Best Running Shoes for Track Practice – Reviews w/Guides

So, your next track race is nearby. And except for the race, you don’t have much time to focus on other stuff like finding the best running shoes for track practice. But having the right type of shoes is important to have yourself well-prepared, right?

Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution. I and my fellas have recently done some research on footwear that runners use to practice on tracks. From the research, I’ve made a list of the top 7 options and I’m pretty confident about them as they have more to give than you expect.

Thus, what are we waiting for? Let’s see the reviews of the best running shoes and have a handy buying guide after that.

1. Brooks Stroke


No doubt Brooks is a reliable brand when you look for track training shoes. The model we’re now showing is a great option for having optimal support under feet. The lightweight construction feels like a pair of socks when you put this pair on.

Most importantly, The responsiveness of the cushioning here helps athletes to run faster without getting injuries. The advanced build of the shoes helps even the knees to stay pain-free. You can use this model of shoes even if you weigh heavy. Because the cushions inside the midsole region hold the actual shape of the shoes for quite a long time.

The outsole ensures optimal transition and reflex from toe to heel. So, you can push the ground harder and move your body forward without getting any sort of stress. The uppers are soft enough to get along with your feet’ alignment in sports movements.

Last but not least, this option surely is the best track training shoes when you’ve flat feet. Because having cushioning in the major parts of the construction, the pair absorbs pressure coming from the ground and doesn’t let your legs get hurt.


  • Don’t let your feet slide or move inside the shoes
  • Lightweight construction to practice for hours on tracks
  • Better cushioning for supporting toes and heels


  • The uppers are very thin

2. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V1 Cross Trainer


If your feet sweat a lot, then you must try this NB Zante V1. The uppers of these shoes are mostly made of breathable mesh. That’s why you can train for hours and your feet won’t sweat a bit to make you feel uncomfortable.

These shoes fit perfectly with your feet without keeping any unwanted space inside. For this reason, when you run faster, the uppers would hold your feet in the right position like a part of your legs. And, the possibility of injuries would also reduce on a large scale.

Unlike traditional running shoes, this model also has a bit of funky design meaning you can wear the pair even with a casual dress for any occasion. It’s hard to even notice whether these are tracks shoes or not without looking closely.

An exceptional fact about these shoes is the larger tongues. They firmly hold the upper area of the feet to fix the alignment while running on rough surfaces. You can run with old knee pain using these track shoes pretty comfortably.


  • Thick, yet breathable mesh uppers to keep feet dry
  • Pleasing amount of pressure absorbance
  • Perfect fitting


  • Poor arch support

3. ASICS GT-2000 10


This is another type of track training shoe pair that can help sensitive feet to cover a longer distance. ASICS GT 2000 has come with several latest and unique features on the market. The flyfoam, engineered knit, and many other things make this pair pretty different from other models.

The rich and reliable build can last for years even if you use this product for trail running. The engineered mesh uppers are so comfortable that they won’t make any pressure on the feet despite getting bent or folded on many occasions.

The supportive outsoles can adapt to any type of pronation. Because of having a balanced rubber outsole, you can expect this product to feature firm traction on any surface.

The motion control mechanism of this construction helps to keep the feet steady inside the shoes without squeezing too hard. Also, it allows your feet to put extra pressure on the ground and speed up without getting hurt.


  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Shock-absorbing cushions
  • Balanced weight regulation


  • Cheap tread materials included

4. Brooks Launch 8 Neutral


If you are looking for neutral running shoes, that are lightweight yet durable, Brooks Launch 8 Neutral Running Shoes could be an option. These shoes are designed to keep a few factors in mind like flexibility, durability, cushioning, speeding, etc.

These shoes feature with BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning that is softer than any other version of Brooks. Also, this feature ensures a fast ride while running or working without giving any extra pressure.

The breathable upper mesh feature is super comfortable and absorbs all sweats while having a hard day. Simplest design but provides the best result for track practice. I have been using Brooks for several years and their latest version 8 running shoes are so far the best.

The lightly padded heel collar is one of the best features to be mentioned about these shoes. The shoes are perfectly rigid for holding feet in place. So, while running, there is no chance of slipping!


  • Flexible
  • Well fitting
  • Softer midsole


  • Poor arch support

5. Saucony Kinvara 12


Now, let’s show you something that fits in a moderate budget. These Saucony Kinvara shoes do a great job to help sprinters run at their full speed. The construction is friendly enough for stress-free runs and exercises for hours.

The mid-arch support and low heel drop work together to support lower feet and eliminate pressure. The structure helps to generate faster motion and you can automatically run faster wearing these shoes.

Moreover, there are very few stitches on the uppers. For this, the pair becomes comfortable and bendable. Also, you can feel these shoes are very cool inside. The soft mesh can wick away moisture from your skin and keep you comfy for a few miles of the walk.

The outsoles might seem flat and not perfect for the sprint. But in reality, this type of outsoles ensures maximum ground contact so that legs can push the ground harder approach forward with optimal transitions. Ultimately, these shoes increase runners’ speed.


  • Lightweight
  • Low heel drop
  • Adaptable to feet shape


  • Low drop heels are not good for marathon

6. Under Armour Unisex-Child Grade School Assert 8 Sneaker


Among tons of options, these are the best running shoes for practice to have for your kids. The pair has a pretty light construction with a catchy look that can encourage kids to practice more and indulge in outdoor activities. Along with that the price also seems pretty reasonable according to current market stats.

With mesh and synthetic outsoles, there are leather pads over some areas to keep the feet locked firmly. Kids and teens are playful, and they can do some imbalance moves or approaches. To avoid sprain injury possibilities in these situations, leather supports play a vital role.

Despite having multiple layers, the uppers are completely breathable. Even if someone wears these running shoes with thick socks, feet won’t sweat a lot.

And, to make the pair stylish for children, the manufacturer has integrated digital prints over bright colors to make the product look new for several months. As they are lighter running shoes, you can expect them to be felt like a pair of socks on your feet.


  • Perfect fitting
  • Vibrant coloring and print
  • Durable outsoles


  • Cheap laces and tongues integrated

7. Adidas Sprintstar


If you are an entry-level sprinter and booking shoes that match your zeal, Adidas Sprintstar is here for you. Choosing these running shoes would be a great idea if you are planning for races up to 400m.

One of the best features to be mentioned is the SPRINTWEB! Sprintweb is a breathable mesh that is also lightweight and allows you to keep your feet stable during specific motions. Also, for a strong grip on track races, these shoes feature some replaceable spikes.

The outsoles are designed with a Pebax plate that ensures durability. Not only durability, but it also helps to return energy, make transitions smooth, and fasten the speed while running.

The midsoles of these shoes are created with full-length EVA foam that provides little cushioning, shock absorption, and security for not falling. There is no extra cushioning for keeping the shoes lightweight.

Overall, Adidas Sprintstar Running Shoes are designed to pick up speed in all perspectives. They are lightweight, flexible, and pretty durable. So, there is no chance you would regret it after buying it.


  • Flexible
  • Soft Collar for Comfortable wear
  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable spikes with great grip


  • Narrow Forefoot

Buying Guide: Things to Consider for Buying the Best Running Shoes for Track Practice

General running shoes for track practice aren’t that hard to find. Still, if you remain confused even after having the reviews of the best models, let’s show you a small buying guide.


Stability is one of the most wanted features in running shoes for track practice. While practicing, the stability of the shoes keeps your feet stable and uptight towards the goal.


The ventilation system depends on the materials used to make the uppers. If the uppers contain mesh that dries out quickly and let the air go inside, the whole shoe construction becomes breathable. For this, breathable mesh uppers are really important.


Too tight shoes can make your feet more stressful and sore. On the other hand, loose shoes have a possibility of giving you a sprain or twist injury. Perfectly fit shoes are necessary for an athlete to use on track practicing.


Shoes supporting your feet’s heel-to-toe motion transitioning are needed to speed up and run straight on tracks. When you give some extra pressure on your feet to go forward faster, the shoes must be supportive and bounce back to push your body ahead.


Are running shoes and track shoes the same?

No, they are not. You can use any running shoes on the tracks. But not all track shoes do well in running or workouts. Shoes for running must have a proper traction system on any surface. Whereas track shoes can only perform on hard even surfaces.

Do spikes make you run faster in track?

Spiked or patterned outsoles integrated into running shoes can bring optimal stability. Users can run, jump, and speed up at any time with the help of spikes.

Which shoes are best for fast running?

Brooks Stroke Running shoes are the best. They are not so expensive, yet, they feature almost everything that a runner can demand from footwear.

Final Thoughts

Shoes that you use for practicing on tracks are a bit different from other running shoes. Tracks are hard and easily let runners or athletes sprint up. That’s why the most important stuff the best running shoes for track practice should provide are stability, breathability, and support.

From today’s discussion, it’s clear that Brooks Stroke and ASICS GT-2000 10 are the best models you can have nowadays. If anyhow you don’t like these, you can also find the right one from the five other options I’ve reviewed, or you can find one on your own with the help of the previously mentioned buying guide. So, I hope you find the right one without having trouble after reading this whole article.

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