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Getting your sight on the best running shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis isn’t easy as you will find many options available.

You might see a bunch of shoes labeled as best for PTT, but are they actually? How would you know?

Well, that’s what I am going to tell you in this very guide. An in-depth buying guide is awaiting you, which should tell you enough to identify suitable shoes for PTT. But before that, I’ll walk you through the 10 best running shoes for PTT.

So without any further ado, let me walk you through…

1. New Balance 990 V5 Sneaker


If you have been in the sports shoe industry for any length of time, you definitely have heard of mighty New Balance! It is one of those few brands that have always stood firm on its words and provided users with the expected quality.

And here I have the new balance 990 V5 sneaker, which is another top-notch product of New Balance. It is built with pigskin and has a mesh upper that maintains good air circulation, allowing your feet to breathe therefore, you remain comfortable.

It features an ENCAP midsole which has lightweight cushioned foam, as a result, your feet get the comfort needed. Not only that, the midsole comes with a polyurethane rim as well that delivers optimum support.

And there is a high-quality blown rubber outsole that can withstand all the abuse a runner can possibly put. The outsole offers the needed grip as well, allowing you to run comfortably without distractions.

The dual-density collar foam makes sure your ankle gets the right support and comfort. This is a durable pair of shoes, thanks to the manufacturer for the heavy-duty construction.

And if we talk about the design, this shoe doesn’t disappoint on that as well. I won’t say it looks extraordinary. It has a simple design but looks pretty classy. Whether it is your running suit or casual, this unit is going to blend like water.

What is the difference between 990v5 and 990v4?

There isn’t any big difference, a few tiny changes in the tread pattern and bottom. That’s what makes the shoes a little different from each other.

What’s the difference between wide and X-wide?

X wide means extra wide. In this shoe, 2E is wide, and 4E is extra wide.

Is this available only for men?

No! It has options for both males and females.

2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes


With more than 15 different colors, these Asics Gel-Kayano running shoes allow you to choose your favorite color. Like New Balance, Asics has always been true to their word and came up with stuff that actually benefits the users.

This Asics Gel-Kayano is an extremely comfortable pair of running shoes. That being said, for those who are looking for the best walking shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis, this one fits perfectly there as well.

As I said before, it is extremely comfortable, all thanks to its construction. It features a multi-directional mesh upper which allows proper air circulation. And that’s what makes your feet feel super comfy.

Not only comfort, but you can also expect good support as well from this very pair. It comes with a redesigned external heel counter that offers great stability and support to the user. Plus, there is a dynamic duo max support system which also contributes to improving the support and stability.

For improved cushioning and compression at the footstrike, the manufacturer has used 3D space construction. And this also helps mitigate pronation.

These shoes are great in terms of flexibility as well, it fits pretty well too. It features forefoot and rearfoot GEL technology that absorbs shock making the user feel comfortable when running.

Where are these Asics shoes manufactured?

They are manufactured in Vietnam.

Is the Gel Kayano 28 suitable for high arches?

Yes, they offer good support for high arches, and at the same, they work well for a flat feel too.

Are these shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are very comfortable, all thanks to the gel technology that offers incredible cushioning!

3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Running Shoes


The Adrenaline GTS22 is one of the top-notch brooks shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis. Moreover, it is a PDAC A5500 certified diabetic shoe that has the APMA acceptance seal.

Walking or running, this shoe is suitable for both. For those who are looking for a smooth running experience, Brooks adrenaline GTS can hold the caliber. It comes with great cushioning and guides rail support which will allow runners to run without any distraction.

It comes with a 100% DNA LOFT midsole that offers high energizing cushioning, which can reduce overpronation and the rail support adds stability to this shoe pair. Due to the midsole and overall shoe design, the transition from heel to toe is super smooth and easy.

Then there is a crash pad as well, which also contributes to safe and smooth running. It absorbs a little bit of shock as well.

3D fit print upper technology makes these shoes flexible and makes them fit properly. It comes in more than 12 different colors, so you get the liberty of choosing your favorite color. The overall design is pretty good, looks classy.

Are these shipped from somewhere in the USA or overseas?

These are shipped from the USA.

How is the toe box for wide feet?

The toe room is enough for those with wide feet.

Are these shoes good for long walks?

Yes, these shoes are cushiony and perfect for long walks.

4. Mizuno Wave Inspire 17


Looking for a pair of decent running shoes? You got it! Have a look at the Mizuno wave-inspired running shoe, good price, decent quality, and good comfort, it packs everything you would expect for a good pair.

It features energy foam that continuously provides comfort. And then there is the U4ic midsole which also works toward providing good cushioning along with shock reduction.

Compared to some other pairs of its class, this one is a little springy, and that is a great thing for both runners and walkers. Apart from that, this shoe feels very light on the feet, which is an advantage.

The carbon rubber outsole delivers enough grip a runner needs. The manufacturer has used top-notch rubber, which can withstand daily wear and tear. The breathable upper mesh allows proper air-circulation inside the shoe, enabling you to wear the shoes comfortably for long periods.

This shoe pair is pretty durable as well. Lastly, the lace closure ensures a good fit.

Does this shoe have shoe strings that tie, or are they non-tie kind?

These shoes come with laces that can be tied.

how long is the laces of these shoes?

The laces of this shoe are around 47 to 51-inch.

How much do these shoes weigh?

Well, the weight of these shoes will vary a little depending on different sizes, but on average, the weight is around 1-1.5 lb.

5. Saucony Hurricane 23


The Saucony hurricane 23 is a running shoe that will give you a luxurious plush feel the second after you slip your feet in. The cushioning of this pair is on the top as well, all thanks to the stacked lightweight PWRRUN+ midsole.

What makes this a suitable pair for PTT is the rubber, it is springy, which is necessary for runners. It features a TPU guidance framework that makes sure the user gets the needed support.

Also features mesh upper construction, which is not only durable but is extremely comfortable as well. The mesh fabric enables proper air-circulation throughout the shoe so that the user remains comfortable wearing these shoes.

Likewise, this one is good as well. A suede tongue with reflective stitching makes it look good. It has a sporty look. And this Saucony hurricane 23 is available for both men and women.

What is the difference between Hurricane 23 and 22?

Compared to 22, 23 feels easy to run as they are lightweight and springier.

Are these pairs of shoes good for stability?

Yes, Saucony hurricane 23 offers good support and stability.

Is Saucony Hurricane good for flat feet?

They come with a padded cushioned midsole that delivers a plush feeling, hence they are good for flat feet.

6. HOKA ONE Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers


Well, this one’s going to be a little heavy on the wallet, but indeed it delivers a good return. First, let’s talk about the overall look, in one word, it looks super. It comes in more than 7 different colors, and you can choose your favorite. And the way it is designed, it suits well with both casual and running outfits.

It features mesh upper construction that is durable and pretty breathable. You’ll feel good air circulation inside the shoes making your feet comfortable. And as these are designed for runners, they can take a lot of abuse.

Plus, for abrasion-free wear, the shoe comes with breathable textile lining and seamless synthetic overlays.

A padded insole offers good cushioning along with the needed support. The insole also absorbs a little bit of shock, allowing the user to run or walk comfortably.

Plus, if anyone needs a customized insole, this shoe has an option for that as well. It allows you to remove the built-in insole and put the customized one.

And it features a rubber outsole that provides the needed grip and traction runners need.

Does it have arch support?

Yes, it does! It is very supporting on the arch.

Do they come in wide widths?

They come in a variety of sizes, and yes, they come in wide widths.

7. Adidas Originals Ultraboost St


It will be hard now to find people who haven’t heard of Adidas. It’s a brand that’s popular for its high-end shoes and comfy and classy shoes. And here we have one from Adidas that is the Adidas Originals ultra boost st.

It is a perfect shoe for slight to moderate overpronators, a big thumb up to this shoe for its incredible arch support. Not only that, this shoe holds the top spot in terms of stability and comfort as well.

The midsole offers the needed amount of cushioning, which makes it a great choice for flat feet. Apart from that, the moment you slip your feet in, you will feel a plush softness, and it’s a good feeling. That will save your feet from getting tired easily.

Moreover, the upper is constructed in a way that allows good air circulation on the shoe, which will make your feet remain comfy. And overall, It is constructed heavily to withstand all the wear and tear a runner can possibly put.

Do these shoes have a blue stripe on the sole?

No! The outsole is made of back continental rubber.

How wide is the toe box?

It is wide enough to be comfortable for people with wide toes. The toe box has enough room.

Are these shoes directly sold by Adidas?

Some are sold directly by Adidas, and some by resellers.

8. Salomon Sonic RA Max 2


Comfort, flexibility, durability, and stability, you get all of these with this Salomon sonic ra max 2 shoe. It’s a pair that comes with almost everything an ideal shoe would offer. Let’s have a look at everything this shoe has packed for you.

It comes with a unique vibe technology midsole that uses energy cells to provide the user with top-notch cushioning. The midsole is well-padded as a result, you will be running or walking with full comfort.

The midsole isn’t the only thing in this shoe that offers comfort, it is constructed with a mesh upper that allows the feet to breathe. When the shoe maintains a proper airflow, the feet are less likely to sweat or get uncomfortable.

Then there is an Ortholite die-cut sock liner that comes with antibacterial materials to mitigate the odor while providing good cushioning. And the blown rubber contagrip outsole provides the needed traction to run or walk without distractions.

Is the footbed removable?

Yes, this shoe allows you to remove the footbed and use a customized one when required.

Is it suitable for flat feet?

It comes with insoles that offer great cushioning, hence it is perfect for people with flat feet.

9. Saucony Omni 20


The Saucony Omni 20 shoe comes with PWRRUN cushioning that delivers enough cushioning to make the user smile. Plus, this shoe offers a little bit of springy energy, which helps runners and walkers to go a little further. Bouncy or springy shoes reduce the tiredness of the feet.

Talking about comfort, this shoe’s forefoot section has iBR+, and the heel has XT-900 technology which provides support exactly where the user wants it.

Running or walking is very smooth and stable when this pair is on their feet, thanks to its TRI-flex outsole, which delivers the needed grip so that runners can run without any distractions. And another technology called FORM FIT makes sure the shoes hug your feet comfortably.

It comes with engineered spacer mesh construction, which is not only breathable but flexible and durable as well. The shoe feels lightweight on the feet and can be worn for long hours.

This comes in for both males and females. And there are a few color options as well to choose from.

Is it a hiking shoe or a running shoe?

The way this pair of shoes is designed, it can be used for both hiking and running.

Is the size correct?

Yes, they are true to their sizes, just make sure to order the right size.

Where are these shoes manufactured?

In Vietnam.

10. ASICS Men’s GT-2000 10


Last but not least, presenting the Asics GT2000 running shoe that is loaded with features. Let’s get through them one by one.

It has an engineered knit upper which is flexible and hugs the feet once you slip that in. In terms of breathability, this shoe struggles a bit. But if you want to be on the safe side, then pick it for winter. For anyone who doesn’t wear shoes for more than a few hours, it should be perfect for them.

Then it features rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology that promises to deliver optimum cushioning. And it actually does. Apart from cushioning, the gel technology absorbs shocks pretty well too.

Moreover, the manufacturer has used FLYTEFOAM technology as well, which also works toward providing good cushioning to the feet along with a little bit of bouncy feeling.

Are these shoe non-marking?

Yes, these are non-marking shoes.

Do these shoes come with a heel cup?

Not a heel cup, but it does come with a heel counter that every high-end running shoe comes with for good heel support.

What is posterior tibial tendonitis?

Posterior tibial tendonitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the posterior tibial tendon. This tendon attaches the calf muscles to the bones on the inside of the ankle and foot.

Posterior tibial tendonitis can cause pain and swelling along the tendon, and make it difficult to walk or stand. Treatment typically includes rest, ice, and NSAIDs to reduce inflammation. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

How to treat Posterior Tibial Tendonitis?

There are many ways to treat posterior tibial tendonitis. The most important part is to rest the tendon.

This may mean taking a break from your normal activities or using a cane or crutches to keep weight off the affected ankle. Ice can also help reduce inflammation and pain.

You can use a cold pack for 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or other NSAIDs can help reduce inflammation and pain as well. Surgery may be necessary if the tendon is severely damaged.

Things to Consider before Choosing the Best Shoe for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

I’ll be very honest with you, finding the best shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis is hard. You might see many pairs labeled as best, but that’s not true in most cases.

Due to the wide array of choices, it is very easy to get distracted and invest in the wrong pair, which is why I’ll urge you to check through this guide.

I have mentioned a few most important factors you need to look for to get your sight one the best shoes for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying running shoes is their cushioning. A good pair of running shoes should provide a comfortable and supportive experience. And for that, you will have to choose pair that is well-padded and provides the comfort you need.


Another important factor to consider when buying running shoes is their traction. If you’re going to be running regularly, you need to be sure that your shoes provide a good grip on the ground. Otherwise, you will keep slipping, which will distract you badly, and trust me, you don’t want to deal with that.


Most running shoes are designed to be flexible. This means that they can be adjusted to fit a variety of feet. This is important because it allows you to run in a variety of conditions, which can benefit your overall running experience.

Torsional stability

The stability of a shoe is important because it affects how easily you can move your feet during running.

A stable shoe will help you keep your feet in the same place during running and prevent you from having to take many steps back to change pace. Try your best to get a pair of shoes that comes with a heel strike. Your feet will be way more stable when you’re running with heel-strike.

Some shoes also have a toe-off feature, which allows your toes to touch the ground at the same time as your heel. This provides more stability for your foot and helps you stay on your feet longer during running.


If you will be wearing the shoe for long hours, then you don’t want to mess with this when there is very poor air circulation inside the shoe, which will give a very unpleasant experience.

Your feet need a lot of ventilation in order to function optimally, and too little breathable material can lead to heat build-up and discomfort. So you better pick a pair that have a mesh upper.


The insole is an important part of a running shoe. It helps provide support and stability for your feet as you run. You should look for a shoe with a high-quality insole, which will help keep your feet healthy and safe while you run.


When you’re buying running shoes, it’s important to make sure that the shoes are made of durable and high-quality materials. You don’t want to risk your feet getting injured in the future.

Additionally, be sure to check the material used in the shoes. Many running shoes are made of synthetic materials, which can be harmful if you do a lot of walking or running in them. Pick a material that is both comfortable and durable. Check out user feedback that will help you a lot.

Right Fit

It’s a no-brainer. Your shoes need to fit well, otherwise, it’s a waste. However, many people are okay wearing little loose shoes, but that won’t work in the running. The shoe needs to fit perfectly, otherwise, in the middle of the run, you might find your shoes flying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aggravates posterior tibial tendonitis?

There are several things that can aggravate posterior tibial tendonitis and make the condition worse. These include:

  • Strenuous exercise or activity.
  • Walking or standing for long periods of time
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having flat feet or high arches

Does wearing a boot help posterior tibial tendonitis?

A walking boot might help with PTT in the short term, but for a long-term solution, one needs to see a doctor.

Do arch supports help posterior tibial tendonitis?

Yes, arch support might help with PTT at the initial stage. But once it gets severe, arch support won’t do any good.

What is the fastest way to heal posterior tibial tendonitis?

It is hard to answer this question as different people will respond differently to various treatments. However, some of the most commonly recommended methods for treating posterior tibial tendonitis include:

Taking over-the-counter pain relief medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen
Resting the ankle and avoiding

Which are the best Hoka shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis?

There are a few Hoka shoes that work well for PTT, but here on the list, we have the Hoka one arahi 5, which is a useful pair for people with posterior tibial tendonitis dysfunction.


Hope this guide helps you get your hands on the best running shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis. These are favored by users for their performance. Hope you’ll be satisfied.

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