Best Treadmills for Low Ceilings

Regular exercise is the key to staying fit. Even if you can’t do the hardcore exercises, at the very least you can run on a treadmill.

Which is why a lot of people get a treadmill for themselves as it’s one of the most important gear for any fitness enthusiast. But trouble comes your way when your brand new treadmill doesn’t fit in your place.

Choosing the best treadmills for low ceilings isn’t an easy job. Particularly when you have hundreds of them available in the market. 

Just any compact treadmill or low-profile treadmill won’t be able to fit your requirement. 

In this article, I have given my full effort to create a long list where you will hopefully find the best treadmills for low ceilings.

low profile treadmill

Best Treadmill for Low Ceilings: Top 10 Running Machine

Are you in the middle of nowhere to decide which treadmill would be perfect for your low ceiling room? Relax! I have listed 10 out of all the crowds. I hope among these treadmills, one is going to click for you! 

I know from a hectic life it’s a time-consuming task to do proper research to match your own needs. Therefore, comparing all the major factors in the below sections the best low profile treadmills were added finally. 

So let’s see…

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  1. Best Treadmill for Low Ceilings: Top 10 Running Machine
  2. 1. Sunny Health Asuna 8730 Treadmill
  3. 2. NordicTrack 6.5S
  4. 3. XTERRA TR 150 Treadmill
  5. 4. OVICX Q2S Treadmill
  6. 5. UREVO Foldable Treadmill
  7. 6. Sunny Health ASUNA 7750 Treadmill
  8. 7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7718 Treadmill
  9. 8. Goplus 2 in 1 Treadmill
  10. 9. Rhythm Fun Treadmill
  11. 10. Echelon Stride Treadmill
  12. What Makes a Treadmill Low Profile?
  13. Disadvantages and Advantages of Low Profile Treadmill
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1. Sunny Health Asuna 8730 Treadmill


Sunny Health Asuna 8730 treadmill is an ultra-stable treadmill that will fulfil your needs if you are looking for a low-profile treadmill. 

This amazing low-profile treadmill with 5.25″ will ensure no hitting with the ceiling during training.

Being said that, it comes with a folding system which ensures you can make it completely flat. The transportation is swift to move it. You can easily keep this low-profile treadmill under the bed. 

Many folding treadmills often compromise with the build quality but this one didn’t. Along with that, you will get a lack of jolting during running time as it will welcome you with the shock absorption running deck. The smaller running deck is a big no for the taller user. 

Besides, the motor of the Sunny Health Asuna with 2.5 HP will let you enjoy a range of speeds from 0.6 – 8 mph. One drawback is the limitation of the user weight of only 200 lbs. 

Plus, this treadmill ensures your safety by adding an emergency clip for a sudden stop. You will find it easy to control with the quick speed button. The display in front of you will let you read data like running time, distance, total calorie burn, and speed. Also, you can check your total step on this treadmill too. 

All in all, Sunny Health 8730 would be a great purchase for a low-profile treadmill.


  • Only 5.25″ low profile deck
  • Fold fully flat and easy to store under bed
  • Powerful 2.5 HP motor with shock-absorbing deck
  • The display shows relevant data and is easy to transport
  • Great purchase for home gym


  • Not suitable for extra tall people
  • Only 220 lbs weight limit is a big no for heavyweight guys

2. NordicTrack 6.5S


Along with the 8’’ low deck, the NordicTrack 6.5S treadmill is packed with outstanding features. The extra advantage you will get in this one is the FlexSelect Cushioning which will ensure a lesser amount of impact on your joints during training.

Another big reason you should go for it is the powerful 3.0 HP SMART response motor which has self-cooling technology. This high-quality motor will support you to perform from low cardio intensity to high cardio intensity workout and also endurance running.

Speaking of training comfort level and variation, getting this treadmill will let you take versatile advantages. You can hit a top speed of 10 mph with a 10% incline to get the best result from the workout. The 20’’ x 55’’ large size running surface helps a lot for safety during the run. 

Plus, for your ease of folding, this low profile treadmill has EasyLift Assist and good quality transport wheels. The build quality of NordicTrack is jaw-dropper in this price range. This robust alloy steel frame made treadmill gives access to use up to 300 lbs. 

Furthermore, the console is a pretty simple 5’’ LED and you can easily use all the buttons. For your convenience, handrails are on both sides, Bluetooth and dual 2-inch speakers are provided. 

The  SpaceSaver design makes it butter smooth to store under a bed or any corner. A touch screen would have made this a perfect treadmill. 

However, this low-profile treadmill would be a great option to spend bucks without any second thought.


  • 8’’ low deck height with FlexSelect Cushioning
  • 3.0 HP self-cooling motor provides a top speed of 10 mph
  • Larger running deck, 300 lb capacity, and 10% incline
  • EasyLift Access for easy folding, handrails for safety


  • The touchscreen display is a lacking

3. XTERRA TR 150 Treadmill


With 3.3″ low step-up height, the XTERRA TR 150  has become one of the best treadmills for low ceiling. Compared to many other entry-level treadmills, it has lots of bells and whistles at a reasonable price.

The extraordinary energy-efficient 2.25 HP powerful motor will pull less electricity and provide you with a high speed of 10 mph. 

Plus, the 3 level incline adds more variation to your running pattern. You can add a bit more intensity to your training with the incline feature.

Moreover, the 5″ LCD will provide you with your running feedbacks like running speed, total running time, distance, incline height, calorie burned, and pulse level. You can take some extra benefits by using the 12 built-in programs. 

The  XTRA Soft deck cushioning adds more comfort plus less amount of stress on your knees and joints. 

Furthermore, assembling and folding are both easy. An easy pull knob comes with it for folding and unfolding. 

As part of your convenience accessories, XTERRA TR 150 offers you hand pulse sensors, a tablet holder, a cup holder, and fine-catered transportation wheels.

After all, it’s a man-made machine with its drawbacks. One is that the user limit of 250 lbs is not great. Another shortcoming is the 16 × 50″ running deck is not supportive of taller people.  

If you aim to buy a low-profile treadmill with ample features then XTERRA TR 150 would be a great choice.


  • Easy to assemble, fold, and reasonable price
  • Energy-efficient motor with 10 mph top speed
  • XTRA Soft absorbing deck cushioning & 3 level incline
  • Tablet holder, LCD, and pulse sensors
  • 3.3″ low profile deck


  • The treadmill is not supportive for taller guys
  • Incapable for 250+ lbs user

4. OVICX Q2S Treadmill


OVICX Q2S treadmill is a low-profile treadmill that offers you lots of bells and whistles. The amazing 4″ low deck height would be a great advantage for using it in a low ceiling room.

Plus, the powerful 3.0 HP sonic shielded motor allows you to run at a top speed of 8.7 mph and the motor remains extremely silent during running.

In case you feel like slowing down due to tiredness, this oustanding treadmill gifted with a smart fatigue slowdown button helps you a lot. With just one touch, it will slow down from full speed to 2.5 mph walking speed.

The nice and modern-looking LED display will give you an easy read by showing calorie burned amount, the pace of running or walking, pulse rate and duration, etc. 

In addition to that, this 16.9″ ultrawide running deck, the anti-skid rail on both sides of the deck ensures enough safety during running. Unfortunately, the length of the running deck does not allow the taller runners to ride on it. 

Moreover, OVICX Q2S offers Silkworm shock absorption technology that provides enough cushioning to reduce the running shocks of the runner.

Furthermore, the sturdy build quality of the treadmill allows users up to 264.55 lbs. Also, the folding option is smooth and you can keep it under your bed after folding. 

In this price range, OVICS Q2S is a bull’s eyeshot. Yeah! You can go for this low-profile treadmill.


  • Smooth folding, ultra space-saving design, and easy to store
  • Low profile deck with 3.0 HP powerful quiet motor
  • High-level user weight ability with 8.7 mph top speed
  • Great buy with Silkworm shock absorbing deck
  • Fatigue slowdown button and smart LED


  • A taller runner won’t be able to run on it

5. UREVO Foldable Treadmill


UREVO foldable treadmill is a mind-boggling low-profile treadmill. Even after folding the height remains only 5.1’’. This treadmill is mostly suitable for jogging and medium-speed running.

Plus, the multi-layer anti-slip tread belt and the shock absorption deck will provide you with a super comfortable workout session.  Though the width of the running deck is okay, the 45.7’’ length is a major downside. This is not appropriate for extra-large guys. 

The 2.5 HP motor will help you to run at 7.5 mph and with literally no noise. Along with that, a 6 pcs non-slip mat makes your running time extremely stable. Unfortunately, you will miss the incline and decline feature of this amazing treadmill. 

Moreover, the LCD lets you track the running data like calories burned, running duration, running pace, and distance. The safety key, fine-made wheels, and tablet holder will alleviate your user experience.

Furthermore, this heavy-duty machine can hold up to 260 lbs and the folding system is superb. You can store it under the sofa, under the bed due to the space-saving design. Both assembling and using the control panel are simple. 

 If you like variation in your workout then you can use the 12 pre-set program to simulate the feel of natural terrain during running.

Considering all the good features and the downside, purchasing a UREVO foldable treadmill is an outstanding buy if you are looking for a low-profile treadmill.


  • Low deck height and 5.1’’ folding
  • Space-saving design, anti-slip multi-layer tread belt
  • Easy to assemble, robust build with a high user weight of 260 lbs
  • Stable, easy to fold, and 12 built-in program


  • Produce shoe squeaks
  • Outsole durability is poor

6. Sunny Health ASUNA 7750 Treadmill


With a step-up height of approx 6″ (15.2cm) the ASUNA 7750 ranks among the top low profile treadmills. As well as, its folding is standard. 

Plus, the rubber stabilizers and 3 shock absorption cells ensure a stable and less impactful running session. The 220 lbs user weight limit is a major limitation of the ASUNA 7750 treadmill. 

Unlike many compact treadmills, the ASUNA 7750 has a large running deck size of 51.2″ × 19″ size which ensures runners from various heights can use it. And, the powerful 2.5 HP quiet motor will support you to run at a top speed of 8 mph. 

Moreover, you can shred up some extra calories by adding intensity to your workout using the 12 automatic incline level. If you love the variation in a workout then the built-in 12 programs will help you a lot. 

Under the accessories package of the treadmill, you will get speakers, foldable tablet holders, USB ports, etc. In addition to that, the 6 LED screens are attached on the front to read out running data.

To ensure your safety, an emergency clip is there; just remove it if you feel like gas out. The lack of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is a huge downside of the treadmill.

On a final note, I can say that ASUNA 7750 is a great low-profile treadmill in its price segment.


  • The compact but large running deck
  • Shock absorbing system reduces running jolts & ultra-stable ride
  • 6 LED screen, USB port, emergency clip, and powerful 2.5 HP quiet motor
  • 12 level incline with a top speed of 8 mph
  • Easy folding & approx 6″ low deck height


  • The weight limit is low with only 220 lbs
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for the online connection

7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7718 Treadmill


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7718 is an awesome treadmill stuffed with lots of good points. The 3″ low profile deck makes it one of the toppers for keeping in a low ceiling room.

Plus, the 2.5 HP motor ensures a very smooth silent running session without any lagging issues. The sturdy construction makes sure the user with 250 lb runs with full stability. Because of the lower to ground deck, you will find it extremely stable during the run.

In addition to that, the top speed of 9mph is suitable for intermediate-level runners and the slower speed of 0.6 mph makes it user-friendly for older people to walk. Sadly you can’t enjoy any incline and decline features in this treadmill. 

Besides, it has a unique feature that will remind you of lubrication after every 188 miles of use. You will also love the shock-absorbing system which is superb for a comfortable less impactful running session. To maximize workout output, Sunny SF-T7718 comes with 9 built-in programs.

Moreover, its incredible folding system makes it flat. When it’s fully folded the height is 10.5″ makes it convenient to store under the bed. Though it comes with excellent transportation wheels but a bit hard to move due to the weight of the treadmill. The nicely designed LCD monitor will show you running speed, pulse, distance, steps, etc. 

From top to bottom, a Sunny Sf-T7718 treadmill is a phenomenal machine at a fair price.


  • 2.5 HP motor with consistent power and 9 mph top speed
  • Incredible folding with 9 built-in program
  • 3″ Low Deck Height & higher weight capacity
  • Shock absorbing and low to ground stable deck
  • Wide running deck with lubrication reminder


  • No options for the user to enjoy incline or decline
  • Due to treadmill weight hard to move

8. Goplus 2 in 1 Treadmill


Goplus 2 in 1 treadmill would be a matchless choice if you are looking for a low-profile treadmill. It is among one of the few treadmills on the market that can become fully flat with a step-up deck height of only 5″. 

Though the size of the Goplus 2 in 1 is compact, it can deal with a good amount of user weight up to 265 lbs. In addition to that, it’s a robust and stable treadmill for users. Sorry to say, but the 40×16″ running deck is not perfect for the taller people. 

Also, the 2.25 HP quiet motor will ensure a smooth ride that comes with a good running speed of 12 km/h. To increase safety level it comes with remote control and also a safety key.

Storing, shifting, and folding are swift due to lightweight, fine transport wheels and a high-quality folding system. A phone holder, Bluetooth speaker are embedded for user entertainment.

Moreover, the 5 layer anti-slip running belt and shock absorbing feature will ensure your safety and comfort. You will face a much lighter impact on your knees and joints during training sessions. 

Plus, you can take an easy read of running time, calories burned, distance, and speed from the smart LED display. The lack of incline and decline feature is a big minus in Goplus 2 in 1 treadmill.

Summing up all plus side and downside, Goplus 2 in 1 treadmill would be a great low profile treadmill. 


  • 5 layers anti-slip running belt & shock absorber
  • Folding, storing, and shifting is a breeze
  • Robust build can deal up to 265 lbs
  • Excellent for wider feet people
  • Only 5″ deck step height & powerful 2.25 HP quiet motor


  • Not perfect choice tall runners
  • Incline-decline missing is a major drawback

9. Rhythm Fun Treadmill


The combination of a low deck and outstanding shock absorbing features make the Rhythm Fun treadmill to be one of the leading low-profile treadmills. 

The 7″ deck height is awesome for easy step up. Along with that, you can fold it and keep it both under the bed or vertically. It can stand at a 90° angle from the floor. Also, you can comfortably keep it and use it in any low ceiling space.

Plus, the 4.0 HP noiseless motor will ensure a top speed of 15 km/h for running and the 20×50″ running deck will be suitable for most of the runners. One quirk of the treadmill is that it doesn’t have any incline/ decline for your running variation.

In addition to that, the specially made suspended running belt and 7-layer separated soft running board will reduce running impact on your knees, ankles, etc. As well as, the running noise will be very low. 

The built quality of the steel frame is uncompromised and robust which can easily carry 265 lbs users.

Plus, this modern-looking treadmill comes with an ultra-stylish large LCD which will show you time, mileage, calories burned, running pace, etc. It also offers you Bluetooth. You can also control the treadmill with mobile using a built-in app. Though it has a built-in speaker, its sound quality is poor.

Combining all good and bad, Rhythm Fun treadmills would be a great low-profile treadmill.


  • Mind-boggling shock absorbing deck with less noise
  • Silent motor but 4 HP ensure long ride with 15km/h top speed
  • Robust built, easy to store and fold
  • Only 7″ deck height is fantastic
  • Large LCD, handrail & Bluetooth


  • Running variation like incline/decline is not added
  • Running variation like incline/decline is not added Speaker quality is not standard 10. Echelon Stride Treadmill

10. Echelon Stride Treadmill


Echelon Stride treadmill can be a good choice if you need a low-profile treadmill due to its 10″ deck height. 

An amazing level of 300 lb user capacity tells you how sturdy the build quality of the Echelon Stride treadmill is. Also, this treadmill’s outstanding 3 quick step auto-folding feature ensures effortless folding. 

Also, the 3.0 HP will provide you with a top speed of 12 mph that’s awesome to increase your cardio level. Along with that, the 10% incline helps you to experience an uphill run.

Besides, it’s easy to control speed as you have them on the handlebar. For your safety, it comes with a safety stop lanyard. 

The LED console of the Echelon Stride lets you read all the running data. But in this price segment, missing a touchscreen in this treadmill is a bit lacking.

To increase and assure your convenience, this treadmill comes with a spacious side rail for easy step-off, Bluetooth & USB connectivity, a tablet holder, water bottle holder, and a steel holder to move it. 

Moreover, the impact-absorbing rubber running deck will cut off the impact from the running deck. Which is a great feature that will help you in the long run. Sorry to say but the treadmill has a wibbling issue during incline runs.

Furthermore, if you need variation to pull some change in your regular workout you can use 8 built-in workout programs. 

Analyzing both negative and positive sides, Echelon Stride’s low-profile treadmill would be a phenomenal addition to your home gym.


  • 10″ low deck height
  • Sturdy build quality with 10% incline
  • Safety stop lanyard with quick speed control
  • Tablet holder, steel holding bar, and 3 steps auto-folding feature


  • Incline running has a wibbling issue
  • A touch screen feature is missing

What Makes a Treadmill Low Profile?

Generally, when you want to know what a low profile treadmill means. The simple answer is that, treadmill will consume less space in your room. The manufacturers try to make these by following different ways.

One category is by keeping the height of the upper deck or control panel a bit lower. As well as the deck remaining low to the ground.

Plus, one of the key benefits of these treadmills is that they let the tall runner do training on them without requiring much vertical space. Even if you have a low ceiling room or place it would perfectly fit and you can run comfortably. 

Another category that is also quite familiar among the fitness community is the compact treadmill. But that comes with a smaller footprint plus a narrow running space.

Users who don’t have enough room for storing can use another version with easy folding. Which are pretty slim and let it store under any bed or sofa. 

Some low-profile treadmills are gifted with rollers and are lightweight. You can move them easily for storing in your closet to save space. 

Disadvantages and Advantages of Low Profile Treadmill

From small to big, old to latest every new gadget has its advantages and disadvantages. The same thing goes for the low-profile treadmill too.

A low profile does let you enjoy its advantages. But, that comes with a cost of disadvantages too. So let’s have a look at each side in the following 


Occupy Less Space

One of the main advantages of a low-profile treadmill is that it will require a small amount of place in your room. The smaller footprint of the treadmill plays a big role in saving space.

Easy to Store

Due to the folding option, you can store it both vertically or horizontally according to your needs. 


The lightweight of the treadmill ensures that you can fold them without much effort plus you can transport them swiftly.

Best for Low Ceiling Room

In case you want to use it where the ceiling height is low you can use it comfortably due to the lower position of the running deck.  

Low Deck Height

Low deck height will help you a lot if you have any previous injury in your knees and joints. 

Getting on and off would be extremely easy for older users. Low profile tends to have stepped up height less than 10″. 

Easy Control Panel

Most compact treadmills offer easy-to-use control panels. Which makes the running session more user friendly 


Small Running Deck

Most low-profile treadmill running deck sizes are not appropriate for people more than 6 feet. 

Wibbling Issue

The design line of a low-profile treadmill has a folding system which is a major issue for wibbling during your training time. You shouldn’t expect high stability on a low profile treadmill and you won’t get it like a static treadmill. 

Low Build Quality

Speaking of the user weight, compared to a static or non-folding treadmill, a compact plus foldable low profile treadmill will have much lesser user capacity. 

Rarely do you see 300+ lbs user weight ability in a low profile treadmill. Most of them have a range of 200-300 lbs on top of the line. It simply indicates the comparatively weak built quality and robustness of the treadmill.

Buying Guide

Nobody likes their money getting wasted. Especially, after waiting for a few days when you finally hope to use the product and the product adds zero value to your life. You feel like you are doomed! 

So I am here explaining below some factors which are of utmost importance while purchasing your low-profile treadmill. Don’t miss them or it will cost you double the price! 

User height+ Full incline height less than the Ceiling height

This is a must thing if you don’t want to end up having a waste buy. The theory is not rocket science. 

If the total inline height of the treadmill and your height is less than the ceiling height then it would be perfect for use.

The dimensions of the treadmill

The first thing you want to make sure of is that the size of the treadmill is fittable for the specific space you want to keep during training. 

Try to go for the compact treadmill which has enough running deck available for you.


Running is a vigorous exercise that puts pressure on your body. As well as on the treadmill. So a well-built steel frame is a primary thing you need to look for. 

Look for a high-end folding system

Undoubtedly, folding and unfolding the treadmill and then storing it after every training session is a hassle.

Try to buy those which have an automatic folding system. Or at least which has a high-quality folding system that makes the job smooth and easy.

Ideal running deck size

Apart from the extra taller people the ideal running deck size would fit most of the average height up to 6 feet tall.

The running deck size must be 16×50″. A lower width and length size would not let you run with comfortable strides. Even if you are an average height user. 

Look for maximum incline level 

If you want to beat the boredom plus reach your fitness goal, it’s highly recommended to buy a treadmill with an incline feature.

From 10% to 20% would be enough to increase the intensity plus bring variation in your running or jogging session.

Priority to a top speed

When you run at high speed it means you are strengthening your cardiovascular activity. 

While lower speed runs won’t help much in a short period. So make sure your low-profile treadmill has at least 7.5 mph top speed. 

And, if you have passed physical injury then you can buy that offer low-speed walking and jogging.

Powerful & Noiseless Motor

Would you like it if your treadmill generated loud noise during the run? Most probably not, Right? So, it’s another important feature for smooth jogging or running time.

You must buy a 2.5 HP quiet motor treadmill. A lower HP motor will not be supportive for the long run. Along with that, try to find the self-cooling motor feature. 

Weight Limit 

A high user capacity means the built quality of the treadmill is standard. When purchasing your treadmill ensure that it has a minimum 200 lbs user weight limit.

If you weigh more than 200 lbs then you should buy one that has 250+ lbs weight capacity. 

Extra Features

Built-in the program: Any treadmill that has a pre-set workout program will enable you to be more productive. Try to avoid those which require payment requirements for access.

Display: Both LED or LCD are okay. You should buy a treadmill that shows running data with high accuracy and is easy to read. Display with no backlit option would be better to ignore.

Connectivity options: Features like Bluetooth, USB ports are crucial. Missing these features is a big downside for the treadmill. 

Deck Cushioning: A proper cushioning system would save your knee from getting any extra impact of running. 

High-end shock absorption can reduce stride impact up to 40%. So you must look for a low profile treadmill that comes with this mind-boggling feature. 


A low-profile treadmill is best for use inside a low ceiling room. One theory you must remember is that your height plus the treadmills incline height should be less than the ceiling height of the room.

In this article, you have seen ten different low-profile treadmills which I have listed as the best treadmills for the low ceiling in the market.

I expect that you will find your desired one from these treadmills.

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