Best Shoes for Sprint Training – Reviews and Guides with FAQs

Sprint training requires the athletes to cover short distances with great bursts of speed. In this sport, you need a pair of strong, stable and supportive shoes. Your running shoes should be stable so that when you push back on the ground with your feet, you need to pick up enough force to run forward easily.

With so many options available in the market to pick from, how will you choose the best shoes for sprint training? It really isn’t that easy, as you’ll need to check the shoe’s material, durability and so on. Luckily we’ve done all that work for you, compiling a list of the best track training shoes, their features and a buying guide to help with your purchase.

1. Saucony Endorphin Pro


Saucony is a trusted, well-known name in the world of footwear. Their Endorphin series has a whole range of shoes under it, ranging from walking shoes to cross lifting shoes. The Saucony Endorphin Pro is engineered with input from athletes to let you achieve your personal best and exceed it. They were made for runners, keeping the track life in mind.

The shoes have a rubber outsole that is reinforced with high-abrasion zones. These allow optimal traction and durability. The upper is a single layered engineered mesh. This mesh upper allows your feet to breathe when running or on the track. Saucony uses their signature S-curve carbon-fiber plate to make transitions smooth and provide a speedroll effect. These shoes add spring to your steps and maximize energy return through their ultralight PWRRUN PB technology.

All in all, Saucony Endorphin Pro was designed for providing support when on the track. The spring provided from the carbon-fiber plate propels you forward when you’re on the track, hitting the ground with force. Then you’re whizzing through the field and reaching that finish line in no time.

Saucony Endorphin Pro uses a form fit design so the shoes hug the back of your heel and fit snugly. They’re locked down by lace technology that keeps the shoes secure, preventing them from slipping when you move. With these shoes you don’t just achieve your personal bests, you’re equipped to smash them.

How durable is the Saucony Endorphin Pro?

The shoes are made with select, strong materials. The XT-900 outsole provides durability and traction. The engineered mesh upper is strong and light, allowing your feet to stay cool when running.

How many miles can I expect from a pair of Saucony Endorphin Pro?

The Saucony Endorphin Pro is made with durable, high quality material that allows you high mileage and support. With this pair, you can easily expect 100 miles of road if the shoes are used properly. But then again, how long the shoes last will depend entirely on you and your usage methods.

Are these shoes made of synthetic materials?

Like most footwear, these shoes are also mostly made of synthetic materials. But they also contain recyclable material which means you’re leaving a lighter footprint, both literally and metaphorically on earth.

2. ASICS Unisex Metasprint Tokyo Track and Field Shoes


ASICS is one of the most trusted shoe brands among athletes. They have various series of shoes, focusing on different areas. The ASICS Metasprint is designed to offer maximum support to runners and athletes on the track field. The shoes will last with you a long while, but their energy feedback might be a bit less than other shoes on this list.

The proprietary mesh upper is made of material that is 54% lighter than regular mesh so you can feel ease of movement. But they are as durable as regular mesh uppers. This mesh is said to feel like a second-skin, giving you a light, comfortable experience. DYNAWRAP technology used in the design offers supportive paneling along the base of the laces, over the arch and in the midsole to securely hold the foot on the shoe’s platform. All this attention to detail makes these the best shoes for sprinters.

The METASPRINT has a honeycomb carbon fiber outsole plate so these shoes don’t need spikes or pins. The outsole lets runners propel forward during strides thanks to its improved ground contact instead of contact with pins. The shoes use a shoelace lockdown system to avoid any sort of slipping during movement.

The shoes feel very comfortable, light and easy to move in. The supportive paneling along the shoe’s outer body, inner body and laces places a strong grip on your feet so you can move along easily.

How durable is this item?

The METASPRINT is made with recyclable items as well as mesh that is lighter than other shoes. This mesh upper is strong and durable. Just like with other shoes, the longevity of these shoes will depend on your use.

Are these shoes easy to wash?

These shoes aren’t machine washable due to the honeycomb carbon fiber used on the sole and the shoe’s materials. But you can wash the shoes with a brush and soap.

Are the shoes available for all sizes?

The shoe sizes are a bit limited as these shoes were designed to be used by athletes. There’s mainly three size categories-9.5 men/11 wide women, 11.5 men/13 wide women, 12 men/13.5 wide women.

3. Adidas Adizero Boston 10

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Adidas Adizero is made by selecting each material carefully to ensure maximum support, comfort and energy feedback for the runner. The shoes use shoelaces for lockdown, securing your feet to prevent any shifting when you’re on the field. They’re available in different color combinations with orange, gold, white and other colors mixed in a shoe.

The shoe’s upper material is textile, 50% of which is made of recycled materials. This upper ensures wraparound comfort and maximum support. The shoe has responsive cushioning on the heel that ensures momentum while the ultralight technology on the toe allows you comfort. The shoe’s sole is made of continental rubber that gives you stability on the field. The midsole incorporates litestrike pro, litestrike eva, energy rods technology.

The inner lining of the shoe is also made of high quality textile that makes these shoes look stylish. The shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, from size 6 to size 13. They’re great for people with small feet as well as people with larger feet. But they aren’t offered for people with wide feet. If you have wide feet, you may try on the slightly larger shoe size to see if it’s comfortable for you or not.

Adidas Adizero Boston boasts a high customer satisfaction rate, the buyers always being happy with their performance. Although the shoes do lack a bit in the firmness department, their lightness and durability make up for it.

How much mileage will I get with these shoes?

Adidas Adizero Boston are a pair of sturdy, supportive track shoes. If the shoes are used on a daily basis, you can easily get over 20 miles on them on track. Again, how long the shoes last and how long they’ll be usable depends on how you use them and take care of them.

How well is the cushioning on the shoes?

The shoes are well made with high quality textile and cushioning. The cushioning step stays strong and provides comfort even after the shoe has been used for over 26 miles. The shoes cushion, spring and rebound, giving you a complete energy feedback when sprinting.\

Does this product come with a money back guarantee?

When purchasing the product, you won’t be promised your money back by Adidas. But amazon usually has a 30 day return policy on their products, so if you want to change or return the product, you’ll need to contact the seller before their provided time runs out.

4. PUMA Speed 500 2


PUMA Speed 500 2 focuses on maximum foot support, stability and responsive cushioning when running. With this pair of shoes, you’ll always be on top of your foot game. This series was made with emphasis on the energy feedback and lightweight performance.

The shoe has a rubber sole while the lining, upper and body is made of synthetic material. The lockdown system is lace, which secures the shoes to your feet. The gore strap on the shoe’s midfoot provides support by locking your feet to the platform when you’re running at high speeds. The engineered mesh upper was designed with targeted support zones to ensure different levels of support at different positions. The midfoot strap is also stretchy, so the shoe shape will adjust to your feet shape and size. These shoes were designed to be user friendly.

If we talk about the visual appeal of the shoes, PUMA Speed 500 2 look like regular running shoes. They have varying color combinations to choose from and look really stylish once worn. These shoes won’t just help you run better, they’ll make you look even better when running too. The shoes are available in many sizes, starting from regular size 7, all the way to a giant size 14. But they don’t offer any separate sizes for people with wide feet, so be sure to check out larger sizes before buying your regular size.

The PUMA Speed 500 2 is a performance trainer made for breathability and high speeds during sprints. They’re the perfect track training shoes for sprinters, especially well-trained sprinters.

Can these shoes be used for races?

PUMA Speed 500 are made with sprint runners in mind. They aren’t designed to endure long distances at a time, for a long time. This means, the shoes will probably wear out pretty fast if you use them for long races and race training. But technically you still can use these shoes for races. It’s just not recommended.

How good is the shoe’s fit?

PUMA Speed 500 2 was made to be personalized by the buyer. The dynamic midfoot design makes the shoes stretchy and adaptable. They’ll fit around your feet with use, giving each wearer a satisfying experience. Be mindful while choosing your shoe size as your running experience will vary depending on how well the shoes fit.

Do the shoes come with arch support?

No external arch support is offered with these shoes. The insoles aren’t removable or designed to provide too much cushioning as they are made for running. However, if you require external sports, you can buy a pair separately to meet your needs.

5. NIKE ZoomX Vaporfly Next%


This list just had to include Nike’s ZoomX Vaporfly. These shoes are definitely one of the most talked about pairs when it comes to running shoes. They’re highly recommended and even used by professional runners. These shoes are lightweight, suitable for use on all terrains.

The shoe’s sole is made of foam which provides you with maximum cushioning comfort when on the move. The midsole height of the shoe dampens any sort of impact your foot will have directly from hitting the ground. These foam soles with great height also ensure great energy feedback when you’re pushing down on them while running. This outsole flex offers a great amount of traction on the surface you’re running on. So there’s no chance of slipping.

The midsole has a full-length carbon plate embedded within. This carbon plate lets you convert your landing energy into momentum, so you can streak through the air, propelled forward by your own weight. Nike Vaporfly is also an extremely lightweight shoe, weighing around 190 grams. This weight advantage helps you avoid any strain that extra weight might have caused you. These shoes are just immensely comfortable, lightweight and fun to run in.

This shoe is available in a wide range of sizes, fitting measurements in both US and UK systems. They’re made to be used by a large group of people, to provide all round comfort, stability and support. I’d say design wise, these shoes don’t look the most slick. There aren’t many color options and the shoes may look like they have too much volume. But setting these minor preferences aside, they’re a pair of nifty, long lasting running shoes.

How durable is the Nike Vaporfly?

Nike Vaporfly was introduced to be your long term foot friend. These shoes can easily last for over 100 miles, with the right use. To keep the shoes in a good condition, keep them wrapped up when you aren’t on the track. They’re the best track ready shoes you’ll find.

How much is the midsole drop?

The toe to heel drop is around 8 mm. This drop gives you height and creates enough space between your feet and the ground so you can get maximum energy feedback.

How long does the cushioning foam last?

The cushioning foam loses its softness and support with time. Usually they’ll have a lifetime of 400 miles or more before starting to get soft and saggy. You can get your shoes replaced at that time.

6. New Balance FuelCell Rc Elite V1


New Balance FuelCell shoes are made for runners, keeping their need for comfort, stability and propulsion in mind. This pair is one of the best track and field training shoes. They have a traditional collar construction to keep your feet steady and well positioned.

The New Balance FuelCell has a rubber sole and a synthetic upper. The FuelCell foam in the sole provides a propelling force that helps you move forward fast whenever you run in these shoes. The shoe’s sole is covered with a full-length carbon fiber plate. This fiber plate gives your shoes grip over the track and keeps you moving swiftly. The dynaride outsole provides lightweight traction when running so you can move without interruptions.

These shoes are available in varying combinations of colors. They are very smart looking and will definitely match really well with any sort of sportswear. The size of the shoes range from regular sized 7 to size 14. If you’re looking for more foot room, try buying half a size larger than your normal shoe size.

The New Balance FuelCell shoes have a sole with patterned ridges, to help strengthen the shoe’s grip on different surfaces. This sole is outlined by a different colored outsole, with different patterns, that modifies your running speed and energy feedback.

Can these shoes be used to run marathons?

Yes, these shoes can be used to run sprints, marathons and races. But with time and with repeated use, the foam of the shoe becomes saggy and the upper becomes stretched.

Do these shoes have good cushioning?

Yes, the shoes provide comfortable cushioning. The foam gives good spring and energy feedback.

How is the fit of the shoe?

The shoe has a great fit but the traditional collar construction may be uncomfortable for some runners as it hugs the back of your ankles. Also the tongue is a little short so you may feel initial fitting issues when getting used to the shoes.

The Best Training Shoes for Sprinters – Buying Guide

Even when you have multiple shoe options in mind, it can still be a bit tricky purchasing track training shoes. To carry out this task perfectly, we’ve narrowed down some aspects you need to keep in mind when buying track and field training shoes.

The Material

When going for purchase, make sure you’ve checked out what material the shoes are made of. The longevity of shoes last on their material, as well as their usage. Usually synthetic material shoes last longer and are easier to clean up.

The Size compatibility

You’ll need to be careful of the size when buying sprint training shoes as sometimes the shoes may not fit you right. If the shoes are too small, you will feel discomfort and may even get injured. If the shoes are too large, you’ll have difficulty in moving forward. It may even cost you your track record.

The spring and energy feedback

Sprinting shoes are supposed to add spring to your steps and provide energy feedback to propel you forward. That’s one of their main functions. You need to pick the shoe that will give you the most spring, but also convert most of your energy into forward propelling action.

Other factors like the shoe’s durability, comfort levels, design and price also need to be considered if you’re looking for a long term addition to your wardrobe.


From our list of best sprint training shoes, the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% is widely popular and preferred by sprint runners. These shoes have great cushion, feedback, sprint and longevity. They may look a bit weird, but you win some, you lose some. Other than this shoe, New Balance FuelCell is also a model you can’t go wrong with.

Hopefully our list helps you find the right footmate for your spring running endeavors.

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