Plantar fasciitis is a depleting status of the foot that frequently shows up among the cyclist and runner community. It’s awfully painful for any athlete or fitness enthusiast. Usually, they take medicines and wear shoes for plantar fasciitis to alleviate the pain.

Different models come with different advantages for plantar fasciitis problems. This is why searching and selecting the right shoe for plantar fasciitis is not easy at all. Some shoes will ensure proper arch support and heel support during the cycle ride.

After conducting detailed research on the Internet, I’ve listed some really amazing plantar fasciitis-friendly shoes. Moreover, I have outlined both the benefits and disadvantages of the best cycling shoes for plantar fasciitis. So, Stay tuned. 

What is plantar fasciitis?

The term Plantar fasciitis refers to an injury that is very common among the sports community. In simple words, it’s an injury of the foot that takes place due to the continuous pressure on your plantar fascia ligaments.

You can identify the pain by spotting pain in your heel area. Especially when you get up in the morning. You can also experience sharp pain after standing for around hours.

The main culprit is the inflammation of your plantar fascia ligament which happens from damaging that specific ligament.

Plantar fasciitis should not be ignored at all. This thing can make you suffer a lot if you don’t pay attention and try to sort it out.

Best Cycling Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis: Top 10 in the market

Best Cycling Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Once you realize you have plantar fasciitis, you should stop exercising without a proper pair of shoes. It is a serious situation and if you don’t treat it as such you’ll hurt yourself further. The first thing to do when you have plantar fasciitis is consult a doctor and then get yourself a nice pair of exercise shoes.

Choosing the right footwear for plantar fasciitis is not an easy task. I have done this job for you in the below part which will save you precious hours and let you choose the suitable one for you.

So let’s explore what they offer to you… 

1. Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5

Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5
Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5

The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 offers a lot of bells and whistles which makes it an outstanding option for the cyclist with plantar fasciitis problems.

When it comes to both comfort and durability, the Fizik R5 is superb due to the upper material of Microtex. The ultra-stylish looks of this cycling shoe will definitely stand out amongst the crowd.

Plus, the over-curve technology of this shoe helps your ankle. The staggered collar wrapping around the ankle increases your comfort during pedaling. Unfortunately, the vent system of this shoe isn’t standard.

Besides, the heel cup of this cycling shoe provides excellent stability which is great for plantar fasciitis. Sadly the toe room space of the Fizik R5 is narrow which makes it unsuitable for wide-feet users.

In addition to that, it’s designed to trace the natural asymmetric shape of your ankle bones like the lateral and medial ankle. Even the price tag of the Fizik R5 is highly reasonable. The light weight of the shoe will let you experience a butter-smooth cycling session.

Also, the nylon composite soft outsole ensures a supple feel which helps you to do a comfortable cycling ride session. Additionally, it helps to maintain power transfer while pedaling for a long time.

Furthermore, the fitting of this shoe is wonderful and backed by a micro-adjustable Boa IP1. To increase your overall stability, a foot security Velco strap is attached to it. You can adjust the velcro strap according to your needs.

Wrapping up the pros and cons, the Fizik R5 would add great value to your cycling experience. 


  • Fitting is a secure plus ultra-stylish design
  • Reasonable price with great comfort
  • Overcurve technology provides ample ankle support
  • Hill Cup ensures fantastic stability
  • Soft outsole and lightweight


  • The vent system is poor
  • Not Enought To Place

2. Fizik Unisex-Adult Platform Cycling Shoe

Fizik Unisex-Adult Platform Cycling Shoe

Fizik Unisex Infinite R1 shoe would be a great buy if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. 

The laser-perforated Microtex upper will ensure an ample amount of comfort and a high level of breathability which reduces any temperature build-up inside the shoe. Not only that, this upper is flexible for smooth pedaling.

Plus, the power transfer of the Infinite R1 is awesome and matchless. Though the shoe is stiff, it’s not overly done and provides enough support during the ride. The full carbon outsole increases the durability of the shoe.

Besides, it’s packed with dynamic arch support technology which provides the required amount of support to your foot during the high-intensity ride. The shoe is narrow in a nice way which keeps your metatarsals from splaying out too much. 

Also, it comes with a 3-bolt compatible cleat pattern which will increase your pedaling ability. You will be happy with the adjustments to the shoe. The IP1-B dials with steel-coated nylon laces ensure the front foot is secured to the appropriate level.

Moreover, the heel cup of the Fizik Infinite R1 is nicely catered which allows your hill to rest comfortably while keeping the back foot aligned properly with the shoe. 

Furthermore, the weight of the shoe will increase your comfort due to its lightweight nature. Nevertheless, it may not be appropriate for all types of feet. Because of the pointed-toe box design.

Saying all that, though the price tag of the Fizik Infinite R1 is high, it’s an excellent shoe for cyclists with plantar fasciitis.


  • Good breathability with proper arch support
  • Hill Cup provides excellent support
  • Great fitting plus high durability
  • Energy transfer is awesome with high-level comfort
  • Lightweight & nice adjustment system


  • Toe box design limits various foot types

3. SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06XCL8G6R&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=g4fit 20&language=en US
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06XCL8G6R&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=g4fit 20&language=en US

The Shimano RP1 shoe would be an outstanding choice if you are dealing with a plantar fasciitis problem. These amazing shoes will allow you to push the limits without sacrificing your feet.

For a high-level cycle ride, you need a shoe that can transfer power smoothly and this one just does it best here. As it comes with a lightweight plus stiff fiberglass-reinforced sole, it helps you to transfer the energy directly to the pedal. 

When it comes to fitting, the double strap closure will ensure a secure and snug fit which increases your cycling efficiency. The Shimano RP1 shoe will provide moderate level arch support for your feet which is important for plantar fascitis.

Plus, the 5-hole outsole is compatible with both SPD/2-hole and SPD-SL/3-hole pedals. The Shimano RP1 is a superb durable shoe that comes with synthetic leather with a mesh texture upper. You may find the shoe stiffer but that increases the durability.

Moreover, the Shimano RP1 has a toe spring section that allows you to carry an energy-efficient long smooth ride. Because the toe spring section isn’t too low or too high, you won’t feel tension on the plantar and calf muscles. 

Furthermore, the reflective print on the heel will increase your visibility in low-light conditions. The toe area of the shoe is a bit narrow but the overall width is okay for most of the users. 

Overall, it’s a good quality entry shoe that’s beneficial for cyclists with plantar fasciitis at a reasonable price.


  • Secure fitting with efficient energy transfer
  • Moderate arch support with the appropriate toe spring section
  • 5 hole outsole is compatible with various pedals
  • Durable synthetic leather upper with proper comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable riding


  • The shoe is a bit stiff
  • The room space is low

4. Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Men’s

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain
Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain

The Five Ten Freerider Pro shoe comes with a high price tag but it offers versatile features for the users.

Plus, the cushioning of this shoe is incredible. Though the shoe is a bit stiff, you won’t face any rubbing on your ankles, or the top of your foot. 

Besides, the stiff midsoles will help you enough to pedal efficiently. The toe box is impact-resistant which simply increases the security of your feet. With the roomier toe box, you will find it easy to finish your riding session. 

Moreover, you will find it easy to clean the Freerider Pro. Though this shoe does not offer you good breathability, it prevents moisture pretty well. The front of the shoe gets creased easily. 

Also, the Stealth S1 Dotty rubber outsole will ensure maximum grip during pedaling. Talking about durability, Freerider Pro is simply fantastic.

Furthermore, the tongue of the shoe is wide and has an ample amount of padding. You will find the synthetic upper to be very durable and have no issue scuffing.

Speaking of the support, the reinforced heel and toe box will provide you with moderate level arch support which is beneficial for your plantar fasciitis. 

Though the laces are basic but do the job perfectly. And, you won’t feel any hill lifting due to the even feet placed on the shoe.

Analyzing the pros and cons, the Five Ten Freerider Pro shoe would be a great pick.


  • Easy to clean plus comfortable
  • The rubber outsole provides maximum grip
  • Efficient pedaling due to excellent energy transfer
  • Highly durable & moderate arch support
  • Wide tongue, secure fit


  • The price tag is on the high & poor air vent system
  • The upper front gets creased easily

5. Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Road Cycling Shoes

Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Road Cycling Shoes
Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Road Cycling Shoes

Venzo Bicycle Men’s shoes would be a great addition to your cycling shoe list. The build quality of this shoe offers you both comfort and performance.

The cleat of the shoe is compatible with Delta and Peloton Bike. You will also get a pair of Delta Cleats with the shoe. It comes with a textile lining and a removable sock liner.

Plus, the breathability of the shoe is awesome due to the mesh and synthetic upper. This shoe also dried out quickly. The stiff sole ensures an ample amount of power transfer during pedaling. As well as it prevents heat from being generated from the friction of the cleat with its heat-insulated system.

In addition to that, the sole of the shoe is firm but comfortable enough for a smooth ride. You will find the shoe to be pretty lightweight and it doesn’t take much time for a break-in period. Unfortunately, you have to tighten the cleats after a few rides as they will get loose. 

Moreover, it comes with three velcro straps for easy adjustment which also ensures great fitting. The tongue of the shoe ensures no slipping off the shoe. During the ride, the Venzo Cycling shoe produces a clicking noise. 

Furthermore, the forefoot of the Venzo Cycling shoe is pretty flexible which makes the ride easier. Adding with that, the beveled heel will ensure less impact on your heel which is a great advantage for cyclists with plantar fascitis. 


  • Lightweight plus awesome breathability
  • Adequate energy transfer with mind-blowing comfort
  • Compatible with Delta & Peloton bike
  • Great fitting, removable sock liner, flexible and beveled heel 
  • Reasonable price, heat-insulated sole & 3 velcro straps


  • Produce clicking sound 
  • Cleats need to be tightened often

6. Women’s Genius 7 Shadow Road Cycling Shoe

Women’s Genius 7
Women’s Genius 7

The SIDI Genius 7 shoe is designed to meet your riding needs while ensuring a high level of comfort plus performance. 

The Millenium 5 sole is stiff and helps in effective power transfer from the foot to the pedal. You will experience a comfortable ride as the heel cup system of the shoe assures ultra comfort for your heel. Which is excellent in dealing with plantar fasciitis.

In addition to that, polyurethane pads in the heel and toe section add more comfort to your feet. The upper mesh of the Genius 7 allows proper airflow inside the shoe which keeps your feet cool during a high-intensity ride.

Plus, the materials of the Genius 7 make it an ultra-durable shoe. When it comes to fitting it’s snug and customizable. This shoe features a ratcheting buckle that allows you to make the perfect fit for your feet.

Moreover, the adjustable Soft Instep 2 closure system will help to distribute pressure evenly across your foot. This shoe comes with 3 hole cleat system which makes it compatible with different types of pedals. Furthermore, the High-Security Velcro provides a more secure grip during the ride. 

With all the good sides, the Genius 7 shoe has 2 downsides. One is that the price margin is too high and another is that it’s not a good shoe for wider feet rider

However, looking at both good and bad the Genius 7 would be a great buy.


  • Stiff sole provides proper power transfer
  • A durable shoe with a snug fit
  • Upper mesh with proper airflow & comfortable heel cup
  • Padding in heel plus toe, high-security velcro straps & ratchet buckles
  • 3-hole cleat for pedal grip & soft instep 2 for even pressure on feet


  • The price tag is on the higher side of the spectrum
  • Not suitable for feet cyclist

7. TIEM Stripline Indoor Cycling Shoe

TIEM Stripline Indoor Cycling Shoe
TIEM Stripline Indoor Cycling Shoe

The TIEM Slipstream cycling shoe comes with lots of fripperies. This smashing shoe will let you experience comfortable riding sessions even if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

This performance shoe with engineered mesh and athletic textile upper ensures a top-notch airflow system inside your shoe.

Besides, the toe room has adequate room and it also provides moderate arch support which is good for plantar fasciitis. It is not the best shoe if you have wide feet, but if you have narrow feet, you can definitely wear it.

Plus, you will be able to increase pedaling speed as it’s SPD compatible. They are also lightweight which adds more value to the comfort zone. You should also keep in mind that the TIEM Stripline is an expensive cycling shoe.

Moreover, the stylish-looking shoe comes in versatile colors. You will find it convenient to put it on and off. The single strap closure system will make sure of a secure fit.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole with traction tread aids to perform riding smoothly. Also, the insole of the TIEM Stripline shoe is removable and you can insert orthotics for more support.

As a whole, purchasing it would be a great addition to your regular cycling workout.


  • Top-notch airflow system
  • Adequate toe space with moderate arch support
  • Lightweight and SPD-compatible
  • Stylish looking, easy to put on & off
  • Removable insole, rubber outsole with excellent grip


  • Not made for wider feet user
  • Very costly cycling shoe

8. Pearl IZUMI Women’s Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe

Pearl IZUMI Women’s
Pearl IZUMI Women’s

Vesta Studio by Pearl Izumi is a good choice for women’s cycling shoes. This cycling shoe features high levels of comfort, making it one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, especially for women.

Even during high-intensity cycling sessions, your feet will remain cool. The upper synthetic mesh of Vesta Studio ensures high-level breathability. 

Speaking of the performance, this shoe does not have high stiffness but you will get adequate support due to the high amount of energy transfer to the pedal.

Along with cycling, you can use this stylish shoe for walking and CrossFit workouts. The Vesta Studio is also compatible with a 2-bolt SPD cleat.

Plus, to increase overall convenience, it offers a single strap which makes it easy to put on and off. This shoe suits pretty well for wider feet. Sadly the heel counter of the shoe is a bit slippery and does not fit properly.

Moreover, the overall fitting is secure and the toe room of the Vesta Studio is enough for painless riding. 

Furthermore, the Nylon Composite sole makes the shoe durable. In addition to that, the stability of the Vesta Studio shoe is great, and also it’s quite lightweight making your cycling session comfy.

Although the Pearl Izumi Women’s Vesta Studio is on the pricey side, it is worth the purchase due to its high comfort level.


  • Premium comfort & high airflow
  • Provide full support with good energy transfer
  • Durable, stylish looking, and lightweight
  • SPD compatible, suitable for wider feet, easy to put on & off


  • The heel counter tends to slip feet during the ride
  • The price point is very high

9. Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

The Tomasso Pista Women’s Cyclin Shoe is designed to generate optimum performance during riding sessions.  

Regarding the comfort level, the Pista is a top-notch shoe. The ventilated upper mesh will keep the feet heating at a minimum level. As well as the appropriate amount of padding will hug your feet nicely to continue the whole session with comfort.

Plus, the toe room of the Pista ensures a pain-free ride. Also, you will receive a moderate amount of arch support and proper width which makes it a top choice for cyclists with plantar fasciitis. 

Moreover, the Pista cycling shoe is compatible with both SPD and Delta cleats. The durability of this cycling shoe is pretty impressive. 

Besides, this outstanding shoe will ensure your foot is stuck properly with the pedal while your foot’s pressure point is free from any kind of strain.

Furthermore, the 3 low-profile Velcro straps help to keep a perfect tight fitting of the shoe. One of the best things about the Pista shoe is that it fits like a glove and the lightweight adds more comfort.

In addition to that, the fiberglass-reinforced sole will help you pedal with maximum power and less effort.

This amazing cycling shoe has two downsides too. One is that the tongue is not fixed with the straps so it slides during the ride. Another one is selecting the right size is difficult because they are not true to size.

Evaluating the bright side and dark side, the Pista shoe would be a profitable buy.


  • Good ventilation with snug-fitting
  • Moderate arch support plus optimum power transfer
  • Comfortable, durable & stuck on pedal firmly
  • Multiple velcro straps, lightweight, high-quality padding
  • SPD, Delta compatible & glove-like fit


  • Tongue slides during the ride
  • Matching the true size is difficult

10. Tommaso Strada Elite Knit Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Strada Elite Knit Cycling Shoe

The Tommaso Strada Elite Knit cycling shoe would be an outstanding choice for your cycle riding. This is a decent cycling shoe packed with plenty of features.

Unlike many other shoes, it will keep your feet cool due to the ultra-breathability feature. The knit upper lets airflow inside the shoe during the high-intensity ride. It’s also quite convenient to put on and take off.

When it comes to comfort, the Tommaso Strada will make you happy. You won’t feel any weird pressure on your foot. Even the durability of this shoe is mind-blowing. The shoe is stylish and sleek, nonetheless, it does not compromise on comfort. 

Besides, the toe room of the shoe is quite big. You will find it quite easy to fit as it comes with a rotatable quick-lacing system. The Tommaso Strada is beneficial for plantar fasciitis because it’s a wide shoe that provides moderate arch support.

Moreover, this shoe is compatible with SPD, Look Delta, Speedplay, etc. The shoe fits like a sock on the upper side. One drawback of the shoe is that the tongue digs into the front upper ankle which is a bit irritating.

Among its many advantages, the Tommaso Strada features a fiberglass reinforced sole with enough stiffness to stand out from its rivals. As a result, you will be able to ride faster and longer due to high energy transfer.

From A to Z,  the Tommaso Strada cycling shoe is a fantastic shoe at a highly reasonable price.


  • Stylish looking with a reasonable price
  • Provide moderate arch support and wide enough 
  • Durable, extremely comfortable, and ultra airflow
  • Compatible with SPD, Look Delta, Speedway
  • Fantastic fitting & a high amount of energy transfer


  • The tongue gets dug into the upper ankle

How to Choose the Best Cycling Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis? [Buying Guide]

Whether you are a cyclist or runner, plantar fasciitis is something that should not be taken lightly. 

Plantar fasciitis suitable shoes should have some features which are the following:

Arch Support

Not every shoe comes with moderate to high-level arch support. Shoes that can provide this level of support would be excellent for your plantar fasciitis. It will aid in lowering the tightness of the fascia tissue and also prevent overpronation.


One of the top-notch factors before purchasing your next shoe.  Look for premium-grade padding which will save your feet from extra impacts. 

Firm Heel Counter

A firm heel cup helps your plantar fascia ligament from getting way too stretched. The heel cup should not be rubbing your ankle nor your ankle should be left loose fitting. A properly hugging firm heel counter will keep your heel intact in place during the highly intense ride.

Ample Toe Room

Another key point you must keep in mind before pressing the purchase button. If your toe is not in comfort due to less space it not only irritates your toe but also transfers the pain to other parts of the foot because of imbalance which can inflame the plantar fascia ligament. 

Flexible but not too flexible

The flexibility of the shoe must be within a range where it will ensure the reduction of impact, and let you ride with the natural movement of feet. Too much flexibility will put pressure on your feet due to improper force distribution. 

Wider Shoe

The wide shoes are important as they save your feet from getting weird pressure. Which usually leads to more pain after riding

If your shoe sole is stiff and sturdy it would prevent shocks and enable you to transfer maximum power to the pedal. 


As plantar fasciitis is a physical limitation shoes that can offer more bells & whistles will be more expensive. So keeping a high budget and buying high-end shoes would be best for you. 

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Scientists are still trying to figure out the exact cause of plantar fasciitis. However, they pointed out some factors which trigger this problem. 

The combination of plantar fasciitis and cycling can aggravate the pain if any of the causes are present during cycling.

Let’s see some of the possible causes in the below part. 

Being overweight

When you start to gain more and more weight, it’s your feet that have to bear it. This puts a high level of stress on your fascia tissue over time and the plantar fascia ligament becomes weak. And you have more pain as it gets weaker. 

Wearing high heel shoe

If you have the habit of wearing high heel shoes then you are simply inviting plantar fasciitis. High heel shoes can’t distribute weight evenly and put extra pressure on the foot which may lead to plantar fasciitis.

Expired shoes

Many people have a bad habit of using old shoes which have lost the functionality of providing proper traction. Shoes with worn-out outsole and insole will increase the chance of forming plantar fasciitis.

Ignoring proper form during exercise

Whenever you plan to include a new workout in your routine it’s crucial to master the form. If you keep increasing workout intensity while maintaining bad form, it will hurt your feet and leg muscles. As a result, you might end up having plantar fasciitis.

Stiff calf muscles

Some people are born with stiff calf muscles while others encounter it due to a lack of proper hydration. In both cases, you need to stretch your calf muscle before you start any exercise.

Foot Shape

People with high arches are common. Sadly this abnormal shape of the foot results in uneven distribution of body weight on your foot. It ends up having to tear the plantar fascia ligament.


The natural reaction of our body is that it gets weaker with age. It applies to each organ and muscle of the human body. Which also includes the plantar fasciitis ligament. People who have reached 40 years of age can develop plantar fasciitis due to a fragile plantar fascia ligament.

Poor Walking Pattern

Our body is designed in a way that if we walk normally then it distributes the weight in a more appropriate way on the foot. Unfortunately, most people tend to walk either hip-forwarding or head-forwarding. And both of the postures are bad for your foot. Which usually puts stress on your feet and forms plantar fasciitis in the long run. 

A shoe with poor arch support

People often forget that they need to wear the appropriate shoes during their training sessions. Shoes that do not provide an ample amount of arch support for your feet will eventually help to build up the plantar fasciitis problem.

Should you ride a cycle if you have plantar fasciitis?

One of the plus points of cycle riding is its low-impact exercise which puts less pressure compared to other types of exercise.

When the question is about whether can you ride a cycle with plantar fasciitis, then the simple and short answer would be no. But if you follow some specific techniques while wearing shoes that provide optimum level support then you can cycle with a free mind.

Your cycling shoe has to be firm and cleats to settle properly with the pedal for smooth riding.

One of the worst things cyclists do is to ride in a low saddle position. Which eventually hurts your feet. You should keep your saddle in a position so that during full leg extension your leg remains straight.

Another technique you should follow is to keep your feet parallel with the bike’s direction. Make sure your toes are not pointing inward or outward. You should also keep your feet on the center of the pedal during pedaling to eliminate any extra pressure on your heels.

Why should you get cycling shoes for plantar fasciitis?

Though cycling is a low-impact exercise compared to running or jumping. You don’t need to put much weight on your feet because of the sitting position. However, it requires a good amount of effort to keep spinning the pedal.

The first reason you need cycling shoes for plantar fasciitis is that if you don’t have proper cycling shoes then you have to put more pressure to transfer energy to the pedal. An appropriate cycling shoe will require less effort for smooth and fast pedaling.

The second reason is that, if the shoe does not pack with an ample amount of cushioning it would put more stress during pedaling on your foot. 

The third reason is that a good cycling shoe keeps the feet well locked to the pedal, which helps to reduce the pressure on the heel, calf muscles, and center foot. And, that’s something you just need to keep your plantar fasciitis at the lowest level.

The final reason is the proper snug fitting and no slipping issue. During the ride, if your feet continuously slip due to less fitting and less toe space then it will sore up the plantar fasciitis pain. This is why you need an excellent cycling shoe for plantar fasciitis.

What to avoid in a shoe if you have plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a serious foot problem that limits your sports activity and hampers your normal movement. 

If you are serious about saying goodbye or keeping this problem under control then you should avoid wearing shoes with the following features:

  1. A shoe that offers less amount of arch support.
  2. Shoes that have too tight or too loose heel counters.
  3. Cycling shoes that lack stability during the ride.
  4. Flexible but not too flexible shoes.
  5. Missing the appropriate amount of cushioning inside the shoe.
  6. The midsole of the sneakers is not sturdy enough to transfer energy.
  7. Absence of enough width of the shoe.

Some people try to put a full stop to cycling if they encounter plantar fasciitis. It’s not mandatory to put cycling and plantar fasciitis on two opposite scales. Rather avoid the stuff mentioned on the upper list and stay active.

How to keep your feet safe from plantar fasciitis?

Most of the foot problems are curable and plantar fasciitis is one of them. Following the proper guideline and treating your feet with some treatment you can keep yourself safe from plantar fasciitis.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

If you are overweight you should try to keep your weight within the normal level. A large number of people get plantar fasciitis because of their extra weight. The extra weight of your body puts immense pressure on your plantar fascia ligament and makes it weak plus inflamed.

Using the right shoe

When you use the perfect shoe for plantar fasciitis there remain few chances of forming this problem. If you use a shoe that’s packed with a high-level cushion, provides enough hill support, fits your feet like a glove, midsole gives enough bounce or energy transfer, and has proper traction shoe then the chance of developing plantar fasciitis will become very low.

Use arch support

When you use arch support it will ensure a nice and even distribution of weight on your feet. Which ultimately reduces pressure on your plantar fasciitis ligament. 

Exercise to do if you have plantar fasciitis

Every muscle has some sort of stretch and exercise for healing. For plantar fasciitis problem, you can follow the exercise explained below :

Toe Stretching

This exercise is easy to do. All you have to do is to point your toes outwards then slowly bring them inwards. Keep repeating this movement 15-25 times. 

Sand Walking

Usually, when you walk on a hard surface like concrete pavement or road it creates pressure on your feet. But when you start walking on sand it will put pressure on your calf and toe. In the long run, it would benefit a lot. 

Heel Raise

Another beneficial exercise for your plantar fasciitis. This exercise will increase the strength of the plantar fasciitis ligament if done properly and regularly. 

Just stand on the stairs using the ball of your foot. Now slowly raise onto your toes, then slowly lower your back foot but ensure the heel doesn’t get in contact with the floor. 

For the best result, you can do 3 sets with 10 reps each. 

Calf Stretching

Calf stretching would be a great exercise to keep your plantar fasciitis under control. 

The process is easy, all you have to do is to stand in front of a wall. Lean forward towards the wall and try to keep your back as straight as possible.

While doing this you will feel a stretch inside your calf muscle. This stretch would ultimately help to reduce your plantar fasciitis inflammation.

Seated Toe Towel Scrunches

This one is probably the easiest exercise but is highly effective for plantar fasciitis. First, sit on a chair maintaining an upright position. Your one foot would be resting on a towel. 

Now spread your toes. Then curl your toes to scrunch and bring the towel close to you. Do this movement 10 times for a single set. For good results, do 2 sets in a day.

The ball rolling on the foot

You can do this exercise by standing or sitting on a chair. Take a tennis ball or golf ball then start rolling it using your bottom feet.

Place your toe on the ball then go back and forth rolling the ball. This will help to loosen up the stiffness of your plantar fascia tissue and let it stretch over time. 


Plantar fasciitis is not an easy-to-carry problem when you belong to the sports community. It can make you sit for months if you ignore the issue.

You are lucky that currently on the market many shoes are available that are packed with plantar fasciitis-friendly features like proper arch support, high-level padding- cushioning, heel support, high energy transferability, and impact absorbent features.

Keep your focus on the exercise and preventive measures I mentioned earlier to reduce the plantar fasciitis pain. 

I hope you have already got the best cycling shoe for plantar fasciitis which will bring a big smile to your foot and bring back the past cycling performance. 

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