Best Running Shoe For Forefoot Strikers – Reviews with FAQs

Between the three types of strikers, forefoot one struggles a lot with buying shoes. A lot of running shoes tend to have a thin upper on the front side. Due to that, landing on the front often breaks the shoe.

There has to be a solution to this, right? Of course, there is. There are plenty of solution actually. Let’s talk about the easiest solution. How about you buy a good pair of shoes? I know, that’s the obvious one.

But how do you find the best running shoe for forefoot strikers? That’s a big ask, isn’t it? Sure, it is. But we can make that task easier. Stick around to find out.

What is Forefoot Striking?

While running, you land a part of the foot first. For some it’s their heel, for others it’s the middle of their feet, and for the rest, it’s the front of their feet. Thus, the name forefoot striker. There are plenty of running shoes available on the market, but all of them are not forefoot strike running shoes.

When you put all the pressure on the front of your leg, the shoe needs to absorb the shock and make sure it doesn’t bend in such a way that breaks the show. That’s why sneakers are bad for running. You might break them without enjoying them properly.

Is Good Pair of Shoes Mandatory for Forefoot Striking?

In short, yes. It’s absolutely necessary to go for a good pair of running shoes if you are a forefoot striker. You have no idea how much it will change your running experience. Will make you enjoy running more and keep your feet free from accidents.

Good pair of running shoes will last you for a good time as well. Won’t break down on you anytime soon.

1. Brooks Ghost 13


Brooks shoes are widely preferred by runners and casual joggers. They make great pairs of shoes for all sorts of strikers. Ghost 13 is preferred by the forefoot striker for the wide and stable front side of the shoe.

The neutral support on this shoe provides high energizing cushioning. From toe to heel, the cushioning on this shoe is insanely good and comfortable. It’s ideal for running, cross-training, the gym, or whatever you might want to do. They are good for trailing and off-road as well. A worthy successor of Ghost 12.

BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning on the insole and midsole makes the shoe feel extremely comfortable. It also keeps the weight down to a minimal. Giving you the best possible experience without breaking your legs. Brooks should be proud of their technologies. It did change the perspective on running shoes for better.

What makes this one of the best running shoes for forefoot striker is the Segmented crash pad. It’s an integrated system for shock-absorbing. No matter how you land your feet, it will cushion your ever step and make a smooth heel to toe transition.

Can you wash them?

Yes, they are hand washable. But don’t pour too much water or submerge them. It will take a long time for them to dry off. Don’t put them inside any machine either. That will break them. You can’t repair the machine damage.

What is the origin country of this shoe?

They are made in the USA. Brooks shoe also goes through a QC check in the USA. If they don’t pass the QC check on USA, they don’t go through sales to customer. You don’t need to worry about their quality or customer service.

Are they better than Ghost 12?

That’s a solid question. They are not better per say. But they do have slight appearance and inside changes on them. But ultimately Ghost 13 and 12 are nearly same. Just slight appearance and a bit of cushion cover changes.

Are they for men or women?

They are fit for men. They are sized according to men’s feet. They are not universal. That can be a deal-breaker for a lot of you.

2. Saucony Kinvara 12


The sheer number of patterns and colors Kinvara 12 is available in is absurd! You will feel like a kid in candy store while browsing for the Kinvara 12. Besides having a ton of colors and patterns, Kinvara has a tons of good features as well.

Kinvara is made out of double materials. Instead of sticking to mesh or synthetic only, it features a combination of the both. There is a fine balance of synthetic and mesh fabric. Upper of the shoe is made with good precision and material. Mesh fabric on the top is breathable. It makes your feet feel relaxed and less sweaty. It works similar to a quick dry mesh fabric.

Where the real magic happen is inside the shoe. Neutral fitting with proper cushioning helps a lot during running. As the weight is balanced and the sole has neutral shock absorbing capabilities, it’s quite suitable for forefoot strikers. When you land on the front of your feet, the shoe will bend a bit. That’s natural. But it won’t break overtime or have a crease on the bent position.

Durable build quality with good cushioning makes it a good choice for forefoot strikers. You don’t often see forefoot striking shoes with durable housing.

Are these good for tread machine?

They are excellent for tread machine. The rubber grip provides a good traction between the shoe and machine. You can run on a machine for a long-time wearing these shoes. As they don’t get too sweaty, they are your perfect workout companion.

Is the insole removable?

Yes, the insole is removable. You can change it for even softer insole if you so wish. For most, the stock insole is fine. But having the opportunity to change it down the line is helpful as well.

Are they light?

They are extremely light and breathable. Even if you have sweaty feet, Kinvara will soak in the sweat and keep your feet breathing. Nothing feels better than a fresh and breathing mesh running shoe.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 22


Wave Rider 22 from Mizuno is a pair of running shoes made for Women. It’s a perfect fit for them. Comes in different sizes for you to choose as well. What makes Waver Rider 22 so good is the neutral sole with good shock absorbing cushioning.

U4ic midsole with soft heel center is extremely comfortable. It will feel like you are walking on top of a cushion made from feather. Instead of giving harsh and rough feedback like boots or some other shoes, Wave Rider 22 gives a good feel while walking and running.

Waver Rider 22 is suitable for running, exercising, trailing, and anything you could think off. Outsole of the shoe is made out of rubber. It has good grip to it and has very interesting engravings. They grab on to the ground and provides you with good traction and balance. You won’t fee like you are slipping off while running on a trail. Sudden shocks from rocks are handled quite well.

Front of the shoe has a good amount of cushioning with breathable mesh upper. It can bend quite well. You won’t see any creases from running fast with forefoot strike. That’s a good thing. That’s what we are looking for. A great pair of running shoes for forefoot striking.

What is an articulated heel zone?

There are flex grooves in the heel of the of the shoe. The heel is built at a slight angle to create a more natural landing. That rolls through the toe off phase. To simply put, the jumps and running on this shoe feels more natural.

Can you wear them without socks?

They are running shoes, they are not meant to be worn without socks like sneakers. Sure, they have breathable cushion and fabric. But you shouldn’t wear them without socks. But you can certainly wear them without a pair of socks.

Are they washable?

You can carefully wash them with your hand and some soap. Don’t even think about putting them inside a washing machine. You will damage the shoes quite harshly. Might even end up damaging your washer.



ASICS NOVABLAST 2 looks extremely appealing as a pair of running shoes. The aesthetic of the shoes are quite nice and they go well with dresses as well. Giving you the opportunity to use them for things besides running.

To make it a good running shoe, ASICS put a lot of thoughts behind the soles. There is a heel stabilizer present on the shoe that helps support the foot better. It creates a more balanced stride. Giving you a full walking experience. Specially, if you enjoy running on your heels, you will love this pair of shoes too much.

But we are here to find out the best running shoe for forefoot striker, right? Well, yes. But you are missing the point. A good heel support will result in a better sole and stride balance. Making it feel better on whatever position you keep your feet on. To put it even simply, you can use this as forefoot strike shoe and do very good job at that.

FF blast technology provides lightweight cushioning. I know this shoe looks bulky and heavy. But it’s quite lightweight. The bulk is from the cushioning. Breathable cushioning is very comfortable to wear for a long time.

Does this shoe feel bouncy?

I’m glad you asked. Yes! They feel extremely bouncy. FF blast and trampoline inspired outsole provides a very good rebound and responsive bounce back. It also makes the shoe viable for trails and off-road running. Pebbles and rocks won’t be able to break your balance either.

Are they washable?

They are somewhat washable. Machine and submerging is totally out of the question. Wiping them with soapy water or using an old brush to rub off debris is a very good method of cleaning this shoe. But the mesh might absorb some water. You will need to dry it off thoroughly after washing.

Are these sized for men?

Yes, they are sized for man. The arch design and width of the shoe is based on men’s feet size.

5. New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2


I can bet you have watched at least one ad of Rebel v2 by now. They are very well-known running shoes from New Balance. When it comes to quality and customer service, New Balance is as good as it gets. Not a lot of company can be as bold as new balance.

FuelCell Rebel V2 was made for professional and causal runners. FuelCell foam was used inside the Rebel V2 cushioning walls. The foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward. V2 foams are even more responsive and bouncy compared to V1 Rebel. They provide great traction as well.

Speaking of traction, the bottom outsole of the shoe is made out of rubber. It’s great for trails and mild off-roading. You can go uphill with them as well. They have enough grip to not drop you flat on a rainy day.

Deconstructed heel counter provides a more natural support and saves a lot of weight. Without adding extra weight for padding or heel support, the heel counter has a light weight base with same level support. As the mid and insole of this has great shock absorbing capabilities, it’s a very good pair of running shoe for forefoot striker. You won’t see any noticeable crease or breaking marks on the shoe anytime soon.

Is the mesh breathable?

Yes, the upper mesh on the shoe is breathable. They are not as fast as some other pure meshes. But they are still very fast and quite similar to a quick-dry mesh system.

Are they sized for men?

Yes, you can find the information about the size and size chart on New Balance’s website. They are specifically designed based on men’s feet. Due to this, they are not the best choice for women or children. You might find them a bit loose.

Are they heavy?

No, they are quite lightweight. The weight of FuelCell Rebel v2 is only 7.2 oz. That’s extremely light for a forefoot running shoe.

6. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5


Clifton 5 running shoes are made by Hoka One One for women. They are sized for women’s fit and they fit on perfectly. There aren’t that many running shoes available for women only. The ones that are available either has some insole issues or just not breathable. Making it awkward while wearing for a long-time.

Clifton 5 is HOKA’s attempt to provide the best comfort and fit for women. The past Clifton’s weren’t without controversy. This was their attempt to answer and amend to those controversies. Think of Clifton 5 as the best of both worlds. With a balance between cushioning and springy ride.

It uses a full-length EVA midsole. On top of that, it also features an upgraded foam package much softer than previous version. Clifton 5 also added a new engineered mesh upper. It’s more breathable and designed to be more comfortable. With a neutral style of sole, Clifton 5 provides a great running and walking experience.

It’s suitable for outdoors and indoor machinery uses. The rubber sole has great traction and it won’t slip on a rainy day. Outsole and midsole o the shoe is very comfortable as well. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s very springy and comfortable feeling sole. Doesn’t matter on what striking category you fall into, you will enjoy Clifton 5 very much.

Are they washable?

They are not washable with a machine. You can wash them with hand with minimal water and soap. But don’t submerge them or leave them on water for long. That can damage the synthetic mesh and make it less breathable. Something we want to avoid.

Is the footbed removable?

Yes, the footbed is removable. You can wear an orthotic instead of the footbed as well. HOKA thought of the people with orthotic before making this pair shoe. That’s for sure.

Are they sized for women?

Yes, this specific pair I mentioned here is designed and sized specifically for women. There is a variant of Clifton 5 available for men as well. But this is not that. This specific version of Clifton 5 is suited for women only.

7. Newton Running Gravity 9


The 9th edition to the Running Gravity series comes with serious improvements over the others. Featuring tons of new features and special tricks, Gravity 9 can be considered as one of the best running shoes for forefoot striker.

Balance of the weight on this shoe is incredibly well-done. Newton really knows how gravity works! Jokes aside, the weight distribution is fire! This pair of shoe was anatomically designed to be more comfortable. Featuring a mesh upper with a seamless construction, it provides a breathable comfortable fit.

Support type on the shoe is neutral. That means, you can use this pair of shoe for any style of striking. Heel, middle, or forefoot. Doesn’t matter at all. With every step you are going to take with this shoe, you are going to have the best experience ever. It feels bouncy enough. It’s not over the top.

Advanced lacing system can fit down to the midfoot. With the neutral support, this can be considered as an excellent pair of midfoot striking shoes as well. Attenuates shock impact cushioning provides a great feeling while doing trails.

Is it available in only one color?

Yes, Gravity 9 is available in only one color. It’s an awesome color. Though color is always personal preference. My opinion doesn’t really matter here.

Can you wash them?

You can certainly try! Just kidding! You can definitely wash them with a bit of water and liquid soap. Don’t try to wash any running shoes with a machine. Don’t leave them submerged for a long time either. Otherwise, the glue of the shoe might come loose.

Is this fit only for men?

Yes, they are designed for men’s legs. You can find the best suited size for you on Newton’s website. They have a huge chart of the shoes hanging there.

Choosing the Best Running Shoe for Forefoot Strikers?

While you can use almost any shoe as running shoe, all of them are not good for forefoot striking. If you keep some things in consideration, then you can buy the best running shoes for you.


Make sure to buy the right size of shoe for you. Smaller sized shoe will cause you a lot of harm. You will have a hard time while using smaller sized shoe as well. Right size of shoe is the key to utmost comfort.


Running shoes has to be light. Otherwise, you will have a hard time going into long jogs. Specially, if you do trail running, then you will have a really hard time walking uphill. Always try to take a pair of running shoe that is lightweight.


Even big brands like Adidas often suffers from QC control. It’s not unheard of. Just make sure that the shoe you are purchasing has a good quality of materials in it. Whether it’s leather or mesh, or textile fabric, the build quality of the shoe has to be good. If the build quality is good then it will last for a long time.


All three soles in a shoe are important. They have their purpose. A soft insole and midsole will provide you a bouncy walking experience. Bouncy experience is really comfortable and fun to walk on.

Final Verdict

See, finding the right running shoe is very hard. I’m well aware that there are plenty of other running shoes available for forefoot strikers. If they were good enough, they would make it to the list. There is a reason why these specific shoes are here and not others.

That’s because these are some of the best running shoes for forefoot strikers. They are very well-made and very comfortable to wear for a long-time. All of them has different characteristics. Their appearance and price varies as well. I will leave the rest up to your personal preference.

Don’t worry, there is no wrong choice here. Go with whichever shoe you liked the most.

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