Choosing the best shoes for ball hockey is not a daunting task if you know the right trick!

What is that?

In ball hockey, a lot of running is involved which means, you need a pair that will offer a lot of grips. Plus, the pair must have the ability to withstand all the abuse. If you don’t want to fall behind, these two features are a must!

Then you should look for comfort and others. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about sports shoes, I urge you to go through these 7 best ball hockey shoes

Each of these shoes is thoroughly reviewed so that you can pick one that fits your box.

1. Reebok JJ III Cross Trainer

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Do I need to introduce Reebok to you? I don’t think so as it is one of the oldest sports brands. Reebok has a separate fan base for its product class. However, here we are looking at the Reebok JJ III cross-trainer shoes that are suitable for many sports.

It has a low-top shaft which makes it perfect for ball hockey. This pair of shoes is constructed heavily with flex weave woven textile which makes the pair deliver breathability, resilient stretch, and the needed support.

Talking about breathability, sweaty feet are always a distraction on the field. Thanks to the mesh upper of this shoe which allows proper air-circulation as a result feet don’t sweat. Even if they do it is less.

These shoes come with a lightweight EVA foam midsole that is highly responsive. The midsole offers the needed comfort and there is a die-cut EVA sock liner as well that delivers good durability and support.

It features a rubber outsole that wraps up the sides of the shoe in order to provide the right amount of traction. Not only ball hockey, whether it is running, cross-training, cricket, or any other similar sport, this pair will fit in.

Is this good for CrossFit?

Yes, they are excellent for CrossFit and weightlifting.

Are these shoes good for deadlifts?

Yes, they are!

Are these shoes good for running?

The rubber outsole and the extra cushioned midsole make the shoe good for running.

2. New Balance Minimus 10 V1 Trail

Reebok JJ III Cross Trainer

The new balance minimus 10 V1 is an excellent trail running shoe and that makes it perfect for ball hockey as well. All thanks to the manufacturer, the way this pair is constructed is worth every penny.

It comes with a dynamic upper material that is durable and at the same time highly breathable as well. Due to the lightweight construction, it feels feather-light on the feet. On top of that, the breathability makes it extremely comfortable.

Let’s not forget another important cushioning factor which is the insole. It comes with a highly padded Acteva insole which delivers incredible cushioning, making it super comfortable for the users. Then there is a Vibram outsole which provides the needed traction on the field or trails.

It is a low-shaft shoe but still offers decent support for intense runners. It is available in 3 different colors, gray & yellow, black & moonbeam, and black & silver. Choose the one you like.

What is the heel-to-toe drop on this shoe?

The heel-to-toe drop is 4mm on this shoe.

Can I walk 6 miles in these shoes?

If the shoe fits your feet, then you can go beyond.

How soft is the rubber sole?

The rubber sole isn’t very soft but offers the needed traction.

3. Adidas Stabil X Shoe

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71fZuyHVjnL. AC UX350

Lace-up this Adidas Stabil X pair and increase the speed of the game. We all know Adidas and its quality. And this Stabil X isn’t any different. Another high-end sports shoe for ball hockey and volleyball players.

Do you know what’s the most important part of shoes for ball hockey players? The grip! Anything wrong with that will slow you down for sure. And this Stabil X makes sure the user gets enough grip to put everyone behind.

It comes with a rubber outsole that can withstand heavy abuse and delivers enough traction for the players. The shoe comes with a responsive boost midsole that is well-padded and hence provides good cushioning. The midsole comes with a heel counter as well which delivers good heel support.

The manufacturer has used an abrasion-resistant TPU upper that offers great durability and can withstand heavy wear & tear. Overall, this pair is a suitable one for most athletes except for sports like football as they require spikes. These shoes fit well and are pretty flexible too.

Do they fit well?

These shoes are true to their sizes, so as long as you order the right size, the shoe will fit perfectly.

Are these suitable for people with sweaty feet?

This shoe has a breathable upper mesh which makes it suitable for them.

4. Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Whether it is sneakers or work shoes, Skechers have top-notch options for everyone. From 1992 to now, more than 30 years of constant A1 class service.

However, here we have the Skechers Afterburn Memory Foam lace-up sneaker that is not only a good performer but has a classy look as well.

Sketcher has used synthetic mesh fabric and smooth leather on the upper construction. Mesh fabric makes the shoe breathable and comfortable to wear. On top of that, the upper construction is highly durable as well.

It features a memory foam midsole for optimum cushioning and comfort. Moreover, the padded collar and tongue make the shoe super comfy.

The rubber outsole delivers all the grip you would need on the field. Plus, the outsole is heavily constructed to withstand all kinds of abuse.

Are these shoes only for running?

Apart from sports, these shoes can be used for daily wear as well.

Do these shoes have arch support?

Yes, these shoes offer decent arch support.

How flexible are these shoes?

These shoes aren’t very flexible

5. Under Armour Charged Assert 8

Reebok JJ III Cross Trainer

Another low-shaft sports shoe, the Under Armour charged assert 8. It can be used for running, walking, cross-training, ball hockey, and other sports as well. Though the price might seem a little heavy for some people, it will deliver proper value for money.

If you are one of those who need good balance, then don’t miss out on this pair of shoes. The way this pair is designed provides adequate balance and stability to the user.

A big thumbs up to the well-padded midsole that makes wearing this shoe super comfy. Not only the midsole, but the breathable shoe upper also allows proper air-circulation which makes sure your feet get the air needed.

The manufacturer has used high-quality leather overlay in the construction so that users can get good stability. It also features an EVA sockliner that also works towards giving the user needed stability.

Are these shoes comfortable for daily wear?

Sure they are! They are not only for sports, it is a great pair for casual walks and runs as well.

Are these shoes heavy?

No! These shoes are pretty lightweight.

6. Lou Williams Lightning Professional Anti-Slip

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81IVk4pmqUL. AC UY250

Now we are looking at the second-last pair on the list, the Lou Williams lighting sports shoe. Since it is a great pair of shoes for running, it can be used for ball hockey and other sports as well.

It is constructed with flexible and breathable material so that the user gets both comfort and flexibility to move. The shoe also comes with a midsole and sock liner which gives great cushioning.

The anti-slip rubber outsole is what makes this pair ideal for running as it delivers enough grip. And the manufacturer has used premium rubber so that it can take and withstand all the beating.

These shoes look pretty cool as well. The pair blends nicely with casual wear.

Would you recommend these shoes for outdoor baseball use?

The outsole can take a lot of beating but that being said, it isn’t recommended to use these shoes for outdoor baseball.

Is this shoe perfect for flat feet?

Yes, the shoe comes with good toe room, perfect for people with flat feet.

Do these shoes come with high tops?

No! These shoes don’t come with anything.

7. Nike Men’s Alpha Huarache Varsity Low MCS

Reebok JJ III Cross Trainer

And the last shoe of the lineup is the Nike Alpha Huarache MCS shoe. It is a ball suitable for both baseball and ball hockey. These are actually cleats. This pair of shoes features low cleats that help players run faster and easily.

The shoe upper is constructed with synthetic leather that offers optimum durability. Plus, the upper is breathable and flexible as well. If you are a professional player you know the importance of a breathable and flexible pair of shoes.

It also features a cushioned lunarlon midsole that delivers incredible cushioning to make the player feel comfortable. Apart from comfort, this shoe offers good stability as well. However, cleats are not allowed everywhere, so you should make sure to consult your coach.

Are these metal cleats?

No, these are not metal!

Is it as comfortable as running shoes?

No, it isn’t! These are cleats and they don’t come with cushioning as much as normal walking or running shoes.

Are these cleats suitable for soccer?

Yes, they are suitable for soccer and some other similar sports as well.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Shoes for Ball Hockey

The right pair of shoes is important for any sport, and it’s no different when it comes to choosing the right shoes for ball hockey. A good pair of sports shoes should provide adequate support, cushioning, and fit.

It’s important to find the right pair of shoes because an incorrect fit or inadequate support can lead to injury.

When looking for a new pair of sports shoes, there are a few things you should consider:


There are three main types of sports shoes: neutral, stability, and motion control.

  • Neutral shoes are best for players who have a normal arch and don’t need any extra support.
  • Stability shoes are designed for people with low arches or who overpronate (land on the outside of their foot).
  • Motion-control shoes are meant for people with very high arches or who supinate (land on the inside of their foot).


It’s important to find a shoe that is the right size for your foot. You don’t want shoes that are too tight or too loose, as this can cause blisters or injuries. When trying on shoes, make sure you have enough room to wiggle your toes and that the heel isn’t slipping off.


Not all players need the same amount of support in their shoes. If you have never had problems with your feet or ankles, you might not need a lot of stability features in your shoes. However, if you’ve had ankle or foot injuries in the past, you may need a pair of shoes with more support.


Running shoes can be expensive, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. A good pair of running shoes should last at least six months if you take care of them properly. So, if you’re on a tight budget, try to find a pair of shoes that offer good value for the price.


Set fire on the field with these 7 best shoes for ball hockey. With good grip, optimum cushioning needed flexibility, and stability, these shoes offer everything you need to perform well.

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