How to Move a Peloton Treadmill Without Any Hassle

Peloton treadmill might be one of the heaviest fitness equipment out there if not the heaviest. Moving it from one place to another in the same room is very hectic and you will need at least two people for that. Now imagine how much effort it would take to move it from one building to another or one floor to another. 

It would take a lot of effort and time if you don’t know the proper techniques, and it’s obvious if you don’t. Because peloton treadmills are supposed to be moved by experts from the company, not by the consumers. They charge an amount for moving your treadmill. 

To know in detail about the techniques regarding how to move a peloton treadmill, stay tuned. 

How to Move a Peloton Treadmill: An Easy Guide

How to Move a Peloton Treadmill

Now that you know which things you should look out for before moving any treadmill. Let’s see how you can move your peloton treadmill. There are basically two versions of peloton treadmills available in the market. And the moving procedure of both of them is the same. 

Considering the size of your machine, you should gather the manpower needed for the maneuver. And select a day when you don’t have other chores to do, and you have enough time. Given that you have everything ready, let’s start the process. 

Moving your peloton treadmill within a room 

If you are to move your peloton treadmill from one place to another within a room. You don’t need to disassemble the parts, just call up one or two friends or family, and with their help, you can move it easily. 

You can easily roll the machine on the incline wheels but make sure to keep the incline at 2 percent or higher. This will raise the front side and make it easy for you to move. Do make sure that you have unplugged your tread before you start moving. 

Let one person hold the handrail and stand behind the monitor and one or two people lift the treadmill’s deck from behind using the caps at the rear end. Then tilt the treadmill towards incline wheels and slowly start moving it. And carefully move it to your desired place. 

Moving your peloton treadmill from one location to another 

While moving within a room is quite easy, moving from one place to another is quite a hectic job. You need to disassemble and then reassemble all the parts. First, let’s see the tools needed to work with your peloton treadmill while transferring it.

Tools that you might need to move your peloton treadmill 

  1. Ratchet driver (3/8” drive)
  2.  Torque wrench (3/8” drive)
  3.  8 mm hex bit
  4.  Phillips head screwdriver
  5.  fabric panel clips*
  6.  27 mm wrench or adjustable wrench
Tools that you might need to move your peloton treadmill 

Disassembling process of your peloton treadmill

Disassembling process of your peloton treadmill

  1. Removing the touchscreen

It’s an added part to the main body of your peloton treadmill which you need to remove before everything. First, you need to pull off your treadmill monitor mount cap and the back cover as well. Then unplug the smart cable from both the U-rail and touchscreen. 

Then finally unscrew the bolts that hold the monitor and lift the touchscreen off. 

  1. Removing the U-trail

First, snap off the elbow covers of your treadmill. Then disconnect the two cables near the right elbow and ask your friend or someone to support you while you unscrew all the six bolts that support the U-rail. And after you are done unscrewing, the U-rail is ready to be removed. 

  1. Removing the uprights

After removing the u-trails, the only thing that remains to disassemble is the uprights. Start by removing the safety screws and don’t forget to remove the end caps as well. Then peel back the fabric side panels so you can reveal the lower side of the uprights by cutting two clips alongside the edge. 

Then you will find six bolts on the right upright which you need to unscrew. After unscrewing the upright will be removable and you can lift it off the deck. Remember to unplug both of the cable connectors as well. 

Then remove all six of the bolts from the left upright as well so that the upright becomes ready for removal from the dock. 

By following these three steps you can disassemble your peloton treadmill. Then simply what you need to do is move all the parts to where you want to set the treadmill. Just be careful while transferring all the parts so you don’t lose any. Keep the bolts in a safe hand, and don’t damage any part while transporting. 

Reassembling process of your peloton treadmill 

Reassembling process of your peloton treadmill 

Given that you have brought all the parts safely to your new location, now it’s time to assemble all the parts. Before starting make sure all the parts are unharmed and safe. Then start reassembling the peloton treadmill at your desired location. Follow the mentioned process, to reassemble swiftly. 

  1. Installing the uprights

Start by plugging both of the cables into the right upright which will be right at the front of the deck. Then fit the right upright inside the tab on the deck and screw the six bolts tightly. Then follow the same procedure with the left upright. 

  1. Adding the u-rail 

First, you need to fit the u-rail perfectly inside the uprights. Then enter the center bolt on both sides. After that add all the remaining bolts and make sure you tighten them properly. Then what you need to do is connect the cables between the right upright and the u-rail. And make sure the red gasket is clearly visible between the peloton treadmill’s elbow cover and the u-rail. You need to snap both elbows in order to do that. 

  1. Complete installing both uprights

Make sure all the 12 bolts of the uprights are screwed, maintaining 25lb-ft of torque. Then add zip ties or maybe two clips on the lower edge of the fabric sides panel so they are in the right place. 

Then fit the front-end caps property making sure they are on the corners of the deck. You don’t need to get confused since the caps will be labeled with L and R. Lastly check whether the fabric panels are properly tucked in and attach a safety bolt underneath the end caps. 

  1. Adding the touchscreen 

First, ask your friend to hold the touchscreen and place it properly onto the mount. Then add the green grounding wire you see with the left monitor mount bolt. Tighten all the bolts properly and make sure one bolt is grounded. And the green wire should be connected to that bolt. 

Then all you need to do is plug the smart card cable inside the back of your touchscreen. Just a little snap on the monitor mount cover and cap, and the touchscreen will be at its place. 

  1. Leveling the deck

Now that you are almost done, move your eyes over the deck thoroughly and see whether it shakes, rocks or wobbles. If it does, use a wrench to loosen the nuts on each back foot. Keep on unscrewing the back feet until you notice all of the deck feet are properly on the ground.

But don’t try to modify the front feet since they are not meant to be adjusted. Retighten the bolts if needed. 

  1. Start using your peloton treadmill 

After all these hard works, now your treadmill is ready to be used. The only thing left to do is plug the power cord inside the power supply. After that as soon as you touch the safety key to the console, your monitor will light up. This means your peloton treadmill is now ready for use. 

By following this reassembling process you can easily put it back together and start using the treadmill at a new place. It might be a little time-consuming, but it’s the safest process of moving your peloton treadmill. 

Things to consider while moving your treadmill 

what to consider while moving your treadmill 

Since you are a regular consumer,  you might not have any idea about how you should go about moving your treadmill. And before you start with moving this machine, you need to know a few basic information about this giant equipment. 

Not every treadmill is the same. Here are a few things which you should check while you start to move your treadmill so you have an idea about what you are dealing with. 

  1. The size and weight of your treadmill 

First and foremost, you need a clear understanding of the size and weight of your home treadmill. Whether your treadmill comes with a standing display desk or it’s a treadmill elliptical combo, foldable or not, etc., factors are very important when it comes to moving a treadmill.

A foldable treadmill is easily moveable and you can even do it yourself. But when it comes to bigger treadmills, you should ask for help from your friends or family with the maneuvering process. 

  1. Determining if it’s foldable or dismantlable 

In most treadmills, you need to do some assembling in order to move it. If your treadmill offers folding features, you are in luck. Cause at least half of your job is lessened if your treadmill is foldable

On the other hand, treadmills which offer features of dismantling your machine are easy to move as well. Cause you can dismantle the giant machine into pieces and move it into your desired place and put every part back at their places. 

Though it’s a time-consuming process and tough, but not tougher than moving a heavy treadmill. And don’t forget to read the manual thoroughly if you are to dismantle your treadmill. 

  1. Does your treadmill come with wheels 

If your treadmill comes with wheels, you don’t need to worry much. You can simply push the machine and take it to where you want it to be. Just be careful with applying pressure equally so there’s a balance between both sides. 

Otherwise, you will end up hitting the machine with a wall or something, and damaged parts. Better if you keep another person with you while pushing the machine. 

  1. If you can use a furniture dolly 

If you don’t have wheels, another similar option that you can try is to check if you can find a large furniture dolly. If you can find a big furniture dolly from a nearby store, you can place your treadmill on that. And move the dolly to wherever you want to take it.

This will make the whole process very easy, just be sure while lifting the machine up and down, you don’t accidentally damage any part. 

  1. Eliminate all the possible obstacles 

If you think another piece of furniture or maybe a table might come in the way while moving the machine, you should remove it from the way in the first place. So when you start the moving process, you won’t have to stop from time to time to clear out the path. 

While moving the treadmill be careful so you don’t damage other furniture. If your doors are too narrow, you have no option but to disassemble the machine, then after relocating you will have to assemble it. Don’t put physical pressure to fit the machine through the door if they are narrow. You will end up damaging the peloton treadmill.


Moving a peloton treadmill takes a great effort. I hope this article will be helpful and enlighten your knowledge about how to move a peloton treadmill. Lastly, always be careful at every step so you don’t end up hurting yourself. 

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