Manual Treadmill for Desk

Treadmills are one of the most popular fitness machines for home gyms. This amazing running machine helps to keep your fitness in check even when you are at home.

If you have the willpower you can literally transform yourself even if you live in a confined apartment the manual treadmill is there for you. 

A manual treadmill is also taking place in people’s minds as it comes in a compact size, lightweight, easy folding, ample running deck, incline levels, and magnetic resistant features. 

In this article, you will see a bunch of manual treadmills which I found to be the best manual treadmill for under desks. I hope it clicks for you! 

What is an under-desk manual treadmill? 

I think you can guess a bit just by listening to the name of the treadmill. If you didn’t have any issues. 

Manual treadmills are those treadmills where the belt is not powered electrically rather your feet will be used to power the belt to move. The moment you will get the momentum you will fully control the speed of the belt to fast or slow speed.

However, a simple under desk treadmill has a manual belt system, is compact in design, and can be folded so that it can be easily stored beneath the desk.

Best Manual Treadmill for Desk: Top 9 Manual Treadmills in 2022

Are you in confusion about what type of manual treadmill would be best suitable for you? Don’t worry dear! I have made a list of the top 9 manual treadmills for under desks for you.

It’s a big hassle to find a suitable manual treadmill for yourself and then to analyze between them. I have gone through it for your convenience. So, let’s not cut any time and see what those manual treadmills…

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M treadmill would be the ultimate choice for people looking for a manual treadmill for under desks.

First of all, this alloy steel frame sturdy treadmill has a solid build quality that can carry user weight up to 220 lbs. As a result, it also comes with superb durability.

Plus, it comes with an LCD monitor which clearly shows the jogging time, walking speed, total distance, and calories burned. Which helps you to keep yourself updated about your fitness status. 

In addition to that, the Sunny SF-T1407M manual treadmill is easily foldable which makes it a great choice for storing under the desk. Along with that, the smoothly designed wheels & the lightweight help the shifting and storing breeze for the user.

Unlike a motorized treadmill, you don’t need to go through heavy maintenance on this treadmill. Besides, the compact size of the Sunny SF-T1407M makes it more suitable for a desk treadmill. But that comes with a comparatively smaller size running deck.

Moreover, the non-slippy tread belt & the non-slip handlebars increase your jogging time safely from sudden falling. It also comes with floor stabilizers that ensure good stability during an intense run.

Furthermore, the Sunny SF-T1407M comes with dual flywheels to ensure smooth belt movement which increases jogging comfort.

Though it comes with an incline position it does not offer you any decline or neutral position walk.

To sum up, the Sunny SF-T1407M treadmill would be a profitable purchase at a reasonable price.


  1. Stable plus durable
  2. Non-slippy handlebar & tread belt increase safety
  3. Reasonable price, low maintenance 
  4. Easy to store, transport & LCD monitor for reading
  5. Dual flywheel, sturdily built with 220 lbs weight capacity


  1. Fixed incline position
  2. Small running deck 

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 7700


Next up I have a very common name if you’re familiar with treadmills. The Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 7700 treadmill is a heavy-duty manual treadmill that would add extreme value to your fitness life.

This amazing machine is an ultra-sturdy and robustly built treadmill that has an alloy steel frame that can take weight up to a mind-boggling 440lbs! Unfortunately, the treadmill is pretty heavy.

In addition to that, the Asuna 7700 treadmill provides you with good stability as it comes with an adjustable stabilizer. The compact size and the Easy Drop folding system make it a perfect manual treadmill for the under desk. 

You will love the 6-10 degrees incline level which will help heat up different muscle areas of your lower body. Though it has a large device holder, sadly no digital monitor to read out the running data. 

Plus, the 6 level shock absorption deck of the Asuna 7700 ensures less impact on joints like knees, ankles, etc. For your safety, it also comes with a non-slip side rail cover and multi-grip non-slippy handlebars.

Besides, the 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance allow you to increase the intensity of your workout to push your fitness level. The dual flywheel of the Asuna 7700 provides you a smooth and quiet ride even in a high-intensity run.

Moreover, this non-electric treadmill requires very little maintenance, and also you will find it easy to assemble the treadmill. The smooth transportation wheel pair makes it very easy to move the treadmill for storage.

Overall, the Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 7700 would be a great choice!


  1. Robustly built with 440 lbs capacity
  2. Soft drop system, compact & easy to store
  3. Good incline level, easy to assemble & maintenance
  4. Shock absorbing deck, 8 levels magnetic resistance, and quiet ride


  1. Pretty heavyweight treadmill
  2. No digital monitor for speed, calorie, time reading

3. Exerpeutic 100XL Treadmill


The Exerpeutic 100XL treadmill comes with lots of bells & whistles that would add more spice to your cardio session.

You will be impressed with the solid construction of this treadmill which has a carbon steel frame that allows weight up to 325 lbs. 

Though this manual treadmill is compact, it has a large running surface of 50×29 inches. Plus, you will enjoy a smooth-riding session as it comes with a twin flywheel with a 6’’ diameter.

On the front side of the treadmill, the LCD is there which gives you data like time, distance covered, calories burned, jogging speed and heart rate, etc. A backlight system on the LCD is a bit lacking in this price tag.

In addition to that, the folding system of the Exerpeutic 100XL is smooth and easy. The pair of transport wheels and the lightweight makes it easy to move and store under a desk without any hassle.

Moreover, the assembling process of the treadmill is a breeze. This wonderful treadmill will help you to shred more calories using the 3 different incline positions at 8, 10, and 15 degrees. 

Furthermore, you have the option to increase your jogging or running intensity by adjusting the 8 levels of magnetic tension. Though it requires less maintenance, the belt has a problem shifting to one side during training.

Having considered both the positive and negative aspects of the Exerpeutic 100XL manual treadmill, I can say that it’s worth your hard-earned bucks!


  1. Good weight capacity of 325 lbs & little maintenance
  2. Solid built, ample amount of running deck
  3. A dual flywheel ensures a smoother workout session
  4. Easy to fold, assemble & 3 different incline level
  5. Lightweight and 8 levels magnetic resistance


  1. The LCD monitor has no backlight feature
  2. Belt shifts towards one side

4. Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill


The Fitness Reality TR1000 manual treadmill can bring a huge change in your cardio fitness. You won’t have trouble assembling this treadmill after receiving it as it is easy to assemble.

Speaking of robustness, the Reality TR100O is a strongly built treadmill that has an alloy steel frame that welcomes users up to 230 lbs.

Plus, unlike many other treadmills, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride due to the twin flywheels. However, it generates a slight noise during the ride which is a negative side.

Besides, it offers you 2 levels of incline on both 6 and 10 degrees which are suitable for increasing the overall intensity of your workout. In addition to that, the foamy & grippy long handrail ensures safety.

Though the compact design is good for storing that comes with a comparatively smaller running deck makes it non-suitable for taller users.

Moreover, this lightweight manual treadmill needs a very little amount of maintenance. Along with that, you have to work harder for jogging or running because it’s manual which engages more muscles and heart in your cardio time.

For your convenience, the Reality TR1000 comes with a basic LCD that gives you info like running time, total distance, calories burned and running speed, etc. 

When it comes to folding & transporting, it’s like a cakewalk due to the finely made transport wheels. Even if you look at the price tag of this treadmill, it’s quite cheap compared to many others.

As a whole, the Fitness Reality TR1000 manual treadmill would be the right call for you.


  1. Lightweight, easy to fold & smooth ride
  2. 2 different inclines & long handrails
  3. LCD for reading data & cheap price 
  4. Robust & 230 lbs capacity 
  5. Require less maintenance 


  1. Not suitable for the taller user
  2. Create noise during the ride

5. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill


The ProGear 190 manual treadmill can be a fantastic choice for you in need of a compact size treadmill.

First of all, this treadmill offers you 2 incline levels on both 6 & 10 degrees which help you to boost your running session. This steel frame treadmill can carry users up to 230 lbs.

In addition to that, the wide side rails and handrails come with it to increase your safety. The 47×23 inches running deck is suitable for easy storing but it blocks the larger size runners. 

Speaking of the belt, you will like running on this manual treadmill due to the high-quality tread belt. 

And the oversize belt rollers ensure that you can ride smoothly without any lagging issues of slowing down. Unfortunately, the ProGear 190 treadmill does not have any resistance system for the user. 

Moreover, due to the lightweight and easy folding system, the ProGear 190 manual treadmill ranks among one of the top treadmills for under desks. The assembling of this manual treadmill won’t cost much time and is quite easy. 

The absence of an electrical motor in the ProGear 190 treadmill makes it a less maintenance one and a more effective one for hardcore cardio.

Furthermore, the LCD of the ProGear 190 will show you quite accurate data of time, distance walked, running speed and calorie burn, etc. 

Though the ProGear 190 treadmill is pricey, I recommend it.


  1. Sturdy treadmill plus 230 lbs weight limit
  2. High-quality tread belt, large size belt rollers ensure a smooth ride
  3. Wide side rail & handrail for safety
  4. LCD display & 2 level incline
  5. Easy to move, fold and assemble


  1. Not perfect for larger size people
  2. Absence of any resistance feature

6. Sunny SF-T7878 Treadmill


The Sunny SF-T7878 is a great treadmill for heavy runners as the alloy steel frame treadmill has a weight limit of 300lbs. Which indicates a strong build and durability.

Plus, the Sunny SF-T7878 treadmill with 16 different levels of magnetic resistance will help you to push your cardio fitness.

Along with that, the 2 flywheels each weighing 11 pounds ensure smooth rotation of the tread belt. Also, it makes sure that the user has to use much energy to rotate the belt. 

Besides, the deck is wide enough & highly stable for running safety. You will be amazed at the folding system of the Sunny SF-T7878 treadmill as it has a soft drop system that ensures great safety for you.

Moreover, you can increase the intensity by changing the incline into 3 different positions. The shock absorption deck makes the treadmill a safer one for your joints.

When it comes to convenience, you will get a digital monitor that will give you all running relevant data. Not only that, you will feel safer due to the functional handlebars. Speaking of assembly, the SF-T7878 would be an easy one. 

Though the Sunny SF-T7878 is a heavyweight treadmill, the storage would be a breeze. Because it has high-quality transportation wheels. 

It has two drawbacks, the first being the price margin is extremely high. The second is that the LCD monitor has no backlight.

Summing up both advantages and disadvantages, I would have to say that the Sunny SF-T7878 would be an ideal treadmill for people suffering from knee problems.


  1. 16 level magnetic resistance plus smooth ride 
  2. Wider deck, high stability, and durable
  3. Sturdily built with 300 lbs weight capacity
  4. 3 incline level, high-quality transport wheels & soft drop system
  5. Multiple handlebars, shock absorption deck, and easy to assemble


  1. The price margin is extremely high
  2. Cheap LCD monitor without any backlight

7. Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill


Here I bring another manual treadmill from the Fitness Reality company which is known as Fitness Reality TR3000. A sturdy treadmill that is suitable for you if you want a compact foldable manual treadmill. 

The Fitness Reality TR3000 is a heavyweight robust treadmill that also supports heavy user weight up to 325 pounds.

In addition to that, this manual treadmill comes with a twin 6’’ diameter flywheel which ensures a butter-smooth ride during training. Sadly it will generate a little bit of noise during running or jogging.

Plus, folding & transporting are like a piece of cake making it a great option for a foldable manual treadmill under a desk.  An emergency stop on handles will assist you to stop immediately if you feel overtired.

Though the treadmill is compact, the running deck is okay for most average size runners. You will also get a long handrail with a heart pulse pad and a wider side rail for your running time safety.

Moreover, the quick release incline adjustment will help you to enjoy running at 3 different levels. The 8 levels of magnetic resistance will allow you to take the best advantage by increasing workout intensity.

Furthermore, the LCD of the Fitness Reality TR3000 will show you total running time, jogging distance, heart rate, jogging speed and calories burned, etc. Though the build is solid, the treadmill wobbles during high-intensity running.

Taking all the good and bad into consideration, the Fitness Reality TR3000 would be a fantastic manual treadmill at a reasonable price.


  1. Sturdy build & can carry up to 325 pounds
  2. Compact plus ample amount of running deck
  3. Folding, transporting is butter smooth
  4. 3 level incline with 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  5. LCD, emergency stop button, and long handrails


  1. Produce noise during ride
  2. Stability is a bit less than standard

8.  Kotia Manual Treadmill


The Kotia Manual Treadmill would be best for users who need a reliable running machine that will occupy less amount of space.

You will like the treadmill as it’s easy to use, assemble and even require little maintenance. This compact treadmill has a sturdy alloy steel frame which lets users up to 220 lbs run without any problem.

Besides, the durable diamond texture tread belt will give you an ultimate safety running experience with a mind-boggling grip. Along with that, the larger 42.5×13’’ running belt makes it user-friendly for all-size runners.

Though you will be able to run at a 10-degree incline slope unfortunately it’s fixed and does not have a more incline level. However, the 6’’ twin flywheel of the Kotia Manual Treadmill will provide you with a smooth ride with required friction for effortful running.

The design line of the treadmill is such that you can fold it easily & move flawlessly using the transportation wheels. For user convenience, the Kotia Manual Treadmill has an LCD to track fitness levels.

To increase your safety, the high friction matte on both sides and two handrails come with it. Unlike many other treadmills, it will keep your running session noise-free.

Furthermore, if you feel the treadmill belt is slipping then simply adjust the belt tightness by turning the adjustable bolt.

All in all, the Kotia Manual Treadmill would be an excellent investment for the home gym.


  1. The compact but running belt is large enough for users
  2. Easy to fold plus assemble & low maintenance
  3. Diamond texture tread belt ensure high-level grip with belt adjustment bolt
  4. Matte side rail & handrail increase safety
  5. Easy to transport, smooth ride due to 6’’ flywheels & LCD


  1. Absence of multiple inclines

9. EFITMENT Adjustable Incline T017 Treadmill


Here is our last running machine on the list and the EFITMENT Adjustable Incline T017 treadmill would be an excellent choice for you if you need a compact manual treadmill.

This manual treadmill offers you 3 incline positions at 7%,8%, and 9% which is awesome for any runner. Speaking of the running surface of the treadmill which has 42 x 13 ½ ‘’ size, it is suitable for all-size runners. 

As far as the solidity of the EFITMENT T017 goes, it has a moderately strong build that can take up to 220 lbs. In addition to that, this terrific manual treadmill will ensure a highly stable ride as it has adjustable stabilizers.

One of the unique features of this amazing treadmill is the moving handlebars with adjustable resistance plus ball grips. 

Besides, the dual flywheel will provide smooth and steady belt rotation for comfortable running. You can increase the workout toughness by using the 8 levels of magnetic resistance. For your convenience, the fixed handlebars are attached to the treadmill.

Moreover, the folding and transporting of the EFITMENT TO17 would be effortless for the user. Due to the space-saving design, you can easily fold and store it under the desk. 

Furthermore, the noiseless ride and the easy assembling will increase users’ overall comfort. Adding to that, the LCD monitor of the EFITMENT T017 will let you track the running relevant information but sadly there is no backlight.

On a final note, I can tell you that the EFITMENT Adjustable incline TO17 treadmill would be a good value for money.


  1. Rugged & compact treadmill  220 lbs capacity
  2. 3 different inclines with extremely stable, smooth & silent ride
  3. Moving handlebars, fixed handlebars &  easy folding system
  4. Decent running deck space for users plus easy to move 
  5. 8 level magnetic resistance and good value for money


  1. The LCD monitor has no lighting system

Different types of manual treadmills

Just like every technical machine has numerous versions to it, the same thing goes for manual treadmills. Depending on their design, mechanism, and features, they are classified into different types. Let’s see those…

Traditional manual treadmills

This treadmill looks like your automatic treadmill which is made for home use mostly. The only difference is that they don’t need to run with electrical power as there’s no motor system.

You will get a comparatively less amount of features. Mainly this treadmill is suitable for walking & jogging. Plus it comes with supports like a handlebar for easy getting on and off. 

Not only that, these are lightweight too for easy shifting. 

Slat belt manual treadmills

The slat belt manual treadmill has a quite similar look to the traditional manual treadmills. They come with a belt that’s made to absorb shock easily. 

Besides, these treadmills offer advanced features and a more stylish design. But, their price margin is extremely high. These are most suitable for professionals and athletes. 

Slat belt curved treadmills

This treadmill deck has a curved design and comes with a slat belt. Curved treadmill’s mechanism of running is a bit hard for beginners. 

You will have to have a very good balance and muscle strength for running on the curved shape deck. Plus, they don’t come with any type of motor. I think this is the type of treadmill that someone should buy only if they have prior workout experience.

Hybrid treadmills

Even though a hybrid treadmill has a motor, runners can still use it as a manual treadmill. In that case, you have to push the belt for running or jogging. 

In simple terms, they offer both manual and auto belt rotation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of manual treadmill

Everything has a dark side and bright side of its own so the manual treadmill is no exception in this regard. However, they offer more advantages than disadvantages.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the manual treadmill in the following part.


Though the manual treadmill comes with fewer features, they do provide a high level of benefits for the users. See them in the following part:

Simple but ultra-effective

You might think they appear with the least amount of features but that’s the game-changer here. A manual treadmill will only move when you push it with your feet. 

That means you will be able to run with your own highest momentum. Which also increases safety because you won’t be able to put much pressure on your knees and ankles. Most importantly you will run a complete natural run on it.

More intensity leads to more calorie burn

As you can see, manual treadmills are not motorized power. So, there will be an extra effort on your part which will eventually help you to get rid of more calories. 

According to a finding, it shows that manual treadmills burn 30% more calories for the same amount of workouts. 

During a high-intensity ride on the manual treadmill, you will have to use your core muscle heavily, and also will use more power from your glutes, quads, and hamstring. Which will, later on, help you have a more muscular and powerful lower body. 

Cost-effective workout

Unlike other fancy auto treadmills, the manual treadmill won’t cost you an arm and leg…

Here, you will get two benefits. Both are permanent, one is that while purchasing you have to spend less money. 

And another is that you will be using the manual treadmills for years after years and that won’t bring any electrical bills as they are non-motorized. So overalls these are the ultimate cost-effective workout machines for you.

Lightweight plus easy to store

Mostly manual treadmills are much lighter in weight. Not only that, they can be easily stored anywhere because of the compact design.

As they are not bulky they are perfect for easy storing. 

Easy to set up anywhere

Due to their smaller footprint plus no need for any cords and stuff you can use them anywhere you want. Whether it be your balcony, your yard, bedroom, or basement, it doesn’t matter.


So far I told you the bright side, now let’s explore the disadvantages of having a manual treadmill at your home.

Durability is not good

The design of the manual treadmills is very minimalistic as a result they are not very durable. Most manual treadmills are not even close to the electric treadmill when it comes to sturdiness. 

Basic design & features

In terms of both looks and features, a manual treadmill is far behind the automatically powered treadmill. 

Most of these treadmills do not offer different levels of incline and some of them even come with a fixed incline which is a big drawback.

In addition to that, they don’t come with any Bluetooth, Wi-Fi feature, or any smart app system for tracking physical improvement progress. Even the LCD monitor mostly comes without any backlight. 

Though some offer magnetic resistance features you have to change them manually during the run which is a hassle.

Most important there is no emergency stop button for the runner’s safety.

Chances of injury are high

As you have to move the belt by pushing with your feet so you have to work fully for the momentum. 

Which makes it a bit unsafe for people with physical injury or elder people with weak knees.

Manual Treadmill For Desk: Buying Guide 2022

By now you know what benefits you can get from purchasing a manual treadmill. Though they are available in a lower price range, you must ensure your investment becomes a good one so that you can easily store it under-desk.

Being said that, couple of features you must look for before you are pressing the purchase button. If one of those features is missed your purchase will be doomed. So let’s see those…

Compact design

You don’t need a posh-looking design when you want to store your manual treadmill under-desk. 

Rather you must buy a treadmill that comes with a comparatively smaller footprint and requires less amount of space.

Ample amount of running surface

Just because a treadmill is compact does not mean the running surface has to be small. You should make sure that the manual treadmill has an ample amount of running space which will allow you and your family member to use it without any problems.

To put it simply, try to purchase a treadmill that comes with a wider and larger tread belt.

Weigh limit

You must make sure the treadmill has a higher weight capacity than your body weight. The reason behind this is that a high-weight capacity treadmill will have better build quality and won’t be flimsy at all.

Plus, in case you gain a bit of weight the treadmill will be still fit for you. Try to purchase which offer a weight capacity of 250-400 lbs.


You will inevitably be running on your treadmill as your fitness gets higher. So you need a manual treadmill that will remain fully stable even during high-intensity running sessions.

Some treadmill comes with adjustable stabilizers and they provide great support. Which helps you from falling on one side during a speedy run. Though lightweight is good a moderate weight treadmill would give you more stability.

Shock absorption deck

Getting an all square manual treadmill is tough but try to buy a treadmill that has a shock absorption deck. This feature will reduce the overall impact from the foot strike during running. Which lowers the chance of any kind of injury to your knees and ankles etc.

Incline level

When you have an incline level on your treadmill, you have the option to level up the running intensity. Not only that, on a manual treadmill, you will find extra advantage on incline running due to the gravity pulling with the feet pulling. 

Furthermore, different incline levels engage different muscles which helps your muscle development. When it comes to beating boredom the versatile incline position gives a touch of change in running pattern.

So, try to avoid buying a treadmill that has a fixed position for running.

Resistant feature

Not all manual treadmill has a built-in magnetic resistance feature. This feature is crucial if you have the aim to reach a high level of fitness in a shorter time.

Make sure you are buying that comes with at least 6 – 8 different magnetic resistance levels. Don’t go for a treadmill that lacks this amazing feature.

Easy folding, assembling, and transport

Because you want a treadmill that would fit under the desk it must have a folding option. Buying a treadmill that’s super easy to assemble and easy to transport with its exceptional wheels will increase your overall comfort. 

Safety level

There are different parameters to make sure your treadmill has a minimum level of safety. Running machine that has a built-in long handrail, multi handlebars, and wider side rail with anti-slip texture, anti-slip tread belt is highly preferable.

You might not get everything in one treadmill but try to look for most of them in one single treadmill to make sure a profitable buy.


If there is no display it would be quite hard for you to know your current update during training. Ensure your treadmill has an LCD that will give you all the data with high accuracy. 

Smooth & quiet ride

No way you can ignore this feature while ordering your manual treadmill. You must have a look that the treadmill has large size flywheel which will give you a smooth and jamming-free ride. 


Everyone in the market claims that they have the best manual treadmill. In order to provide you with the best manual treadmill for under the desk, I have done my best.

I expect that you will be able to find the best manual treadmll for desk from all these options. Happy Running! 

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