Can You Mix Pre-Workout the Night Before a Workout? [Explains]

People with a busy job life or business life make every move of the day with a strictly maintained schedule to get maximum productivity.

A large number of the people in the fitness community love going to the gym early morning though some are unique and love it when the sun goes down.

Mixing pre-workout the night before is not detrimental to your health but definitely, it will not supply you with enough energy on the next day so you won’t be able to perform like a machine.

However, scientifically-backed data shows that after a great sleep at night, the morning workout adds the highest value to your health & muscle. In this article, I will explain briefly that can you mix pre-workout the night before a workout.

What is Pre-workout?

Pre-work is a supplement that helps to boost the overall energy of your body so that you can give your best performance while doing your workout. Usually, it comes in a form of powder which you can easily mix with water.

In addition to that, during consumption, you will get a similar kind of taste to sports beverages. Though there are two types of pre-workout one is powder another is food or pill.

But most fitness community members prefer to use the powder version of pre-workout.

How long does pre workout last after mixed?

One of the common problem people face is that it’s a hassle to make the pre-workout mixture before leaving the home. So most of them just do it the night before.

Though it adds comfy to your life you must remember that if you drink the pre-workout mixture after 12+ hours or if the temperature of the mixture change drastically then it will help you little.

Pre-workouts do not come free rather you spend a good amount of money on them. So if it does not help you after consumption then it’s a total waste.

Moreover, the pump that you are looking for to get asap for your body will not show up. The perfect time for getting the maximum benefits is to mix it 4-5 hours before hitting the gym.

Choosing the appropriate time for a workout and taking pre-workout

The timing is very important & relevant to your whole body function. If you make the pre-workout mix night before the workout & consume it before bedtime thinking that you will wake up early morning to get the maximum boost then it won’t help.

Because people who already have late sleep issues will not be able to sleep early as many pre-workouts contain caffeine. Along with that, it can trigger the anxiety level due to the rise of adrenaline hormone & can create digestive issues.

So it would be most suitable for you to consume the pre-workout 30 minutes to 90 minutes before lifting those heavyweight for pumping your muscles.

Creatine stability in water is a major reason to mix pre-workout on the workout day

Creatine becomes unstable when it’s mixed with liquid. More time will pass & it will lose its effectiveness because of its chemical bonding nature.

Whenever creatine stays in a solution for a long time it will convert to creatinine. It would not be surprising for one who consumes creatine supplements for a long time to have a higher level of creatinine in the blood report.

However, just intake of creatinine would not be a problem for you but then again you also get the benefit that creatine provides.

Practically, it would take some days for creatine to fully break down into the water. So leaving it after mixing overnight would be fine for you. But one thing you must remember is that you won’t get the maximum benefits like consuming it fresh just after mixing.

Temperature plays a quite important role in the degradation process. Keeping the mixture at a colder temperature will definitely slow down the breakdown process.

Another idea to lose less effectiveness of the creatine you can avoid mixing it with any acidic liquid solution, for example, juice. Because it simply accelerates the process of breaking down creatine.

Benefits of Pre-Workout

Most pre-workouts are packed with ingredients like caffeine, carbohydrates, amino acids & beta-alanine, etc. All these ingredients provide a major contribution to boosting your workout. So let’s see what are those benefits

Stuff like caffeine will help you to keep your focus, add extra energy & upgrade your overall workout status. You usually get around 150mg-200mg of caffeine per serving of pre-workout mix which gives a great boost of power.

Beta-alanine is another ingredient that comes with it. It helps to lower your fatigue level during workout time while enhancing the recovery time.

Creatine is the strongest one among all that comes with pre-workout supplements. This amazing component builds your strength by replenishing the ATP storage of your body. Which finally provides energy to the muscle.

Side effects of Pre Workout

Anything related to our health that provides some extra benefits might cost some health too especially when they are artificial stuff.

One of the most common side effects of pre-workout is the increase in water retention which might give a bloating & bulky feeling.

Regular consumption of pre-workout might irritate your sleep pattern, you can develop nausea, heart palpitation, and also headache. So it would be okay to skip the pre-workout to keep these things under check.

Final Words

You already went through what’s the appropriate time for mixing pre-workout and consuming it for the best pumping of your body muscle.

One thing you must remember and that’s to not over consume it than the standard serving level.

I hope this article will help you get the answer to this question of can you mix pre-workout the night before a workout.

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