Best Shoes For Low Bar Squats – Reviews and Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided to get serious about that workout routine you had planned, huh? Well if low bar squats are part of that routine, you’ll need a pair of reliable, comfortable shoes. We’re here to help you find the right pair without needing to look through dozens of articles or stacks of reviews. All the upsides and downsides are listed here as well as a handy buying guide. All the shoes reviewed in our list are unisex – they can be used by both men and women!

1. Adidas Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoe


Adidas is a well known name in the world of sportswear and their powerlifting shoes are here to support you when you weight lift. The shoes are made of strong fabric with a flexible rubber sole. They are designed specifically for weightlifting activities.

The soles are designed to give you a grip on the lifting platform so you don’t slip. Their narrow fit allows a strong grip on your feet while the die-cut wedge midsole stabilizes your stance. It has a wide midfoot strap that holds the shoe in place during movement. The durable canvas allows you enough space to flex your toes.


  • Comfortable to wear and strong grip when powerlifting
  • Enough space to move your feet and toes
  • Strong hold on the platform so lower chances of slipping


  • The shoes are designed specifically for weightlifting and cannot be used for cardio or running

2. Converse unisex-adult Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top


Personally, converses are more my style when buying shoes and Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas converses are fashionable converses designed for exercise. You can exercise comfortably while looking cool!

Chuck Taylor converses are designed to be breathable and comfortable. The fabric used is strong and the sole is made of flexible rubber. All these qualities will ensure you get the support you need when doing low squats. And don’t worry about slipping because the sole is designed to grip the platform and prevent loss of balance.

Exercising, walking or running or just regular use- these shoes will be with you through anything. This one would be my personal choice when picking new shoes as it can be used on multiple occasions but the downside may be their longevity.


  • The shoes are lightweight and durable
  • The medial eyelets enhance airflow so your feet can breathe even when enclosed in shoes
  • Fashionable and many colors to choose from
  • Multipurpose shoes can be used for walking, running, squats or regular wear


  • The rubber may get unglued from the fabric with regular heavy use

3. Reebok Legacy Lifter Ii Cross Trainer


Reebok cross trainers are designed specifically for rough use and exercise. These shoes have a raised heel which gives you stability when moving around in them.

The upper part of the shoe is made of breathable textile material so your feet are never overheated when wearing these shoes. The rubber outsole provides flexibility so your feet don’t start hurting after use. TPU heel clip ensures stability on the breathing platform.

Overall, these shoes are a good choice and will support you when doing low squats as well as other exercises. But they aren’t recommended for running.


  • Strong but flexible shoe body
  • Made with great quality material
  • Durable and long lasting support


  • Reebok shoes are narrow and will take more time to break into a comfortable grip for people with wider feet

4. Adidas Leistung.16 Ii . Cross Trainer


Adidas Leistung 16 ii may not be the best choice for everyone but these shoes are great for weightlifting. They are 100% synthetic with a rubber outsole and a 1 inch tall heel. TPU midsole keeps you stable when lifting and the boa lacing keeps your feet firmly in the shoe.

These shoes are durable and will definitely last a long time. The high heel supports your lower back when doing low squats and keeps your ankle pressure minimum. But people with wide feet may need some time to break into these shoes.


  • Great for weightlifting and made of strong material
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Stable TPU


  • May not work very well for beginners in weightlifting due to the high heel
  • Not recommended for people with wide feet as the shoes have a narrow midfoot

5. Nike Unisex’s Romaleos 3 Xd Fitness Shoes


Nike’s Romaleos 3 are designed for low squats and powerlifting. These shoes will last fairly long and support your lower back and ankle weight.

The shoes have a buckle strap to secure your feet during squats. This strap may become loose within a year of regular use but you can have it replaced. Nike Romaleos 3 has various colors to choose from and has a wide range of sizes so people with wide feet (like me) don’t get left out. Get yours today!


  • Supports the lower back when doing low squats
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Strong, high heel for added height when lifting


  • The metal buckle strap system may not be preferred by everyone

6. Inov-8 Fastlift 335 – Squat Shoes for Heavy Powerlifting


Fastlift 335 are here to be your support buddies the next time you hit the gym to do some heavy low squats. These shoes are designed to fit snugly around your feet and stay on without slipping during workout,

The upper part of the shoe is made of nylon and has synthetic overlays. The lining is mesh so the shoes are breathable as well. Grippy rubber outsole makes the shoe flexible while the adjustable hook-n-loop instep strap keeps your feet from slipping. The padded tongue and collar add to the comfort.

All in all, FastLift has brought you a fantastic product that’ll last long and add some height to your squat routine.


  • Long lasting and durable synthetic soles
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Comfortable and flexible design
  • Helps achieve lower squats


  • The hook and loop buckle may be an inconvenience when putting the shoe on

7. Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III


Vivibarefoot Primus Lite iii will satisfy your fitness loving side as well as your environment loving side. These shoes are made mostly from recycled material and free from animal products.

The lightweight trainers are designed for running and they are lined with breathable recycled mesh. They are wide and flexible so even people with wide feet can wear them comfortably. These shoes are thin, they’ll let you feel the squat platform under your feet almost as clearly as if they weren’t even there. This feature also makes them unusable for mountain biking though.


  • It’s made of recycled material and is animal cruelty free
  • Flexible, breathable material
  • Multiple uses like low squats, powerlifts, running, walking etc


  • Not recommended for heavy exercises as the soles are too thin and can wear out easily
  • The Best Shoes for Low Squats – Buying Guide

Even after knowing so many names and options for workout shoes, you’ll need to keep certain aspects in mind when buying shoes for low squats. There aspects are:

The heel height

If you’re a beginner in low squats, it’s not the best idea to start out with high heeled shoes. Try out lower heeled shoes which are less than 1 inch in height.

If you are someone with experience in low squats and prefer heeled shoes than flat ones, Adidas Leistung will be a great choice for you.

Strap support

How shoes hold onto your feet vary depending on the shoe brand. Usually shoes with hooks and buckles are easier to put on and take off but if the strap or buckle breaks you’ll be unable to wear these shoes.

For shoes with laces, they take time to tie up and may get looser when you’re working out. S considering which situation you prefer to be in, you can try Nike’s Romaleos or Chuck Taylor Canvas shoes.

Midsole and Outsole

The midsole and outsole of your shoe basically decide how comfy your experience will be and how much movement you’ll be allowed when wearing the shoes. The material used and the width both matter in this case. If you’re someone with wide feet, it’s better to go with the Adidas Powerlift as they are designed with a wider midfoot. If you prefer a narrower fit, you’re better off with the Reebok Legacy Lifter


The shoe’s material will decide how long these can be used and how durable they’ll be. From what I’ve collected from different use experiences, Adidas Powerlift and Vivobarefoot primus are both long lasting shoes.

The Affordability

You’ll need to have a slightly loose pocket if you want a comfortable, durable pair of shoes. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can try the Adidas Leistung 16 as the model has been around for some time and its market value has lowered.


During exercise, the lower leg muscles become stiff. Weightlifting shoes help keep the feet in a stable position when doing squats. The raised heel keeps your foot in a neutral arched position and helps avoid injury.

Hopefully this article helps you find the right low squat foot buddy. Keep your workouts regular because you’re almost at your desired goal and now you’ve got one of the required gears figured out!

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