. Easy folding and unfolding mechanism
  3. Works both on hand and leg muscles 


  1. It’s not ideal for running or jogging                   

2. Body power 2-in-1 Exercise Machine

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A treadmill comes with all the advantages of running and walking exercise while an elliptical machine makes sure that your hands also stay engaged.  The great news is that this exercise machine from Body Power will be the best treadmill elliptical combo for you with all its outstanding features.

The first thing you will notice from this total-body workout device is its patented curve-crank design that ensures zero dead-zone rotation by applying consistent tension on X and Y axes as you pedal. It disperses force in 2 -directions to provide optimal comfort. 

Moreover, the smooth functionality and efficient performance of the machine will let you perform your daily exercise without any hassle. Don’t worry, its butter-smooth operation won’t cause any joint pain after completing a HIIT workout session. The machine offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance and you can easily adjust the resistance using the resistance adjusting knob.

Due to its heavy-weight flywheel and oval path, the exercise machine remains smooth. It is also ideal for a total-body workout. Besides, this personal machine includes an LCD screen to let you track your fitness data conveniently. The built-in media shelf will come in handy to watch and learn new things during exercise.            

 With fixed and movable handlebars with pulse sensors plus robust build quality, this thing has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Also, two ergonomically designed comfy foot pedals ensure a nice ride while front rollers make it easy to reposition. 

Another great thing about this piece of equipment is that it is quite easy to assemble and you can do it without anyone’s help. However, if you have a tiled or wood floor, you have to use a mat underneath it and it also creates noise which some people don’t like.


  1. It operates smoothly
  2. Takes very little space in your room
  3. Simple instructions to follow


  1. Makes noise

  3. Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine

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Elliptical machines are a great way to challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, improving your cardiovascular health and stamina. In order to avoid the hazards of running on the track and also for toning upper body muscles, this innovative machine can be a great solution. 

Since the elliptical machine can be both a full-body and lower-body workout, it is an excellent tool for those who want to lose weight and stay fit. What’s even better, the Sunny health and fitness machine offers 24 presets programs to help you fulfill whatever fitness goal you have.  

Not only that, you can enjoy different levels of intensity as it comes with 16 levels of adjustable computerized resistance. You can change the resistance level using a dedicated button that is placed on the console. Easy peasy, right?

For optimal grip and balance, it is equipped with oversized textured footplates. It is crafted with a durable steel frame to give your proper support and long-lasting workouts. Yes, this excellent elliptical treadmill combo machine is strong enough to carry 300 lbs weight.

Additionally, its full-motion and anti-slip handlebars will assist you to remain more engaged during workouts to maximize the outcome. The 19.5-inch stride length will make the exercise further interesting and fruitful. 

Well, the most interesting feature of this elliptical trainer is that you can use it even if there is no electricity. Without plugging into any power outlet, you can use the last saved computerize resistance. The smart device holder and water bottle holder will come in handy too.

It also has 2 built-in transportation wheels for simple storage and straightforward relocation. However, it consumes almost 2 hours to put together as the pictures given in the instruction manual are hard to follow.         


  1. Large stride length
  2. High-quality handlebars and footplates
  3. Programmable monitor with 24 preset programs  


  1. Assembling takes a long time

4. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill with Upper body Resistance Arms

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The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t SpaceSaver Treadmill offers a variety of options for those who want more than just an easygoing walk or run while working on their health and fitness goals, but also have the time constraints that come with it!

Whether you run for fitness or for competition, the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T treadmill will help you reach your goals with all its mind-blowing bells and whistles. With 16 inches in width and 50 inches in length, this foldable fitness device can be an awesome space-saving option for tight spaces. 

It’s a low-impact machine that won’t hurt your joints and has a space-saver design so it can be stored easily when not in use. It has four pre-programmed session applications available for those who are short on time but determined to be more active! 

You can pick between two incline settings to boost your calorie burn while toning your arms with Crosswalk Upper Body Resistance Arms. The low-impact workout stimulates your cardiovascular system, which helps improve overall health. 

The durable 2.25 continuous horsepower motor powers you up to 10 mph while the included thumb Pulse Heart Rate Monitor lets you keep track of your heart rate. You can see all your necessary workout data on its built-in LCD screen. Also,  the treadmill elliptical combo machine gives you the privilege to customize your workout’s intensity using the buttons placed near the screen.

Although, the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill is recommended for residential use only with a weight capacity of 250 lbs., this should not deter anyone from making their fitness dreams come true!


  1. Easy to fold and store
  2. Simple to operate and easily readable screen
  3. Affordable price tag


  1. No book or smart device holder

 5. Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical Trainer Machine

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The Schwinn Fitness team has played a remarkable role in the industry of Elliptical trainer machines and that’s why you are seeing this stunning product on today’s list. This machine has all the crucial features to become the best treadmill elliptical combo for you.

This trainer machine is a great fitness machine for cardio, strength training, and toning. This elliptical trainer’s magnetic resistance system offers 20 adjustable levels of difficulty so you can get stronger the more you use the machine. It features 22 built-in workout programs to let you choose your unique path to physical excellence.

The 20-inch stride length will ensure that you get stronger hips, thighs, and buttocks while helping to increase your endurance. The fitness device will help you get in shape with ease and efficiency with two full-motion handlebars. It’s also equipped with fixed handles and pulse sensors so you can monitor your workout and progress without compromising comfort. 

The Dual Track 2 LCD screen makes it extremely convenient when it comes to tracking your progress. There are also cushioned foot-plates to provide stability and low-impact exercise.

Moreover, this machine includes Goal Track capability, a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to set exercise goals for more effective workout sessions. With top-notch build quality, built-in fan, and USB ports, this machine will be a great choice for people of all ages. So, if you like these features, you shouldn’t look any further.  

One drawback of the product is that it makes some noise. Apart from this, it could be the right machine for those who are looking for toned arms, increased stamina, and more flexibility. 


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Highly stable and easy to use
  3. Wide range of resistance levels


  1. Make sound while pedaling

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer SF-E3912

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The Sunny SF-E3912 is an outstanding workout machine that allows you to work out like a treadmill machine. The monitor of this elliptical machine is advanced and you can see your desired info easily. 

Furthermore, the resistance of this device is motorized-magnetic which allows you to pick your preferred resistance level from the available 24 workout programs in the elliptical machine.

Plus, this machine offers you a tablet holder to enjoy your favorite podcast or live news feed during the calorie-burning process.

When it comes to safety and comfort level, it’s a good deal. You have a properly attached bottle holder in your hand reach that ensures you keep yourself hydrated at your training moment.

Also, the build quality of the elliptical machine is strong enough to support weight up to 330lbs. It will remain quite steady and won’t shake throughout your training session. Due to the 23’’ wide floor stabilizer, you will get that high-level stability. 

In addition to that, the nicely made non-slip wide foot pedals ensure that you have enough grip during pedaling in an elliptical way.

The best features are the movable handlebars and pedals that allow you to perform with full-motion even if you’re a beginner or trying to gain some strength on your leg after an injury. 

I found two downsides in this elliptical machine. These are the shorter stride length and no option for an online connection system. However, in this price category, it’s an excellent elliptical machine for you. 


  1. Reasonable price compare to competitor
  2. Stability is quite standard
  3. The weight-bearing level is pretty high
  4. The LCD monitor is high-quality for reading
  5. Allows to enjoy full-motion exercise


  1. Not user friendly for taller people
  2. No options to access the online program

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer SF-E3862

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The Sunny SF- E3862 would be a matchless alternative for your treadmill. Because you get all the movements like a treadmill and more on this elliptical machine. 

During pedaling, you can track and read your total training duration, overall calorie burned, current heart rate, RPM level, full distance coverage, and current speed. The best thing about the monitor is it has a backlit function on it. 

Unlike other elliptical equipment, this one offers you an extremely sturdy build that helps it to carry the highest weight up to 265lbs. The ergonomic design helps you to work out without any kind of instability and shaking. 

Plus, the flywheel is high-quality and does not produce any foul noises. You can enjoy a smooth and noiseless high-intensity training session with this amazing machine.

When it comes to safety it’s superb due to its large size pedal that gives you an ample amount of grip during the elliptical ride. Moveable handlebars are outstanding and provide enough support.

Moreover, you will be able to put yourself through a tough workout as you will get 16 varieties of resistance levels in this elliptical machine. When it comes to the design it’s a compact design of home gym equipment. 

With all good things, it has downsides too. Among the two downsides of this elliptical, one is the stride length which limits the user-friendliness for large and tall people. Another one is the absence of the folding option.

In spite of that, this elliptical treadmill combo would be a priceless addition to your home gym.


  1. Stylish and compact design
  2. Superb sturdy and no shaking issue
  3. Flywheel moves really silently 
  4. High-quality and multi-functional LCD display with backlight
  5. Foot pedals are safe for high-speed training


  1. Very tall people will find it hard to use
  2. Foldable options are missing

8. The Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine

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The Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine is high-quality and durable home gym equipment that allows you to do some serious high-intensity workouts inside your home. 

Using it, you can smoothly complete your cardio session due to its built-in curve crank technology. Which allows you to enjoy a vibrate-free and quiet workout time.

Plus, the resistant system that offers you 8 adjustable options helps you to go for HIIT sessions. The best part of this machine is that it helps you to work out in an elliptical and stepper direction that shreds your calories superfast. 

Also, you can easily make yourself out of breath by doing a workout on it just like a treadmill. To increase your workout productivity, an LCD monitor is attached where you can see your total duration, heart rate, RPM level, and speed level. 

Moreover, the moveable cushiony high grip handlebars are connected with your pedal system, and both move once you start pedaling. Both of the pedals are large and have a one-inch safety guard. 

Furthermore, the top to bottom is a robust build that will assist you to perform in an ultra-stable way. This amazing elliptical machine can take up to 250lbs. Therefore, bulky people can use it conveniently.

Though it has such high features, it also has some downsides. One is that it does not have any water bottle holder. And the LCD light is not very tech-smart. However, it would be an excellent upper and lower body workout machine in this price category.


  1. Remain quiet during the workout
  2. Larger safe pedals help you to perform HIIT
  3. Provide you both elliptical and stepper way workout
  4. Durability is up to the mark
  5. Weight capacity is high and stability is high


  1. The water holder is not attached
  2. LCD monitor seems too old

9. Bowflex Max Trainer

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The Max Trainer M3 can provide you the same benefit as a treadmill with some extra advantage on upper body workout.

Plus the equipment is compact and ultra-stylish. You can put it on any corner of your house without a problem. 

During the workout, you won’t feel any stress on your joints. Due to the zero impact on your knees and backs, it’s safe for people who have a previous injury or are a bit older.

Moreover, the console allows you to choose a program as it comes with 2 workout programs. There’s a motorbike-like handle, on the right handle, you have the red-colored resistance adjustable options that have 8 different levels. 

Furthermore, you can hold the 2 moveable handlebars in 4 different positions for your own adjustment and comfort. This has an amazing weight carrying level of 300lbs.

The paddle design has a tread shape that increases your grip during movement. And the little wall-like guard adds more to safety. 

As it allows you to move in both an elliptical way and a stepper direction so you can cut off a huge amount of calories and get in shape quickly.

When it comes to stability, M3 supports you enough during the workout as it has a 21’’ wide footpad. Along with the good side, M3 has downsides too. The M3 LCD display has no backlit and has a little noise issue. Apart from that, it’s a great option for your cardio target.


  1. Compact and weight capacity is high
  2. Impact on both upper and lower body
  3. Extreme helpful for calorie burn
  4. Allows to workout in a steeper way
  5. Stability is standard


  1. The LCD screen has no backlit system
  2. Generate a little noise

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex Adult Sf-E3919

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Here is the last product on the list and it’s also from Sunny Health & Fitness. This elliptical machine of this renowned brand not only allows you to work out like a treadmill, but also allows you to move in both elliptical and stepper directions for maximum output. 

You can easily move this machine due to its nicely attached transport wheel. As it’s a compactly designed machine, it won’t take much room space.

Plus, the robust build of the steel frame allows user weight up to 330lbs which is great. You will be impressed with the stability of this unit.

Furthermore, the wider and non-slippery pedals and the high grip moveable handlebars allow you to exercise using your upper body and lower body. The pedals are quite sturdy and built with ABS material. 

In addition to that, the non-slip pedal helps you to continue pedaling at a very fast speed. You can increase the resistance of your workout by adjusting the knob into 8 different levels. 

The internal flywheel system is standard. And also the belt drive system of elliptical function is high-quality. It will keep your HIIT workout session vibrating free and quiet.

Moreover, the high-quality glide wheels keep the pedaling smooth. You can check your performance on the LCD monitor. 

As a whole unit, it not only has good things but also has negative sides too. The first one is that the console display is cheap-looking. And the other one has no option for an online connection with it. But if you look at the bright side, this elliptical machine is a good shot for you. 


  1. Compact design requires less space
  2. Help you to move in elliptical and stepper way
  3. Smooth and vibrant free workout
  4. The stability of this machine is good
  5. Non-slip sturdy pedals


  1. LCD is cheap looking compared to the unit
  2. No options for connecting to the online

Things to consider while buying a treadmill elliptical combo machine

Things to consider while buying a treadmill elliptical combo machine

The treadmill elliptical combo machine is getting more and more popular, but it’s not always easy to find the best one. Here are some tips on how to choose the best treadmill elliptical machine.

Large workouts surface

Treadmill elliptical combo machines are not exactly small, but you should always make sure that the machine is big enough for your workouts. 

In addition to this, you should make sure that the treadmill can be easily stored in a corner when it’s not used because most of these machines are quite big. However, if you have enough space for the machine, you should definitely go for it.

 Powerful motor

In some cases, It doesn’t really matter how big the treadmill elliptical combo machine is, but it does matter how powerful its motor is. The bigger the horsepower of the motor is, the better it will perform and the more efficient your workouts will become. So, make sure your device has at least a 2.5 hp motor.

Sturdy frame and deck area

Always look for a sturdy frame and a stable machine. This is very important for a machine that you’re going to use every day, because it’s simply too dangerous to have a wobbly frame that could tip over or break apart when you’re not holding on to the machine.

Smooth stride

The most important feature of any treadmill or elliptical is how smooth it runs, and the same goes for the machine that you’re looking into buying. Make sure that its stride feels very natural when you walk or run on it, or else you won’t be motivated to use this machine every day.

Powerful and comfortable pedals

Make sure your treadmill elliptical machine comes with powerful and comfortable pedals. If you don’t like the ones that are included in the package, make sure that you can change them according to your preferences.

Low noise level 

The noise level of the treadmill elliptical combo machine you choose should be as low as possible. You don’t want to disturb your neighbors when using it, do you?

Easy to use 

A workout machine should be easy to use and maintain. Otherwise, you may face difficulties using the device properly. Almost every product from the market comes with a user manual so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started with it, but even if you do, there should always be someone nearby who knows how to use it so your workouts won’t get ruined because of it.

Moreover, you can’t expect to be an expert overnight so you need easy controls and a user-friendly display so you don’t get confused when trying to figure out how to use it.

Multiple workout programs

If you don’t like changing your profile all the time, it would be best if you choose a treadmill elliptical combo machine with several pre-programmed workouts already included so you can choose one depending on your mood and preferences.

Additional Convenient features

Many treadmill elliptical combo machines come with additional features such as pulse sensor, media shelf, etc., which are definitely a plus if the machine is in your budget range. However, you shouldn’t buy a machine just because of its special features, but make sure that it has all the necessary things to suit your exercise needs.

Advantage & Disadvantages of treadmill elliptical combo machine

Treadmill elliptical combo machines are an excellent training choice for many different reasons. Here are some of their benefits.

Advantage & Disadvantages of treadmill elliptical combo machine

Advantages of Treadmill elliptical combo machine

  1. Versatility

Treadmills are good for endurance training, simulating outdoor running, or walking on a flat surface, whereas elliptical machines are good for strength training and simulating outdoor running or walking up an incline. 

Combining the two types of equipment into one machine allows you to do both with one workout. This will save time and give your body more variety — great if you don’t like working out on just one type of machine all the time.

  1. Easy On Joints

The elliptical portion of treadmill elliptical combo machines is good for people with hip, knee, ankle, or lower back pain because they are low impact. By contrast, running on a treadmill can be stressful on the joints due to the pounding force that comes with each footfall. 

Running on an elliptical is non-weight bearing, making it a great alternative for people with injuries or who are rehabilitating after surgery. The sturdiness of these kinds of machines’ frames also supports weights up to 250-300 pounds, which is good for big guys.

  1. Incorporates Upper Body Exercise

One thing that’s great about the elliptical portion of treadmill elliptical combo machines is that you can work your upper body at the same time. Both fixed and movable handles are used for balance and moving the arms, giving the user a full-body workout.

Disadvantages of Treadmill elliptical combo machine

  1. Less Intense Workouts

If you’re looking for a really intense workout where your heart will be pumping and you’ll be breaking a sweat, then this combo machine won’t be appropriate for you as these machines won’t allow you to do workouts at a higher speed.  

  1. Expensive

Since these machines are still relatively new, they are on the pricier side. If you have the budget for it, however, one of these units is an excellent option to get both a running and elliptical workout in just one session.

  1. No Incremental Speed Changes

When you’re running on a treadmill, you can adjust the speed easily with the press of a button. In an elliptical, you have to stop completely in order to change your pace or resistance level. With these combo machines, there are no incremental changes — if you want to go faster or slower, you’ll need to stop and restart.

How to do different exercises on a treadmill elliptical combo machine?

Treadmill elliptical combo machines are well known for their functionality among the fitness freak. Users of various groups like young-old, beginner- professional, healthy- recovery stage people can use it. 

You can do exercise in both high-low intensities with nearly no impact on your joints of lower body and waist.

Here I will show you workout pattern based on a specific target in the following:  

  1. Targeting your glutes

If you feel like your glute muscles need to be more powerful which might help you with different sports or other activities in your regular life, an elliptical machine is there for you to do a good job.

An incline elliptical workout will be very effective for your glutes as it will engage all the muscles of that area. It will also add some strength to your hamstring muscle. To get the best, you make sure you are pressing your hill with the pedal. 

  1. Aiming at your Core Muscle Group 

Do you want to gain a super-strong core? If you want to have a good amount of balance and power in your core muscle then you need to work on them precisely. And for that, an elliptical machine is a great helper. 

You can hit your core muscle by moving at a quite fast speed while not using your handles for balance. It will fire up and flex your core muscles. 

  1. Whole leg muscle

You can easily target your whole lower body by pedaling the elliptical machine in a backward way. It would activate each and every muscle of your leg. Which eventually makes sure the proper toning of leg muscle. 

  1. Increasing leg power or recovery stage

Assuming you recently had a physical injury and are trying to gain a bit of power on both your legs then you should start slowly. Take enough time to increase your resistance and incline of the elliptical machine. 

Make sure you are not putting enough pressure to harm your injured area. After 1-2 months of constant training, the resistance can be increased for increasing the strength of your legs and joints. 

3 Effective Exercise Plans You Can Try

Until now I have talked about workouts regarding a specific target. And now on this part, I will show you some workout plans and you can pick which one you prefer or are able to follow to maximize your workout output with a high-intensity workout.

HIIT Incline Buster

By pursuing this plan you can expect a high-level calorie burn with some nice toning of your back leg muscle. The main theme of this plan is to train with a change of resistance and the incline of your elliptical machine. The total duration of 25 minutes while the highest incline would be 15%-17%.

TimeInclineResistance Level

Beginner Heat Up

It’s a 12 minutes workout routine excellent for beginners. This one is designed to make you tired while not putting much pressure on your body. The main idea of this routine is to get used to the elliptical machine while increasing endurance and cardio. 

TimeResistant Level
0.00- 1.301

25 Minutes Sprint for Strength Building

A combination of versatile focus and movements will engage multiple muscle zones and make you an excellent sprinter within a few months. In this routine, you need to pedal both backward and frontward for most training output. You have to run like a treadmill by keeping your hands off the handlebar. 

This plan is strictly prohibited for beginners. And also for people from older ages. 

Time Resistant Level( Min 1- Max 10) Toughness Level Physical Attribute
0.00-3.003Easy Warm Up Time
3.00-6.005ModerateHands Off. Normal Jogging
6.00- 9.005ModerateNormal Jogging, Pedal Backward
9.00-12.007HighSprint Forward
12.00-15.009ModerateNormal Jogging, Forward Pedal
15.00-17.0010ModerateNormal Jogging, Hands Off
17.00-19.00MaxHighPush hard using arms
19.00-21.003EasyPedal Forward, Normal Jogging
21.00-23.00MaxHighPull hard with arms
27.00-29.009HighHands Off, Sprint Backward
29.00-31.006ModerateNormal Jogging, Pedal Backward
31.00-33.009EasyPedal Slow Forward
33.00-35.00MaxHighestPull Push Hard with Arms , Pedal Fast Forward 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do elliptical machines help lose belly fat? 

Answer: Yes. Elliptical machines will help you in the process of burning off belly fat.  However, you must stick to a calorie deficit diet.

  1. Is 30 minutes a day on the elliptical machine enough for losing weight?

Answer: A strict food intake and constant 30 minutes HIIT workout on an elliptical will surely help you to cut weight

  1. Is an elliptical machine bad for your back?

Answer: Unlike other instruments, an elliptical fitness trainer drastically reduces any joint stress due to the mechanism of this machine. Due to less shock, it’s quite safe for your back.

  1. Should you wear shoes on an elliptical machine?

Answer: You can wear flat bottom shoes with good quality tread to reduce the probability of ankle or other joint injuries. 

  1. Will an elliptical machine tone your thighs?

Answer: As the movement of the elliptical trainer automatically engages your leg muscles so yes it will tone up your thigh muscles as well with glutes and hamstrings. 

Final Words

Treadmills are great for aerobic workouts, but they can be difficult to use if you have back problems. On the other hand, an elliptical is a good exercise machine to use when your back hurts because it’s easier on the spine than running or walking on a treadmill. 

So, getting any of the above-given treadmill elliptical combos will allow you to do your daily exercise without any back or joint pain. Also, you don’t have to switch between two pieces of equipment. If you ask me to choose one, I will pick the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t for its space-saving design and sturdy performance. 

However, you can choose anyone you like from the list according to your requirements and budgets as every option has many outstanding features.