Best Kettlebell Shoes

Kettlebell exercise is undoubtedly one of the best flexible and explosive methods of workout to aim for ultimate fitness. But to reach your goal you need to have the best shoes for kettlebell training. 

Your feet play a major role in performing kettlebell exercises. So to get the most out of your calorie-burning and explosive training you must purchase the best kettlebell shoe.

Some cool guys came up with shoes that have an extremely low drop, biting level grip, wider toe moving room, and firm plus flexible and responsive soles that can multiply your kettlebell exercise outcome.

In this article, I have made a nice list of the 8 best kettlebell shoes that will increase your workout productivity to a different level! 

Best Kettlebell shoes: Top 8 of the market

To get the best kettlebell shoes for exercising, you need to do your research. But that isn’t the most time-friendly activity, is it?

Opening your phone, laptop, and tablet and then searching for hours after hours on YouTube, expert forums, and blogs will cost you a huge amount of time.  Not only that, after finding the best shoes for kettlebell training you have to compare them to make a top 8-10 list which is really maddening and I know that! 

I have collected all the info, done the comparison between them, and listed the top 8 kettlebell shoes that can bring a wonderful change in your kettlebell training.

So let’s explore what those kettlebell shoes offer to you…

1. WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner
WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

The WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Shoes is a comfortable shoe you can choose for your kettlebell training. 

During kettlebell training, you need an ample amount of support from your toes. And these shoes will let you splay your toes without any hassle as the toe space is quite roomy. 

In addition to that, the durable rubber outsole will ensure you are not going to slip during the snatching of the kettlebell. For your convenience, this minimalist shoe comes with a removable insole sock liner to get that barefoot support during workouts.

Besides, the durability of this minimalist shoe is good. You will find a secure fit that ensures good stability while lifting the kettlebell. 

Moreover, the flat design shoe makes sure your feet are getting even weight during kettlebell exercise. The upper material of the Whitin’s Minimalist shoe is quite tough and thick but that comes with the cost of heating issues. 

Not only that, because of the stiff sole you will be able to maintain a proper posture during the kettlebell workout and use maximum energy without losing any power to the ground. 

Considering the lower price range, the pros and cons of Whitin’s Minimalist Shoe would be a good purchase on your bucket list.


  • Comfortable shoe with a good amount of toe space
  • Lower price tag & provide good stability
  • Excellent grip and lets you use full energy 
  • Help to maintain proper posture


  • Does not have a good airflow system

2. Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoe

Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoe
Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoe

The Joomla Women’s Trail shoe is a wonderful shoe that provides ultra comfort with high durability. 

You will find it extremely supportive while doing snatches and cleaning with your kettlebells. Especially, if your feet are wide and require a lot of toe space this amazing shoe will be a total game-changer. 

Plus, kettlebell weight can vary from medium-weight to heavyweight and you need a shoe that can ensure top-level grip during snatches. The Joomla Women’s shoe rubber outsole will do that for you with its mind-boggling grip.

Besides, the thicker top line of the shoe offers a well-secure fit which adds more advantages for good stability during the kettlebell swing workout. 

Also, the Joomra Women’s shoe is quite responsive which will help you to carry on lifting without losing any power. However, it comes with less of a breathability system which might irritate a bit for the long workout sessions. 

Moreover, if you require arch support it’s going to provide you with that. As well as equal distribution of weight on your foot. You will also find it a bit elastic which helps your feet to stretch properly during kettlebell lounges. 

Furthermore, it’s a lightweight shoe that comes with high-end material which makes sure superior comfort. As this shoe runs true to the size you won’t have to deal with the 2-3 weeks break-in period.  

Wrapping up everything the Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail shoe would be an excellent buy and deserves to rank among the best shoes for kettlebell training. 


  • Excellent reasonable price with good materials
  • Good for wide feet and runs true to size
  • Provide high-level comfort with a good amount of arch support
  • Mind-boggling grip & good stability
  • Secure fit and let you use full energy


  • Heat up easily due to poor vent system

3. L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

The L Run Athletic Barefoot shoe is an excellent-looking performance shoe that you can select for your kettlebell workout. 

When it comes to fitting it’s superb and gives you that sock-like fitting. In addition to that, the thick outsole provides ultra traction which gives you great stability support for your kettlebell swing.

Plus, the mesh upper is durable, flexible, and breathable. The flexibility of the shoe allows performing exercises like kettlebell snatch quite comfortably. You will also get good arch support which will help you carry on kettlebell exercise smoothly if you have flat feet.

Moreover, the L Run shoe is a perfect shoe for wider feet people. But it comes with the drawback of running larger than the size. The overall construction of this barefoot shoe is quite well-built. 

Furthermore, the toe space is more than the required amount and lets your toe splay easily during kettlebell exercise. You will find the L Run shoe easy to put on and off. The lightweight of the L Run shoe adds more comfort. 

It would be a good buy if you need a lightweight shoe for your kettlebell exercise.


  • Durable, sock-like fitting & arch support
  • Good for wider feet plus ensures good stability
  • High-level traction increases safety for kettlebell swing
  • Enough toe room with easy to put on & off
  • Lightweight, proper breathability, and reasonable price tag


  • Selecting the right size is a bit complex as it runs larger


  • Selecting the right size is a bit complex as it runs larger

4. Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes

Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes

The Oranginer Men’s Barefoot shoe would be a top-notch choice for kettlebell exercise. Due to the lightweight and flexible nature of this shoe, you can take high-level leverage during explosive kettlebell weight exercises.

Plus, the wide toe box design lets you spread your toes fully which helps incredibly during kettlebell snatch and swings.

Moreover, the zero-drop design of the shoe helps you to maintain your natural foot position during lifting. As a result, you can do more controlled and highly stable kettlebell workout sessions.

Besides, the upper synthetic mesh design of the Oranginer Men’s shoe doesn’t get sweaty and hot due to its excellent breathability. Also, this shoe is preferable for wider users and it’s easy to slip on and off. 

Furthermore, the well-made rubber outsole gives you a staggering level of support during kettlebell swing. The high grip of the outsole ensures your feet are in place while letting your feet stretch with their flexibility. The Oranginer Men’s shoe runs a bit larger so a bit tricky to select the original size.

Speaking of the price & comfort, this barefoot shoe deserves to be on the top list of lifters due to its low price and adequate level of comfort. Users will need a few days to get used to this shoe.

Altogether, the Organizer Men’s Barefoot shoe will be a fantastic buy without any second thought. 


  • Lightweight & fine quality airflow
  • Zero drop heel help to keep the natural feet position
  • Suitable for wider feet plus easy to wear and take off
  • High-level support due to the flexibility and top-notch grip
  • Comfortable to wear & price is reasonable


  • Runs bigger, making it hard to choose the right one
  • You might need a few days to get used to the shoe

5. Weweya Barefoot Shoes


The Weweya Barefoot Shoe is a stylish shoe at a quite cheaper price range that offers you good stability for any type of kettlebell exercise. 

Unlike many other shoes, it comes with a zero-drop design that ensures you can maintain the natural movement of the foot while performing kettlebell weight training.

In addition to that, the wide-toe box will aid you fully in completing your kettlebell training. You will be able to do proper kettlebell clean and snatch as you will get a lot of support from the toe section.

Plus, the breathability of the shoe will keep your feet cool during a workout. The Weweya Barefoot runs true to size and fits nicely with your foot. Unlike many shoes, the fitting of the shoe is comfortable and snug. 

Moreover, the rubber outsole of the barefoot shoe adds an impressive level of stability and grip during explosive exercises like one arm overhead and kettlebell swing. 

With all these good points it has drawbacks too. One is that the durability of the Weweya is not good. People who have high instep will find it a bit hard to slip their feet inside the shoe.

Evaluating the good and bad of the Weweya Barefoot shoe would be a great deal.


  • Wide toe box with zero drop design
  • Good breathability, true to size, and snug fit
  • Provide excellent grip and stability
  • Comfortable plus low price rate


  • Durability is not standard 
  • Some users might find it hard to slip on the foot

6. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer


If you are looking for a barefoot shoe that would give you enough backup during kettlebell work then the WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer shoe would be a wonderful choice.

It’s crucial to get enough feedback from the ground while doing explosive kettlebell workouts like the kettlebell swing. The firm sole of the shoe will ensure you are not losing energy.

Plus, the flexibility of the sole is also on the point that allows your feet to stay in their natural shape during kettlebell snatch and clean. Speaking of breathability the WHITIN Men’s shoe does a good job in keeping your feet cool. 

Besides, the durability is good but this shoe doesn’t come in half size, making it tricky to choose the right size. The rubber outsole of the shoe ensures your feet are maintaining full grip which increases safety. 

When it comes to the fitting of this kettlebell shoe you will find it pretty comfortable and sock-like fitting. However, the lacing system of the WHITIN Men’s is not pretty standard. 

Moreover, the zero drop design of the WHITIN Men’s shoe provides you support to maintain natural posture at long training sessions. 

Furthermore, the wider toe box will help you most with kettlebell workouts. Your toes give you enormous support for a kettlebell workout and the WHITIN Men’s shoe will assist your toe to spread fully for a highly stable workout session.

The reasonable price of the WHITIN Men’s shoe makes it an excellent purchase as it comes with lots of features.


  • Durable, sock-like fitting plus good feedback from sole
  • Breathable upper, easy to wear, and zero-drop design
  • The wider toe box doesn’t let the toe collapse 
  • Reasonable price, good stability, and comfortable


  • The lacing system is below standard
  • Tricky to find the right size for half size user

7. Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite IIIS

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III shoe can be your long-time helper for your kettlebell workout session due to its high durability. 

Speaking of comfort, this shoe comes with enough flexibility and ultra breathability which ensures cool feet and stress-free feet after completing kettlebell training. The mesh upper allows enough air to flow and helps to maintain a natural feet shape during a workout.

Plus, this lightweight shoe is made of recycled material making it an environmentally friendly shoe. The lacing system of this shoe is not standard and becomes untied quite often. 

Besides, the toe box is more than average and lets you take full advantage of kettlebell cleaning, snatching, and squatting. A comfortable toe stretching ensures a more balanced workout.

Moreover, the EVA bloom sole is pretty firm with slight cushioning which creates less pressure on joints during kettlebell swing. As well as give back enough energy which aids in continuing long kettlebell swing sessions smoothly.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole provides enough traction that help you maintain outstanding stability. Sadly, the price tag of this barefoot shoe is extremely high compared to its competitor. 

All-inclusive, the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III definitely deserves to be on the first raw of your workout shoe rack.


  • The durable shoe with a proper upper vent system
  • EVA bloom sole ensures requires an amount of energy rebound
  • Lightweight, environment friendly & less impactful for joints
  • Top-notch traction ensures high-level stability
  • Wide toe space helps to increase workout performance


  • The price range is absurdly high in this segment
  • The lacing system is poor and the lace gets untied easily

8. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3

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The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 will increase your overall comfort of a kettlebell workout. Due to the leather built, these shoes are extremely durable.

However, the leather of the upper shoe comes with a cost of less breathability and heating of your feet. Speaking of comfort, it’s a lightweight shoe with an ample amount of cushioning that allows one to carry on kettlebell lifting sessions smoothly.

Besides, the fitting of the shoe is good as it comes with a conventional lacing system. You will be impressed with the grip of the Merell Men’s Vapor shoe outsole which will assist in performing kettlebell swings with ultra stability. If you need arch support, it will add a little bit to that part. 

Though it’s made of leather, the flexibility helps to maintain your feet’ natural gait while doing kettlebell snatch and cleaning. Unfortunately, the Merrell Men’s Vapor shoe runs a bit larger than size so you need to stay cautious while choosing your shoe size.

Moreover, the toe box of this Merrell shoe will not put pressure on your toes and you can fully use your toes by splaying them for maximum support during kettlebell overhead lunge, unilateral squat, and single-arm swing. 

Many users may find the price tag of Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 to be unnecessarily high but I would say it is worth it due to the value it provides you.


  • Good quality soft leather makes it durable 
  • Flexible shoes and properly fitting
  • Ample amount of cushioning with high stability from the grip
  • Lightweight shoe with slight arch support


  • Size runs bigger making it harder to find the right one
  • The price tag is more inclined on the higher side

Kettlebell Shoes: How to pick the best one for you?

Whenever you buy anything without the proper backup info there’s a high chance it’s not worth buying. When it comes to something related to your body and fitness then you should stay cautious of the major factors which will provide your safety, comfort, etc.

The moment you make up your mind to buy the best shoes for kettlebell training among all the shoes in the market, you should keep some crucial factors to make your purchase a great one. So let’s see what are those factors…

Wide Toe Box

This feature is a must for a good quality kettlebell shoe. A roomy toe box will allow you to stretch out your toes fully and use the toe fully during kettlebell exercise. 

On the other hand, a smaller toe room won’t let that happen and you can’t use your toes fully. This thing not only cuts off your balance but also makes your toe fatigue very fast.


First of all, comes the fitting of the shoe. You must ensure that you are choosing a shoe that won’t run narrower or wider than your actual feet. Ordering a plus or minus size will simply waste your dollars and time. 

However, the fitting of the shoe should be on the point so that your feet don’t slide both laterally and front to back for a proper and safe kettlebell workout. Try to buy shoes that offer a good return policy. 

Zero Drop Shoe

One of the most crucial factors for a high-end kettlebell shoe is a low drop from heel to toe. And zero drop is best among them. 

A zero-drop kettlebell shoe is most suitable for lifting because it keeps your foot normally aligned with the ground and very close to the ground. Which eventually helps to maintain extraordinary stability throughout the kettlebell workout.

Firm Grippy Responsive Sole

Kettlebell shoes can show their best outcome if they have a proper firm responsive outsole. Before purchasing, you must make sure that it has an outsole that does not diminish the energy amid the kettlebell swing. 

And the high-level grip is a must so that your foot can literally bite the ground which ensures both safety and stability at all angles.


Typically minimalist barefoot shoes lack overall cushioning, unlike normal running shoes. In the market, a lot of them are made of recycled plastics and rubber materials. 

Your part of the work is to ensure the durability of the shoe is high which can provide enough support for kettlebell training.


Would you like to do long-time kettlebell exercises while compromising comfort? Not, Right?  Though kettlebell shoes don’t need to be extremely comfortable, the minimum should be present.

The shoe must not be squeezed from any angle during any type of foot movement. You should also make sure it won’t create extra pressure on any joints of your feet. The level of flexibility should be such that you can stretch out your feet with the specific kettlebell exercise’s feet position. 

Is it necessary to wear different shoes when training with kettlebells?

If you belong to a sports community, you already know that different sports require different forms. As a result, you need specific types of shoes for that specific exercise. 

In the case of kettlebells, it’s important to wear a bit of a different shoe than your regular running shoe. 

Because kettlebell exercises require a good amount of explosive power for swinging the kettlebell, it also requires magnificent comfort and stability to walk with the kettlebell without hurting any joints of your body.

Minimalist barefoot-style kettlebell shoes will surely add more advantages to your kettlebell training. They are not over spongy and not tight rather they are wide in shape, flexible, and superbly grippy which ensures more comfort. 

The zero-drop design and the wide toe box come into play because you can engage your whole feet equally and use the toes with full power.

Are weightlifting shoes suitable for kettlebell training?

Though barbell-dumbbell weightlifting and kettlebell training seem much different, many exercise patterns are quite similar; it’s just that the tools are different.

For example, when you do a clean and squat with your kettlebell, it’s the same as doing Olympic lifting. You have to engage the same muscle area for this explosive exercise.

Weightlifting shoes tend to have a wider toe box, ground-feel foot sole, fantastic traction, ample amount responsiveness, and moderate flexibility. And you need all these things for your kettlebell training. 

So without any doubt, weightlifting shoes are suitable for kettlebell training.

The benefits of wearing a kettlebell workout shoe 

Shoes that offer some special features for kettlebell workouts also provide extra benefits. Some of the benefits you get immediately during a workout and some of them will provide post-workout benefits. Let’s dive into those…

Reduce pressure on joints

Kettlebell workout shoes are usually more like weightlifting shoes so they have a very low heel-to-toe ratio or zero drops sometimes. This means you will find your whole feet evenly touching the sole. And the moment you begin to swing and lift your kettlebell the weight will distribute evenly.

It will also help to maintain proper posture which ultimately creates safety for any pain in the ankles, waist, and back.

Prevent toe injury

The toe plays an important role in any kind of lifting exercise. A wider-toe box kettlebell shoe will not lock your toe and your toe won’t collapse too. 

This will prevent any injury to your toe and also lessen the amount of toe fatigue.

Add excellent stability

The lower heel to drop off the kettlebell shoe adds one more advantage. And, that is your feet remain very close to the ground and you can flex them or stretch them as per your needs. Adding up all these, you get mind-boggling stability. 

Rubber outsole increases lifting ability

Most kettlebell shoes have a high level of traction which provides ultra leverage for pushing your lifting limits.

In barefoot you can get a moderate-level grip but when the rubbery grip joins the game you can fire up like a cannon using the full potential of your heels, glutes, and legs.


Workout shoes with a very low heel-to-toe ratio and wider toe box are the best kettlebell shoes. 

In this article, you went through eight different kettlebell shoes which I have listed as the best kettlebell shoes in the market.

I hope you have found your desired kettlebell shoe which will be a game-changer for your kettlebell training.

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