How to oil treadmill motor: 7-Step Easy Process

Treadmill is an expensive piece of equipment. If you’ve got one, you want it to operate for a long time. To keep it well maintained, the most effective thing that you should do is to oil the treadmill motor and other parts properly. Doing this will help you save money in the long run.

First, make sure your treadmill is off the plug, then remove the cover and clean up the area. Next, lubricate the treadmill with the oil suggested by the manufacturers. Finally, close it up, and it should be ready to function.

Below, I’ll explain how to properly lubricate your treadmill motor in detail and other vital components to maintain your treadmill in excellent working condition and ensure that it lasts for an extended period.

How to oil treadmill motor: 7 Easy Steps 

The only way to keep it functioning for an extended time is to provide it with careful attention. And the very first thing you should do is oil your equipment in the correct manner.

Your treadmill has a motor, which means it has a lot of moving components. But, a continuous motion may lead to wear and tear through friction. The motor drives the belt. If the motor malfunctions, the belt will not move, preventing you from running. The belt must be running at all times if your treadmill is to function smoothly. 

The majority of treadmills need lubrication. It would be best if you did it every six months or 150 miles. 

Now, let’s know about the step-by-step procedure of oiling a treadmill motor:

  1. Turn off and unplug the treadmill

Before you begin, be sure that the machine is turned off. Please disconnect it from the power source as well. There is a risk that while you’re lubricating, your machine may startup. It has the potential to result in an accident.

While disconnecting, avoid contacting the plug with a wet hand. Make sure you’re wearing shoes with rubber soles. If an unexpected flow of energy occurs, it will safeguard you from any electrical mishap. 

  1. Follow the manual to remove the motor cover

Before removing the motor cover, check through the manual to find the screws. Look for the procedure for uncovering it so that you may properly maintain the process.

  1. Remove the motor cover

Remove the engine cover with caution. To remove it, use the appropriate screwdriver. Make sure you don’t slide when unscrewing. The screw will be eroded as a result of this. Then store the cover in a secure location to ensure that no one mistakenly steps on it. 

  1. Clean before lubricate

To remove the dust that came in with the running belt, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe it down with it. Check to see that the cloth is completely dry before continuing.. 

In this phase, you may also use a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Lubricate each moveable parts

Electric motors should be lubricated using a specified oil. Other oils may cause premature failure owing to high wear if used improperly.

Fill a dropper with the required lubricating oil and apply it to each of the moving elements on the machine.

Please do not use motor oil from an automobile! Electric motors will not fit because the space is too “thin.” It also includes surfactants, which are cleansing agents. Alternatively, if excess oil drips onto wires contained within coils, it could cause the insulation to disintegrate and the rotor to overheat.

  1. Check after lubrication

After lubrication, turn on the machine and make it run at a very low speed. It ensures that the oiling covers all the moveable components, especially the pulley. 

  1.  Put it back together

After oiling, unplug the machine. Then wrap the motor with its cover and screw them tightly. If you are experiencing any difficulties, get professional assistance.

Where should you lubricate in your treadmill?

I know you gotta oil your treadmill, but you can’t just soak it in oil entirely.  Before you start lubricating, make a list of all the components of the machine you want to lube.

You should take extra care while lubricating the sections that move the most often- for example, the rotor, the shaft, and the bearings. You should also oil under the running deck.

The treadmill’s motor and running deck move the majority of the time after you turn it on. Because of overrunning, you should always take precautions to keep its friction as low as possible. 

Friction has the effect of reducing the health and durability of these components. If you don’t take good care of it, it will cost you an extra penny at the end of the day.

Some more crucial components that you should lubricate

Oiling the motor isn’t enough to make your treadmill run smooth and comfortable. It is also necessary to oil your running belt regularly, according to a plan. If your running belt isn’t functioning smoothly, just lubricating your motor will not be enough to assist you at the end of the day.

Particular treadmill lubricants come with a long tube at the end, which is a fantastic concept. Because of this feature, you may slip the nozzle beneath the treadmill and apply lube between its belt and its deck without having to loosen the treadmill belt. 

You may also lubricate it in another manner if you like. And for this, loosen the screws at the back of the treadmill to allow the belt to move freely. Then remove any dust and dirt from behind the belt with a clean cloth. Make use of your silicone oil to lubricate the area beneath the belt. Check to see that the belt is aligned, and then tighten the belt again.

Benefits of oiling your treadmill motor

Oiling your treadmill motor will help you in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should give attention to oiling your motors:

a) Treadmill lubricant cuts friction between the tread belt and the motor. This results in a much longer track life.

b) In general, motor oil’s primary function is to lubricate engine components continually subjected to friction, which is the most common cause of engine part wear. Lubricants help to minimize friction and wear, which in turn helps to save maintenance expenses.

c) Due to the increased stress on the moving components, this board will demand more power. Power flow increases the likelihood of a thermal overload or component failure. This is the most common sign of poor lubrication in the field. By keeping the motor lubricated, you’re essentially preventing this.

d) Insufficient lubrication increases engine power and hence energy consumption. This requires extra expenses.

e) It will assist you in running your treadmill with less noise and more comfort.

f) Engine temperatures increase as a result of friction between mechanical components. Motor oil assists in trapping, transferring, and releasing this heat and prevents overheating. 

Leaving your motor unlubricated may result in motor damage. Keep in mind that avoiding motor failure will always be less costly than purchasing a new one. 

Problems with over-lubricating your treadmill motor

At first glance, the concept of over-lubricating a treadmill motor may seem to be a good one, particularly if you are experiencing creaking or the belt becoming jammed on the track. 

On the other hand, excessive lubricating might result in a variety of difficulties, including a reduced lifetime for your treadmill. So, is it necessary to grease your conveyor motor to an excessive degree?

Excessive lubrication of a treadmill motor has the potential to cause harm to your motor control board as well as the accumulation of extra dust in the motor chamber. 

It might be challenging to calculate the exact quantity of lubrication you need to put in your treadmill. Likewise, the amount of time lubricating your treadmill motor might vary. If you apply too much lubrication, it will create internal difficulties with the machine. 

Inspect the engine of your device to check whether it needs lubrication at least once a month or more often, depending on your use.

If you end up not applying enough lubricant to your motor, you run the danger of inflicting harm on the machine components due to excessive friction. Your treadmill should last for many years if you apply the right quantity of oil on a regular basis.

1: What kind of lubricant should you use to keep your treadmill motor running smoothly?

Answer: When you purchase a treadmill, the manufacturer may provide lubrication with the treadmill. Of course, this is the lubricant that is suggested for usage. 

If you wish to purchase extra lubrication, you can consult the owner’s manual for further information.

2: How Do You Lubricate a Treadmill Without Professional Help?

Answer: The most straightforward task is to lubricate the treadmill. You can easily do it without the aid of a professional. 

Take special care to adhere to the methods stated in the above section. Avoid over-lubricating the motor and squirting oil over the running belt too quickly. It has the potential to cause an accident when jogging. Just make sure you’re using the oil that has been recommended.

3: Is it required to lubricate my electric treadmill motor daily?

Answer: Oil should be supplied every 3 months when the working temperature is anywhere between 80°C and 100°C. Lubricating oil should be checked at least once within 3 months for key equipment to detect when oil replenishment is necessary.


Running on a treadmill is the best way to lose weight and burn fat. You are free to go for a run anytime you like. There’s no stopping you from jogging, even if it’s pouring rain outside or there are long lines at the gym. Even though it’s expensive, if you take proper care of it, you’ll save money in the long run. And for this, you have to lubricate properly. I hope you have come to know how to oil treadmill motor and some great tips and tricks to maintain them well.

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