Just like how exams test our academic knowledge, marathons are the test of our overall fitness and stamina. One such marathon event is the 10K event, which is increasingly popular nowadays. 

While an extraordinary training regime can give you remarkable fitness, having well-made running shoes helps out with the process. Training with the best running shoes for 10k running would save you time and energy, allowing you to make the best preparations.

Today, I’m going to introduce a collection of the best running shoes for 10K training that will help you prepare better for your marathon. Hope it works for you! 

Running Shoes For 10k Training: Best 10 Shoes

Running shoes aren’t just your regular shoes, they are built exactly for the sole reason: intense workouts. 

We are thankful to the amazing team of engineers who created these amazing shoes that offer superior traction, durability, excellent airflow, adequate flexibility, and on-point cushioning to enhance your performance by a lot.

Unfortunately, you might be confused by the information about the top 10k running shoes since many people are claiming they’re the best. It’s pretty complicated to filter out.

But I am here for you! I have researched and singled out 10 extremely comfortable yet high-functioning running shoes for 10K training that will go with you the extra mile!

So let’s not waste time and meet them! 



The ADIDAS ULTRABOOST 21 running shoe is a durable running shoe that will allow you to experience a cushioned ride.  

Unlike many other shoes, this one comes with soft cushioning on both the forefoot and heel sections which keeps your feet in the proper comfort zone. Along with that, you will get a good amount of stability on both the front and back of the ULTRABOOST 21.

Besides, the long-lasting translucent Continental rubber outsole, the Boost midsole, and the Primeknit upper make the ULTRABOOST 21 an outstanding durable shoe. Also, you will get a high level of traction on versatile surfaces.

When it comes to fitting, the ULTRABOOST 21 is quite secure with a Sock-Like Fit. And, you won’t face any tongue sliding or heel slipping. The heel cup is secure plus this shoe provides moderate level arch support for the user. The midfoot of the shoe gives you a great lock adding more advantage during the run.

Moreover, both the toe box and midfoot are shallow and narrow but you won’t experience any problems when running. Sadly this shoe does not offer you a good breathability feature which is a big drawback for summer runs. 

For safety, you get enough response and the credit goes to the Boost midsole. Adding to that, the ample amount of flexibility lets you train with a more natural pattern stride. The weight of the ULTRABOOST 21 is pretty heavy and is a big downside.

Evaluating both plus and minus, the ADIDAS ULTRABOOST 21 would be an excellent choice! 


  • Cushiony plus a good stable ride
  • Durability is a mind-blowing plus very responsive ride
  • Flexible & moderate arch support
  • Sock-like fit, secure heel cup
  • Continental rubber outsole ensures excellent traction


  • Heavy shoes compare to others
  • Limited airflow

2. Asics Metaracer

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When your aim is to buy a running shoe for a 10k run, the low-profile speed Asics Men’s Metaracer deserves to be among the best 10k running shoes due to its exceptional comfort features.

The Asics Metaracer has a synthetic and meshed upper that allows air to flow smoothly which keeps your feet ultracool.

In addition to that, the FlyteFoam midsole ensures high-level bounce back plus responsiveness during your 10k run. You will get an immense level of stability during your training session with the Asics Metaracer. 

Plus, the outsole which is made of hard carbon rubber & softer blown rubber will give you a tremendous level of traction. The wide toe box will ensure you can have a delightful running experience without any toe pain.

The lightweight and excellent fit of the Asics Metaracer makes it extremely safe for long-term use. This shoe runs true to size, along with that, you will get ultra cushioning inside the shoe, especially on the heel and forefoot. 

Furthermore, the heel-to-toe transition is excellent but the width of the forefoot is too narrow. This carbon-plated shoe helps to run faster without losing momentum.

Though you get a snug fit around the collar and the heel cup feels good. Unlike many other shoes, the Asics Metarcer does not require a break-in period, you get an instant fit. If you are a heel striker then this shoe will wear quite fast.

Taking everything into consideration, purchasing the Asics Men’s Metaracer shoe would be a great investment!


  • Cushiony plus a good stable ride
  • The outstanding stability, carbon plated & true to size
  • Excellent traction, great fitting & ample size toe box
  • Awesome shoes for long runs with premium cushioning
  • Continental rubber outsole ensures excellent traction


  • The width of the forefoot is confined
  • Not best for a heel striker

3. ASICS Men’s Hyper Speed


The ASICS Men’s Hyper Speed running shoe is a lightweight shoe that’s suitable for a 10k run. In addition to its minimalist design, this shoe offers outstanding comfort, making it more user-friendly over time.

The first thing you will notice is the fashionable design of the shoe. The bike has the look of a racing pro and it performs similarly on the track. You will be very happy with the flexibility of the ASICS Hyper Speed.

Plus, the anti-slip compound of the rubber outsole provides a high-level grip. The ASICS Hyperspeed runs true to size and you will find the Fox quite roomy for a comfortable ride. Unfortunately, the midfoot of the shoe is a bit narrow. 

In addition to that, the mesh-engineered upper ensures wonderful breathability which keeps your feet cool all the way until the finish line. Thankfully, the stability of the ASICS Hyper Speed is awesome which adds an advantage during sharp cornering.

While the shoe ensures a snug fit on both collar and tongue,it appears with the downside of the less responsive ride. Most of the materials of this shoe will give you a kind of plush ride.

Besides, the heel cup is secure and padded nicely which makes it more comfortable. In terms of durability, the ASICS Hyper Speed has the upper hand. The stiff collar of the heel area and the wide tongue flap ensure an ultra-secure fit during faster running.

When you weigh the pros and cons, I think the ASICS Men’s Hyper Speed would be the best running shoes for 5k and 10k.


  • Lightweight plus superb breathability
  • High-level grip with mind-boggling stability
  • Ample size toe box, stylish looking and reasonable price
  • Comfortable padding, snug-fitting 
  • Plush ride, flexible & highly durable


  • The Midfoot area is quite narrow
  • Responsiveness of the shoe is extremely low

4. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

The ultra-stylish Adidas Adizero Adios Pro shoes come with lots of features that make them desirable shoes for long-run training like 10k.

That’s right, these Marathon running shoes were designed in a way that would give you an excellent level of bounce plus legendary level response during the ride. This helps you to run for a long time without using much energy. 

In addition to that, the mesh upper engineered of the Adios Pro shoe makes the ride less warm due to the high air ventilation system. This shoe is not suitable for people with narrow feet and heel strikers. The toe box of the shoe is appropriate and helps nicely.

Besides, the lightweight of the shoe and the smooth heel-to-toe transition allow the runner to hit the finish line with ultra comfort. The tongue of the shoe tends to slide down during running is an irritating feature of this shoe.

Moreover, the rubber outsole of the Adios Pro bites the ground during the run. And you’ll get high traction on both wet & dry surfaces. The durability of the shoe is moderate and the carbon plate gives you a snappy feeling on the forefoot which is good for slow-paced long runs.

Furthermore, you will receive a good amount of stability during the run due to the firm and low midsole stack height. Also, the heel padding is nice and you will enjoy a secure fit from the fine-quality lacing system. 

As a whole, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro shoe is a great purchase for a 10k training session. 


  • Enjoyable bouncy ride with a good vent system
  • Excellent for long-running session
  • Enough toe space, lightweight, and outstanding traction
  • Secure fitting, ultra-stylish plus superb stability
  • Durable plus good quality lace


  • The tongue tends to slide a bit downward
  • Not suitable for narrow-feet runners

5. Mizuno Wave Rider 25

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

The Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is a classic-looking comfortable shoe that would be highly suitable for a 10k training period.

For your ultimate comfort, the upper of the shoe is built with fine-ventilated and thin engineered mesh. So, your feet stay cool during the training. In addition to that, the Waver Rider 25 runs true to size and provides a superior fitting.

Plus, the Mizuno wave plate ensures the cut-off has a high amount of impact and lets the user run with good stability. It also features good cushioning. Unfortunately, the heel-to-toe drop is too much and not suitable for most of the runners.

Besides, the rubber outsole of the Wave Rider 25 is highly durable and ensures a tremendous amount of traction during the run. Speaking of the flexibility of the shoe, it will simply allow you to use your natural foot stretching during your training.

Moreover, the lightweight design and the high energy return will enhance the overall running experience. As a new rider, you will find the Wave Rider 25 perfect fitting at the first use as it does not need a break-in period.

Furthermore, the padded heel collar & tongue give a snug fit. Even the toe room of the room has the perfect amount of space for toe movement. The sole beneath the forefoot has less amount of cushioning is a major drawback.

To put it all in one sentence, I can say that going for the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 would be a good call!


  • Durable outsole plus excellent grip
  • Superb breathability with comfortable upper mesh
  • Good energy return, high stability & sizeable toe room
  • Flexible, wonderful fitting & enough padding


  • Heel-to-toe drop is not ideal for most runners
  • Forefoot sole cushioning is not an ample amount

6. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 would be a brilliant shoe for a 10k run. Thanks to the deluxe cushioning that will let you feel fancy running with ultra comfort. 

Plus, the built-in full-length Zoom Air Unit helps to train & run with excellent responsiveness from the shoe. You will find the Pegasus 36 to be a  highly breathable pair of running shoes 10k. 

Also, the carbon rubber outsole will provide you with wonderful traction which increases the safety of your feet. When it comes to stability, the Pegasus 36 is just on the point to give you its best! 

Moreover, the fusion of both EVA midsole foam and the rubber outsole increases the overall durability. 

You will love the cozy fitting and the collar of the shoe will provide a snug fit. Speaking of the cushioning, you will feel the padding on both your heel and forefoot. 

This outstanding shoe also provides a good level of arch support and the toe box is slightly narrow but that won’t be hard on your toes. Unfortunately, the forefoot of the Pegasus 36 feels a bit tighter.

The Pegasus 36 runs true to size and the flexibility of the sole is also good giving you an edge for stress-free running. Sadly the collar of the shoe takes a bit of time to break in and might form blisters if you use it without socks.

Overall the Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is a multi-function shoe that can easily be on the first row when it comes to the top among the Nike 10k shoes! 


  • High durability plus high traction 
  • Secure fitting with top-grade cushioning
  • Extremely stable & true to size
  • Good arch support plus excellent responsiveness
  • Flexible and cozy


  • The ankle collar does not feel right instantly
  • Forefoot runs pretty narrowly

7. Brooks Ghost 13

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The Brooks Ghost 13 shoe can be the right call for your upcoming 10k race. Because this shoe comes with high-grade soft cushioning, it gives you a plush ride.

Plus, these running shoes for 10k will also ensure a mind-boggling stable ride. Along with that, the Segmented Crash Paf will absorb a huge portion of shocks from the ground.

In terms of breathability, the upper mesh of the shoe works really well which is great for a sweat-free ride. 

Speaking of the fitting, the Ghost 13 will provide a secure fitting on both the midfoot and the heel side. The plush heel increases comfort while the secure heel cup increases safety.

Besides, the rubber outsole of the Ghost 13 assures wonderful traction. The flex grooves of the sole help a lot during stride as you will be able to run with a natural gait. Though the toe box comes with quite a big size, the forefoot of the shoe runs a bit narrow.

In addition to that, BioMoGo DNA cushioning of the midsole assists the runner in enjoying a springy ride while utilizing the maximum energy return. Sadly Ghost 13 is not a very durable shoe.

Furthermore, the Ghost 13 runs true to size but sadly the tongue of the shoe slights a bit during the run. The shoelace length is precise, not too long nor short, and works pretty well.

After weighing up all the benefits and drawbacks of the Ghost 13, purchasing it for a 10k training would be a smart move without any doubt!


  • Ultra-stable ride plus incredible shock absorption
  • Terrific breathability, secure heel cup
  • Wonderful traction, big toe box & secure fit
  • Good energy return, proper cushioning
  • Flexible & precis shoelace length


  • Durability is an extremely low standard
  • My forefoot feels a bit shallow

8. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11


The New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11 shoe is a peerless comfortable shoe that would be appropriate for your 10k training. 

You will be dazzled with the stylish look and the vibrant color of the shoe. It was made to serve a mind-boggling level of comfort for the user. The firm rubber outsole of the shoe not only provides a high-level grip but also ensures a good amount of shock absorption during the run.

In addition to that, the upper mesh of the New Balance 1080 V11 provides excellent breathability. The flexibility of the shoe is jaw-dropping and also comes with a larger size toe box.

Unlike many other shoes, the New Balance 1080 V11 will give you an excellent level of responsiveness which makes it perfect footwear for long-running sessions.

Besides, the fitting of the shoe is also secure and it hugs your feet nicely. This shoe provides very good support for flat feet runners. Along with that, the heel cup, collar, and tongue keep your feet in comfort.

Moreover, the lightweight of the shoe makes it more comfortable to use. However, the stability of the New Balance 1080 V11 is very low. 

In addition, the materials used make it a very durable product. Unfortunately, the midfoot area of the shoe is tight for a lot of people. In that case, you might need a shoe for wide feet instead.

All in all, the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11 would be a great pick for 10k training.


  • Ultra-level responsive ride
  • High flexiciliti plus good shock avsorption
  • Stylish-looking, lightweight, and comfortable cushioning
  • Secure fitting with good support for flat feet
  • A sturdy shoe with an outstanding grip


  • Stability during corner is really low
  • The midfoot zone is weirdly narrow


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The SAUCONY EXCURSION TR11 shoe is a comfortable shoe that comes at an extremely cheap rate. The lightweight and cushioning of the shoe bring it to the limelight of the fitness community and it deserves a good rank for 10k training.

First of all, the upper mesh of the Excursion TR11 has terrific breathability which is great for long training. You will find the shoe extremely friendly for summertime running.

Regarding the support, you will find it as a great shoe that comes with well-made IMEVA cushioning. You will enjoy a nice cushioning on both the heel and forefoot of the shoe. 

Furthermore, the IMEVA midsole also delivers a good amount of responsiveness that helps to continue the long-running sessions without fatigue. In addition to that, the high buffer cushioning cuts off landing impact and keeps your joints safe.

Speaking of traction, the abrasion-resistant rubber outsole ensures a high-level grip on different tracks. Sad to say, the durability of the Excursion TR11 is very low.

Though the sole feels stiffer that helps for stability during the run plus it also ensures proper stability. However, this stiffness comes with the cost of not letting it run with enough flexibility.

Furthermore, the fitting of the Excursion TR11 is excellent and it provides a glove-like fitting. The padded tongue and ankle collar will keep your feet secure and cozy.

Considering the bright and dark side, the SAUCONY EXCURSION TR11 would be a profitable purchase for your 10k training.


  • Ultra breathability with a highly responsive ride
  • Lightweight & cheaper price tag
  • Comfortable, excellent traction, and ample cushioning
  • Secure & gloves like the fit
  • Stable ride plus a cozy


  • Flexibility is poor
  • Durability is way lower than the standard

10. ASICS Women’s GEL Kayano 27 Running Shoes

ASICS Women’s GEL Kayano 27 Running Shoes

The ASICS Women’s GEL Kayano 27 running shoe is a combination of robust build and cozy wear which makes it one of the best 10k shoes you can buy for your next race.

Speaking of durability, the Kayano 27 is simply fantastic. The high-level stability of the shoe will add value to your training and final race.

Plus, the design of the shoe is ultra-stylish and it also comes with awesome breathability. Which helps to use it for 10k runs without any hassle during summertime. The heel & upper part of the Kayano 27 will give you a nice snug and secure fit during a run.

Besides, the cushioning is so nicely done that your whole training session will be a plush ride. Not only that, you won’t face any toe fatigue due to the adequate amount of toe room. In terms of flexibility, this shoe helps a lot during training.

Moreover, the outsole of the Kayano 27 will provide you mind-boggling grip during the run. You will get a high amount of traction in both wet and dry tracks. Though you get good control, one area of lagging is the heavy weight of the shoe. 

Furthermore, you will get an ample amount of bounce while running due to the FLYTEFOAM Propel cushioning feature. Along with that, the GEL technology cushioning will ensure less amount of impact on your overall leg muscles which is crucial for the long run. 

Compared to other competitors of the Kayano 27, the price is on high-end. But the bells and whistles of the shoe make it a great buy!


  • Durable & stylish design
  • Secure fit plus ultra breathability
  • Excellent traction with adequate bounce
  • Flexible, wide toe area & GEL technology reduce the impact
  • Plush ride with proper stability


  • Comparatively heavier pair
  • High cost shoe

Types of running shoes

Most of the products that we use for our regular life come with different classifications. Especially when it’s related to sports and physical activity we get to see more variation.

In this case, running shoes are no exception. On a major scale, running shoes are mostly available in different types. Let’s explore…

Cushioned Shoes

Typically the cushioned shoes are packed with tons of cushioning to ensure a full plush ride for the runners. These shoes have an amazing shock-absorbing ability in both the outsole and midsole areas. 

Furthermore, lightweight shoes are recommended for runners who have high arches. 

Stability Shoes

These types of shoes are perfect for runners who have neutral feet. Runners with normal arches need these types of shoes. Because this shoe comes with a mix of good midsole cushioning and an ample amount of support.

Pronation is a natural movement of humans during physical activity such as running, however, overpronation can cause serious problems.

And, stability shoes play an excellent role in preventing the runner from overpronation by providing arch & ankle support during running.

Trail Shoes

These are perfect long-distance running shoes for runners who go for a long run in versatile terrain. Trail shoes are a kind of hybrid of running shoes and hiking shoes. Along with that, they provide high support, adequate stability, and enough protection.

The major feature of the trail shoes is a top-notch grip on softer, muddier, uneven, and slippery tracks. Another feature is the foot secure around your ankle and tongue area of the shoe. 

Lightweight Shoes

It’s preferable for runners who often go for speed races like sprints, intervals, etc. Lightweight shoes are tailored with less foam and cushioning beneath the feet. Which assists to run more naturally with dynamic motion.

Lightweight shoes are not recommended for runners with any serious foot injury.

Neutral Shoes

Neutral running sneakers are appropriate for the runner who doesn’t have the problem of overpronation.

Mostly, they are lightweight, come with a lower help, and with ultra cushioning on the heel side. 

Motion Control Shoes

Motion-control shoes are highly recommended for those runners who have too many arches and have overpronation problems. 

Prime characteristics of these shoes are ultra stability, wider soles & rigid shoes compared to the average running shoes.

Minimalist Shoe

Very few people from the sports community choose this for running. These shoes have a zero-drop heel-to-toe, ultra flexibility, a very wide toe box, no extra cushioning, and an extremely close-to-ground feel.

These shoes will increase your ankle stability during running but will not provide any extra support. 

Buying Guide

Just as you check some factors before vacation by making sure you have enough backup money, saving, and the perfect business leave for a few days, the same goes for your 10k training shoes.

Before purchasing your 10k training shoes some factors need to be checked thoroughly to get the best result.

High-Quality Air Flow

It’s natural plus normal that after running for a while due to the friction of the surface and the shoe your feet start getting hot. And, here comes the need for a well-qualified breathable shoe. 

A high-end breathable shoe will prevent moisture build-up plus sweating of your feet. As well as keeping your foot ultra-cool during 10k training.


For 10k training, you have to run a lot to ensure a good result in your final race. Weekly 15-35 miles running is a very common trend among runners who prepare themselves for a 10k race. 

Here comes the requirement of the durability of the shoe. From moderate to high-level durable running shoes would be okay for the 10k training.

Toe room

When you think of the room just like any other type of race you will need a running shoe that offers an ample amount of space for toe movement.

A narrow and tight toe room makes your toe collapse plus your feet fatigued easily. As a result, running becomes painful. 

Compact and light

The pattern of the training for a 10k run is to run for more than one hour at a time to keep yourself ready for the race. Wearing a heavyweight shoe on your foot won’t help, rather it slows you down quite a bit. 

On the contrary, a lightweight shoe makes your feet lighter during the run which makes your feet less fatigued. 


You don’t need a high-level flexible pair of shoes for long-running training. But at least a moderate level of flexibility is a must. Without minimal flexibility, you won’t be able to do your training smoothly.

The top benefit of a flexible shoe is that it assists you to keep on running with your foot’s natural movement. 


Another important aspect you must keep on your list before ordering your shoe. It’s a very normal attribute of any track or surface of different terrain plus snaky road which sometimes requires sharp cornering. And that’s why shoes with remarkable stability is crucial for a 10k training shoe.


Any shoe that has good responsiveness allows the runner to generate a faster stride with more energy. Which helps in a solid way to beat the target time. 

When we talk about buying 10k shoes, you need moderate to high-level responsive shoes to finish your training fluently.


Can you even imagine yourself on a rough muddy surface or even a slippery road without a high-traction shoe? That would be a nightmare, Right?

Moderate to high-level traction is important for a 10k training as you will face a variety of terrain during your main race.


An improper fitting will simply increase the risk of injury. When running, you need shoes with a snug fit that will prevent your feet from slipping. Moreover, blisters should not form or there should be no extra pressure on the feet.


There’s no point in buying a shoe and spending hundreds of dollars if it can’t give you comfort. A comfortable shoe usually means one has overall nice padding inside the shoe.

For 10k training a moderate-level cushioning shoe would be best because they won’t be too heavy plus keep your ride a plush one.

The benefit of using a dedicated running shoe

A Runner’s shoe is something that has to be close to perfect to maximize both the benefits in terms of performance and healthy feet. 

You will get some extra benefits while using the dedicated shoe for your 10k training. 

Protection of foot

The midsole cushioning that you get in the shoe plays a crucial role in running comfort. According to experts, the cushioning of the midsole reduces the overall stress on the heel, toes plus ankles. 

It’s not only limited to that, you also get long-term benefits from saving yourself from developing back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

A dedicated running shoe improves your overall mechanism during your long run and increases the overall safety of your health.

Improve your athletic performance

From the proper comfort and protection, you as a runner will find that after wearing the right shoe your performance will increase gradually.

You can even have a check after buying the right pair of shoes. For example, if you need high arch support and you bought a shoe that would provide that then that’s a huge advantage. Consequently, if your feet are wider and you buy a proper width shoe you will notice the extra advantage during training time.

Require less effort

When you purchase a shoe that has got every feature you need and most of them will rank an 8/10 then you will require less amount of effort during running.

Because the dedicated and appropriate shoe for your feet will not feel heavy, less responsive. wibbly, less supportive, slippery, etc. As a result, you can take lots of leverage to hit the training with full effort.

Prevent overpronation & fix supination

In case you as a racer have an overpronation problem the right shoe can tackle this issue during the long run which lowers the chances of forming shin splints and plantar fasciitis etc. 

Even if you have problems with supination the dedicated running shoe will counter that by giving support.

Arch Support

Each person has its type of foot shape. Some people have flat feet some do not. Arch support adds a huge advantage during your training session and also in the main race.

Runners with high arches can also reap the advantage of the right shoe. 

End of story

Only people with a high passion usually go for a 10k running event. For that, you have to go through extensive 10k training. 

And to get the best during training plus uplifting your performance, you need a great pair of shoes that would support you from all corners.

I hope that you have already got your desired best running shoes for 10k training that would skyrocket your performance to a different level.

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