As an owner of a bit outdated treadmill, you may be thinking of buying a foot pod that will show you all the running details.
Even many of the modern treadmills do not always provide accurate data of running info and that’s why the demand for foot pods is on increase.
An excellent and top-grade foot pod should have features like outstanding shock absorption and water-resistant system, wider wireless connectivity, multiple apps compatibility especially with Zwift, durable battery life, versatile running data sharing ability, and an excellent attachment system with very low weight.
In this article, I will guide you so that you can get the best foot pod for the treadmill.

What are foot pods?

A foot pod is a tiny size smart device that can be attached to your running shoe for tracking different types of data. This device comes with built-in sensors that will track foot movement from various angles. 

You can transfer the collected data of a foot pod to other apps and smart devices wirelessly. As it shows different types of metrics like running speed, cadence, the time between steps, pace, distance, etc so you will be able to overcome your weakness by reading them regularly.

Due to their design line, you can use them in both outdoor plus treadmill running. The specific types of foot pods which are made for cycling can be used for elliptical treadmill combo machines too. 

Top 7 foot pods in the market for you

For any beginner runners, it would be a bit difficult to find the top-notch foot pod for treadmill. Because you need to keep in mind a lot of relevant stuff to select the best foot pods during the research process. I already did that for you to make your task effortless.

Here in the following, I made a list of 7 excellent foot pods with their short description and pros-cons. So stay tuned! 

1. Garmin Running Pod


The GARMIN pods would be an excellent choice for a running pod. It will help you to check your running level and let you improve over time. 

You simply gonna love the foot pod due to its ultra-lightweight of 5 ounces only. For your convenience, it comes with a small clip using which you can attach this inside your shoe laces.

Speaking of functionality, you will find the Garmin Running Pod pretty easy to use. All you need to do is to look for the Garmin Connect Mobile App on your smartphone then connect and use it. However, one of the downsides is you can’t connect with another watch other than the Garmin watch. 

One of the best things about it is it would be hard to feel that anything extra is attached to a running shoe. If you accidentally pour water onto the Garmin Running Pod, it will be absolutely fine as it comes with a water-resistant feature. 

Also, the app will provide six dynamic running metrics, such as cadence, stride length, ground contact duration, vertical ratio, vertical oscillation, and equilibrium. Adding to that, the accuracy level of the Garmin Running Pod is outstanding. 

Moreover, the automatic on & off feature of the running pod will ensure the battery lasts for a long time. Even the battery is replaceable which is awesome! Another drawback of this running pod is not compatible with the Zwift app. 

Overall, this running pod would be a great buy at a quite reasonable price tag.


  • Water-resistant feature 
  • Easy to use using the specific app
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • An automatic on & off system helps in battery longevity
  • It Shows 6 different types of metrics with good accuracy


  • Not compatible with the Zwift app
  • Does not connect other than the Garmin watch



Without any doubt, the POLAR S1 foot pod would be a great friend if you are a serious runner who wants to keep things under check. This is one of the best foot pod units you can keep for yourself while running on the treadmill. 

Plus, the combination of both inertial technology and DSP generates crazy level accuracy data for running pace, distance covered, etc. One of the best features of this running pod is the ultra-lightweight of only 0.42 pounds.

In addition to that, this foot pod comes with shock-resistant features up to 2-meter water making it a durable one. 

Moreover, you will find it simple to use. Just attach with the shoelace of your running shoe using the fork. This unit is gonna surely help you to upgrade your running status gradually.

Having good sides this foot pod has drawbacks too. One is that it is not compatible with other manufacturers’ smartwatches and not even with all Polar watches. The second one is that the foot pods are quite large compared to the rest. 

But you can take the challenge yourself using this device as it’s connected with the trendy Zwift technology.


  • Water-resistant up to 2 meter
  • Easy to use and attach the foot pod with shoes
  • Mind-boggling lightweight
  • Data accuracy is superb
  • Wonderful for treadmill running


  • Does not connect with other company’s smartwatch
  • A bit bigger in dimension

3. Polar Stride


If you are getting bored of the same fitness level & looking for a running pod that will provide versatile running data then the Polar Stride would be a great pick! 

You will be able to uplift your overall running technique using the stride length & running cadence data. The best part is that the Polar Stride generates high-accuracy info.

In addition to that, the Bluetooth connection tech will help you to connect with different devices & apps. 

Moreover, attaching this running pod to shoe lace would be smooth and hassle-free. In terms of weight, it adds no weight to your shoe as it weighs only 0.1 kg. However, the size of the Polar Stride running pod is a bit bigger than other pods.

While you are running at high speed, this shock-resistant running pod with its built-in intelligent sensor will ensure no alteration in the data. Compatibility with the Zwift app makes it a great option for treadmill users.

Furthermore, the water-resistant feature makes it a durable running pod that is not only limited to treadmill running but you can also use it for outside running. 

Despite the battery replaceable option being a good thing but it comes with the hassle of changing after every 25 days.


  • Provide necessary data to improve running pattern
  • Data accuracy is impressive
  • Water-resistant plus shock-resistant
  • Bluetooth connectivity & Zwift compatibility
  • Easy to attach & feels weightless during the run


  • Battery life is only 25 days
  • The size of the running pod is a bit bulky

4. Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor


The Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor would be the perfect choice for you if you have an elliptical treadmill combo in your home. 

This 0.06 kg lightweight foot pod would be very easy to attach to your footwear. All you need to do is to pin it tightly with the shoelace of your running shoe. Also, the size of the foot pod is quite tiny, making it ultra-portable.

Plus, you can connect the Wahoo foot pod with both Apple and Android. Due to the built-in RPM sensor feature, you will get precise data of  your elliptical treadmill running speed. 

In addition to that, you can connect the Wahoo foot pod wirelessly with the help of ANT+ and Bluetooth features. Sadly the Bluetooth connection is not pretty stable and gets disconnected easily.

Moreover, you can connect the running pod with more than 50+ apps which include Zwift, Fulgaz, Peloton, Wahoo Fitness, etc. The IPX7 water-resistant feature will save your foot pod if it gets in touch with water. 

Speaking of the battery, the Wahoo running pod comes with a coin cell battery system which lasts pretty well. Finally, the price is also reasonable which makes it a lucrative device to become your smart running assistant. 


  • Lightweight plus small size
  • Simple to attach with running shoes
  • Compatible with both iPhone & Android
  • Durable battery & water resistant system
  • RPM sensor will provide accurate speed


  • Bluetooth connection is to up to the mark

5. Nike+Stand Alone Sensor Kit


The Nike+Stand Alone Sensor Kit can add a huge value to your running. This foot pod unit from the Nike family, not only looks cool but works exceptionally well too!

Without precise data, it’s quite impossible to know your current running level. This Nike+ Stand foot pod will provide you with accurate running speed, total distance, running time & relevant info which will help you to grow your running capacity. 

Also, you can update the training data on the famous and connect yourself with the global fitness club. However, one of the drawbacks of the foot pod is you can’t connect it with the iPhone6+ & the lower models of the iPhone.

Plus, this productive foot pod weighs only 0.05 pounds and you can attach it with the shoelace tightly. In terms of compatibility, you can connect the Nike+Stand foot pod with both Mac & Windows.

Moreover, the wireless data feature makes this foot pod an ultra-efficient unit. Another drawback is the battery is not replaceable so as soon as the battery dies your foot pod will become useless.

Seeing both sides of the coin, I can say that the Nike+Stand foot pod would be a fantastic foot pod for the treadmill.


  • Supports both Mac plus Windows
  • Wireless data transmission & lightweight
  • Fit securely with running shoe
  • Let you the access to a global fitness club
  • Real-time data with mind-boggling accuracy


  • No replacement system for battery
  • Does not connect with iPhone 6 & the below models

6. COROS Foot Pod


Runners who want to see themselves at the pinnacle of their running form are gonna love the COROS foot pod. 

Using this foot pod would be a breeze and you can simply activate the foot pod by shaking before the treadmill running session. This unit comes with a clip that you can easily attach to the shoelace. 

Just like other good quality foot pods, the COROS comes with only 19 gm weight which does not add any weight to your feet.

Without any doubt, this foot pod is going to be a game-changer because you will be able to see a hell lot of metrics which include stride length, stride height,  left/right balance, form power, and ground time. Even in terms of price tag, the COROS foot pod is quite cheap.

Besides, this high-performance unit has a durable battery which ensures a long time of use. The only downside is that the attachment clip is not too secure and has the chance of slipping during the run.

Apart from that, the COROS pod is a killer which you must get to level up your running capability. You can also connect this terrific foot pod with the Zwift app.


  • Easy to use & durable battery
  • Generate a wide range of running details
  • Lightweight
  • Zwift Compatibility


  • Produce shoe squeaks
  • Outsole durability is poor

7. Garmin Foot Pod


The last unit on our list is another GARMIN foot pod which would surely help you to have a better idea about the running details.

One of the main things about this foot pod is the accuracy level it shows after your hardcore treadmill run. Using this amazing unit, you can check the distance plus cadence. Speaking of compatibility with other apps, this one is comfortable with the famous Zwift app.

In addition to that, the 0.05 kg weight of this running pod indeed adds no weight to your shoe. Moreover, you can easily & securely attach it using its plastic attachment with the shoelaces.

Besides, you can connect the GARMIN pod with any smartwatch that accepts an ANT+ foot pod. Another great thing about the pod is you can replace the battery and use it for years to come.

Furthermore, the main reason behind the ultra-accurate result is the MEMS inertial feature which is a blessing for the users.

Even the cost of the GARMIN foot pod is very cheap. However, you have to calibrate the unit to get the right data every time. Also, you will find it hassle-free during the pairing & activating of the foot pod 

I recommend you to buy this efficient & beneficial treadmill foot pod for your running improvement. 


  • Lightweight & Zwift compatible
  • Pairing & activating is simple
  • Compatible with lots of smartwatches
  • ANT+ connection system & replaceable battery
  • MEMS inertial tech provides flawless data


  • Have to calibrate repeatedly for new running sessions

Buying guide

To get the best output of a foot pod, you have to buy the best quality foot pod. And for this, you need to look for several factors when you are going to buy a foot pod for treadmill running. 

Here in the following, I will discuss them shortly…

Safety feature

A foot pod that is fragile and easily becomes vulnerable will not last for a long time. So you must ensure that your foot pod comes with both water resistance plus shock resistance feature. 

You might accidentally drop water onto your foot pod or it might fall due to the clip loss. When you have these two features, you can stay worry-free about your foot pod.

Compatibility & Connectivity

It’s one of the crucial factors during buying a foot pod. If your foot pod does not connect with your specific smartphone, it would be a total waste. Adding more to that, also try to go for the foot pod which allows you to connect with maximum training or running apps like Zwift. 

Plus, look for Bluetooth & ANT+ connectivity in your foot pod. Though not all of them come with both wireless tech but it would be best for you if you buy a foot pod that has both of these. 

Weight & Easy to mount

When your foot pod is lightweight, you will not feel that anything extra is added down there in your running gear. So make sure your new foot pod device is extra lightweight. 

Another important factor you need to check is the mount ability or strong attachment system. If it comes with a weak or less functional attachment clip then you have to go through the pain of mounting the foot pod repeatedly. 

Battery life

Would you like to have a foot pod that drains faster than ever and you need to keep changing the battery often? No one wants such a painful experience so to avoid such a scenario you should check that it comes with a replacement system and battery life which will last for at least close to 1 year or more than 1 year. 

Which is the best foot pod for Zwift?

Evaluating all the foot pod devices, I can say that the Polar S1 is the best foot pod when it comes to connecting with the awesome Zwift apps. This wonderful smart device won’t create any lag during the connection and you will be able to get a lot of benefits from using it.

The Zwift requires high accuracy information to make the best of it for upgrading and challenging yourself. Also, a smooth connection is crucial for the app to give you a precise score. And the Polar S1 will surely beat other foot pod devices in terms of stable connection with the Zwift if you also have a zwift-friendly treadmill.

What are the benefits of using a foot pod?

When it comes to benefits this small device will surely win your mind. No doubt foot pod is getting popular because of the benefits it offers to its users. 

Let’s have a look at what those are… 

  1. Small size plus lightweight makes it a terrible portable device that is extremely easy to mount with your training shoe.
  2. Provide high accuracy data of stride length, running distance, stride height, left/right balance, cadence, etc that help you to identify the lacking and improve those areas.
  3. Easy to use and comes with efficient wireless connectivity.
  4. Compatible with many smartwatches, smartphones, and popular training apps like Zwift. As a result, you can see live data during the treadmill run.

Are foot pods accurate?

Generally, the accuracy level of a top-notch foot pod will be more than 90% and after calibrating it will become 98-99% which is fantastic. If you don’t mount the gear strongly with your shoes then due to the bounce and shocks it will give a bit poor result. 

The best thing about the device is it gives high-accuracy data if you run on smooth surfaces. So you can expect a precise result while using a foot pod for a treadmill run. 

Final words

A good foot pod device that gives you precise data would be a fantastic partner for your treadmill run. It’s not only a device that only shows it but also helps you to get rid of your running flaws. 

I have discussed the foot pod with all perspectives that would be beneficial for you. Hopefully, this post will help you to choose and buy the best foot pod for treadmill. 

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