Best Running Shoes For Haglund’s Deformity – Reviews with FAQs

Haglund’s deformity is more common than you think. Back in 1927, Patrick Haglund described this syndrome. Haglund’s deformity is often misunderstood.

Haglund’s deformity is mostly an idiopathic condition. But several contributory factors like over-practicing running, tight or poorly fitting shoes or altered biomechanics of foot joints can cause you to suffer from Haglund’s deformity.

Running is something that keeps us fresh and healthy. It makes us feel good about ourselves. Just because you have Haglund’s Deformity, doesn’t mean you should quit doing what you love.

Having a poor fitting shoe is a big reason why most people nowadays suffer from this.

How about I introduce you to something new? Something that will help you run comfortably. Even if you have Haglund’s deformity. It’s been a while since you bought some running shoes, hasn’t it? Let’s talk about some of the best running shoes for Haglund’s deformity.

Can Running Cause Haglund’s Deformity?

Running with improper gear can cause Haglund’s deformity. Running with right equipment won’t cause such issue. If you are not practicing carefully and not running routine wise, it still can happen. But that’s a far cry. Most of the victim that suffers from this is due to wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long time. And they don’t bother to get it checked.

If you have the symptoms, get yours checked and take proper medication suggested by doctor. And make sure to grab a comfortable pair of shoes for outdoor use.

Can You Cure Haglund’s Deformity?

Yes, you can. It requires some time and dedication, but Haglund’s deformity is curable. While by no means, I’m claiming I have a doctor’s degree, but I do recommend you to visit a medical professional. Please keep in mind, Haglund’s deformity won’t go away without any treatment. Visit your local hospital to get your treatment doe.

Let’s not give up on running quite yet. Without further ado, let us start.

1. Skechers Sport Womens D’Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker


Due to wearing wrong size shoes most of the time, a lot of women suffers from Haglund’s deformity. To sooth your pain and help you walk and run comfortable, Skechers made D’Lites. Giving comfort the utmost priority, D’lites are the easiest recommendation to anyone who is having a hard time running comfortably.

Designed to give users comfortable everyday walking shoe, D’lite by Skechers sports are brands one of the most exclusive collection of shoes. In terms of aesthetic alone, D’lite is in a different league. Skechers made the D’lite available in 11 different combination of colors to choose from. No matter what you like, Skechers got you covered in that department.

If there’s anything that Skechers should be proud of this lineup, it’s the comfort. They are one of the most comfortable running shoes for Haglund’s deformity. Even if you don’t suffer from that, you can enjoy a comfortable pair of shoes that will help you walk better.

It won’t be exaggerating if you say they are the best pair of shoes for Haglund’s deformity. It really won’t be. D’lite performs way better than anyone expect these to do. Air-cooled memory foam is a bliss to keep your feet on. Overall, they punch way above their league.

Do they rub at the back of the foot?

No, they don’t. Even if you have Haglund’s disease (bump on back of the foot), it won’t touch that place. Making them a perfect pair of shoes for fellow Haglund sufferer.

After wearing for a while, do the lace get loose?

They won’t get loose from wearing. Even if you wear for only a little bit or decide to wear for a long time, it won’t get loose at all. It will still keep your shoes tight after a year worth of use.

Is this made out of synthetic or textile?

It’s not made out of one material only. It uses both leather and synthetic. Also, it uses memory foam at the core for more comfort. That’s why, you can’t really answer this question straightforwardly.

2. Nike Free RN Flyknit

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From the outside to the midsole, the priority of Free RN Flyknit is flexibility. Flexible shoes offers more comfortable walking experience. You can bend your feet without any restraint. That’s something not a lot of sneakers can claim they can do. The Auxetic Tri-Star outsole features diamond shaped cut-outs that make it pliable and natural feeling.

Something about this shoe a lot of runners liked is the comfortable cushioning. It’s comfortable to the point where Haglund’s deformity sufferers vouch for this shoe. What more do you need to know? That’s right, durability. Something Nike has mixed reputation of.

Durability of RN Flyknit is good. It’s not outstandingly good, but it’s good to the point where you can use this stress free for a long time. If you need more, Nike offers you this shoe in tons of different color combination. Grab a pair that compliments your running gear.

Does it feature breathable texture?

Entire shoe is breathable. From the meshed exterior to midsole, it’s all breathable. You can wear the shoe without any socks if you want to. I know a lot of Haglund’s patients don’t like to wear socks. It irritates them. You don’t need to worry about that with these.

Is surface of the shoe grippy?

If you are planning to take this pair for running uphill, you can do that. The diamond-shape sole provides you enough grip to not fall flat on your face. It will carry you out on a slippery rainy day as well.

Could women wear these?

Yes, all of the Flyknit shoes are universal. You can wear them as long as you take the right size. Keep an eye on that while checking out.

3. Adidas Response Super


Adidas response supper running shoe is available in tons of different colors and combinations. It’s a comfortable pair of running shoes suitable for both men and women. Quality wise, it’s not anything less than a Nike or Puma. Performance wise, it might even be better than some of them.

The cushion of these pair of shoes are very comfortable. It’s comfortable to the point where it feels like you are sitting on a couch. A very comfortable couch. Padding around the heels of this shoe is very comfortable. It makes the fit very supportive.

Weight of Response Supper is very light as well. That’s why, they are ideal for running. And if you have Haglund’s deformity, then you can use this shoe without having to worry about a heavy ankle support will rub you the wrong way.

It’s a perfect pair of shoes for winter as well. If you are anything like me and like to run even in the coldest morning, you will find this pair of shoe very comfortable to wear during the harsh weather. They will keep your feet warm and breathing.

Are these shoes original Adidas?

Yes, they are. You can find more information about the shows on all outlets of Adidas and their online platform as well.

Will the color fade from washing?

It shouldn’t. Unless you are being too harsh on the surface and using rough chemicals, it shouldn’t fade overtime. Even the white shouldn’t turn yellow from regular use for a while.

Is it comfortable with Haglund’s deformity?

Yes, the back of the shoe won’t irritate you or rub you the wrong way. It fits and stays on. It’s a pretty good pair of running shoe for Haglund deformity.

4. Brooks Bedlam


With the Bedlam, Brooks tried to put something different for the community. Something that will benefit the people with toe related issues. Bedlam features a spacious toe box to give your toe enough room to breathe.

It won’t rub on your back to make you feel uncomfortable while walking. This is something a lot of cheap sneakers fail to achieve. Comfort should be the key while buying a pair of running shoe. Platform of the Bedlam is very strong and durable. Midsole doesn’t feel like it’s too heavy or bulky.

It has a generous amount of cushioning to feel just right. At first glance, the low-profile rubber outsole looks bad. It looks like it lacks the thicker treads you commonly see on offerings from Brook. But Bedlam retains more grip than you might accept. Thanks to this unusual design approach, Bedlam provides a steady grip under rainy weather as well.

Bedlam can be used for solid roads and light trails. You could try taking a detour on the wild as well. But it’s not the best shoes for wildlife. That much is visible. Backside comfort is the key to a Haglund patient. For them, Bedlam is worth every penny.

Can women wear this shoe?

Yes, it is quite comfortable for both women and men. You need to select the right size while choosing your favorite color in the list. That’s something you shouldn’t mess up while choosing.

Is this good for overpronation patient?

Yes, it is quite comfortable for overpronation. It has a more neutral shape suitable for running. Thanks to that, it’s quite comfortable for Haglund patients as well.

Is Bedlam too heavy?

There has been quite a bit of complaints regarding the weight of the shoe. It does feel a bit overweighed if you are coming from a lighter pair of shoes for running. But weight distribution of the shoe is quite good. While running, you won’t feel the weight of the shoe at all.

5. Skechers Go Run 7+


Skechers Go Run 7+ is a neutral running shoe with a safe shape fit for all sorts of feet. Skechers went for a unisex design suitable for any age. As long as you pick up the right size, you should have a blas ofo an experience.

Go Run 7+ features the same midsole materials to its predecessors. This road running shoe uses the new breathable and light knit upper. Skechers uses this to ensure a proper fit for all size. Goodyear rubber pillars are integrated into the shoe.

This is used to ensure proper grip while running in different tracks. You can run uphill with this pair of shoes as well. The rubber outsole has plenty of grip to withstand a bit of slippery surface as well. Go Run 7+ uses a removable insole. Skechers added this feature to provide a customize fit that suits runner.

Skechers Go Run 7+ is extremely lightweight running shoe. It’s suitable for patients suffering from Haglund’s Deformity. If you are here to find a pair of shoes to solve that horrendous pain, I can safely say, GoRun 7+ is an excellent pair of shoes. Price to performance value of this shoe is insane.

Is this shoe good for tracking?

It’s not specifically made for tracking. But if you want to track with this, you can certainly do that. But it’s better to use on a regular road with casual uphill and off-road.

Does this shoe feel suffocating?

Some people with huge feet complained about the upper being a bit too tight for their taste. But that’s completely preference. The upper didn’t feel like too tight or suffocating. It feels right. It’s hard to put that in words.

Is the shoe flexible?

Yes, it’s quite flexible. It won’t bent permanently from slouching or bending your leg. That much freedom Skechers does give you. That’s a good thing for regular runners. The lace of the shoe won’t get loose after a while either.

How To Buy The Best Running Shoes For Haglund’s Deformity?

While buying a pair of running shoe for Haglund’s deformity, you need to keep some things in your mind. It will help you choose the right pair of shoe.


Size is everything. Buying a size bigger is better than buying a size smaller. Don’t try to fit in the shoe forcefully. Make sure the size you are getting fits your feet naturally. Or else you will have a hard time walking with Haglund.


If the cushioning towards the heel is not good and comfortable, it will keep hitting on your Haglund and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. While buying a new pair of running shoes, comfort should be in your top priority.


Heavy shoes are quite hard to keep up with. While you are running and if you are feeling like the weight of the shoe is too much, then they are not a good pair of running shoe for you. Running shoes are supposed to be comfortable, light, and durable for long term use.


Running shoes are usually made with two or more materials combined together. Most of the time synthetic, rubber, fabric, and leather. Either of those components are good for running shoes. Rubber soles tend to have better friction compared to a synthetic sole. Try to take shoes with rubber sole.


Haglund’s deformity can happen to anyone. There is no such thing called luck present here. Your carefulness can prevent this from happening to you. Getting a pair of running shoes for Haglund is the right start for you, that’s for sure.

Of course, there are countless other running shoes available on the market. You can purchase any of them. But don’t come running back to me when you find them uncomfortable. Treat yourself, don’t suffer and hide your pain.

Don’t start running away from your problem. Embrace it, cure it, and run without pain. You can do that for me, right? Well, I won’t keep you for long. Hopefully you found this useful. And I hope you found the best running shoes for Haglund you were looking for. Till next time.

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