Best Shoes For Heel Fat Pad Syndrome

Choosing the right shoes for heel fat pad syndrome is tricky! It is not as simple as buying just any running shoes.

People with heel fat pad syndrome need shoes that come with extra cushioning insole and proper heel support. Otherwise, they will still feel the pain in the heel.

If you have no experience in this, it will always be wise to rely on someone who does. Otherwise, you are going to end up investing in the wrong shoes. And you don’t want that, right?

Then I urge you to allow me to walk you through the 7 best shoes for heel fat pad syndrome.

Review of The Best Shoes for Heel Fat Pad Syndrome

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

Starting with the ASICS men’s gel nimbus running shoe that is available in more than 10 different color options.

When it comes down to shoes, the very first thing people look for is style. And this ASCIS does come with a style that makes it suitable for casual wear.

As said before, you get 10 color options to choose from, and most of the colors look pretty eye-catching. The manufacturer has used ASICS energetic foam formulation in the construction that gives incredible rebound when walking or running.

It comes with an AHAR outsole which is a high abrasion rubber that delivers the needed grip. The outsole is highly durable and long-lasting.

The manufacturer has designed this shoe with reflective material, which increases the visibility in low lights. It offers pretty great heel support as well and features an Exoskeletal heel counter that improves the heel fitting.

This shoe is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The ASICS midsole delivers great cushioning for wearing comfort. If you have a neutral foot type, then you will find this ASICS shoe perfect for you.

However, one problem users have found so far with this shoe is, it is a little on the expensive side. But we think the quality it offers, the price is pretty fair according to that.

Do they have arch support?

No! This shoe doesn’t come with arch support, but without it, you should not feel any strain on the arch.

Are they good for impact running?

Sure they are! The outsole gives rebound, and the midsole absorbs shocks pretty well, which makes it good for impact running.

2E or 4D, which one is extra wide?

2E is wide, and 4D is extra wide.

Does it have a slip-resistant sole?

Yes, it comes with a rubber sole which is long-lasting and slip-resistant.

New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

Comfort and style, have a look at this new balance Fuelcore Nergize sneaker if you want both. It has a sleek look that makes it blend perfectly with casual outfits.

Wearing these shoes is extremely comfortable, thanks to the easy-wear booty style supper portion. Once you slip your feet inside the shoe, you will feel like it’s hugging your feet. If ordered the right size, it fits pretty nicely as well.

It is a shoe that can be used for everyday running, thanks to its Revlite midsole. The Revlite midsole this shoe comes with offers the cushioning needed for an enjoyable run. The shoe also features NB memory sole comfort insert, which delivers the comfort you need all day long.

With every step you take with this shoe, you will get a plush feeling which makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

The manufacturer has used synthetic material in the construction, and due to that, this shoe is very lightweight and durable. It is recommended to order 1 or 2 sizes bigger than your regular feet size, otherwise, these shoes might run a little small.
Available in different colors, choose the one you like the most. Plus, it is available for both males and females.

Are these shoes good for standing all day long?

They are super comfy and provide good support as well. So yeah, they are good for standing for long periods.

Are these shoes ideal for taking a 2 – 4 mile regular walk?

There are better options for long walks, but this one’s not!

Is this pair suitable for pregnant women?

No! You will have to bend to pull the heel part up. Go for something that can be worn without bending down.

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

With this Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe, you get more than 24 different color options to choose from. And the way these shoes are designed, they look very cool with casual and jogging outfits.

In terms of reliability, this pair gets a 9/10. It is constructed with heavy-duty material, which gives it good strength and makes it highly durable.

This shoe features neutral support, and for that, you get comfortable cushioning. Talking about cushioning, the manufacturer has used BIOMOGO DNA and DNA Loft cushioning in this pair that delivers softness without sacrificing responsiveness.

It is an extremely lightweight pair of shoes, and the softness inside and mesh exterior will make you feel like you are wearing nothing. The latest engineered mesh fabric and the 3d fit print make the shoe breathable and classy at the same time.

Road running, gym, cross-training, or a casual walk, this pair is suitable for all of them. Plus, it is a PDAC A5500-certified diabetic shoe.

Is this Brooks Women Ghost 13 good for long walks?

Yes, it is a comfortable pair of shoes for taking long walks and running.

Will hard-molded arch support inserts fit in this pair?

This shoe allows you to remove the insole, so a hard molded arch support should fit.

Are these men’s or women’s?

This Ghost 13 shoe is available for both genders.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes

A breathable pair of shoes is a must for running or walking. Otherwise, things will start to get uncomfortable, which will lead to distraction. And if you don’t want that, we urge you to take a look at this Gravity Defyer athletic shoe.

It is heavily constructed with high-end mesh upper fabric, which allows proper air circulation so that your feet can breathe. On top of that, the mesh construction makes the pair pretty flexible as well.

The toe section of these shoes is very roomy. It will not hug your toe tightly, the toe section is very spacious, which will make you feel comfortable.

Another perk of wearing shoes with roomy toes is blood circulation remains uninterrupted. The front rolling forefoot design makes the movement very smooth, and that too with good stability. A big thanks to the insoles that keep cushioning the feet all day long.

What’s better is, you can remove the insoles that come with this pair. If the included insole doesn’t suit your feet, you can get a customized one and then put it on the shoe. No need for glue or tape. Just put it inside the shoe.

It features a rubber outsole, but still, this pair isn’t completely slip-resistant, you need to be careful.

Is this pair of shoes slip-resistant?

Unfortunately, No! Even though it features a high-quality rubber sole, it isn’t slip-resistant.

Are they good for toning and long walks?

They are good for toning, but since they have upper mesh, so they won’t be able to withstand regular long walks.

Does the insole come out?

Yes, it has a removable insole.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7

This time we have the Asics Gel-Venture 7, which comes with an Ortholite X-40 sock liner. You know what a sock liner is, right?

In case you don’t know, it is like another sole on top of the insole. This shoe comes with a sock liner that not only makes the feet comfortable but also delivers a higher rebound. These rebounds help a lot to run or walk.

Not only that, it delivers top-notch moisture management as well. Then, it comes with trail-specific outsoles, and the specialty of such outsoles is, that they provide suitable traction for up and downhill.

In other words, trail-specific outsoles make the shoes suitable for all kinds of terrains. Here comes the best part, the rearfoot gel technology cushioning system can absorb shock and also helps the user make smooth transitions.

This shoe pair comes in 26 different colors, enabling you to choose your favorite color. Overall, it is a very durable pair of shoes that will last for years.

Has anyone with bad plantar Fasciitis worn this pair? How is it?

We won’t say it is the best for PF. But the cushioning and shock absorption ability this pair shows makes it a decent pair for plantar Fasciitis.

Are Asics Gel Venture 7 shoes real or a knock-off?

The packaging and performance speak for that! These aren’t knockoffs!

What size do I need if my feet are 28 cm?

You should go for 11!

Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe.

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Presenting the Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2, one of the best women’s shoes for fat pad atrophy. One thing that amazed the user about this very pair is the stability it delivers, that’s mind-blowing.

It comes in over 26 different colors, and according to some users, these shoes look aquatic. Whatever it is, it blends properly with casuals and jogging outfits.

If you are looking for a high-performing walking shoe, then look no further than this Ryka devotion. Plus, if you have a narrower heel, then this Ryka devotion pair is made for you.

It features an anatomical insole that offers incredible cushioning along with decent heel and arch support. Then there is an eight-piece rubber outsole which gives the needed amount of traction.

With these shoes, you will get good toe space, and since they are constructed with breathable mesh, that makes wearing these shoes even more comfortable.

As long as you order the right size, this pair will fit properly. And the lace closure makes sure the shoe holds onto your feet comfortably.

Are these shoes true to their sizes? Or do they run small?

These shoes are best suited to narrow heels. And they offer pretty good toe room as well. So as long as you order the right size, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Does this walking shoe offer good support for flat feet?

Yes, it does! The insole delivers satisfying cushioning, and the rubber outsole absorbs shock as well. So yeah, it delivers good support.

Does the upper mesh have holes in it?

Definitely! The upper mesh does come with holes that maintain proper air circulation so that the user remains comfortable wearing the shoe.

Do these shoes have any leather in them?

No! These shoes have manmade fabrics.

Is it one of the best shoes for fat pad atrophy?

Oh yeah! This is a suitable pair of shoes for fat pad atrophy!

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Now we are down to the last pair on the list, the Asics Gel Kayano running shoes. Even though the price is a little on the higher side, this pair of ASICS totally worth the money.

The manufacturer has packed this pair with a bunch of technology that delivers real value. It comes with a rearfoot gel technology system that works as a shock absorber.

This gel technology delivers enough cushioning to make you feel extremely comfortable. Not only that, but it also features Flyte foam midsole and propels technology that gives the user good rebound and responsiveness.

Plus, the dual-density midsole works towards giving the user better stability and support.

It is an extremely lightweight pair of shoes that comes with a mesh upper portion which makes the pair highly breathable as well. With this one, you get over 12 color options to choose from.

Where are these shoes manufactured?

Asics shoes are mostly manufactured in Vietnam.

Is this shoe good for ITBS?

If you mean IT band syndrome, then yes, this Asics pair is good for that! The extraordinary cushioning and support this shoe offers are great for ITBS.

Is Asics GEL Kayano good for plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, it is! Thanks to its extra cushiony midsole.

What is Heel Fat Pad Syndrome?

Heel fat pad syndrome is a condition that occurs when the fat cushion that sits under the heel bone (the fat pad) becomes thin or deteriorates.

This can happen for several reasons, including age, weight, activity level, and wearing shoes that don’t provide enough support.

When the fat pad becomes thin or deteriorates, it can’t do its job of absorbing impact as well. This can lead to pain in the heel, especially when walking or running.

The pain is often described as a dull ache or a sharp, shooting pain.

Heel fat pad syndrome is also sometimes called fat pad atrophy, fatty pad atrophy, or heel cushion atrophy.

How Can I Improve My Foot Padding?

Your feet are the foundation of your body, so it’s important to keep them healthy and pain-free. Foot padding is one way to do this, as it can help protect your feet from impact and prevent blisters and other injuries.

Here Are a Few Tips on How to Improve Your Foot Padding

Choose the right shoes

Wearing shoes that fit well and support your feet is important for foot health. Avoid shoes that are too tight, as they can cause blisters, and make sure to choose a shoe that provides good arch support. If you’re not sure what type of shoe is best for you, consult a podiatrist or other foot specialist.

Wear socks

Socks help protect your feet from friction and can absorb sweat to keep your feet dry. When choosing socks, look for ones that are made of moisture-wicking material, such as wool or synthetic fibers. Avoid socks made of cotton, as they tend to hold onto moisture.

Use moleskin

Moleskin is a thin, adhesive-backed fabric that can be used to prevent blisters. It’s available in most drugstores and can be cut to fit any size or shape. To use moleskin, simply cut a piece to fit over the area where you’re most likely to develop a blister and attach it using the adhesive backing.

Use a foot powder

Foot powder helps absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. It’s especially helpful in summer when you’re more likely to sweat. Look for a foot powder that contains antifungal properties to help prevent athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

Take care of your feet.

Be sure to wash your feet every day, and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. Exfoliate your feet regularly to remove dead skin cells and help prevent calluses. And if you have any cuts or scrapes on your feet, be sure to clean and bandage them to prevent infection.

By following these tips, you can help improve your foot padding and keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

How To Choose A Shoe For Heel Fat Pad Syndrome?

When you have heel fat pad syndrome, it’s important to wear shoes that offer good support and cushioning. Proper cushioning and support can help relieve the pain of heel fat pad syndrome.

Look for shoes with a cushioned sole and a supportive arch. Avoid high heels and shoes with very little support. If you’re not sure which shoes to buy, ask a salesperson at a shoe store for help.

Make sure to tell them about your condition and ask for recommendations. You may also want to see a podiatrist who can help you choose the right shoes and inserts for your feet.

Below, we have listed some basic features you should look for when choosing a shoe.

Cushioning: The best shoes for heel fat pad syndrome will have a cushioned sole. This will help absorb some of the impacts when you walk or run.

Support: Look for shoes with good arch support. This will help take some of the pressure off of your heel.

Low heels: High heels can make your pain worse, so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, look for shoes that come with low heels.

Choose the right size: Make sure you buy shoes that fit well. Shoes that are too big or too small can make your pain worse.

Breathability: It’s important to choose breathable shoes. This will help keep your feet cool and dry, which can reduce pain and inflammation.

Materials: The material of your shoes can also affect your pain. Shoes made of stiffer materials may not offer as much cushioning, while softer materials may not offer as much support. It is on you to find the balanced one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Treat Heel Fat Pad Syndrome?

There are a few things you can do to help relieve the pain of heel fat pad syndrome. These include:

  • Wearing shoes that have good cushioning and support
  • Resting your feet as much as possible
  • Icing your heel for 20 minutes several times a day
  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen

If these conservative treatments don’t work, your doctor may recommend injections of corticosteroids or other medications.

In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the damaged fat pad.

What are the best shoes for feet with no fat pad?

All the pairs on this list are good for feet with no fat pad, but still, if you want us to name one, we would say the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes.

How long does it take for a heel fat pad to heal?

On average, it takes around 1 – 3 weeks. But in some cases, it takes even longer.

Is heel pad syndrome permanent?

No! With proper treatment, most people can get rid of heel pad syndrome.


For people who are suffering from HFPS, whatever shoe they are picking, they need to ensure that the shoe delivers great cushioning along with proper heel support. Shoes for HFPS need to come with soles that can absorb shocks.

However, the provided list contains some of the best shoes for heel fat pad syndrome you will find in the market right now. Go through and get yourself the right pair.

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