Best Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors: Top 12

Among the hundreds of workout equipment mats, it’s quite difficult to narrow down the top-notch treadmill mat for hardwood floors. To make sure that you are investing in the right product, I have made a list of 12 treadmill mats out of the many.

Let’s have a look at those treadmill mats and how they can protect the hardwood floor. 

1. MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat


This equipment mat would be one of the best picks for your treadmill if you have a hardwood floor in your home gym. 

Plus, the exercise mat will make sure that your hardwood floor does not suffer from any rough impact of the treadmill. In addition to maintaining the hardwood floor’s condition, this mat will also minimize noise and vibration.

Besides, the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material of the mat helps it repellant water and other liquids. Also, the rounded corner of the mat will not let it curl up and reduce the chance of an accident. 

In addition to that, the 36×84’’ size makes it an ultra suitable mat that you can use not only on a treadmill but also on an elliptical machine and exercise bike. The top of the mat is textured and slip-resistant so you can keep working out with your treadmill without any extra worry.

Moreover, the cleaning process of the exercise matt is easy, and all you need to do is just wash it with soap water and rinse it. After the workout, storing the mat would be a breeze. Just roll up the mat and keep it in your storage. 

However, it has one downside, which is its thinness. Even in terms of durability, this exercise mat is excellent. 

Looking at both the dark & bright sides, I can give you a green signal to go for it! 


  • Ample size for larger treadmill
  • Reduce impact on the floor plus reduce noise
  • Textured mat & rounded corner increase the safety level
  • Easy to wash, fold & store
  • Durable and liquid repel ability


  • Low thickness

2. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat


If you’re looking for a high-quality treadmill mat that can take a beating, look no further than this rugged equipment mat. This mat is designed to protect your floor from the impact of your treadmill, elliptical, or other workout equipment.

In terms of padding or thickness, there aren’t many treadmill mats that can compete with this one. This exercise bike equipment mat has a thickness of 0.37’’ thickness that ensures excellent shock absorption during exercise and reduces any chance of damage to the hardwood floor. 

Plus, it’s made of durable material that can withstand repeated use. Also, the mat’s textured surface will help keep your equipment from sliding around during use.

Moreover, the cleaning would be a breeze as it only requires handwash. This PVC foam plus Vinyl made floor mat is a bit heavier compared to other mats. So storing and folding would require a bit of effort.

In addition to that, the size of the equipment mat is 30×72’’ which is enough for placing your treadmill on it. During high-speed treadmill runs, it will reduce the vibration plus noise which will eventually save your hardwood floor.

Finally, this exercise mat is BPA and other toxins free making it odorless and very much friendly for kids and pets. 


  • An ample amount of thickness ensures no damage to the floor
  • Extremely durable plus easy to wash
  • Appropriate size for large treadmills
  • Less vibration, BPA-free, pet & child friendly
  • A bit hard to fold due to high weight


  • Produce shoe squeaks
  • Outsole durability is poor

3. BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Treadmill Mat


The ultra tough exercise equipment mat is designed to provide a stable surface for your treadmill. High-density foam is the key ingredient to this incredible mat.

Additional features include textures on both sides that help to grip the floor and prevent your treadmill from slipping. Due to only 5 pounds weight, you can store it right after rolling it up. 

Moreover, the ample amount of thickness will ensure that during a high-intensity workout the hardwood floor and carpet have minimum impact. However, it comes with a drawback of being less durable because it tears pretty easily.

Besides, the 3×6.5 feet size carpet is sufficient for keeping large size treadmills and elliptical machines. When it comes to cleaning, you can easily wash the workout mat with soap and water. 

Furthermore, the price tag of this exercise mat is quite cheap compared to others. Another downside of this treadmill mat is it leaves a bit of color on your floor which can be a bit irritating for you.

Due to the high-quality PVC material, the mat reduces vibration on the hardwood floor to a great extent. Along with that, it does not have a bad odor which makes it an ultra suitable floor mat for the user.

Overall this equipment mat would be an excellent choice for the home gym. 


  • Cleaning & storing would be very easy
  • The right amount of size for a large treadmill
  • Reduce the treadmill’s impact on the floor
  • Two sides anti-slip texture increases stability
  • Reasonable price plus odorless


  • It leaks a bit black color on the floor
  • Durability is not good

4. Goplus Treadmill Mat


In the world of treadmill mats, this specific workout equipment mat would be an unparalleled choice for hardwood floors. This fitness floor mat can give you another level of satisfaction as a user.

Unlike many other mat, it would ensure that the mat does not move during workouts which is crucial for safety. You can enjoy a stable ride as it comes with a non-slip texture on the bottom side. 

Plus, the water-resistant feature of the workout equipment floor mat let you clean it using a damp cloth. Also, the 6.5 x 3 feet size can accommodate different types of exercise machines like an exercise bike, step aerobics, and weight benches with a large size treadmill.

Besides, the 6mm thickness & high-quality PVC will reduce the friction between the treadmill machine and the hardwood floor. Which adds a great value by blocking any damage on the floor.

Moreover, it comes with a 6.5lbs weight so you can easily store the mat after you are done with a training session. 

Although treadmills are heavy machines and when you get on the treadmill it gets heavier but this mat can easily deal with it. It simply reduces the vibration which helps you to enjoy a noiseless ride. 

In terms of durability, this unit is a wonderful treadmill mat that can be your long-term exercise mat. With all these good qualities, it has a major drawback of releasing a strong odor right after purchasing it.


  • Outstanding grip due to the textured bottom
  • Water-resistant & highly durable
  • Cut off vibration & prevent any damage on the floor
  • Standard thickness, easy to wash
  • Low weight help to store easily & a suitable size for treadmill use


  • Release bad odor when it’s new

5. Prosource Puzzle Exercise Mat


Assuming that you are a treadmill fan this exercise mat would be a high efficient treadmill mat if you want to keep your hardwood floor safe.

First of all, the ½’’ thickness of the workout mat has the incredible capacity to decrease any kind of vibration and noise. This 24 square feet treadmill mat is great for both home gym and outside the gym. 

Plus, the absence of any toxic material makes it user-friendly for users. This feature also ensures the safety of your little kids and pets. Adding to that, the water-resistant feature makes it easy to clean the exercise floor mat.

If you are worried about slipping off the mat then this puzzled shape non-skid textured mat will give you a brilliant grip during a treadmill run. Though the assembling and disassembling are easy they can become disconnected if not fit tightly.

Plus, the high-density EVA foam will provide ample cushioning that will keep your hardwood floor fully scratch-free and safe. Because of the 4.3 pounds lightweight, this mat won’t be hard to store. 

In my opinion, this workout mat would be a tough & durable one in a highly reasonable price range.


  • High-level thickness reduces vibration & noise
  • Top-quality EVA foam cut the impact on the hardwood floor
  • Water-resistant & provide great grip
  • Lightweight, durable & toxin-free
  • Extra large size mat & easy to assemble


  • Puzzles can become disconnected sometimes

6. Sunny Health & Exercise Equipment Mat

sunny health fitness accessories treadmill floor mat NO.083

The next one on the list is one of the finest equipment mat which would be your long-time exercise partner as it comes with mind-boggling durability.

This heavy-duty treadmill mat helps both the hardwood floor and the treadmill from the impact of the treadmill running. Even the 7.5×3.3 foot size of the mat let you set up not only the treadmill but also other small gym equipment. 

Plus, the high-density PVC foam also plays a key role in absorbing the vibration of the treadmill. Your treadmill will get a better grip because of the unique textured design of the mat. The mat will not slip at all.

In addition to that, the waterproof design of the equipment mat makes the cleaning job easy peasy. Using a damp cloth & water, you can clean it thoroughly.

People who live in a small apartment can easily store the mat by rolling it up right after the workout session. Also, the lightweight of this exercise mat makes storing easier. 

However, many users might find the 0.16’’ thickness of the exercise mat to be a bit less. 


  • Easy to roll and store
  • Big enough size for a large treadmill
  • Non-slippy textured keeps it firm
  • Easy to wash & ultra-durable
  • Block the hardwood floor from treadmills impact


  • The thickness is not impressive

7. Stamina Fold-to-fit Treadmill Mat


This extraordinary workout mat deserves to be among the best treadmill mat due to the durability it offers for the user.

You can be assured of protecting your hardwood floor while using it underneath your treadmill machine. And, the closed-cell foam material is the main thing that absorbs a high level of impact from the treadmill. 

Besides, the 84×36″ mat size lets you use it for versatile workout machines and definitely the treadmill. Also, the 7 folding section of the mat helps you to fit the size of the mat according to your treadmill machine.

On the downside, you will have to deal with two issues. One is that it does not have a high-quality water repellant system. It also tends to curl up a bit on the corner when used, which can be bothersome to the user.

Moreover, the non-slip texture of the exercise mat gives enough grip that keeps it firm.

In addition to that, the 0.25″ thickness will not only cut the vibration but also the noise level. Unlike other mats, you can store it without sweating as it’s pretty lightweight. 

Furthermore, the combination of being free from bad odor & easy to wash, this one becomes more desirable & will simply beat others in the race when it comes to the protection of the hardwood floor.


  • Durability is too good & no bad odor
  • Closed-cell foam smoothly absorbs impact
  • 7 folding option makes it highly user friendly
  • Easy to clean & outstanding grip
  • The thickness level is standard, lightweight & easy to store


  • The water repellent feature is poor
  • Mat curls a bit on the corner

8. AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Equipment & Treadmill Mat


This exercise equipment mat comes with the basic features you will need to protect the hardwood floor of your home.

You can define a good exercise mat that comes with good quality material and this one is built with high-density PVC. Thus, you can expect a minimal impact on the floor when you will be riding the treadmill in a full mood.

Speaking of the space, it will comfortably welcome treadmills & likewise home gym equipment. You will be able to set your medium to large size treadmill without any issue.

Besides, both in terms of durability & waterproof feature, this exercise mat is excellent. Weighing only 7.2 pounds won’t give you a hard time storing. In terms of cleaning, you can clean the workout mat easily.

No man made stuff comes free from fault so does this treadmill mat. The thickness level of the exercise bike mat is not great. Also, due to the lack of anti-slip features, it can skid a bit when you put the heavy machine on it.

To round up everything, considering the price level, I can tell you that it would be a good choice if you want to have a secured & intact floor.


  • The ability to absorb impact is superb due to PVC
  • Mat size is appropriate for bigger treadmill
  • Durable plus waterproof
  • Reasonable price
  • The cleaning procedure is simple


  • A bit thinner than other mats
  • No anti-slip feature

9. XTERRA Fitness Equipment Mat


Next comes the legendary fitness equipment mat which is becoming more popular in the fitness community due to its premium build quality.

The top attribute of an effective treadmill mat is that it has to absorb a large amount of impact from the running equipment and it does that on point. Which is great for both treadmill & hardwood floor.

In addition, the high-quality PVC of this treadmill mat also blocks the vibration from reaching the floor & reduces noise.

Plus, the equipment mat is quite easy to clean. Though this mat seems pretty good, the thickness of 6mm might not be enough for all people. Especially when heavyweight users will use the treadmill, this mat’s effectiveness will decrease.

Moreover, the 7×3 feet size mat would be perfect for keeping your treadmill & carry-on the workout. Adding to that, the textured surface of this exercise mat provides enough grip that keeps it stable.

Furthermore, the use of this exercise equipment mat is not limited to the hardwood floors, you can also use it on stone, concrete, tile, and carpet. After the workout, you can quickly roll it up & store it.


  • Durable & big enough for treadmill setup
  • Cleaning & storing requires less effort
  • PVC cuts off the noise and decrease vibration
  • Stays in place which ensures safety
  • Versatile floor compatibility


  • Thickness is not suitable for extra heavy weight user

10. TRANR Active Equipment Mat


This fantastic workout equipment mat is a high-quality treadmill mat that would assure that your hardwood floor is not having any scratches and ding from the running machine. 

Plus, this treadmill mat comes with uncompromised durability so you can use it for quite a long time. Though it has solid black color, the bright side is it never leaves any stain on your floor. 

Besides, the recycled rubber of the equipment mat not only reduces the impact but also blocks the noise & vibration. Also, the 36×78’’ of mat size is suitable for using any home gym equipment. 

Moreover, the 0.25’’ thickness of the mat keeps both the floor and the exercise machine safe. This eco-friendly exercise floor mat is compatible with hardwood floors, tile, carpets, etc. 

Even the exercise mat is required only handwash which makes the cleaning pretty easy. Adding to that, this treadmill mat stays in place while you run on your treadmill at high speed.

The only drawback of this fantastic exercise equipment mat is it smells bad for the first few weeks.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Good thickness reduces the impact on the floor
  • Excellent grip plus ample amount of size for an exercise machine
  • Handwash is enough for cleaning
  • Useable for multiple surfaces


  • Release bad odor for the first few days

11. Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat


This mat is one of the low-price mats you can get for your treadmill. Along with that, this treadmill mat can save your floor from the major impact of the treadmill or other equipment.

Plus, the PVC rubber material of the exercise equipment mat ensures the safety of the hardwood floor. Though it’s quite thin but can absorb shocks which also keeps your treadmill safe.

Another bright side of the exercise equipment mat is it does not release any bad smell like other mats. When it comes to cleaning, you can wash it with both spray and water. 

In addition to that, the toxin-free substance makes it a good choice if you have kids and pets in your home. Along with that, the anti-slip feature of this workout mat gives you a sense of safety as it keeps itself stable.

Speaking of durability, it will last for a long time if you can handle & use it carefully. Sadly, the size is compact which may not suitable if you have a large size treadmill.

Furthermore, you can roll it & store the exercise mat without much hassle due to its lightweight. Last but not least, this mat will drastically reduce the floor noise during workouts. 

Purchasing this brilliant treadmill mat would surely be beneficial for your hardwood floor. 


  • Ultra-durable due to high-grade PVC
  • Great shock absorbing ability
  • Anti-slip & easy to roll plus unroll
  • Cut off noise significantly
  • Easily washable


  • The thickness level is not top-notch
  • Non-suitable for the larger exercise machine

12. Body-Solid Long Vinyl Floor Mat


The last exercise equipment mat of our list comes with ultra high durability. 

This floor mat works as excellent insulation between the floor & treadmill which helps to prevent any dents and scratches on the hardwood floor. Regarding washing, you can clean the workout equipment mat with mild detergent.

Besides, the PVC material makes it rugged enough which ensures a minimum amount of noise & friction on the floor surface. Also, the 2 pounds weight of the mat helps to roll and store efficiently. 

Though the ⅛’’ thickness of the exercise bike mat is less compared to others this mat provides enough cushioning for the safety of your floor. Along with that, the 78×36’’ size mat let the user set the bigger treadmill smoothly.

Finally, you will be able to complete a wibble-free exercise as it stays stable which is important for safety. 


  • Long-lasting & lightweight
  • Prevent any scratch marks on the floor
  • Right size for a big treadmill & good grip
  • Less noise & vibration
  • Simple washing is enough for cleaning


  • Mat thickness is not high grade

Buying Guide

It’s crucial to buy a top-notch quality treadmill mat for hardwoods which will save both your treadmill and floor. While buying a treadmill mat for hardwoods you need to keep the following factors in mind :


You will find the versatile sizes of exercise floor mats in the market. And it’s mandatory to buy a large enough fitness equipment mat where you can keep your treadmill. Generally larger mat comes with more thickness. 

However, for the best use, you should buy a mat that comes with a minimum size of 6×3 feet. In case your apartment is small & treadmill is small too then you can have a bit smaller size than that.

Non-slip design

A quality exercise equipment mat must have a non-slip design to keep the treadmill in place and prevent it from moving. Which reduces the chance of falling during a high-speed treadmill run.

Noise & Vibration absorption

If you have family members, especially small children living in your house then a noise-absorbing treadmill is extremely important. Normally mat that comes with noise & vibration-absorbing features has a better thickness. 

Sweat and Moisture repellent

The material of the workout mat must have sweat and moisture repellent properties to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. It also protects your floor from any liquid like sweat & lubricant from the exercise machine.


Some mats can emit an unpleasant odor when new, so it’s important to choose a mat that is odor-free. An odor-free exercise equipment mat means that it has very less amount of toxic or no toxic substance on it. 

Mat thickness

When choosing a fitness equipment mat for hardwoods, one of the most important things to consider is density. A mat that is too thin will not do a good job of absorbing vibrations, while a mat that is too thick can make it difficult to smooth out your stride.

Ideally, you want a mat that is around ¼’’ inch thick. The density of the mat is important for cushioning and noise reduction. If your treadmill is not very heavy then you can also go for a ⅛’’ thick floor mat.


Another important consideration is the material. Some mats are made of rubber, while others are made of foam. Rubber mats tend to be more durable, but they can also be more expensive. Foam mats, on the other hand, are typically less expensive but they may not last as long. Ultimately, the best mat for you will depend on your budget and your needs.

Floor compatibility 

It’s a must that your exercise mat has to be compatible with your floor. So your mat has to be compatible with the hardwood floor. You will not benefit from getting the inappropriate treadmill mat, rather it will leave marks and scratches on the hardwood.

How can you clean the treadmill mat?

When it comes to maintenance plus cleaning you have to be a bit serious about it to keep it in mint condition. Different types of exercise mats require different washing.

You can clean the workout floor mat using a damp cloth, disinfectant, mild detergent powder, etc.

It would be best if you clean them every week. Wiping the mat with a damp cloth on both sides would do a great job. 

Benefits of a treadmill mat

A good quality workout equipment mat provides you with different types of benefits. Here I will tell you about the two main benefits of using a treadmill mat. 

The first one is that it reduces both noise and vibration which is necessary not only for your floor but also for your family members. It will help you to carry on treadmill training 

The second benefit is they will absorb shock because they are built with rubber or plastic materials. Which keeps your hardwood floor safe from scratch and marks. 


Can a treadmill mat save my hardwood floor from treadmill impact?

Yes, a high-quality & proper thickness treadmill mat can easily protect your hardwood floor. Not only that, but it will also ensure the safety of your favorite running equipment.

What features should I look for while buying a treadmill mat?

Features like anti-slip feature, water repellent system, shock-absorbing, noise reduction material, easy to roll & store, quick to wash, good thickness, proper size, and durability are crucial when you will buy a treadmill mat.

Which type of treadmill mat is best for hardwood floors?

According to my findings, a treadmill mat that comes with rubber materials is best for hardwood floors. Because they have a high amount of impact resistance.

Which treadmill mat is best for hardwood floors?

In my opinion, the TRANR Active Equipment Mat is best for hardwood floors. You can also go for BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Treadmill Mat, Goplus Treadmill Mat, XTERRA Fitness treadmill mat & Sunny Health & Exercise Equipment Mat.


All of the treadmill mats are outstanding and will be highly effective in protecting your hardwood floor. 

You have seen each mat have its strong point and make sure you are getting the one that matches your desire & situation most. 

I expect from the list you have already got the best treadmill for hardwood floors. 

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