Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strikers – Reviews with FAQs

Most people’s strides and what part of the foot they land on varies from runner to runner. It can vary while you are running as well. But the part that makes the contact on the ground fast for the most of the time, that tends to stay the same over time.

It’s just becomes a reflex at that point. If you are someone that tends to use the mid of the foot while landing a stride, then you are known as midfoot striker. There are two other types of strikers as well. Front striker and heel striker.

We are going to talk about the benefits of midfoot strike for a bit and find out the best running shoes for midfoot strikers. Without further ado, let’s start.

What is Foot Strike?

We talked about it above for a brief moment. While running, you might not notice but you are placing a part of the foot first. For example, it might be your heel that is making contact with the ground first. For some it’s their toe and some it’s the middle of the feet.

Depending on which one is making the first contact, you fall into either heel striker, midfoot striker, or front striker. Any of them. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It’s just a natural reflex and helps you get an edge in certain type of running.

How Do I Find Out Which Foot Strike I Have?

Honestly, just observe your running yourself. You might want to record a lap of yourself and see which category you fall into. You can take help from others as well. Finding it out will help you select the right shoes for running.

1. Altra Men’s Lone Peak 5

Lone Peak 5 is a pair of running shoes from Altra. It’s available at many different colors and suitable for midfoot strikers. Let’s elaborate on why it’s good for midfoot strikers.

It has a MaxTrac outsole and multi-direction TrailClaw lug pattern for grippy traction and better balance. If you take a look at the side profile and take a look at the sole of the shoe, it has plenty of grip and a robust outsole towards the mid of the outsole.

Ensuring every step you take is nailing on the ground on a straight and calm fashion. Besides that, there is a balanced cushioning platform placed inside the heel and forefoot at the same distance from ground. A perfectly balanced symmetrical weight balance for runners.

Altra has their own name for the midsole. It’s called EGO. It’s a responsive soft cushion that provides an excellent feeling on your feet. All the steps you are about to walk will be extremely comfortable thanks to that. Outside of the shoe is made out of imported materials as well. They are cushiony and extremely durable at the same time.

Is this shoe waterproof?

With quick-dry air mesh and laser cut holes on the upper of the shoe, water won’t stay on the shoe for a long-time. Making it useable in rainy day. Not waterproof, but water can’t harm it either. If that makes sense.

Can you clean it?

Yes, you can clean it like you do with every other pair of mesh sneakers. Just don’t let a machine touch it. Wash it with hand with care and love. And this shoe will last you for a long time.

Does it have any rock protection?

Yes, it has an updated StoneGuard that brings an extra layer of protection between the trail and your feet. Doesn’t matter whether you stepped on a rock while running or walking, you won’t feel like you stepped on something extremely hard.

Can women wear it?

I know the title of the shoe mentions it’s for men. The reason is, it’s sized for men. If you fair in the size of that shoe, I don’t see why you couldn’t wear it as a women. Just make sure it fits your size, and I think you should be fine.

2. New Balance FuelCell Rubber V1

If you have searched for midfoot strike running shoes before, I’m 100% sure you have heard of New Balance by now. They are a huge sports and equipment making company. They even sponsor plenty of athletes every year.

FuelCell V1 is available in 3 different colors. All of them are the same shoe just different makeup. They are made out of two or more different materials. The body of the shoe is made out of imported materials. They are 50% mesh and 50% synthetic.

A perfectly balanced composite for running shoes. It provides comfort, breathability, freshness, and good water absorbing power. All of the mentioned qualities makes it a very good running shoes. Just how good is it for midfoot striker?

To put it simply, it’s very good for midfoot striker. The insole and outsole of it provides an excellent balance and comfort. You can be a midfoot or forefoot striker and still have fun running on this shoe. FuelCell series was made for athletes. The sole provides good traction and natural grip. It also provides a good absorber against pebbles and rocks.

Is Rebel and FuelCell version the same?

Yes, they are both the same. Just different branding. You can find more information regarding that on New Balance’s website.

Is this shoe sized for men?

Yes, the size chart is sized for men. The shape is suitable for both men and women. Size however may not comply with children or women.

Can you wash them?

Just like every other mesh shoes, you can handwash them and completely dry them up. But don’t submerge them for a long time or put them in any kind of washing machine. Or else you will find yourself with a broken pair of shoes.

3. Brook’s Trace Neutral

The Trace is a perfect shoe for runners who wants the best performing running shoe. It’s made for on and off-road running. If you like to jog on off road a lot, Trace can be the thing you are looking for.

This pair of shoe is comfortable for all sort of runners. Whether you are a midfoot striker or a front/heel, you will enjoy wearing this shoe regardless. It has a good balance between the front and the back of the feet.

Trace offers a neutral base support. With dynamic cushioning throughout the shoe, it minimizes the impact of your every step. And it delivers a smooth ride from start to finish. If you are a midfoot striker, you want a solid sole with proper grip and rock protection.

Both of them are available in Brooks trace. Insole, midsole, and outsole of the show is built extremely well with good amount of cushioning. You will still be able to run or walk off-road while maintaining the same comfort as regular road.

Depending on your running style, BiMoGo DNA will adapt the cushioning according to your speed, stride and weight.

Does it have breathable mesh?

Yes, the upper of the shoe is made out of breathable mesh. They offer better airflow. Making the shoe sweatproof and less smelly in long-term use. Thanks to that, you can also handwash the shoe and not worry about water being stuck inside.

Does it come with only laces or have slip on?

All brooks running shoes come with laces only. They don’t offer slip on or with strapping. It may be a deal-breaker for some. But for most, laces is the way to go for running shoes.

Is it sized for men?

Yes, the size chart and the shoe chart is sized for men only. You can wear it as long as it fits on your left. But the teeth and the width of the shoe is sized according to men.

4. Mizuno Wave Shadow

The design of this pair of shoes really complements its name. It does look like a wave hitting on the shoe. Artistic beauty aside, Mizuno Wave Shadow is a great pair of midfoot striking running shoes. It has all the qualities a good running shoe should have.

Instead of going with just one material, Mizuno used both textile fabric and synthetic material for the shoe. All the materials required for the shoe is imported from overseas. The material and the shoe goes through several QC. Making it suitable and acceptable for both professional and casual runners.

Mizuno added a new midfoot cloud wave technology in the shoe. It’s a new type of cushioning that responds to middle of foot strike and giving midfoot strikers a proper feedback, that they look for in a shoe. The cushioning is both comfortable and durable. It is sturdy enough to absorb the impact of a rock. And comfortable enough to make pebbles feel good.

You can feel that Mizuno made this running shoe specifically for midfoot strikers. From the design of insole to outsole and overall weight balance, everything about this shoe is nice for midfoot strikers.

Is the outsole of this shoe made out of rubber?

Yes, it’s made out of X10 rubber. An importer type of rubber suitable for any kinds of shoes. That includes off-road style and hill-climbing shoes as well. This material is extremely grippy. Combined with the insole, this provides an extremely balanced walking experience.

Is this shoe washable?

It comes with a breathable mesh upper. That doesn’t absorb water. Rather it lets go of the water quite easily. Working like a quick-dry mesh. You can handwash the shoe. But don’t machine wash it. That will damage the shoe quite a bit.

Where is this shoe made in?

This specific model of shoes from Mizuno is manufactured in Vietnam. Regardless of the origin, Mizuno shoes goes through several QC’s before reaching customer. Rest assured, you are getting A+ quality shoe always.

Is this good fit for elliptical?

It’s a very good fit for elliptical. Trails on the other hand can be a bit questionable. While rock support of this shoe is quite good. Uphill is not the best suit for this shoe. Minimal off-road and daily walk is good with this.

5. Saucony Fastwitch 9

From looks to performance, Fastwitch 9 is here to bewitch you with its quality performance. Saucony really outdid themselves with this pair of running shoe. Suitable for all kind of runners, Fastwitch shoe has really nice features under its belt.

A very good pair of running shoes for trails. Not a lot of midfoot striker shoe can claim they are good for trails. Off-road is doable but trails most of the time is a big ask to them. Fastwitch 9 can help you run on any kind of trails you could think of.

Shock absorption of Fastwitch is incredible. The SSL midsole with cushioning is extremely comfortable. To the point you will feel like you are stepping on a memory foam bed. PWRTRAC outsole will give you better stepping experience. It also provides incredible traction in both on/off-road.

The upper of this is mesh and it’s breathable. This is something all midfoot strike running shoes should have. Breathable mesh allows you to run under hot sun for a long time. You don’t need to worry about the smell of sweat building up on your toes.

Is this shoe washable?

Yes, you can wash it with hand. The breathable mesh won’t hold on to water for long time. But don’t put it inside any machine. That will damage the shoe beyond repair.

Is this shoe sized for men?

Yes, the size chart and size of the shoe is based on men’s feet. You can certainly wear it as long as it fits your feet, but you might not find it comfortable. Might find the teeth of the shoe lose if it’s too big for your feet.

What is the drop of this shoe?

Saucony Fastwitch 9 has a 4mm heel to toe drop. That’s a generous amount of thickness covering the back of your feet. Making sure accidental steps don’t turn into something bad. It will also cushion well while taking a detour on the trails.

How to Choose The Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strikers?

Browsing for new shoes is always a tough ask. You will find countless guides on internet about how to choose the best running shoes for you. Here, let me give my insight on the matter and how you should handle it.


The right size of shoe is everything. It’s the key of comfort and a good running experience. If you don’t want to suffer from heel or toe pains, then you have to take the right size of shoe for you. Trust me, you really don’t want to handle with Haglund’s deformity.


Sneakers and boots tend to be heavy. That’s why they are not suitable for jogging or marathon style running. Running shoes have to be lightweight. Otherwise, you will have a very uncomfortable jogging experience. Your legs will feel numb and heavy. We don’t want that.


Good quality mesh upper and rubber sole is a must for a good pair of running shoes. Rubber sole provides a very good grip on both on and off-road. You can do light trailing with a good pair of running shoe as well.


The sole is the most important part of a midfoot striker running shoes, in my opinion. A solid made midsole and insole will provide you good bouncy experience. For midfoot strikers, bouncy experience is very needed.


Midfoot strikers have a very specific need that not a lot of shoes are able to provide. That’s why, there is always some new brands popping up and appealing to midfoot strike runners. I tried to provide you guys some valuable insight of some shoes that really intrigued me and impressed me with their performance.

These are some of the best shoes for midfoot striker. There is no denying or doubting that fact. No matter which pair you are going for, you are going home with a great pair of new running shoes. Keep running and stay healthy.