The Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet (Updated)

We’re all looking for the perfect pair of shoes. The ones that fit just right, are comfortable enough to walk in but also offer support when you need it most.

Many people know the pain of having wide feet and trying to find shoes that fit. Especially those who ride bikes. But, just because you have wide feet doesn’t mean you should be limited on options.

And today I have a collection of the best shoes for wide feet to help you guys get moving.

I went through features like heel width, toe box width, arch height, shoe weight and many more considerations to find the right pair of cycling shoes for wide feet.

Top 9 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Cycling shoes offer more facilities and comfort in cycling compared to other kinds of footwear. That’s why these shoes are unique and come with ample bells and whistles to make your cycling classes or tours more fruitful. Here, I’ve picked 9 cycling shoes that are best in the business.

So, without further ado, let’s scroll below to know more about these excellent shoes.

1. Venzo Road Cycling Riding Shoes

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Introducing the first cycling shoe for wide feet and it is from the renowned brand Venzo. This road cycling shoe is the ideal footwear for any rider who wants to stay comfortable and stylish on their rides.

That’s why this top-class shoe is crafted with an ergonomic design that will keep your feet feeling comfy even after hours in the saddle. It also comes with a sleek style that helps it to fit wide feet smoothly.

With super breathable mesh and low-cut structure, you will love the combination of comfort and performance it delivers no matter what type of cycling you do or how long it lasts. To offer your further convenience, it comes with a universal cleat area that suits all types of cleats, so there’s never an excuse for not riding!

The synthetic upper with fast-drying ability will make it easy for you to get out there and enjoy cycling while keeping your feet cool and dry! Moreover, This Venzo Bicycle Shoe comes in two colors and a pair of Delta cleats to allow you to find your favorite style. These cleats with a 9-degree floating design offer more flexibility compared to fixed-style cleats.

To make your ride easier than ever before, It also features three Velcro straps, a beveled heel, and a removable sock liner. However, the tongue of the shoe has a poor build quality.


  • Lightweight design provides super comfort
  • Compatible with both indoor and outdoor bike pedals
  • Easy to wear


  • You may not like the noise it creates while doing workouts.

2. Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

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A lot of indoor cycling shoes are designed for looks, not function. In fact, they have poor ventilation systems with little support for your foot. Fortunately, this indoor cycling shoe from Tommaso offers supreme convenience with an attractive appearance and that’s why it is considered one of the best Women’s cycling shoes for wide feet.

Whether you’re a cyclist who loves to fly at top speed, or you prefer slow riding with more resistance; this Tommaso guy will exceed even your highest expectations with its long-lasting performance!

Moreover, this shoe comes with just enough padding for long rides without being bulky like most of its competitors! The synthetic leather-made upper section of the shoe is built to provide comfort to all types of riders.

With the help of its non-skid fiberglass sole, it ensures optimal heel retention. Therefore, you can transfer maximum power through your feet while cycling and exercise. Additionally, it incorporates three low-profile velcro straps.

What’s even better, this product is equipped with Delta cleats which arrive already installed right out of the box. And, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues with exercise bikes as these cleats fit almost all famous pedal systems. The manufacturer also included an Allen wrench with it.

Overall, this stunning pair of footwear for women will ensure ultimate support and comfort with proper ventilation ports and a breathable mesh design.


  • Firmly fit in wide feet with 3 straps
  • An ideal pair of shoes for spin classes
  • Women feet-friendly design for better user experience


  • Its cleat area isn’t recessed

 3. R ROYDEAR Cycling Shoe for Men and Women

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When cycling, our feet take a lot of abuse. As a result, we need shoes that can keep up with us and are durable enough to withstand such pounding. So, putting on a top-notch cycling shoe will ensure that your feet stay unharmed during these long cycling sessions.

As we all know, there are many first-class but expensive shoes in the marketplace. But, the good news is that this R ROYDEAR product is very affordable and arguably the best budget cycling shoe for wide feet. Don’t worry; its cleats are compatible with both delta and SPD.

Moreover, the top parts of these bike riding shoes are crafted with breathable mesh for proper ventilation as well as wear-resistance nylon soles to ensure that they last through even the toughest conditions. Its inner part is well-cushioned to prevent chafing.

Also, the lightweight construction and adjustable straps, and buckle design make them easy to put on and off, which is one less thing you have to worry about after an intense ride. Besides, these spinning shoes allow optimal stiffness without weighing down or constricting your foot during extended workouts.

They also come with convenient hooks & loops instead of laces as well as unique soles designed to provide the utmost comfort on long cycling trips and indoor training- what more could a cyclist want?


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight and sturdy structure
  • Ideal for all seasons


  • You have to buy cleats separately.

4. Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Wide Feet Shoe

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The Tommaso Strada 100 is an excellent option for people who want high quality at an affordable price point. With its comfortable ride feel, reinforced toe box, and fiberglass-reinforced sole; this shoe comes with everything you need from biking shoes without breaking the bank!

In addition to that, this shoe is lightweight enough for long rides and stiff enough for efficient pedaling with maximum power transfer. With 3 low-profile Velcro straps, these shoes become super easy to use. So you can take them on and off fast without fumbling around with little straps or buckles.

Moreover, Its upper is made from top-notch synthetic leather that hugs your foot comfortably for all-day wear, while ventilated mesh parts allow proper airflow keeping your feet cool during long rides and hot summers.

It also incorporates the dual cleat design. This innovative design ensures more contact between your feet and pedals so that there is less slippage during intense riding sessions. The manufacturer also provides a cleat-installation wrench and Look Delta cleats which support peloton bikes. However, you can also select the bundle that comes with SPD cleats if you want spd compatibility.

Overall, This Strada 100 gives you all of the benefits of an indoor cycling shoe without sacrificing any comfort of outdoor cycling or any other activity.


  • Very comfy shoe
  • Compatible with both Peloton and Spd
  • Budget-friendly


  • It creates loud noises.

5. Lexo Men’s Riding Cycling Shoes

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly wide feet shoe to wear during spin class, this well-built footwear from Lexo could be the number one contender. As this product includes a set of top-grade Delta cleats, I think, it’s the best Wide feet cycling shoe with a Delta cleat set.

This pair of shoes connect the peloton pedal firmly and like expensive cycling shoes, it won’t disconnect accidentally from the pedal. Apart from Peloton bikes, these gorgeous shoes also support SPD-SL, Shimano SPD, and LOOK KEO.

To ensure a durable performance, its upper part is crafted with Synthetic leather. However, soft and breathable mesh with well-placed ventilation holes makes these Lexo shoes a perfect companion for cyclists who love long rides. With dual-knob shoelace style, you can adjust the tightness in the blink of an eye. 

Moreover, the shoe comes with the perfect combination of style and versatility so that you make the most out of this thing. The shoe offers a very convenient user experience with its lightweight feel and comfy interior padding ensures your feet won’t bruise due to long usage. Plus, It won’t pinch your toes at all.

When you’re ready to hit the road, this high-performance cycling shoe has a stiff nylon sole that offers superior power transfer from pedal-stroke to wheel rotation while still maintaining comfort and breathability.


  • Double-knob shoelace design
  • Very comfortable inner padding
  • Affordable price range


  • The shoe may rub your cycle’s crank arm.

6. LakeRom Compatible SPD Indoor Cycling Shoes

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We definitely want our shoes to feel comfy, but isn’t it the best if they’re stylish at the same time? Well, LakeRom is giving us a combo of both with their new set of shoes.

These feature nylon soles for the maximum comfort of your wide feet. No need to worry about its durability, they’re amazingly wear-resistant; so you can expect them to last a while, enduring rough use. The soles actually feel really light after you put them on.

Its upper portion has synthetic nano fabric with breathable holes. People with wide feet usually have a problem with tight spaces, making their feet hotter. But not only this product has enough room, but the holes also make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable. It also has sweat absorption properties.

The shoes have 3 bolt/SPD-SL road locks and 2 bolt/SPD mountain locks, both of which are anti-slip and super durable.

I must say, they look stylish as hell! There are so many different colors, like white, black, grey, red, all black, etc. My favorite is the cblue variation with delta cleats as it reflects light and shows different colors based on light exposure.

By the way, get a half size larger than your actual shoe size; a lot of customers have said the displayed size is a bit smaller in reality.


  • Unisex, versatile high-performance shoes
  • Compatible with 2/3 bolt cleats like SPD, Delta, exercise bike, etc.
  • Easily loosen or tighten the shoe with a rotating buckle
  • Well padded inner area with sweat absorption


  • Bolts rattle, especially on delta cleats

7. Santic road bike shoes

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Santic is no stranger when it comes to making shoes, and this model is a good example of how good they are. It’s a solid pair of outdoor shoes that is good for almost every situation, you can use them for indoor exercise bikes or somewhere out on the road.

It’s loose to accommodate people with wide feet for extra comfort. But that doesn’t mean it’s so loose that it’ll come off, rather it’s tight around the ankles so it’s not gonna move.

You’ll find a lot of breathable holes that keep the shoe well ventilated and let sweat vaporize soon enough. There are ratchet straps that tighten the shoe inside a few seconds.

It’s made out of high-quality materials that keep your feet from feeling numb or in pain.

The upper area of the shoe is made out of nano mirror PU material that is extremely durable, so it’s gonna last a while. You’ll find that the shoes are quite slip-resistant, making them safe while you’re on the road.

They’re also ergonomic. I love the camouflage design, it’s perfect for such a versatile shoe. The matte grey, red, or green colors are really fleshed out.

By default, they’re not compatible with 2 SPD cleats even though it has slots for it; but with a tinkering, you can make it work.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Thick heel cup for heel protection
  • Comes with velcro straps and a buckle top
  • Ergonomic build


  • Shoe tongue might be a bit stiff

8. R Roydear Cycling shoes

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A lot of fitness enthusiasts, especially athletes and fitness influencers love to look good while working out. Well, R Roydear has a pair that such fitness lovers would adore.

These stylish shoes are not just about looks, but about performance too. The nylon soles keep your feet cool and keep them comfortable, this is particularly a big help for wide-footed people since shoes usually hug them tightly making them uncomfortable. And the soles are quite durable.

The soles are also ergonomically designed to provide ample cushion. The necklines are also smooth enough so that it doesn’t rub your ankles too hard. This is one of the reasons it’s unique to other SPD-based shoes.

It might look like a spinning shoe but it is versatile enough to do every kind of activity reliably. Competitive cyclists will love it as it’s only as stiff as needed and efficiently transfers the power making them ride longer and faster.

Also, the design is just exquisite. If you loved the cblue design of LakeRom sports shoes, you’ll be glad to hear this one has red, blue, green light reflecting gradients of it, and one multicolor version; but the solid colored ones aren’t bad either. All in all, it’s a beautifully made shoe that’s also built for performance.

I’ll suggest people with wide feet get a size larger than their actual foot.


  • Lightweight structure
  • Rotating buckle to easily tighten or loosen the shoe
  • Well-cushioned for a soft feel around the feet
  • Breathable mesh keeps shoes well ventilated


  • Comparatively less durable than others

9. SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

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It’s time I wrap up my list of best shoes for wide feet, and I picked a worthy candidate to see it off. The SH-RP1 from Shimano is a versatile sports shoe that focuses on giving you a long-lasting support for non-stop pedaling.

Its upper area is made of synthetic that keeps it lightweight and durable, while the area around the sole is made of reinforced fiberglass to ensure maximum power transfer for pedaling.

On the backside around the ankle, it has a classic low tops design so that it can move around freely. There’s a mesh lining that allows for easy ventilation and amazing breathability.

It comes with 2 velcro straps to keep the shoe tight on you, and they do a good job of sticking to your feet.

The outsole of this product has a 5 hole design that is compatible with any SPD or SPD-SL cleats.

Its design is also pretty simple and minimalistic, yet gorgeous. Those who don’t want anything fancy but a standard-looking shoe are going to love it. I believe it’s worth the price.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good fit and snugs well
  • Durable synthetic build with breathable mesh
  • Compatible with any SPD or SPD-SL cleats


  • You have to get cleats separately

Why wear wide shoes?

First of all, I have to say the cycling shoe category is extremely narrow. If any manufacturer is reading this page, please add more diverse shoes catering to different types of people. Now let’s get back on topic.

Usually, people ponder on what seems better for them between a high-volume shoe or a wide shoe. Well, for people with wide feet it’s definitely better to pick wide cycling shoes, 100%. But here I’m gonna talk about it in a generalized sense:

If you put a shoe in, you’ll notice only around half of your feet get naturally placed in, there’s a reason for it; that’s called forefoot restriction. It’s designed that way to protect our knees from falling inwards but in truth, it’s counterproductive to restrict your natural foot and cause back injuries in the long term.

This is why more and more manufacturers are focusing on shoes that have wide spaces at the front of the foot.

Best cycling shoe brands?

Shoes are one of those products where going with the brand is often the best choice, given their reliability and track records.

But which shoe brand is the best? We all know that there is no definitive answer to that question but let’s explore some of the best shoe brands in the market, who knows you might pick a favorite…


Lake is one of my favorite brands because their shoes focus on troublesome foot conditions- like calluses. As a matter of fact, Lake was also one of the manufacturers who started making shoes for wide feet before it became a widespread norm.

While they are a bit on the pricier side, their quality makes up for it.

They are popular for their contoured bottom designs, this is something a lot of brands have shied away from but they’ve used it to their advantage.


Bont was the other early believer of making wider shoes, going against the trend of making forefoot restricted shoes. Bont is no stranger to making products focusing on maximum foot performance, their track record in the skating industry is proof of that.

The Vaypor G series of Bont is a fan favorite, with soft ergonomic insides but firm support and heels making it a sprinter’s choice.

Bont designs shoes that are close to almost a real foot, with some extra room on the toe box that the people with wide feet would come to like.


Of course, I can’t leave Shimano out. They have one of the widest heel sizes out of all the latest sports shoes. Their shoes are always high quality and snug well.

Shimano’s wide shoes are even usable at a competitive stage. You’ll see a lot of pro athletes wearing Shimano cycling shoes.


This Italian brand sure knows how to make shoes that sell well. They cater to almost every kind of rider. Their standard shoes can go up to D width, however, the “mega” sizes can be of EE or EEE width. The mega sizes can be 4mm wider than standard ones.

These were some of the shoe brands that are well known especially in the cycling world. You can’t go wrong with any of their shoes.

How to get measure a wide shoe size

By now you should have a mental image of what you want. Now, in case you don’t know what size shoe to get, you’ll have to measure it. At the end of the day, your shoes need to feel comfortable or your foot will be swollen or painful.

For the best accuracy, try on two or more shoes, like one foot on different models at the same time, and see how you feel. The toe box should have enough space to fit a thumb between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. And you also should have enough room to wiggle your toes.

Use a Brannock device for getting the right measurements when you’re checking out your footwear.

Some tips for wearing shoes for wide feet

These are not really mandatory but if you follow them, you’ll get more comfortable experience, so I suggest you consider these suggestions:

1. Get the right size

Manufacturers make shoes that are snug to your feet and often it’s really tight to the point that it feels uncomfortable. This is why a lot of people suggest you get half or one inch larger than your actual size. And I totally agree with it.

But, don’t just blindly get a size larger every single time. Besides, a lot of shoes are actually true to their sizes so they become a perfect fit, getting extra sizes there would mean you’re gonna wear a loose shoe. So, research ahead.

Otherwise, your ankles will slip out or cause distractions, not letting you walk/pedal with full power.

You can even find foot fit calculators online that help you measure the ideal size for you.

2. Wear thin socks

Bulky shoes often hog space inside your shoe. Shoes are tight as it is most of the time, so you can do better by avoiding unnecessary thick shoes.

3. Look for good insoles

Insoles make or break the perfect shoe experience. A good insole will not only help you cushion your feet but also lets you transfer power comfortably while cycling.

No matter how good the outside portion of the shoe is, if the insole makes you uncomfortable, there’s no adjusting to it.

How to clean wide spin shoes?

After each ride, be sure to brush off any sweat or other debris that has collected on the outside of your spin shoes. Use a clean cloth that’s mildly wet.

Remove the insole and let the air out as much as possible before placing it back into the shoe for further use.

For a more thorough cleaning process, remove insoles from shoes and place them inside a sink with warm soapy water where you will allow them to soak overnight. Later you rinse thoroughly until all soap is removed fully and finally dry under a well-ventilated area away from direct heat such as heater/radiator etc.

Wait until it’s dried completely before reinserting the clean interior sole back into the main body of the actual spinning shoe itself.

Things to consider while buying cycling shoes for wide feet

Cycling shoes have a lot of features that other athletic shoes don’t. Also, buying the wrong type of cycling shoe can lead to foot pain and even injuries. It’s hard to tell which shoes will fit best and be most comfortable on the bike without trying them out first.

Moreover, picking a good pair is especially difficult if you’re shopping online because it’s impossible to try them on before buying. So, you have decided to buy a new pair of wide feet shoes for your bike, but you don’t know what features are important, right? Well, let me help minimize the problem by telling you some essential features that you must look for.  

Cleat System

First off, if you want the shoe for a spin class, make sure you know what type of cleat system your bike has. There are 4 different types of cycling shoes, and they all use different cleats. Look for a shoe that works with your type of cleat system to ensure you get the most out of your shoe purchase.

Closed vs. Open Design

Beyond just the actual material, it’s important to think about what kind of closure system you want in your cycling shoe. Make sure you can easily get into the shoe before buying it, and is comfortable once on. After all, when you’re riding your bike for hours at a time, you don’t want to be distracted by how much your shoes are hurting your feet.

Traction & Durability

When cycling, one of the most important things you need in a shoe is traction. If you have cleats, make sure the shoe has some level of rubberized or sturdy material on the bottom of it for when you’re walking around before and after riding your bike.

Also, make sure the cycling shoes are made of durable materials so that they won’t wear down too quickly.

Weight & Flexibility

In addition to these other features, it’s also important to consider the weight of your shoe. If you’re going for a long ride, like in an Ironman race, you don’t want your shoes weighing you down too much.

However, if you’re riding shorter distances with less frequency than a lighter cycling shoe may not be needed. A good middle ground would be a shoe that is comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

Also, consider how flexible the shoe is. You want to be able to feel safe that your feet are protected and in place while cycling but not so stiff that you’re unable to pedal properly on a longer ride.

Leather vs. Synthetic

When it comes down to choosing between leather or synthetic for your cycling shoe, it really comes down to a matter of preference. If you like the look and feel of leather shoes, get them! However, synthetic may be better if you’re looking for something easier to break-in.

Materials & Venting

When buying cycling shoes, there are several other factors that you should consider to make sure you get the best fit possible. It’s important that your cycling shoe is comfortable so that it doesn’t bother you when you’re riding.

Materials such as the tongue, inner lining, and padding all play a role in how well the shoe fits on your foot. In addition to this, look for shoes that ventilate well if you’re riding in warm weather. Many cycling shoes have holes or vents to help keep your feet dry and cool during a ride.

Shoe prices

Finally, look for a shoe that fits well within your price range. Cycling is all about comfort & ease of use so if you purchase a shoe that doesn’t do what it needs to, then you’ve wasted a lot of money.

However, if you’re looking for shoes that fit well within your budget then you should be able to find one that is in line with your expectations and needs as a cyclist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions regarding cycling shoes. These answers will be extremely helpful for you while you intend to buy a pair of shoes. So, please have a look… 

1. Should cycling shoes be tight?

No, tight cycling shoes will cause you a lot of problems. So, always make sure that your chosen shoes feel sung and provide even pressure in the instep. However, the width should be tight enough for cycling convenience.

2. Should my toes touch the end of the shoes?

No, your toes should not touch the end of the shoes and It has no benefits. In some cases, it may create problems.

3. Can I wear running shoes for cycling?

No, if you take regular cycling classes or go long cycling tours frequently,  you should buy shoes that are specially designed for these purposes. Also, you can’t get your desired output if you use running shoes for cycling.

4. Why do cyclists wear cleated shoes?

They wear cleated shoes because these shoes will provide more control and comfort. Moreover, it will make cycling safe and secure for cyclists when they are at top speed as cleats eliminate the possibilities of feet slip off, 

5. What happens if cycling shoes are too big?

Big cycling shoes won’t allow maximum power transfer from your feet to the pedals of your cycle. As your feet fit loose inside, you won’t be able to give proper pedal strokes. So, your energy will be wasted.

Parting words

Wide feet shoes, or wide width shoes, are a growing trend for cyclists with wider than average feet. It’s a good thing that they don’t have to adjust to wearing narrow shoes feeling uncomfortable anymore.

Whether your problem is bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other issues that affect your gait and posture due to footwear fitting improperly, feel free to check out my list of best shoes for wide feet that are designed for perfect comfort every day.