A percussion massager is a machine that has been used for years in the medical field to assist with the treatment of injuries and muscle pain. It uses vibration to stimulate muscles, which helps increase blood flow, alleviates muscle tension, and speeds up recovery time.

For athletes, it’s a very handy tool because it helps them take their fitness to the next level. Unlike us regular folks, they need to keep their muscles in peak condition.

And for that, they need top-quality products. But don’t they all look the same? Don’t worry, I’ve gone ahead and made a shortlist for the best percussion massager for athletes that will give your muscles the ideal relief. Keep reading to find out more.

Top 10 Best Percussion Massagers for Athletes in 2021

A percussion massager is a type of deep-tissue massage tool that helps soothe sore muscles, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation. These tools can be used on several parts of the body and are especially effective at relieving tension in the back and neck areas. 

Which is the best percussion massager for you will depend on your needs and preferences, but right down below, there are some great options available to choose from. How about you give them a read and see what grabs your attention:

1. Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun


The Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun is a revolutionary device for athletes that can relax their sore muscles while relieving pain pretty quickly. That’s right! This gun knocks out aches and pains with state-of-the-art technology.

Crafted to feel like a real person, the Hypervolt is cordless with 3 different speeds from gentle to intense for maximum relief. The vibration will help elongate tension in muscles when applied gently before moving on to more intense strokes when necessary. Don’t worry;  you can massage any part of the body easily.

With Bluetooth enabled, you can sync up with the Hyperice app that guides you through pre-built recovery programs. So, you don’t need to be an expert to apply this massage machine for your specific needs!

Moreover, this lightweight (2.5 lbs) instrument is so easy to use that even children can use it with no problems. Also, it is equipped with an innovative Quiet Glide feature to do its job super silently.

With a high-quality lithium-ion battery, this portable thing can perform 3 hours continuously between every charge with up to 3200 percussions every minute. That’s not all, you will get plenty of accessories with this relaxing gun to perform percussion with convenience.   

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good massage then jump on board today because pressure points are about to get pummeled by the Hypervolt.


  • Ideal for back, neck, forearms, and knee 
  • Simple and Quiet operation 
  • Remarkable battery life


  • Hyperion App isn’t compatible with Android devices

2. Theragun PRO Percussion Massage Gun


Introducing a new all-in-one device for percussive therapy, and relief of back pain and headaches. With a triangle-shaped handle design, brushless motor(QX150), and robust structure, you’ll enjoy every percussive therapy session.

What’s even better, it comes with “QuietForce” technology that won’t produce any annoying noise typically found in most treatment devices. For those looking to maximize their wellness routine at home, it features an OLED screen to give you information on force and speed levels.

The best part of this Theragun product is that it includes two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged simultaneously and swapped out for continuous running time. Each battery offers 2 2-hour and 30-minute lifetime between charges.

You will get all the essential attachments with the massager to let you use and carry the gun without any issue. Also, all the foam attachments are easy to clean. So, it will ensure that you will receive a healthy treatment.  

In addition, with its rotating arm and multi-grip handle,  you’ll find the Theragun PRO suitable for any part of your body. Overall, it is arguably the best percussion massager for overworked athletes and anyone recovering from injury. 


  • Pretty easy to use with a multi-grip handle and rotating arm
  • Useful piece of equipment for recovery routine
  • Two batteries were included for achieving a long percussion session


  • Due to powerful massage, you should avoid applying it on the soft skin of your body

3. TimTam Handheld Percussion Massage Gun


Whether you’re a professional athlete, an active individual, or an everyday person with aches and pains to contend with, TimTam can be your go-to handheld percussion massage gun.

With over 175 degrees of head rotation, you can use it one-handed for convenience’s sake where muscles need it most. 5 pre-programmed settings provide deep tissue relief at stroke rates of 1000 RPMs, 2000 RPMs, or 2800 RPMs. So, these adjustable speeds and power functions allow for a more personalized experience.

It’s made with high-quality plastic with long-lasting performance. you will also love its silent operating process that lets you massage your body parts any time of the day without disturbing others. Guess what? The device creates 50% less noise compared to its competitors.  

However, its battery will last only 1 hour between each charge and you will face difficulties while removing the battery from the device. So, it wouldn’t be suitable if you wanted to massage continuously for several hours.  

Moreover, it includes a one-touch trigger mechanism for flawless control and handling while having a fast warmup massage before and after any intense training session. The package also includes a travel bag for easy carrying. 

So, if you are looking to warm up your muscles before a workout or relieve tightness after one, this unit gently relaxes tension areas through fingertip movements on any area of the body. 


  • Quiet operation 
  • 5 preset settings will be ideal for beginners
  • Can be used in almost all parts of the body


  • Battery drains quickly

4. Hyperice Hypervolt GO – Percussion Massage Gun


If you haven’t used a percussion massage gun before and are now interested in getting one, you should pick this incredibly simple but extremely effective massaging machine from Hyperice Hypervolt GO.

It is adorned with one-button control for straightforward maneuvering and this is the main reason behind claiming that this is the best percussion massager for beginners. 

In addition to that, this exceptional tool comes with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which will offer 2.5 hours of service after charging. That’s not all, the machine weighs only 1.5 lbs and this lightweight manner allows you to perform a long therapy session without any hand fatigue. 

To make sure you get the best out of this device, it includes 2 head attachments for getting a suitable massage according to your desire. Don’t worry, it runs quietly and a brushless high-torque motor(40W) makes sure it operates smoothly with decent pressure and power. 

Besides having all these excellent bells and whistles, you will be surprised to know that this Hyperice product is also one of the most affordable massage guns on the market. 

To sum up, you can put your trust in this gun as its compact shape, sturdy structure, and comfy grip will deliver everything you would expect from a percussion massager.


  • Simple design and attractive appearance
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Affordable price tag


  • Only 2 head attachments make it less versatile than other brand’s machine

5. Theragun Elite – Percussive Therapy gun


Theragun Company has come up yet again with an amazing tool for driving your body’s natural relief mechanisms. Welcome the electrifying new Theragun Elite with all its outstanding perks. 

The massage gun is an ergonomic, multifunctional therapeutic instrument that delivers a targeted and precise dose of percussive therapy with the ideal force.

With up to 40 pounds of force, the QX65 Motor provides 60% more amplitude and speed without stalling. That’s why it has been proven to be more effective than other products on the market. 

Also, it can be used by anyone with a simple push of a button. All you have to do is select your desired treatment type and press start!

Moreover, the Theragun Elite has 120 minutes of battery life and comes with five adjustable foam attachments for customized treatments. With QuietForce Technology and ultra-sturdy construction, this quiet elite therapeutic tool will be an awesome massager for athletes.

What’s more, it comes with app integration, which makes it really simple to operate. You can change the speed of the Elite using the app via Bluetooth to select any setting between 1750 and 2400 PPM. 

The five pre-programmed speeds are 2400, 2200, 2100,1900, and 1750 percussions per minute. As a result, the device will professionally produce percussion at different intensity levels that are tailored specifically to your needs.

From a vibrating surface to a multi-grip handle, this Elite therapy gun responds to your every touch with its unmatched performance and power.


  • Easy to handle with different speed settings
  • Satisfying battery performance
  • Extremely relaxing for sore muscles. 


  • Expensive 

6. Sonic LX Quiet Pro Percussion Massage Gun 


The Sonic LX Quiet Pro Massage Gun is the most advanced, versatile, and powerful handheld massager on the market. It can emulate a massage session as if it’s your massage therapist.

The Sonic LX Percussion Massager Gun is a cordless portable massage gun that delivers deep tissue relief to sore muscles. It has a 2000 mAh motor for a rapid tension relief massage. 

This muscle massager gun comes with 12mm penetration for intense massage to relieve the tissues.

The percussion speeds range from 1800 up to 3400 RPMs. It makes this percussion massager a go-to option for any chiropractor, therapist, or physical trainer.

With this high-tech massage tool, you get 9 different intensity levels to target every type of pain, injury, or muscle group. And you can adjust the intensity anytime you like by every 5 Hz. Choose from a low-pressure 15 Hz through to a powerful 55 Hz. 

Surprisingly, It comes with 10 body massager heads so you can precisely target different problem areas throughout your body. They come in various shapes like balls, wedges, bullets, forks, flats, etc. 

Each of them targets different parts of the body, like the large muscles, small muscles, neck, mid-back, lower back, Achilles heel, etc. 


  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Clean LED display with a good user interface
  • 55db noise 
  • A full charge lasts 4 hours


  • Needs for stall force for professionalsv

7. Theragun Mini 4th Generation Percussion Manager


The TheraGun Mini is the next generation of portable muscle treatments. With its convenient size and powerful brushless motor, it’s perfect for treating your aches and pains wherever you are. 

Take it with you to work or on vacation so you can get back to living life without pain. It’s so compact in size that it can be your best buddy wherever you go.

It weighs 1.4 pounds and can fit into any backpack or purse for convenient use at home, work, or while traveling. This portability is a major reason why it has garnered so much popularity. It is one of Theragun’s smallest percussion managers.

And just because it’s small doesn’t mean it lacks anything in the power department, it’ll give you a relaxing deep tissue massage for your joints, knees, legs, back, etc.

It was surprising for me to realize it has 150 min of run time. That’s good enough for a portable massager. The device has 3 different calibrated speeds, which are 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions each minute. Dr. Jason Wersland, its creator, carefully perfected it by testing it on his own patients for the best results. 

The Theragun mini uses a brushless motor that allows for ultra-quiet operation while still providing effective muscle relief. Its ergonomic body makes it easy to hold for long periods without getting wrist strain.

Because of the ergonomic grip, you can easily apply firm pressure with minimal effort, so users of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy a relaxing massage wherever they are. 


  • Portable and powerful massage gun
  • Quiet Force Technology 
  • 3 adjustable speeds
  • Ergonomic build


  • Not much of a battery backup

8. Medcursor Heated Massage Gun 


Now let me introduce you to a massage gun with a twist. This percussion gun from Medcursor does everything all the other rivals do, but it has something extra that I haven’t in a lot of similar devices. So what is what I’m talking about? – It’s the existence of a heated head.

With its help, you can turn up the heat to 48 degrees Celsius and relieve some of the annoying stress that’s been building up in your muscles. With its 12 different speed levels that go from 1000 RPM up to 3200 RPM, you can easily decide what your comfort zone is. And, it comes with 3 modes you can choose for a wider variety of goals.

And would believe it’d have a 2600 mAh Li-ion battery? It can work for up to 12 hrs from a 2.5 hr charge cycle. I didn’t think it’d have such a good battery life! It doesn’t also fall behind in the style category, as the RGB light switch key gives off an ambient vibe as you’re using this tool to massage yourself.

It only weighs 1kg or 2.2 lbs, which is pretty lightweight, and the nonsilicon grip is comfy to use.

The gun is a much-awaited upgrade over the old Medcurser percussion guns, which is why it’s super popular.


  • 2600 mAh battery with a micro USB charging port
  • On/off heat switch
  • Industry-standard 12mm amplitude
  • 5 massage and 1 heat head


  • Not durable, need to keep it safe

9. Theragun Prime Percussive Therapy Massage Gun


The Theragun Prime is a revolutionary Percussive Therapy device that uses patented technology to provide deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home. It’s portable, quiet, and incredibly powerful, delivering 2 hours of treatment on just one charge! 

It features an ergonomic design with multiple grips that make it easy to maneuver around your body for maximum comfort and ease of use; you can hold it in for a long time without developing any strain on your wrists and hands.

This unique tool helps you release tight muscles after workouts or long days at work. It’s also great for relieving tension headaches, improving circulation, and providing pain relief for sore joints and muscles. 

The QX65 motor provides powerful performance but the Quietforce Technology ensures there aren’t any loud noises to distract and annoy you.

I particularly like its app integration. You can connect it to the Theragun app using Bluetooth to keep up with your personalized routines. It’ll take your behavior and preference into account and use it to provide you with customized treatments too.

You can choose from 5 different speed ranges and adjust whenever you want through the app using simple functions. This is the kind of utility I want from gadgets in 2021.

The prime version provides a much more powerful, deeper, and potent tension release experience for the muscles. 


  • 16 mm amplitude 
  • 30 lbs Max Force motor
  • 5 adjustable speed settings
  • 120-minute nonstop battery backup


  • Might need to replace the battery after a few months

10. Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage


The Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massager provides an intense massage that can penetrate deeper into muscles, tendons, and joints for immediate relief of aches and pains. It helps improve circulation by breaking up tension within the muscle tissue.

This heat massage treatment is extremely beneficial for people with chronic pain or injury as it soothes the muscles, helps with inflammation, and increases blood flow. It’ll also help with muscle spasms.

Its deep massage focuses on myofascial release and paired with the heat massage it creates the perfect environment for your muscles to recover quickly. In fact, the entire motive of this tool is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible by quickly repairing cells and muscle tears.

In total, there are 4 different modes. The heat massage mode, continuous mode, variable mode, and increasing mode- each having their own specialties and intensities. Also, you can choose from 5 adjustable speeds from 1000 to 3200 RPM, giving you much more variation to find where your sweet spot lies.

Alongside the heated head, you’ll get 4 more- round, bullet, fork, and flat; a total of 5 heads for focusing on different parts of your body.

This percussion massager has one of the biggest battery backups I’ve ever seen, with a whopping 5 hours!


  • Best for chronic injury
  • Low noise generation [55 dB]
  • Ergonomic ceramic body
  • 10mm amplitude 


  • Takes a long to warm up

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Percussion Massager for Athletes

It’s always fun to get a new toy. And, if it is something that you will be using on your body, then there are even more reasons to be excited! Massage guns make the skin feel soft and supple like never before by releasing tension in muscles. 

But with so many different types of massage guns available, how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve compiled this list of things to consider while buying the best percussion massage gun for your needs.  They are as follows:

1. Body Area Massaged

The first thing you must decide is which body area needs massaging. The usual target areas include the neck, shoulders, lower back (lumbar region), elbows, and wrists. In case you have a large massage gun with a long handle for larger muscles or need to deftly work on tiny muscles, then you will need to choose a smaller model.

2. Portability and Storage

There are many different sizes of massage guns available. If you are buying one for home use, you must decide the size according to the storage space. You should also consider portability when buying a massage gun. 

If you want to carry it along on your next holiday, then consider smaller models that are easy to handle because larger models with long handles will take up more space.

Smaller ones with shorter handles are easier to store in small places too. They can be kept almost anywhere like under the bed or in the cupboard. 

3. Intensity of Massage

The intensity of the massage can be changed on some models by adding or removing pads that are available with the product. The more the number of pads you use, for example, five to eight, the greater will be the versatility and intensity of your massage. 

If you want an intense massage, check first whether all the pads are present with your gun.

4. Types of Massage gun

There are different types of massage guns available on the market—pneumatic or electrical, manual or rechargeable. You can choose anyone depending on your requirements and budget. 

Pneumatic models are usually used at homes while electric ones are mostly found in spas and massage parlors.

5. Easy to use and maintain

A good massage gun must be easy and convenient to use. You should check how many buttons or switches are available on your model because the more the number of control options, the more confusing it will be to handle for a new user. 

Also, look out for which part can be detached easily for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

6. Build Quality

The build quality is another important consideration when buying a massage gun. You must check whether the product is made from durable material or not because if it breaks down within a couple of months, you have wasted your money! 

Also, ensure that no moving parts are loose which can cause problems later on.

7. Warranty

You must check whether the product comes with a warranty. This adds to its credibility as a manufacturer’s guarantee against any defects in the material or workmanship of the product. A good quality product will always come with a warranty and return policy, especially if it is an electrical model.

Are massage guns worth it?

Due to excessive exercise, it’s not uncommon for fitness experts to face soreness, muscle aches, and injuries. A good way to deal with it is by giving the area a good massage. 

If you’re looking for a product to massage your muscles and relieve those cramps, then massage guns are great for those who need self-care without the help of another person. 

Because you handle the gun yourself, it’s much easier to determine where your pain is coming from and how much pressure should be applied to those areas. However, since you’re forced to handle everything yourself, it can take longer than expected.

Plus, they come with multiple heads, giving you a better treatment for various parts of your body. Some massagers have heat massage heads, paired with vibration, so you get much better muscle reconditioning. 

The best percussion massage guns are designed with the intention of making them easy and simple for you. The gun applies pressure through direct contact on your sore muscles, knots, or body pain anywhere from feet all the way up to the upper back!

With these tools, you can hit the muscles much deeper, sending the blood flow to the specific body part you’re targeting, and repairing that area in the process. And, the most important part is, it feels really good!

From Lebron James to Trent Alexander Arnold, thousands of sportsmen and professionals all around the world use it for their day-to-day relaxation. And why wouldn’t they? Not only does using it before a match makes the post-match recovery faster, but it also makes you sleep better at night.

Percussive treatment is here to stay, and judging from the results, I’d say it’s definitely worth the investment!

When Should I Use a Percussion Massager?

One of the best times to use a percussion massager is during pre-workout. By activating muscle groups, you are allowing your muscles to release all the pent-up tension, enhancing your flexibility. This also helps you avoid injuries.

As I’ve said before, post-workout is where percussive treatment shines the most. By increasing the blood flow by targeting a specific area, you’re sending the blood cells to release the lactic acid while relieving you of the muscle tension.

Other than that, you can always use them when your muscles feel sore.

How long should I Use a Percussion Massager?

Percussion massager usage depends on the activity. The ideal time would vary for pre-workout and post-workout sessions. To avoid injury or discomfort, follow my suggestions:

Pre-workout: use it for 30-40 seconds on a specific area to relieve stress

Post-workout: 2 minutes at a given place at best

DO NOT USE IT OVER 2 MINUTES on a specific area, as you might risk injury. For optimal use, work on a specific muscle for 10-15 seconds and move to a different area. This way explore all the parts of the body you want.

Use this routine every day and you’ll have a healthy and speedy recovery time!

Final words

The percussion massager is a great investment for any athlete who wants to stay in tip-top shape. It will help reduce fatigue and soreness in your muscles due to repetitive exercise. This device also helps increase blood flow and circulation which can lead to better sleep quality as well as improved mental health.

As a professional player, you should grab the best percussion massager for athletes without further delay. 

However, if you are a complete beginner, you should pick the Hyperice Hypervolt GO as it offers unique performance without any complex settings. On the other hand, those who haven’t used Theragun Elite or Theragun Pro should give this brand’s sensational guns a try.

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