Searching is fun when you have plenty of time to waste or when you are extremely passionate about it. Apart from that, this time comparing & analyzing different types of low-impact treadmills doesn’t sound like a very easy task.

Here I’ve made this easy for you by listing the top 10 low-impact treadmills on the market. So let’s see what those have to offer for you!

Best low-impact treadmills: Top 10 choices

Searching is fun when you have plenty of time to waste or when you are extremely passionate about it. Apart from that, this time comparing & analyzing different types of low-impact treadmills doesn’t sound like a very easy task.

Here I’ve made this easy for you by listing the top 10 low-impact treadmills on the market. So let’s see what those have to offer for you! 

1. NordicTrack T 6.5 Si


The first treadmill on the list is the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si which comes with bundles of features to take your fitness level to a higher level without hurting your legs.

You will be impressed with the robust build quality of the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si treadmill that allows runners up to a massive 300lb. Along with that, the 20 x 50’’ size running deck will be supportive for runners of different heights.

Plus, the EasyLift Assist will help you to fold without any hassle. The compact design of the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si makes it extremely efficient for storing at any corner of any house. 

Equipped with the amazing FlexSelect Cushioning system, the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si treadmill would ensure that with every stride your legs have less impact. As a result, your joints will face less pain even after a long time of running. However, it is not fitting for runners who want to do some hardcore style running. 

Besides, to bring variation to your workout, it features a 10% incline control. For your convenience, the Nordictrack T 6.5 Si comes with cupholders. Speaking of controlling, you will find it easy to use & also the assembling process is butter-smooth.

Moreover, the SMART response motor will support you to carry on cardio training like endurance up to medium intensity training with a top speed of 10mph.

Wrapping up everything, this relatively quiet treadmill would be the right call if you are looking for a low-impact treadmill.


  • FlexSelect Cushioning provides ultra comfort to your joints
  • 10% incline control with quiet motor
  • Easy to fold plus store & assembling is smooth
  • The solid frame supports up to 300lb user


  • Not suitable for HIIT exercises

2. Sunny SF-T7603


With the built-in shock-absorbing tread belt, you will enjoy a less impactful training session on the Sunny SF-T7603 treadmill. With the amazing shock reduction deck, your joints and legs are protected.

Exercising isn’t just about mindless movements. You want to know how you are doing, and this treadmill’s digital display will provide you with details like speed, running time, total distance, calories burned, heart rate, etc.

Besides that, you would be able to increase the intensity of your workout by using the Sunny SF- T7603’s 3-level manual incline. It is also easy to move from one room to another thanks to the lightweight & good quality wheels.

Besides, the 2.2 HP quiet motor will let you run at a speed of 9 mph which is perfect if you want to do moderate running. Unfortunately, the weight capacity of the Sunny SF- 7603 is not impressive at all.

Moreover, the compact design of the Sunny SF-T7603 makes it easy to store in any corner. To kill the monotonous vibes, it comes with 9 built-in programs allowing you to mix it up. 

For your convenience, this treadmill has a quick speed button for speed control during workouts & bottle holders. Furthermore, the multifunctional handrail has a pulse sensor & and an emergency stop clip is given to make an immediate stop. 

Likewise, the soft drop folding system with a hydraulic mechanism does the folding job with proper safety. The running deck of the Sunny SF-T7603 treadmill is ample amount.

Finally, the assembling of this treadmill is not painful. Buying the Sunny SF-T7603 would be a great deal!


  • Ample amount of running space
  • 9 built-in programs & a moderate 9 mph top speed
  • An outstanding shock absorption system reduces shocks
  • Multifunctional handrail, digital monitor & easy to assemble


  • Weight capacity is not very high

3. Nautilus Treadmill Series T618


The Nautilus Treadmill Series T618 would be an excellent treadmill if you need a high-end low-impact treadmill. 

Unlike many other treadmills, the Nautilus T618 comes with a strong & durable 3-ply, 2.5 mm thickness running belt. Along with that, the Strike Zone cushioning will ensure a significant amount of reduction of running shocks which makes it one of the best low-impact treadmills.

Plus, it comes with an uncompromised running surface area size of 20 x 60’’ which increases both comfort & safety. To add more safety, the Nautilus T618 has built-in SoftDrop folding technology which makes the folding easy & efficient. 

Besides, the DualTrack Blue Backlit LCD is nice-looking and provides all the running data. Sadly, this larger-size running machine is not suitable for storing especially in smaller apartments.

You will be amazed at the power of the 3.5 HP motor of the Nautilus T618 which can rotate the belt at an outstanding top speed of 12 mph. It also features a Bluetooth connection using which you can connect to fitness apps. 

In addition to that, the superb 15% incline of this treadmill gives you the chance to increase the training level to a hardcore level. Speaking of the build quality, it’s built like a tank that welcomes runners up to 350lb. 

Moreover, the wireless heart chest strap will help you to keep your heart rate in check during training. It’s a great way to double-check your heart rate monitor’s accuracy. Despite being a high-priced treadmill, I would say that it would be a profitable purchase.


  • Impressive 350 lb weight-bearing capacity
  • StrikeZone cushioning makes it an ultra low impact treadmill
  • Extra-large running deck ensures comfort
  • 15% incline level helps to level up the workout


  • High price tag
  • Not suitable for storing in a smaller house

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 is a phenomenal treadmill with tons of features that will help you immensely to grow your overall fitness with low impact running.

With the excellent quality shock absorption deck, the Sunny SF-T7515 treadmill makes sure less impact on legs and joints. It not only prevents injury but also helps you to run for a long time without being fatigued.

Plus, the combination of convenient transport wheels & the top-notch SoftDrop hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth moving & hassle-free folding storing. When it comes to assembling the Sunny SF-T7515 won’t give you a hard time.

Luckily the top speed of 8mph of the Sunny SF-T7515 makes it suitable for running & jogging. However, it’s not appropriate for speedy runners. Also, the spacious running deck of 16.5 x 49.5’’ makes it a good choice for most runners.

In addition to that, this powered treadmill with an alloy steel frame has a sturdy build that has an excellent weight capacity of 240 lb. This unit includes 12-level auto inclined which is necessary to increase the toughness of the workout.

For your convenience, the Sunny SF-T7515 comes with an mp3 port, speakers, microphone jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, the speaker quality is not standard at all.  The Backlit Digital LCD of this unit will let you see time, running distance, speed, calories & heart rate. 

Even if you have babies in your home, this quiet machine won’t disturb their sleep. Wrapping up everything the Sunny SF-T7515 would be a good call for you. 


  • Good incline level up to 12% plus easy to assemble
  • Shock absorption running deck decreases running impacts
  • SoftDrop folding tech with quiet motor
  • Bluetooth connectivity & Backlit digital LCD


  • Poor quality built-in speaker
  • Not suitable for runners looking for high-speed

5. ProFrom Carbon T7


If you are looking for a high-end entry-level treadmill that will ensure less pressure on your legs & joints then the ProFrom Carbon T7 would be a matchless choice.

A top speed of 10 mph backed by a 2.75 CHP motor makes the ProForm Carbon T7 a perfect choice for beginner to moderate speedrunners. The spacious 20 x 55’’tread belt supports users up to 6’1’’ which is great!

Plus, the Flex Deck Cushioning of the ProForm T7 treadmill will provide great support to your knees & joints by reducing the impact from each running stride. This feature makes it desirable for runners with bad knees & lists it among the toppers of low-impact treadmills.

Besides, the 10% auto incline of this unit helps you to upgrade your workout intensity as you grow well from recovery. The incline also kicks out the boredom of flat-surface running & aids in muscle development.

Speaking of safety, this wonderful unit provides great stability while handling a top user weight of 350 lbs. 

Moreover, the assembly of the ProForm T7 is fairly easy. Though such a high price tag, it does not offer any built-in program for you to increase workout productivity. Being quite a large size treadmill storing won’t be a big deal due to the EasyLift Assist folding technology.

As long as your priority is to buy a good quality low-impact treadmill that’s quiet then it’s a good one to go for.


  • Good incline level up to 12% plus easy to assemble
  • Shock absorption running deck decreases running impacts
  • SoftDrop folding tech with quiet motor
  • Bluetooth connectivity & Backlit digital LCD


  • No built-in program
  • The price of the treadmill is too high

6. Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced


One of the common problems of treadmill use is not having a spacious running surface but the Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced treadmill features an ample size 20 x 60’’ running area.

Plus, this treadmill has a terrific sturdy build that supports runners up to 325lbs. Powered by a 3 HP motor the Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced treadmill has a top speed of 12 mph. 

Besides, the most attractive feature of the Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced treadmill is that it is loaded with a 3-Zone cushioned deck which ensures a comfortable ride. Not only that, it drastically reduces the overall impact of running time.

What’s more, this amazing unit comes with a 12% incline that adds more value to your training. Along with that, the 8 built-in programs of the Horizon Fitness T202 help you to stay in shape by following them. You will be able to see all the necessary info from the LCD screen on this treadmill. 

Likewise, the easy assembling it’s also efficient and hassle-free folding due to the hydraulic folding system. Unfortunately due to the heavy weight of the Horizon T202 Advanced treadmill, it’s a bit tough to move from one place to another. 

Not everyone can afford this powerful treadmill because of the high price. Finally, in terms of stability & comfort, the Horizon is an uncompromised treadmill which is a sure good bargain.


  • Mind-boggling stability with huge maximum user capacity
  • 3- Zone cushioned deck ensures ultra-comfy ride with less impact
  • 12% incline plus easy use of the control button
  • 8 built-in programs for users & powerful 3 HP motor
  • Easy to assemble, LCD screen for tracking data


  • Shifting the unit is hard
  • The cost is too high

7. SereneLife Smart Electric Treadmill


Featuring a simplistic design and excellent durability, the SereneLife Smart Electric treadmill is an ultra-cheap option.

This lightweight running machine is easy to move anywhere you want. The compact design with hydraulic folding makes the storing and folding of butter smooth. Despite being lightweight, the aluminum-made frame of the SereneLife treadmill supports massive weights up to 265 pounds.

Plus, you have the option to choose various programs during workouts as it has 12 built-in programs. Though it comes with a 3 manual-level incline. 

In addition to that, with a top speed of 6 mph, this machine is perfect for decent low-intensity workouts like short jogging & walking. Because of its low-speed nature backed by only a 1 HP motor, the SereneLife treadmill is considered one of the best low-impact treadmills. 

As the motor of this treadmill is not powerful, it’s not perfect for runners with good speed. Besides, the intelligent plus stylish-looking LCD screen of the SernerLife shows running time, running distance, speed, calories burned, heart rate, etc. 

Moreover, the running surface of the SereneLife treadmill is 15.74 x 39.37’’ which is okay for short to medium-height people but taller people won’t be able to use it. Using the Bluetooth feature of this treadmill, you can easily connect iOS or Android phones & use different fitness apps.

Speaking of assembly, the SereneLife is not complex & much time-consuming. This brilliant treadmill has a built-in safety key for emergency stop function.


  • Simplistic design plus easy to assemble
  • The price is very cheap
  • Bluetooth connection, LCD screen for workout data
  • Wonderful weight capacity & low impact treadmill
  • 3 levels incline feature with safety key for emergency stop


  • Motor power is below standard
  • A running deck is not enough for tall runners

8. Goplus Folding Treadmill


The Goplus folding treadmill is another reasonably-priced treadmill that comes with a compact design. One of the cheapest treadmills for low-impact running.

To begin with, the build quality has a moderately strong build frame which welcomes users up to 220lb. Starting from assembling then moving and storing would be a breeze due to the lightweight & top-quality transportation wheels.

Plus, the Goplus Folding treadmill provides double safety for you with a safety key & an emergency stop button. For your convenience, this wonderful unit features a tablet holder & mobile phone holder.

With the low-power motor, the Goplus Folding treadmill gives you a speed range of 0.5-6mph which makes it a low-impact treadmill. Adding to that, the PVC tread belt with 5 layers ensures more safety for your legs & muscles. However, the size of the Goplus Folding treadmill is not fitting for tall-size users.

Featuring 12 built-in programs this excellent treadmill lets you experience different types of workouts. Unfortunately, the Goplus Folding treadmill does not have any auto-incline feature to increase the running intensity.

Moreover, the LED display of the Goplus Folding treadmill shows heart rate, distance speed, total time, calories burned, etc. Furthermore, the handrails have a quick speed button & start/stop button.

Finally, the noiseless operation of the Goplus Folding treadmill will give you a smooth ride.


  • 12 built-in programs, safety key plus easy to assemble
  • Moderate build quality with a noiseless ride
  • PVC tread belt with 5 layers deck reduces walking & jogging speed
  • LED displays provide relevant data & easy to fold plus move
  • The Compact& lightweight design makes it easy to store


  • No auto incline feature
  • Running deck does not allow taller user

9. Ksports Treadmill


The last treadmill on the list is the Ksports Treadmill which has ultra-sturdy build support up to 265 pounds. Adding to that, the 2.25 HP motor will provide a speed range from 0.62 up to 6.2 mph which makes it a top-notch treadmill for jogging & walking.

Plus, it also features 12 built-in programs & 3 levels of manual incline for increasing the workout output. The 16 x 43’’ running area of the Ksports Treadmill is enough to accommodate most of the users.

What’s more, is that the Ksports Treadmill deck comes with advanced technology for cushioning that ensures the protection of your knees & joints. Both the slower speed & shock absorber deck make it one of the most desirable low-impact treadmills.

Part of the safety features of the treadmill is attached to a safety key if that’s removed it will stop immediately. For your convenience, the Ksports Treadmill has a USB & Bluetooth connection. 

Besides, the assembling would be smooth & you will love the noiseless running session on this one. Folding this compact powered treadmill would be smooth so it’s easy to store. 

Moreover, the large size LCD screen of the Ksports Treadmill adds more advantages to your fitness goal. You can easily read the pulse, calories burned, distance covered, jogging time plus jogging pace, etc. 

Analyzing both good & bad, the Ksports Treadmill would be highly beneficial if you are a runner with bad knees.


  • Easy assembling, efficient folding plus quiet ride
  • Advanced technology cushions reduce an impressive amount of running impact
  • Safety key & amazing weight capacity
  • 12 built-in programs, 3 level incline plus USB, Bluetooth connection
  • Compact design with sufficient running space


  • Not enough speed for high-speed running

10. Sole F80 Folding Treadmill


The Sole F80 treadmill would be a great pick if you are looking for a low-impact treadmill. This treadmill will prove to be one of the best investments you will ever make.

First of all, this amazing unit comes with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which makes it stand out among the crowds. This superb cushioning system protects your knees & joints during high-intensity running by cutting 40% impact. 

Plus, the Sole F80 features an Easy Assist folding system which makes it efficient & effortless to fold & store without consuming much space. Along with that, this ultradurable & rock-solid treadmill allows runners up to 375 lbs.

Likewise, the killer performance motor with a 3.5 CHP motor will give you a butter-smooth running experience with a top speed of 12 mph. A high-quality nice-looking blue screen 7.5” LCD clearly shows running data like heart rate, calories, running speed, etc.

Besides, the wider plus longer running deck of 20 x 60’’ of the Sole F80 allows users from short to extra tall heights. For bringing variation to your workout this unit comes with a 15% incline. 

For your convenience, the Sole F80 comes with a cooling fan, sound system, 6 standard programs, and two heart programs. Moreover, this treadmill has 4 layers 2 ply running belts which are extremely long-lasting.

Two downsides of the Sole F80 are that it’s too expensive & the weight of the machine is too heavy which makes it difficult to move from one corner to another.


  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck cut off 40% of running impacts 
  • Strong 3.5 CHP motor, extra-large running surface
  • 7.5’’ LCD with light shows live running stats
  • Ultimate level with a capacity of 375 lb plus 15 % incline
  • Smooth & effortless folding technology


  • The price range is too high
  • The heavyweight of the treadmill is hard to move

Buying Guide

A good purchase will improve your lifestyle while a bad purchase will waste money & time.

Check the specific features to make a great buy! Let’s see what are features are crucial to have in a low-impact treadmill.

Shock absorption deck

The first thing you need to search for while buying a low-impact treadmill is a high-quality shock absorber system or cushioning deck. This feature is the most important for such a treadmill.

Because, it helps different groups of vulnerable people like runners with bad knees, runners with ankle or joint injuries, and elderly people by reducing a significant amount of impact during walking & jogging. 

Built-in program & Incline

Any treadmill that offers a built-in program lets you kick out the boredom of the same running pattern. This feature is important as it will keep you well-motivated to carry on the workout.

Besides, the incline feature adds more fun to the running session. So make sure your treadmill is at least equipped with a 3-5% incline level. In addition to that, if the incline is automatic then it would be best for you.

Easy to assemble, fold, and carry

The treadmill that comes with a time-consuming & hard assembly always kills the motivation at the beginning. So ensure your running machine gonna be in full shape quickly.

A running machine with a compact design & lightweight increases the user-friendliness of a low-impact treadmill. If you live in a smaller apartment, try to go for a comparatively smaller treadmill like an under-bed treadmill, or maybe a manual treadmill for a desk if you’re a busy person who doesn’t get time to work out.

In addition to that, a folding system like hydraulic technology, Soft Drop, and Lift Assist is extremely helpful for folding & unfolding. A pair of transportation wheels crafted nicely will be excellent for shifting the machine from one room to another.

Weight capacity

Ignoring this feature will cost you heavily as there’s no point in purchasing a treadmill that does not support your body weight. If you are a big guy, you can check these reviews regarding some high-weight-capacity treadmills.  

Choose wisely while purchasing the treadmill though due to some features you might not get in the machine. But that’s okay to carry on with workouts.

Safety feature

Different types of safety features like an emergency stop button, safety key, and handrails, pulse sensors ensure that you are working out in good condition. 

If you feel out of breath, fatigued, or have an extreme heart rate, use these features for your safety. This will really come in handy if you have a heart condition.

Powerful Motor

Though a powerful motor is not a must feature for a low-impact treadmill as you don’t expect to run at a very high pace. 

However, a powerful motor like 2 HP or more will help you to run without giving any trouble like lagging. 

Adequate running space

Before getting the treadmill inside your home it’s mandatory to assure that the running deck space has ample amount of space for comfortable jogging steps or running strides.

For example: If your height is more than 6″ then you must buy a treadmill that has a running surface of 20 x 60’’. 

Some Tips for a low impact treadmill workout

It might be the case that even after buying the desirable and high-quality low-impact treadmill you are still having a certain amount of impact. 

To reduce that you can do the 2 steps in the following:

Running Shoes

Wearing a proper running shoe increases one more layer which will surely provide more comfort during walking or running on a treadmill. The best option would be to purchase shoes that have built-in shock absorption soles. 

Please keep in mind that the shoe must have an ample amount of toe size & proper fitting so that you can use it without any pain.


Posture plays a crucial role as it ultimately affects your body’s muscles, joints, etc. If you are recently recovering from a leg injury or have a bad knee due to age then it would be beneficial & safe for you to maintain shorter strides. 

Adding to that, try to land with your heel during walking & land with your midfoot while running. 

What Is The Best Way To Work Out On A Low-Impact Treadmill For A Runner With An Injury?

You might get multiple ways suggested by experts in running the community when it comes to which one is the best approach to start training on low impact. Especially when you suffering or recovering from any type of leg injury. 

The best way you can go is slow for at least 2-3 months then upgrade your workout level. Normally in the recovery stage, it would become too harmful if you start running or jogging at full flow. 

So, keep the speed range between 0.5- 1mph for at least 1 and ½ months. Then from the following month, you can speed up to 2-3 mph as you will already recover enough to hit that range of speed. Anyway, take note that this plan does not include senior people.

The best suggestion for senior people is to maintain the 0.5 mph-1.5 mph for the rest of their lives to keep knee joints, backbone, and ankles free from any injury. Another way I can say that is to walk or jog with speed as long as you are fully comfortable at that speed.

Final Words

The purpose of this article is to give you an in-depth understanding of the situation in the shortest form possible so that you can make an informed decision.

As you’ve seen, I discussed ten treadmills, pointing out both their good and bad points. In addition, I provided some tips to help you. I am hopeful you have enough information to find the best low-impact treadmill from here! 

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