How To Fold Up a Treadmill | Easy Procedures

Of all the types of treadmills out there, most of us love the ones which come with foldable features. A treadmill that is foldable is very convenient to store in a corner of your room. Among the foldable treadmills, there are way too many kinds as well.

And the folding procedure of treadmills differs from brand to brand. The folding mechanisms of manual, motor, electrical treadmills are different from one another. If you are a new treadmill owner, the procedure of folding might baffle you if you don’t know how to operate it.

So read this article thoroughly and find out how to fold up a treadmill effortlessly.

The procedure of folding different types of treadmills

Though there are many brands and many styles of treadmills out there, only a few kinds offer foldability. Among them, manual, motorized/ electrical, and hybrid treadmills are common. The treadmill you have in your home is possibly any of these three kinds. The procedure is pretty much the same in every kind of treadmill.  The steps are given below.

  1. Read the manual:

Most of the treadmills come with a manual where everything is written about what needs to be done. Most of the time you will find how to fold your treadmill with pictures in the manual.

  1. Check out the whole treadmill

In general, we usually lose the manual and find ourselves in a very difficult situation. If you don’t have the manual, the first thing you need to do is check the whole treadmill thoroughly and look if the lower part is liftable with just a bit of pressure. If it is, then you will need to lift it up and then find a lever somewhere near which will keep the lower part folded.

  1. Unhooking the lower part

In the case of treadmills that have the lower part hooked to something, you first need to unhook it in order to lift and fold. If you search at the bottom, you will find a lever that is keeping the lower part of the treadmill stuck, you need to remove that first.

Then simply lift the lower part and again using the lever support, you will have your treadmill folded.

Benefits of Folding Treadmills

Though there are various treadmills, most people go for a treadmill with a foldable feature. And the main reason behind this is that a foldable treadmill offers many benefits which usual treadmills don’t. Some of the key benefits of a foldable treadmill are given below.

  1. Takes up less space

This is undoubtedly the biggest reason behind buying a foldable treadmill. No one wants to give up a full room to give space for a treadmill, some even don’t buy a treadmill because of the storage problem. But a foldable treadmill eliminates the storage issue from the equation.

The total amount of space a foldable treadmill will take will surely be less than half of the amount a typical non-folding treadmill would have taken. So when it comes to space, a foldable treadmill will be saving you lots of it.

  1. Easily storable

Along with not taking large space, foldable treadmills are very easy to store as well. Say along with running, you do other exercises as well. So when you are done running, you can simply fold it and have enough room to do other exercises as well.

And if you are about to go somewhere, or take a break for a while, you can just put the treadmill in a corner. It will take so little space that it won’t even be noticeable.

  1. The cleaning procedure is simple

The problem many treadmill owners have faced over time is not being able to clean underneath the treadmill. But with a foldable treadmill, you can easily do that by folding and moving the treadmill. And this is how a foldable treadmill will make cleaning easy for you.

  1. Easily transportable

You might need to relocate the big machine due to unwanted circumstances. Moving anything is stressful as it is, imagine how hard and stressful it would be to move a huge treadmill.

But it gets easier when you have a foldable treadmill. The overall size gets smaller and carrying the treadmill becomes easier for you.

Some Best Foldable Treadmills in 2021

To save you from the confusion of which one to get among a huge list of foldable treadmills, I have gathered the best ones for you to choose. You can pick any one of the given treadmills closing your eyes, as these are the most popular foldable treadmill of the current time.

  1. Nordic commercial series

It comes with a smart screen which offers touchability and streaming facilities as well. It can be foldable vertically as it comes with hydraulic shock and EasyLift assist technology.

  1. Horizon t202


This treadmill offers Bluetooth connectivity along with a charging port and device as well as a water bottle holder. You can stream various music or videos as well.

It measures your running activity and keeps track like any other treadmill. One-step hydraulic technology is used in this machine.

  1. Proform Carbon T7


With this treadmill, you will get a touch screen and iFit membership for one year. You will get access to various training sessions as well.

It is made based on EasyLift assist technology and a built-in shock system is also included.

  1. Xterra fitness tr150

This treadmill is very easy to maintain as it has a pull-knob that releases the deck when you need to fold the treadmill. On top of that, the treadmill comes with wheels, which make it even easier to move.

This is not the end, I have an entire article on the best folding treadmill for walking and running for you to choose the perfect fit for you.


Even though folding up a treadmill is easy, I hope now you have a clearer idea about how to fold up a treadmill. And now you also know about the most trendy foldable treadmills in the market now. You can get one for yourself or maybe suggest it to your friend. No matter what, I hope now you will know how to take full advantage of a foldable treadmill.

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