Shoes After 5th Metatarsal Fracture

Anyone who has gone through a 5th metatarsal fracture surgery would know how hard it is to walk post-operation. However, with the right shoe, the pressure and pain in the foot can be reduced a bit.

If you are wondering which are the best shoes after the 5th metatarsal surgery, we are here for that!

We have rounded up a list of 7 reliable 5th metatarsal fracture boots. Go through and pick your one.

1. United Ortho Short Air Cam Fracture Boot


If you have been injured and now looking for something that will offer stability and support so that you can walk better, then this United Ortho Short air cam fracture boot might come in handy. It offers great stability and support.

Whether it is an ankle sprain, ankle fractures, unstable lower leg, or soft tissue injury, this ortho short air cam boot is suitable for all of them. Constructed with reinforced plastic and steel which not only makes the boot durable but also protects and provides upright support to the foot.

A well-padded insole absorbs all the impact of heel strike and the rocker sole helps in improving the gait. This shoe also features air bladders that offer custom compression to increase support and comfort.

This fracture boot is designed for people up to 300 pounds. As long as you order the right size, these boots will fit well.

Does this boot come with a toe cover?

Unfortunately, these boots don’t come with a toe cover.

Can I wear this boot on either foot?

Yes, it can be worn on both feet.

Is this boot good for Achilles repair?

Yeah. Some podiatrists recommend this boot for Achilles repair.

2. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot


The Braceability short broke-toe boot is recommended by a bunch of experts for ankle, toe, and foot injuries. And it does a pretty cool job in treating fractures, sprains, acute pain, soft tissue injury, and bunionectomy.

Plus, it is medically proven that this brace ability short toe protects and treats stress and metatarsal fractures, all kinds of foot sprains, broken toe, and any other toe, foot, or ankle-related injury.

With this boot, you get a wide-toe bed along with an open-toe design that has plenty of room. In case your toe is swollen or has a bandage, you will need the toe room. A comfortable deluxe foam liner adds stability.

It is designed low profile and has a rocker bottom that helps users take a more neutral step. Adjusting this boot is super simple, it comes with medical-grade fastener straps which enable you to customize the fit.

Constructed with the polymer plastic reinforced shell for optimum protection and support. Lastly, this boot can be worn on either foot.

Is this boot good for a partial tear of the Achilles?

No, these boots aren’t recommended for a partial tear of the Achilles but still, people do use them.

Does the boot come with extra pads?

Yes, these boots come with extra pads for additional comfort.

Does this boot help with fractured metatarsal?

This boot is designed for fractures in metatarsal and sprains.

3. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe


Another Braceability shoe on the list is widely used after operations. If you have any toe-related injury and have undergone surgery, you might find this Braceability post-op shoe beneficial.

It features an anti-slip rubber sole that offers the needed traction, which results in good stability. Then there is a rocker rigid bottom that provides the arch with the needed support to relieve pressure and pain.

Constructed with high-quality breathable materials so that it allows good airflow inside the boot. It is a semi-open style boot that makes slipping the feet in very easy.

An orthopedic lightweight foam insole delivers good cushioning along with great shock absorption. This boot has medical-style fastener straps that are adjustable, anyone can customize it according to their need.

Does this shoe come with a rigid or semi-rigid sole?

This Braceability post-op shoe comes with a rigid sole.

Can I wash these shoes in the washer?

First, remove the insole then you can wash the shoe in the washer.

Can this be worn in the pool?

Once you have purchased this, it’s yours, you can do anything you want. But that isn’t recommended as the shoe isn’t waterproof.

4. BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe


It is a unique closed-toe medical shoe that can be used to treat different kinds of fractures and sprains on the foot. Whether it is a toe fracture or a heel fracture, you are going to find this walking shoe helpful. This home is well-known for post-surgical healing, ankle and foot trauma, ulcerations, and wounds.

With a large closed square-toe box, this shoe fits swollen or bandaged toes smoothly. The opening is big enough to allow slip your feet in effortlessly. It also features a non-skid tread that delivers optimum stability which makes walking after surgery a little easier.

The rocker rigid sole offers adequate arch support along with enhancing the natural gait while walking. Not only that, the rocker sole mitigates plantar pressure and heel pain as well.

This shoe is pretty lightweight and looks good too, doesn’t look very bulky. An adjustable strap makes it suitable for every foot’s size. And lastly, men and women both can use the shoe.

Is it suitable for walking around all day?

Undoubtedly. If you are looking for the best walking boot for a 5th metatarsal fracture, this is it.

Can it be worn on either leg?

No, you can’t wear the same shoe on both feet.

5. Vive Post Op Shoe


Vive post-op shoe is another reliable shoe for post-surgery. Like most post-op shoes this one is also suitable for all kinds of foot injuries, let it be metatarsal, sprain, heel fracture, soft tissue injury, etc.

To make sure the patient gets the proper support, this shoe comes with a non-skid tread which actually works great. And it comes with a rocker rigid sole which is supposed to provide needed arch support to relieve any kind of pressure or pain in the heel.

It is constructed heavily with lightweight yet durable materials. A comfortable square toe box that protects the toe. This shoe comes with an open-toe design, so don’t stress about the breathability. Plus, the toe room is big enough to accommodate swollen toes or toes wrapped with bandages.

The shoe features two adjustable straps which can be customized according to the need.

Can you wash the boot liners?

No, this boot liner isn’t removable, hence can’t be washed separately.

Is the inner sole well-padded?

No, it isn’t! It is not padded and neither it is very hard.

Is it possible to drive wearing these shoes?

Yes, you can drive wearing these shoes.

6. FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square Toe Shoe


This Fitpro adjustable post-op open square-toe shoe can be used for any kind of forefoot injury. It comes with a semi-rocker rigid sole which provides the patient with the needed amount of stability and support to walk after surgery.

It features a square-toe design that allows it to be worn on either foot. And it has a decent toe room. The toe room can be adjusted, so if anyone has a toe that is swollen or wrapped with bandages, the toe size can be increased or decreased with the help of straps.

The opening of the shoe is pretty wide as well, making it easy for anyone to wear it. Overall, it is a reliable post-op shoe for forefoot injuries. However, be careful about the size when ordering.

Is the sole stiff or hard?

The sole isn’t very stiff nor it is very hard. But definitely not well-padded.

Can you drive wearing it?

Yes, you can drive wearing these shoes but it is prohibited to do so.

Will this fit over an Ace bandage?

Sure it will. The shoe is entirely adjustable.

7. Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Square Toe Walking Shoe


Ending the list with the Mars Wellness premium post-op shoe that promises to give the patient all the stability and support needed. A non-skid sole tread actually delivers good stability that makes post-surgery walking a little easy for patients.

The rocker rigid sole works toward improving the natural gait and relieving any pressure from the heel. Patients will get a great grip as well from the sole which is a must for any post-op shoe.

It comes with a padded heel which definitely helps a lot. An adjustable ankle strap allows patients to customize the fit according to their needs. Moreover, it comes with an insole that can is removable.

Is it for the left or right foot?

It can be worn on either foot.

Will this shoe help for 4th and 5th metatarsal fractures?

It is a 5th metatarsal fracture walking boot. Not sure about the suitability for 4th metatarsal fracture.

What Is Metatarsal Fracture?

Metatarsal fractures are breaks in one of the five bones in the foot that connect to the toes. These bones are called metatarsals. This fracture can occur in any of the five metatarsals, but most commonly affects the second and third metatarsals.

Metatarsal fractures can range from a small crack to a complete break in the bone. The most common type of metatarsal fracture is a stress fracture, which is a small crack in the bone that occurs with repetitive stress or overuse.

Stress fractures usually heal on their own with rest and icing, but may require a splint or cast for several weeks to protect the bone while it heals.

More severe metatarsal fractures may require surgery to repair the break. This usually involves placing a metal pin or plate in the bone to hold it together while it heals. Surgery is typically only necessary for severe fractures that cannot be treated with rest and ice.

Metatarsal fractures can be painful and debilitating, making it difficult to walk or even stand. If you have metatarsal fractures, it is important to see a doctor so that the injury can be properly treated. Depending on the severity of the fracture, treatment may vary from rest and ice to surgery.

What To Check Before Buying A Medical Shoe For A 5th Metatarsal Fracture?

There aren’t many things to look at when you shopping for medical shoes for metatarsal fracture, just a few. Here is what you need to check.

Arch support: The most important factor to consider when choosing medical shoes for metatarsal fractures is the level of support they offer. Make sure to pick a shoe with good arch support to help keep the foot stable and prevent further injury.

Sole rigidity: it is important to choose a shoe with a sole that is not too flexible. This will help protect the foot from further injury.

Heel counter: A heel counter is the hard, supportive piece at the back of the shoe that helps hold the heel in place. So make sure the shoe you pick comes with a heel counter that is high enough to support the heel and prevent it from sliding.

Toe box: The toe box is the part of the shoe that surrounds and protects the toes. When choosing a shoe for metatarsal fractures, it is must to choose one with a toe box that is wide enough to allow the toes to move freely and not be cramped.


Those are the 7 best shoes after 5th metatarsal fracture you can consider using. Overall, all of these shoes have a higher success rate and once you take a quick visit to the user feedback section of these shoes, you will know it.

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