How Long Would it Take to Lose 10 Body Fat

Body fat is one of the most vital factors that every man should be aware of. Body fat is sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful to maintaining healthy fitness. There is a standard parameter to measure body fat for everyone. The ideal and standard parameter of having body fat is 10%. It’s a dream with 10% body fat for fitness-conscious people.

You may be wondering how long would it take to lose 10 body fat? Losing body fat properly isn’t an easy task that you can be done easily. There are some plans and routines you should follow. Here, today we will look forward to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of body fat and how long it will take to reach the ideal 10% body fat. We will also cover up the diets during the period, fat calculation, exercise, and so on about reaching the goal of losing 10% body fat.

How Long Would It Take To Lose 10 Body Fat?

Everyone’s body structure is different and there are differences in body fat also. Losing the fats from your body isn’t something that you can achieve in a day or week. You have to give proper time and dedication to lose body fat and achieve the fat percentage you’re looking for. However, it depends and varies from person to person so there is no fixed period.

You can expect that you can lose your body fat by 2% to 3% per month which is ideally correct. This is an average rate of fat loss if you maintain a balanced diet and proper amount of exercise. Generally, it takes around 4 months to achieve the target which is losing 10% of body fat. But if you constrict your diet and boost the activities you should reach it within 2-3 months.

Assume that you burn 450-900 calories per week you can lose 1-2 pounds in general. If you are losing 1.3 pounds a week you’ll be needed around 15-16 weeks to lose 10% body fat.

Furthermore, there are a few ways to assume or calculate the body fat percentage. You can find a body fat calculator to calculate the body fat and you also can calculate it manually by yourself.

Measuring body fat is generally mass of fat divided by mass of fat and multiplying this by a hundred.

You can also calculate like that (Fat Mass/Body Mass)*100

There is an effective BMI method formula that you can calculate your body fat easily.

Body fat percentage (BFP) calculation formula:

BFP for Male = 1.20 × BMI + 0.23 × Age – 16.2

BFP for Female = 1.20 × BMI + 0.23 × Age – 5.4

You can calculate the body fat using Body Fat Calculator

What Should Be The Diet To Lose 10% Body Fat?

A healthy diet is the key to a perfect fit body. The calories you consume must be burned or vanish from your body to stay healthy and fit. You must need a balanced diet to maintain fitness with losing 10% of fat from your body. You need to avoid some foods and you need to consume some foods to balance the diet.

The Foods You Need To Consume

There are a lot of foods you can have while maintaining a healthy diet which helps to reduce body fat. These can help you to build metabolism which helps to reduce fat from the body.

Protein plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy life. Dietary fiber is one of the food along with the protein that digests slowly and keeps away hunger for a long time. Protein is the source of metabolism and it keeps your muscle stronger and healthy while dieting. If you’re on diet given by your fitness trainer or nutritionist, then consuming protein and fiber is important without any diet. However, fresh vegetables and low-curb foods are equally important in the weight loss program.

The Foods You Need To Avoid

If you’re on diet or in a weight loss program then you may already know that avoiding some foods is also important. Tons of food can hamper your body fat loss.

First of all, you just need to stop consuming raw sugar. Sugar is straight inversely proportional to reducing fat from the body. You need to stop having beverages and shakes with sugar. Cakes, candies, cookies, pastries, milkshakes, ice creams, sweet coffee, and sweet tea is equally harmful to your body. However, avoid added sugar and foods that produce more calories, you can achieve your goal of body fat.

What Are The Exercises That Should Be Done To Lose 10% Body Fat?

Exercise is one of the good things that can happen to your body. Doing exercise is equally important when you want to lose 10% of body fat. Any exercise can be good for losing fat but there are some specific exercises that you can do adequately to see fast results.

You can run or jogs in the morning at the park or you can use treadmills. Cycling slowly is another way to burn fat. Doing push-ups and pull-ups will give you an advantage along with squats. Besides, you can also try lat pull-downs, bench presses, lows, step-ups, lungs, etc.

However, if you’re not getting enough interest in doing these, then do it with some fun. You can play single tennis, badminton, double tennis, football, or any physical game. You may arrange a running or swimming competition and do overlap running and swimming.

How to Fasten the Fat Loss?

To fasten the fat loss you need to follow the guidelines of diet and workouts properly. You need to follow a balanced diet during this period. You need to avoid the food we discussed above and it’s equally important to consume protein and vegetables regularly. You need to have six meals a day including 3 proper meals along with 2 snacks. Eat fresh and green foods to fasten the fat-burning process.

You are also required to accomplish some exercises earnestly. Running and swimming are very good options for burning fat in your body. Push-up, pull-up, and pull-down exercises are enough good to go. If you need some recreation with exercise then go for physical games like football, tennis, badminton, and swimming competition.

Final Words

It’s really important to stay fit and healthy by reducing the excessive fat in your body. You can’t do it within a short time as you need to bring changes to your lifestyle. There are a few plans and routines you should follow. Proper workouts with a balanced diet are the key factor to accelerating fat loss.

You need to spend a moderate amount of time to achieve the body fat you’re targeting. If you reduce 1.5 pounds a week on average you’ll burn your body by around 0.5% to 1.5%. To reduce 10% of body fat you may need to wait around 4 months. Throughout the duration, your hard work and commitment will express your overweight loss. To fasten the process keep working hard in the gym and stay fit.

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