While running is a top-notch exercise many people end up having injuries in their joints like knees, ankles, spinal cord waist. This puts the elderly and people with chronic injuries at a disadvantage as they can’t work as extensively as before.

For them, a blessing came in the form of cushioned treadmills, which absorb shocks amazingly well. These will ensure people you can do your cardio workouts without putting excessive strain on your body. 

In this article, I will talk about some best cushioned treadmills along with their good and bad sides which will help you find the perfect treadmill for your needs.

Best Cushioned Treadmill: 10 Best Shock Absorption Treadmills 

Best Cushioned Treadmill

When it comes to adding real value to your own body and fitness, there’s no chance of compromising a properly cushioned treadmill to keep your running safe. 

But don’t always fall for the bells and whistles of a treadmill. In the market currently, lots of treadmills are available but few will provide top-grade cushioned treadmills that would help you from getting any unwanted injury in your joints. 

Below I have given the 10 best shock absorption treadmill reviews that are badass to meet your needs according to their price margin. Let’s cut the talk and see those…

1. 3G Cardio Treadmill

Are you looking for a treadmill that provides amazing cushioning for your bad knees? Then 3G Cardio would be an outstanding choice.

Ortho Flex Shock Suspension of the treadmill will ensure at the end of the session there is no hurting issue in your joints. Not only that, it can smoothly carry users up to 400 lbs which is mind-blowing! This makes it top of the cherry for plus-size guys.

Plus, you will be able to run at an incline level of up to 15% which is great for burning extra calories. The running deck is also quite big and remains stable during training. Unfortunately, there is no folding system in it.

An uncompromised motor power of 4.0 HP will help you to run at a max of 12 mph. Even the acceleration is excellent, which makes it superb for HIIT workouts. The best thing about this treadmill is it does not produce any noise. 

Moreover, the deck console is user-friendly but lacks an LCD monitor which is a minus point of this treadmill. It also comes with speakers and fans to add comfort and entertainment for you.

Also, the built quality of this alloy steel treadmill is rock-solid and sturdy. In addition to that, it has built-in programs and you can create custom programs according to your requirements.

Furthermore, the handrails on both sides will help you to hold in case of over-exhaustion. Comparing the plus and minus sides of this treadmill would be a good purchase. 


  • Sturdy built, stable, and large-size belt
  • High-grade Ortho Flex cushioning for safety
  • Quiet run with high speed from a 4 HP motor
  • Impressive incline level of 15%
  • User weight limit up to 400 lbs


  • No folding system is given
  • Missing of a modern LCD console

2. NordicTrack 8.5S Treadmill

The Flex Select cushioning of the NordicTrack 8.5S will keep it on a high-end treadmill list. You will experience a smoother ride with minimal impact on your knees just by turning on the cushion. Also, you have the option to turn it off to get the feeling of running on an asphalt road.

Just in front of the running deck, you have a nice console system using which you can increase and decrease both incline and speed. 

Plus, the incline level up to 12% allows you to add more variation to your walking and running pattern. This helps you to burn a lot of extra fats by challenging yourself. Sadly there is no decline option in this treadmill.

In addition to that, the 12mph top speed of the NordicTrack 8.5 S will help you to blend HIIT, sprint, and cardio training into your workout routine. The 50 built-in programs and 10 ” touchscreen are awesome features for the user to maximize workout output.

Moreover, the space-saving Easy Lifting folding design helps you to keep it in any corner of your living room. The user limit of only 300 lbs is a bit lacking.

Furthermore, the striking powerful motor with 3.5 HP will ensure you are enjoying a smooth-running session. And, is also a quiet ride which is fantastic for home if you have sleeping kids around.

As a whole, NordicTrack 8.5 would be a noteworthy and clever purchase for your comfortable fitness machine.


  • Flex Select cushioning ensures less impact and more safety
  • 50 built-in programs with 10″ touchscreen
  • Quiet run with high speed from a 4 HP motor
  • Space-saving folding
  • 12% incline level helps to increase running toughness


  • The user limit of 300 lbs is not enough
  • Don’t have any decline feature

3. Sunny Health Asuna Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna would be a reliable option if you need a properly cushioned treadmill for the protection of your joints like knee, waist, and ankle. It comes with 3 shock absorption cells on both sides of the running deck which ensures less impact.

You can read all the data like heart rate level, total time, incline position, distance coverage, speed, etc. from the front of the basic LED display. 

Moreover, it has 8 built-in workout programs with 3 extra custom programs to reap workout benefits and bring variations. High-quality stabilizers keep the treadmill stable at top speed. The soft drop system makes it secure if little kids are playing nearby. 

Plus, the 2.5 HP motor will help you to run with a jog at a high speed of 8 mph. And, if you want to burn more calories you have the option to use 12 incline levels.

Also, you will be impressed with the folding system as it becomes quite flat and makes it easy to store. A nice pair of transportation wheels will ensure smooth and painless moving.

Furthermore, the built-in speaker is attached for your entertainment. One thing that’s a big downside is the user limit of only 220 lbs. The pulse sensor is attached to the front handlebars and also with quick speed and an incline button.

Apart from the weight limit, cord & basic LED, the Sunny Health Asuna is a remarkable treadmill you can buy at this reasonable price.


  • A high-quality shock absorption deck is reliable
  • 8 built-in programs plus 3 customizable programs for users
  • Stability is fantastic
  • Soft drop system, easy to transport
  • 12 incline level with 8 mph top speed


  • The LED display is not modern-looking
  • Only 220 lbs user weight limit.

4. NordicTrack 6.5 Si Treadmill

NordicTrack 6.5 Si is a comparatively cheaper treadmill that comes with lots of perks. Four orange dampeners below the treadmill deck will provide you pro-level cushioning thus reducing impacts on joints a lot.

The self-cooling 2.6 CHP motor will ensure a smoother and silent ride. And an outstanding level of top speed with 10 mph. The space-saving folding option and the transport wheels make it easy to shift and store.

Do you like to add high intensity to your running session? The 10% incline feature and the large-size tread belt are fantastic for burning calories with longer strides. 

Moreover, the 4″ textured and anti-slip side deck rail protects you from slipping from the treadmill during the high-speed run.

Furthermore, the 10″ touchscreen is easy to use even with a sweaty hand and that’s awesome. You have the Start-Stop button and the Safety key button just within your hand’s reach. 

Also, the 20 built-in workout programs will help you a lot to break your regular running pattern. This treadmill is extremely durable and easily carries up to 300 lbs of the user.

Apart from all these top-grade features, the NordicTrack 6.5 Si has two downsides. The first one is that it has no decline option for you. Another one is that assembling the treadmill is time-consuming and complex for beginners.

However, comparing both pros and cons of the NordicTrack 6.5 Si, it is considered the best-cushioned treadmill for athletes.


  • 2.6 CHP quiet motor generates 10 mph top speed
  • The sturdy frame can carry users up to 300 lbs
  • Anti-slip deck rail, large tread belt, and safety key
  • Premium level cushioning cut off impacts on users’ joints
  • 10″ touchscreen, 10% incline & folding option


  • No decline features for runners
  • Assembling is a bit tough

5. Sole F80 Treadmill

The sole F80 treadmill is a legendary treadmill that would provide a good grade cushioning. Its Cushion Flex shock absorption feature can cut the impact of running jolts up to 40%. And this is simply brilliant.

When it comes to speed and power, the high-end 3 HP motor will provide full support that helps you to run at 11 mph. This top-level speed is indeed outstanding for an indoor treadmill. Also, the noiseless motor will let you enjoy a quieter ride.

Plus, the assembly of Sole F80 is quite easy. To fire up your workout session to a higher level you can use the 15% incline option. In addition to that, the running deck of 20×60 inches is large enough for safe running. 

To increase user functionality it also comes with 6 standard programs, 2 user-defined programs, and 2 heart rate programs. 

Moreover, guys with lots of weight can use it without any trouble as it can carry up to 350 lbs which also indicates the robust build quality. 

Furthermore, the tread belt is highly durable due to the double woven 2-ply materials. Though the display with blue backlit shows necessary data an LCD monitor would be better for this treadmill. Folding up the treadmill is a bit tough as it weighs 250 lbs.

As a final observation, I would say it’s the best shock absorption treadmill for seniors. 


  • Durable tread & built-in program
  • 3.0 HP quiet & strong motor generates 11 mph top speed
  • The cushion flex shock absorption feature cuts off the impact of running
  • An incline level of 15% is terrific
  • User weight of 350 lbs 


  • The LCD monitor is lacking compared to the price
  • Folding upward is a bit tough due to the heavyweight 

6. ProForm Performance 1800i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 1800i treadmill offers you a ProShox Cushioning system that would reduce shock from stride up to 25%. So you can be fully assured that your knees, ankles, and other joints won’t have a hard impact on this treadmill.

A top-notch motor with 3.5 CHP will allow you to run at 12 mph. This level of speed is absolutely helpful to cut off huge amounts of calories. This treadmill has a solid build that welcomes users up to 300 lbs to run on it. 

Plus, the digital incline of 15% and -3% decline help you to take the feel of both upward and downward hill run feel. This outstanding feature will take your training to a whole different level by intensifying your workout.

Moreover, the 32 workout programs allow you to skip the regular monotonous routine. It also offers iFit compatibility but no membership for the user.

Furthermore, the console has a 7″ display with backlit and you can see all the running relevant info. At this price range, a high-quality LCD monitor would have been more beneficial for users. 

Along with this, the treadmill of the belt is large, making it comfortable for longer strides. If you have less space in your home it would be extremely helpful. The Easy lift assist makes it easy to fold and store.

In short, with a few dark sides at this reasonable price, it does offer a lot of benefits. Without any second thought, it’s a good value for your money and one of the best shock absorption treadmills.


  • ProShox cushioning lowers impacts on runners’ joints
  • A larger tread belt allows a safe run
  • Powerful motor with 12 mph & 300 lbs user weight
  • The digital incline and decline feature is brilliant 
  • 32 workout programs & easy folding


  • The console is not very techy & modern at all
  • iFit membership is not provided

7. ADVENOR treadmill

The ADVENOR treadmill is packed with an elastomer shock cushioning system that would drastically lower the pressure on your knees and other joints. An excellent machine for people with injured joints. 

The 3.0 HP motor will let you enjoy running at 14 km/h. Also the silent motor with its self-cooling technology will ensure no heating of the motor and foul noise. 

Though you get a 3-level manual incline, sadly no decline feature comes with it. Like a treadmill-elliptical combo machine, its non-slip textures and multi-layer tread belt add more room to user safety. 

Also, the 64 built-in programs will help you to reach your fitness target. For your easy reading of data like running time, calories burned, current speed, heart rate level, distance, etc will show on the 5″ front backlit monitor. 

Plus, the running area is pretty wide and the tread deck has 15 mm thickness which increases overall comfort for the runner. Though the build quality is good, its user weight limit is only 220 lbs which is quite upsetting for bigger users.

Furthermore, the easy-to-fold option & soft drop system helps you to store it without any hassle. Smooth transportation wheels will assist you to move it around according to your desire.

To wrap it all up, you can buy this treadmill as it offers lots of features with only one negative side. The ADVENOR treadmill would be a terrific value for your money and add safety to your joints.


  • A shock absorption cushion takes care of your joints
  • 64 built-in program plus high-quality folding system
  • Wider running deck with the anti-slip tread belt
  • A quiet, powerful motor generates a top speed of 14 km/h


  • Only 220 lbs weight limit is quite saddening

8. ProForm 905 CST Treadmill

Here is another treadmill from ProFrom and this ProForm 905 CST treadmill is built with a premium ProShox cushioning that helps a lot to block the running shock wave coming from the deck.

Do you need enough power and a smooth long run? The 3.0 CHP phenomenal self-cooling motor will do the job without any lagging. Not only that, it stays noiseless which allows your kids to remain in sleep undisturbed. 

Besides, this brilliant treadmill lets you run at a top speed of 12 mph that’s reasonably high enough to shed that extra fat. Along with that, a 12% incline will multiply your intensity and allow you to have an uphill running experience. 

Plus, the larger size treadmill of 20″ × 60″ makes it ultra safer for taller runners. The steel frame of the treadmill is curved to carry up to 300 lbs runner which is pretty good.

Also, you get a nicely placed 5″ backlit display which helps you track distance coverage, your heart rate level, and many other data. One letdown I found is the missing of an LCD screen in this price range treadmill.

Moreover, it won’t consume much of a place in your home because of the space-saving folding option. Just fold it and store it in your favorite corner.

Overall, the ProForm 905 CST is an excellent purchase for your home gym that would provide soft surface running.


  • Phenomenal self-cooling silent motor with 3.0 CHP
  • ProShox cushioning ensures soft surface running
  • Space-saving folding option & 12% incline
  • Top user weight of 300 lbs & a top speed of 12 mph


  • LCD screen would have been perfect for it

9. Nautilus T616 Treadmill

The Nautilus T616 treadmill is a rock-solid running machine that also offers a remarkable StrikeZone cushioning system that will be extremely less stressful for your joints. The running comfort of this treadmill is simply matchless.

This treadmill is run with a powerful 3.0 CHP motor that allows you to push to a max level of 12 mph. In addition to that, the 15% motorized incline feature will help you to experience the upper hill running with more calorie-burning opportunities. 

Plus, the 20″ × 60″ running deck provides enough running space for longer strides. The built quality of the Nautilus T616 is so strong that it can support users up to 300 lbs. You will enjoy a smooth noiseless ride as it’s built with 2 ply 2mm tread belts and 2.5-inch crown rollers.

Moreover, the console is super easy for you to use. You can see your training time, distance, and calories burned from the running position. The soft drop and easy folding system make it user-friendly for smaller rooms.

Furthermore, users can use the Bluetooth connectivity of the treadmill to track from the apps. A USB charging port is available too. You can use it to keep your phone on a full charge. Unfortunately, the assembling of the Nautilus T616 is a bit time-consuming and complex.

Moreover, a 3-speed adjustable fan, 2 water bottle holders & a tablet holder come with it which increases the user’s comfort. 

Analyzing both advantages and disadvantages, this treadmill purchase would be heating on the bullseye.


  • StrikeZone cushion cuts off stress during running
  • 15% incline level with a top speed of 12 mph
  • Noiseless ride, larger running deck & fine folding system
  • Easy to use console plus Bluetooth & USB port connection


  • Assembling is a bit tough & time-consuming

10. Lifespan TR2000it Treadmill

Lifespan TR2000iT treadmill is a matchless choice if you want to experience a prime-level softer running deck. It comes with an 8 compression shock and extra-thick belt which will ensure a significant reduction in impact on joints.

In addition to that, the flawless powerful 2.5 DC motor is there for you to provide a smooth and quiet running period for a long time. 

Plus, the 15% incline is impressive which lets you add more intensity and uphill running pattern in your running session.

The incredible EZfold technology does the folding and unfolding automatically. Makes it ultra-friendly for people who have confined space in their house. 

Moreover, the well-built and robust alloy steel frame of the treadmill allows users up to 300 lbs. You will get enough space on the running deck and can hit up to a max speed of 11 mph which makes it a badass treadmill.

Furthermore, the 7″ interactive touchscreen provides you with lots of features to meet your needs and bring variation in running. To alleviate user convenience, it is also packed with a USB speaker and Bluetooth.

Apart from the expensive price tag, everything about Lifespan TR 2000 is just mind-blowing. If you have the affordability then just go for it and upgrade your fitness with minimum deck impact.


  • Robustly built with 300 lbs user capacity
  • Ultra-modern Console with interactive touchscreen
  • Premium level shock absorption system with 11 mph max speed
  • Electric folding system


  • The price margin is pretty high

How to Choose the Best Cushioned Treadmill: Buying Guide

How to choose the best cushioned treadmill

No matter what equipment you buy for your regular use or fitness use, it’s crucial to have a minimum idea of that. In the case of a cushioned treadmill, you need to do the same. 

In the following part, I will talk about the factors that must be present in the best shock absorption treadmill. Let’s have a look…

Weight Limit 

You might be thinking about why I chose this feature as the first one. A high-quality treadmill that has tons of features but is not able to carry your weight is a waste of money. So before pressing the green button to buy, ensure the treadmill allows you to run smoothly. For example, 200 lbs weight-capacity treadmills are literally of no use for the larger guys.

Shock absorption system

Though it has become a trend to buy a cushioned treadmill, you have to be careful about it. A too soft deck will not be much helpful and too hard will be hard on your joints. 

There are different types of shock absorption technology in different models. Make sure the shock absorber has a good reputation and not the cheaper ones which are less durable.

Powerful silent motor

How can you expect to shred a lot of calories if you don’t speed up to a certain level? For that, a minimum 2.5 HP motor that has a self-cooling system and produces less noise would be the perfect choice for indoor use. 

To get the maximum output, you should buy one that has more than 3 HP motors. Those motors won’t give you any lagging issues even in the long run.

Incline feature 

Normally when you go for a run on the outside you experience flat, up and down the road. But, a treadmill with no incline will not help to increase the intensity and beat the flat surface running boredom. 

A minimum 10% incline would do the job for you. Make sure the treadmill offers a digital incline feature that reduces the extra pain of manually doing it.

Modern Console 

An old-looking basic console will simply destroy your mood to bring a new change to your life. Along with that, it won’t show the data clearly and provide fewer features. 

Whereas, you can use a modern high-tech console that will show you all the data smoothly and also help you to follow the built-in program. And mainly they are easy to use while running which you need most. 

Folding Option

A safe drop feature and easy folding are extremely important if your house has less extra space. If you have the affordability, then buy the low-profile electrical folding and unfolding treadmill. 

Larger Running Deck & Durable Tread Belt

Try to avoid those treadmills that are compact. A larger running surface not only increases your comfort but also your safety.  The most appropriate size is a 20’’x 60’’ running deck but a little smaller will do the job if you are a short person. 

Plus, a tread belt that has at least 2mm thickness is a must. Because those have longevity and won’t wear out easily. A lesser thickness belt is prone to wear out pretty fast which is disappointing for the users.


Thanks for reading all the way here. I have listed the best-cushioned treadmills according to my findings.

Though each one has many pros and cons, I hope this article helps you to choose the best cushioned treadmill for your home gym. 

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